Why Refs should give Arsenal Premier League edge over Chelsea

Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger have had our fair share of moans about the Premier League officials over the years and often with good reason. And for a team that has often been filled with creative, technically adept but not necessarily physical players, the Gunners disciplinary record has been pretty poor.

But we have put that right in recent years and at the same time, the manager has reined back his criticism of the refs, even when things have not gone our way and they have made a costly mistake. To be fair to them, it is a tough job and it is not made any easier by modern players and their theatrics, or by the managers heaping extra pressure on.

So I think they appreciate Wenger´s new approach, unlike the ridiculous claims of the Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho. Never a man to see any side of an argument but his own, Jose has continually blasted referees since coming back to England, while his team are one of the worst offenders when it comes to bending the rules and trying to con the officials.

And we saw that backfire on them last year, prompting Mourinho to up the stakes with his talk of an orchestrated campaign. The refs must have loved that and they did seem to get harder on Chelsea afterwards. That is probably why the Chelsea boss has tried to be nice to them before the start of the new season, as reported by The Mirror.

He said, “I will be the same as always. Understanding the very difficult job they have, having lots of respect and being emotional as always because that’s my way.

“I will accept mistakes – but not accepting of a lot of mistakes. Mistakes are a part of the game but a lot of mistakes are not. I’m emotional and this game doesn’t allow us to make lots of mistakes because we are punished for that.”

Even then he is putting pressure on and if I was a ref I would take his words with a massive pinch of salt. I fully expect the BPL officials to be hard on them again this season and be very wary of their diving, overreacting and fouling and if this is the case, it should give Arsenal a little edge in our attempt to win the title. Do you think the refs will help us at all?

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  1. So this is what it has come to, urge refs to supports us. Pathetic. Let us beat chelsea this sunday without any excuses.

    1. The only reason i would want the ref to be fair to us is if we play decently at our excellent best…… Otherwise! I won’t give a damn bout the ref and excuses made…….End of story

    2. Hmm! Arsenal and these ones for future signings ………. “MaLen” and “Bennacer”

    3. Chelsea’s twelfth man. Cahill hand ball. Diego fouling everyone. Hopefully better this year

      1. Terry taught that little trick to Cahil. When spread out to make a block he keeps his arms stretched along the length of his body making it almost impossible for the ball to reach target, and when it hits his arm he is adjudged to have been too close to move them away. The thing is premeditated so I don’t know how they can keep getting away with it. If it wasn’t premeditated you would see a bend in his elbow now and then instead of a big outstretched arm in line with his outstretched leg.

  2. I would like refs to issue more yellow and red cards when our flair players are taken out deliberately just to stop an attack.

    1. and boy do teams love doing that to break our attacks…even Man Shity did it last season…if every team in the EPL played to win with no dirty tactics and no parking bus to play for draws, we be champions every year,….unfortunately for us this is the EPL and we have to deal with it..

  3. I have a feeling that Arsenal will defeat Chelsea on Sunday. Not just because am an Arsenal fan but its just a feeling due to the team spirit and positive results before now.

    And please If we win’, No one should come here and say ‘Its only Community Shield’… Defeating Chelsea will bring extra ordinary believe to the team before the season starts.

    We thump mancity 3:0 last season Community shield game and they didn’t win us last season. Even the draw @ emirates was unfortunate for us as we were all over them until Debuchy injury….

  4. This blog seems to have an increasing number of “man in the pub” style articles dedicated to Mourinho and Chelsea on it. Is “Just Arsenal” still a relevant title for it?

    If Chelsea are behaving in an unsporting manner on the pitch it should be dealt with accordingly and if it’s not, ours won’t be the only club and set of fans to notice and eventually it would have to be raised to officialdom.

    Stuff Mourinho — we all know about his mind games. We should talk about it if and when it has an adverse effect on us that is not of our own doing.

  5. Arsenal are preparing a deal of up to €68m (£48m) for Marco Reus of Dortmund
    [Sports BILD] please let this happen

    1. As I have said all along if we get Reus Sanchez will move up top you can’t bench either of them.

        1. Marco Reus will not leave Borussia Dortmund this summer. That’s a 100 percent certainty,” Sascha Fligge, the club’s director of communication

    2. Had a feeling Benzema was a massive smoke screen. I got why everyone was asking for him but after Wenger saying Walcott was going central it just didn’t make sense to me. Reus hands down to allow Theo his time up top. Imagining Alexis and Reus on the wings now with Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck to compete and rotate for the ST position while all offering something different in attack…

      1. benzema is favorite of perez recently an agent said that perez would force managers to pick benz + think benz is happy at Madrid unlike ozil reus can play on wings & even upfront , wenger recently said that he expects mf’s to contribute to goals

        rumors that dzeko is seen as a backup option

        1. Marco Reus will not leave Borussia Dortmund this summer. That’s a 100 percent certainty,” Sascha Fligge, the club’s director of communication

  6. ive heard pretty much enough bs from Mourinho. Lets whoop some chelshit a$$ this weekend and kick off the season with a bit of hope for something different this time around.

  7. I expect Chelsea to win simply because they turn up when it is asked of them(“players”) and we can see a lit bit of sparked attack from Chelsea especially hazard after the way he did 5 barca players on one go.
    Mourinho likes to screw up matches for the sake of winning and giroud is not a 25 goal striker who can break them.

  8. I have only seen 2 issues regarding refs and Arsenal:

    Thuggery: Sometimes refs allow brutish players to maul and maim as they refuse to call obvious fouls against the technically superior players. This was often a problem in recent past when playing teams like Stoke City.

    Bias: Refs like Mike Dean were, in the past, so obvious with their bias that they did not even try to hide it. Refs have even admitted they are more easily forgiven for a wrong non-call than a wrong call so they just don’t blow the whistle. Recently, however, this has not been a big problem – I think Mike Dean was finally embarrassed by the media coverage of his obvious bias.

    Lately, however, I have not seen a major problem that indicates the officiating is much worse for Arsenal than for other clubs. In fact, Chelsea were subject to some absolutely horrible ref decisions last season.

  9. I always just want refs to do their job. Chelsea are scum, as are any team that advocates diving. Chelsea have consistently won games due to penalties, free kicks and cards caused by diving and intimidating the referee. The Zlatan incident last year was one of the clearest in memory of Chelsea berating a ref, while Ramires’ dive against West Brom was one of the worst dives. In both cases the refs reacted poorly by not judging based on what was seen, but rather by the reactions of players. Now granted, dives are often hard to see. Usually a ref is expecting contact as much as the player is when they dive, but this is the problem – Chelsea players SEEK contact. They look to create that doubt. That is disgusting gamesmanship and is why I totally advocate video referees for checking major decisions like this. You’d soon weed it out of the game.

    Needless to say, I just hope the refs do the best job they can. Their egos sometimes lead them to be a bit harsher to one team or the other, but in general they are doing a job upholding the laws of the game. They can’t see everything and they can have bad days. I’m more annoyed by the players trying to cheat than the refs making a mistake.

    1. Marco Reus will not leave Borussia Dortmund this summer. That’s a 100 percent certainty,” Sascha Fligge, the club’s director of communication

        1. I will rephrase that. There is only one thing in life thats 100% certain and we all know what that is.

          1. Sanchez’s qualities are needed in midfield. Before him our wingers used to look half bothered in returning to regain possession.

    1. From where exactly did you hear that he wants to come to us?? His agent and himself have said numerous of times that he is happy and wants to stay at Dortmund his home. You guys are setting yourselfs up for disapointment.

  10. Reus is world class no doubt bt my main worry is his injury issues.We don’t want another Diaby…I would prefer Benz imho.

  11. Yo boys anyone tryna join a fantasy premier league? Its real competitive every year. The code is 403175-258509.

    GO GUNNERS!!!! Bring hone the titile!!

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