Why PSG accepted Arsenal´s £45m Cavani transfer bid?

It is being reported that Arsene Wenger is about to delight the long suffering Arsenal fans by once again making a brilliant late transfer addition to the Arsenal squad, two years after he almost broke the internet by signing Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid on transfer deadline day.

This time it will be Edinson Cavani according to a Daily Star report. The paper says that the French champions PSG have already accepted our transfer bid of £45 million and Wenger has been pictured in Paris where he is supposedly thrashing out the terms of the move.

This would be fantastic, of course, but can we really believe it? Why would the Ligue 1 club say yes to this transfer now, when their own window is closed and they cannot replace the Uruguayan international centre forward? Well they have recently signed Di Maria from Man United and although they have had their FFP punishment lifted, they still need to play by the rules and French clubs earn nowhere near what we do in the Premier League.

They also have a lot of attacking options with the likes of Lucas Moura, Zlatan, Lavezzi and Pastore. And let’s be honest, they are nailed on to win the French league with or without Cavani. Meanwhile the striker is still apparently not on great terms with Laurent Blanc and his role at the club and so is unlikely to sign a contract extension.

So could it be that PSG are thinking that now could be their best chance of getting most of the over £50 million they paid for the 28-year old back?

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    1. Nobody… N.. Nob.. Noboa? Christian Noboa of FK Rostov? Welcomeeeeee Noboa!

      Heard it here first. FORMIDABLE!

    2. Myself and a few other realists on this page keep commenting about how Wenger’s stubbornness and delusion is costing us a shot at the big trophies, but we get so much hate from the wenger lovers who believe that there is no Arsenal without wenger. This transfer window should be more than a wake up call for the akbs who still blindly support wenger.If Arsene knows best, why is it that he seems so clueless during the transfer window?? Also his tactics and squad selection suggest that he knows F*** all.Arsene knows best indeed. Love the irony.

      1. Wenger clearly doesnt want to win the league! This squad cant win the leauge and wont win the league….. Wenger has lost the plot!!!

      2. He doesn’t know f**k all, it’s his arrogance about this team being able to win the league. Take last season’s crappy start and then an amazing run of wins to put us in 2nd for a long time. That is why he thinks we’re title contenders. On that, he’s wrong.

      3. Where are those stupid THE ARSENE WILL TRUST, stupid fans…. This is not Arsenal FC that we know before, this is Business club to make money.. stop going to pay them for ticket, they most change

  1. Daily Star.

    I think that sums up the likelihood of this being true. Daily Mail is just as likely to be true talking about us signing Kokorin on loan.

    Let’s wait for some solid news before we get excited over anything – I’ve not heard ANY inside scoops coming out at all.

  2. That’s the problem with ppl here. They will actually bite it. I wish Wenger signed Cavani or anyone else but keep you lot in darkness until the last second. Just to take a pi$$ at you.

  3. Hmmmm…I just got some news regarding this. I’m gonna keep my mouth shut for now cos I may yet get my butt bit BUT I’d say this is 99% not happening.

    1. We wont get one anyway! If we do it will be another mediocre player like kokorin who hasnt scored more then 10league goals a season in his career! So much for top top players

    1. Who Wenger & co?

      AW Is in Paris shopping at Carrefour. 5 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon for €17. DEAL IF THE YEAR!

      And who says he still hasn’t got it’

  4. Just as i was about to give up my research on who Benzema was referring to when he said ‘clowns’ the answer comes to me in the form of a Daily Star report

  5. Getting our hopes up with a headline like that, I don’t think I can take any more. SkySports have said Arsenal people have mentioned to them that there is nothing happening ..so unless somehow one of Wengers few targets suddenly gets offered to us ???. The other club has to pay for the phone bill though along with any hotel and flights ..why you ask, because Gazidas is a money grubbing weasel who knows nothing of football. Bring back Dein already FFS. Dein new allot on football and how to speak with men of football, what is Gazidas going to be saying when chatting with these people ..oh have you seen the dollar is gaining on the pound.

  6. why anyone would believe PSG would sell Cavani is hard to understand, it is mind boggling that anyone would believe Arsenal could pool this signing of.

    They have no intention of signing anyone. They never did. Cech was it. Woopy do.

    1. Midnight here so have
      5 hours of the wee smalls
      to sit and wait for good news.
      Am still believing in Wenger
      bringing in two top signings.
      It just has to happen 🙂
      PSG don’t need Cavani they will win the Ligue 1 regardless.
      They have many attacking options.
      Cavan is 28 in the last year of his contract.
      And Cavani is not on good terms with the Manager.
      Makes sense to let him go and cash in.
      Surely we are getting him 🙂

  7. Another hopeful rumour that has no truth in it. Had we gone for Cavani first instead of flogging the dead horse that is the Benzema deal, we might’ve actually got him. We’ll either buy nobody , which is more likely, or buy a bargain basement striker that nobody has heard of. Everyone except Wenger knows we need 3 new signings. A centre back, a defensive midfielder and a classy forward.

      1. What happens if Koscielny and Mertersaker aren’t fit or 1 injured and 1 suspended? Chambers doesn’t exactly give you confidence in his ability, does he?

        1. Fourth choice CBs are never as good as the starting line up. That’s why they are fourth choice. AND you’re making this statement after 1 game of Chambers being poor when thrown in at the last minute. Talk about presumptuous.

          This is before we acknowledge that we have Monreal and Debuchy who can also be played as CBs. Seriously.

          1. I’m 42 and have seen everything at Arsenal, in my opinion, Chambers struggles against quality opposition. Decent players can jump in and play anywhere, I’m not sure he will be able to do this. We’ve missed out on so many players in the market, it’s so frustrating. Also, if you compare our defensive players statistically to the other big teams, we come up short.

        2. wait stevenaive.
          are you suggesting we should have 4 backups for every other position?
          You have no idea how naive you sound.
          wait, what if cech ospina all get injured, Wenger should go for De Gea right this minute

          1. I’m not naive, I’m realistic. Clubs like Utd, City and Chelsea have quality in depth. We do not. Have you seen the first few games of the season? We were clueless at home to West Ham, lucky at Palace, dreadful against Liverpool and only won at Newcastle due to a own goal. Wake up!!

            1. “I’m not naive, I’m realistic. Clubs like Utd, City and Chelsea have quality in depth.We do not.”

              Utd, quality in depth? They loaned Januzaj, sold Hernandez and RVP in this window. The only recognised striker they have is Rooney.

              Arsenal have more quality in depth than Utd. You saw the Swansea and Utd game, right?

  8. Must wenger wait until some of us are dead b4 announcing a new sign? I can’t eat nor sleep since yesterday till this hour. Pls. Someone should reach Wenger and tell him he is hurting peoples heart. He should know that Arsenal are some people’s only sorts of happiness.

  9. It is just so hard for me to understand by what logic you believe Wenger will sign someone today?

    If he wanted a striker he had all the money in the world and all summer to get one. He could have afforded to pay silly money, like £60 for Higuain. or £30 for draxler, or Wanyama.

    Nearly every player is available for the right amount of money and we have loads of it.

    The fact is Wenger thinks he has the squad to finish in the top 4 and that is all he cares about. Anything else is upside.

    Even Chelsea have a better squad then last season despite winning the PL.

    Wenger and Arsenal are a business, they don’t care about the fans, they care about 4th place.

    4th place has proven to them, will keep the fans turning up and buying merchandise. They are used to dealing with a little fan pressure after a transfer window that sees the fans disappointing. The disappointment always blows over ones we fight our way back into the top 4.

    Fans are dumb, love is dumb, we love the club no matter what.

    Don’t start dreaming until we get a new top manager with a lot of ambition.

    For the next 5 years expect top 4 and summers of torture.

    1. Some things you point out are correct, there must be a lot of supporters who are content with 4th place and early exits from the Champions League and the occasional FA Cup. I’m not. We should be up there with City and Chelsea and the only way we can get there is to beef up the squad. You don’t have to spend recklessly like Liverpool do, just get the right players.

  10. Sick and tired of Arsenal transferring policy! Wenger is so deluded that he thought this current team will win the title and champion league! This team will not win the Premiership title and the champion league.. Arsenal has become a club that the board and Wenger interested in making profit than challenging for silverwares. They will boast they have the money before start of season. Then came the deadline, we will see no one joins or Wenger will get someone like Kokorin! Pathetic club and so disgraceful! I pity those fans who has bought the season tickets! Less than 4 hours to go! Hopefully some signings please!!!!!

  11. WENGER has done it again he had all SUMMER to get a Top class striker. He had NO intention of buying anyone . He has once again put 2 fingers up to the Arsenal Fans. WENGER is Happy with Arsenal being an also ran Team . Wenger must GO.

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