Why Podolski and Walcott will NOT start for Arsenal tomorrow!!

Despite the fact that Arsenal will need as much attacking talent as possible to break down what is sure to be a well organised and hard to break down Anderlecht defence, there is very little chance of either Lukas Podolski or Theo Walcott starting the Champions League clash at the Emirates tomorrow.

And this is also despite the fact that the two wide forwards lit up the game and made the Gunners attacking threat look miles better when they came on for the last ten minutes or so against Burnley on Saturday. The fact that the England and Germany international forwards did lift the home crowd and the other Arsenal players so much coming on as subs is one of the major reasons why Arsene Wenger will be happy to have them on the bench tomorrow.

Both are impact players anyway and Theo is not fit enough to play a full 90 minutes yet, while Podolski is often guilty of not putting in enough leg work in a tough game. So the Gunners will start with the likes of Santi Cazorla and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who keep the possession game going and have the energy and ability to wear down the opposing players.

Hopefully, of courser, we will have the result sewn up nice and early, but if not, Walcott and Podolski will be a fearsome couple of forwards for a tiring team to have to deal with. Do you think they might become super subs on a regular basis for us?

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  1. KickAssFan says:

    Tomorrow, I’d suggest Ox be dropped for Theo.

  2. Skandalouz says:

    It’s simple, because Arsene Wenger really loves to overplay his starting XI all year and then wonders why they get mid-season injuries that relate directly to fatigue. Rotate more, Arsene. Players like Podolski, Rosicky, Gnabry and soon Giroud, OX & Wilshere can do great things for the main squad while resting the main weapons.

    1. jonestown1 says:

      This “overplayed” stuff is a nonsense – especially in November! And the 2 PL teams to rotate the least this season – Chelsea and Southampton. Go figure.

      1. rd_gunner says:

        well not much figuring to be done..the above 2 teams never had the kind of injuury history we do! How i wish hazard/cahill or some other bull like matic is out a few months..but they seem to be playing all the time ..amazing amazing fitness

        1. jonestown1 says:

          You “rotate” fit players as a matter of choice – replacing injured players is something forced on you. Two completely different things. Chelsea and Soton are, if you want to listen to some, “overplaying” many of their players (both have had the same 7 starters for 10 PL games).

  3. illiterate says:

    I’m glad to see that we had plenty of long range shots on Saturday. Carzola was just unlucky for me not to score. Podolski had two beast shots on target, one against the arm of their keeper and one rattled the bar. For me it was an impressive performance. From here onwards we must just get stronger and stronger. From what I’ve seen in the chelsea game, they’re bound to drop some points. We just need to collect them. I also feel that Man Utd and Liverpool won’t beat us. We won’t draw either. We’ll win. Go gunners you beauty

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Like the positivity dude…
      Much respect.

      1. Andrew AFC says:

        Evening NY-Guner
        How are things on the other side of the pond, good I hope.

        1. NY_Gunner says:

          @Andrew AFC
          It’s all good Bro. But I’m still on “this” side of the pond N. London to be exact…
          Hope alls good with you and yours…

    2. KickAssFan says:

      Yeah, iLLiterate.

  4. fred cowardly says:

    When was the last time we had a match sewn up early? Was it Galatasaray? I can’t remember

    Anyway, We haven’t been scoring many 1st half goals. Id like that to change tomorrow. Score nice and early. Control the match from the beginning

  5. fred cowardly says:

    Regarding last sentence/question

    I dont want Walcott to be a supersub for long. When he is healthy enough I want him to start and play full matches. He is too good to be a supersub. To me supersubs are players like Podolski, Giroud, Chambers etc.

  6. davidnz says:

    Good to have so many
    offensive options.

    1. Andrew AFC says:

      Its good to see you in an Arsenal shirt 🙂

  7. John Legend says:

    Whatever!!! Whichever team Arsene fields should be able to see of Anderlecht early.

  8. Twig says:

    In any case, Welbeck needs a breather. He has looked frustrated in recent games, picking up unnecessary yellows. Sanogo anyone? 😀

    1. Andrew AFC says:

      I would like to see the team we talked about yesterday take the pitch.

  9. Andrew AFC says:

    Start hard and fast and keep on going, we need a good win under our belts GOYG

    1. mr lean says:

      Evening mate hope you are well,I’m confident of a good performance and a win tomorrow so I’m sticking my neck on the line and will predict a 4-1 win ! Might go mad and have a fiver on that score line.

      1. Andrew AFC says:

        I am well thanks and you?

        I have just been trimming a clients hedge. No comments from muff please 🙂

        The last time I backed Arsenal to win 5-0, I won a small fortune I might go for it again.

        1. mr lean says:

          Good thanks mate got a week off work,no comment from me on your work lol !

          1. Andrew AFC says:


          2. mr lean says:

            Thanks mate I will do

          3. Andrew AFC says:

            Can you ping me an email, I have lost your email address.

        2. Andrew AFC says:

          Bush not hedge 🙂

  10. mr lean says:

    Theo to score the 4th late on !

  11. mr lean says:

    Mrs lean going for a 2-1 win ! Taking her tomorrow some one to keep me under control ! Lol

  12. mr lean says:

    Santi to score first with Alexis and Danny to score .coyg

  13. SoOpa AeoN says:

    oh pLs dn’t jinx it before the game……. I mean why shouldn’t they play…… Isn’t waLcott injury free and kicking now? Or is podolski not devoted to the cause?

  14. Andrew AFC says:

    Podolski/Welbeck–Sanchez- Camberlain/Theo

    1. mr lean says:

      Will e-mail in a bit mate

  15. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Podolski won’t start because he is one shot away from killing someone. Dude needs to calm down

    1. Andrew AFC says:

      @Robin Vanpayslip
      With his thunder bolt of a left foot, watch out the prince is coming 🙂

      1. mr lean says:

        Poldi looked sharp on Saturday and was unlucky not to get a couple,might have to go for 5-1 and add him as a goal scorer !

        1. Andrew AFC says:

          Sanchez 2 Podolski 1 Cazorla 1 Theo 1 plus a clean sheet. GOYG lets be having you 🙂

          1. mr lean says:

            You sound like delia now mate !

          2. NY_Gunner says:

            @Andrew AFC
            Delia’s gonna sue you for using her catch phrase dude…Lol

          3. Andrew AFC says:

            Canary pie anyone. Straight from her new cook book 🙂

  16. HA559 says:

    Ox is one of the most over rated players in our squad. He only had a decent game the other day v Burnley, he needs to be dropped, not even be in the squad. Poorr Joel Campbell can’t even get past Ox in the first team. The other day his place was taken by Sanogo on the bench. That shows you it’s favoritism that gets you on the starting eleven for Wenger apart from the few quality players we have.That and beside the fact Chamberlain cost £12-£15m, that Joel can’t get into the team, this guy was outstanding in the world cup by the way. Cazorla needs to be dropped as well, he has missed around 5-8 very good chances in the last 4 games.

  17. B-Crow11 says:

    I hope Campbell gets a run in…same goes for Rosicky

  18. ruelando says:

    Looking for at least 2 adjustment sanogo for welbeck and ramsay for arteta

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