Why Ramsey AND Xhaka will miss Arsenal clash with Swansea

Even though the Arsenal and Wales midfielder was supposed to be back before the international break and has already returned to training after being out with a hamstring injury since the opening game of the Premier League season, Aaron Ramsey will not be fit enough to feature on Saturday when Swansea City and their new manager Bob Bradley come to north London.

According to the Daily Star the Welshman is not ready yet but with plenty of other options available to Arsene Wenger in central midfield, this should not be much of a problem for the Gunners this weekend. In fact, the Frenchman will still have a difficult choice to make and I have a strong feeling that Granit Xhaka is going to miss out.

The Swiss international has done well for us in recent weeks and his confidence will be high after getting the captain’s armband for his country for the first time. The problem is that Francis Coquelin is available again after his minor injury problem.

Not only does Wenger really like the combination of Coquelin and Cazorla in the middle, as proved by him starting them over Xhaka when all were fit, but the combative Frenchman and the sublime Spaniard have not been away on international duty so should be that bit fresher.

The boss has to be cute about rotating his squad from now on with games coming thick and fast but he will want to get off to a flying start and will expect the Swans to give every effort for their new manager. So will Xhaka have to wait until the Champions League match against Ludogorets on Wednesday for his next game?


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  1. 1st Thing Wenger must see is who ever is fitter must start, Coqualan has just came from injury and Xhanka just arrived from international match. If both are really fit then I would go for Coqualan as he deserved to start with his performance so far this season. Wuth Coqualan playing along size cazorla, the Spaniard plays fearless and can cause havoc in advance position as he got some understanding developed with Coqualan.
    More Over we mist not disturb wining formulae at all.

    Regarding Ramsey, when ever he is match fit, he should be used as a back up of Cazorla. He can not start by scarfing Cazorla who is playing superbly
    Lets get all 3 points against Swensae, we must keep on winning, then top spot is nearing,City and Tottenhum if loose one then we get the top spot

    1. I realize that for a lot of people on this board English is not the first language (myself included), but for the love of god, next time do everyone a huge favor, and proof read whatever it is you’re typing. Also, and this is just my personal opinion, I think it’s disrespectful when you can’t even spell the names of our own players right. It’s Coquelin, NOT Coqualan.

      1. Are you more interested in checking grammar or the content of the topic.
        Do not want to offend you, but next time please comment if you agree or disagree my posts. This forum is to communicate all of Arsenal fan world wide about each others opinion.
        I got 23 likes on my view and hence most of the people unlike you are more interested in the view .

        1. I’m interested in both. I don’t mind an occasional typo or two (I’m sure I’ve done plenty of those myself), but when I read something like: “Wuth Coqualan playing along size cazorla”, or “More Over we mist not disturb wining formulae at all” my brain starts hurting. Forget players names, which you pretty much butchered, but how about “Wuth”? “Along size”? “Mist”? “Wining Formulae”? This site, unlike many others, actually spells check right away, so you can see the mistakes and correct them. And again, it doesn’t take much to go over once or twice what you wrote before hitting “Post Comment” button. Just my humble opinion…

  2. Ultimately, it will be Xhaka and Ramsey, maybe not the next game but soon. Coquelin and Cazorla will drop to the bench and come in to shut up shop…. watch this space.

  3. I would prefer Xhaka starting ahead of Coquelin since he has been in the starting lineup for the past few games.Coquelin should come in as substitute and then start the Champions league game on Wednesday so he can gain fitness

  4. Ramsey needs some time to gain fitness, he shouldn’t be rushed as there’s really no need for that, we have a lot of quality midfielders. For me Ramsey should be playing from the bench until he hits top form again.

  5. im pretty sure wenger will play xhaka and depending on the score might give coquelin some minutes,i think he learnt from ramsey,s injury!!

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