Why refusing to sell Aubameyang to Man United is not so easily decided

Are Fans Being Hypocritical Regarding Auba? By Dan Smith

Rumours of us selling Aubameyang have been described as nonsense by some fans in terms of ‘why would we even consider it?’ I read one comment which suggested Unai Emery should resign in protest if our top scorer was sold to Man United. Yet I feel some Gooners are missing vital information.

The Golden Boot Winner has 2 years left on his contract, meaning in 12 months’ time we will be back in the familiar situation of having to sell an asset for a cut price fee or risk losing him for nothing. You know, the same policy we have criticised our board for years for doing.

In an ideal world, the Gabon international extends his deal but it has reached the point when we have to ask what if he doesn’t? It’s getting very close to needing a contingency plan if his agent were to say he doesn’t want to discuss a new offer. Something we didn’t do for the likes of Ramsey.

If we are honest, why would any player rush to tie their future to North London? Why would you not keep your options open? We as fans notice the lack of ambition of Stan Kroenke so can hardly blame our players for doing the same.
If Auba knows his salary will be matched (or massively improved even) elsewhere, what he will then consider is; where is he most likely to win silverware? Compare the players that United are buying compared to us.

Yet our PR team might see it as a disaster to give a direct rival our star man. That same peer pressure saw us refuse to sell Sanchez to Man City even when he made it clear he wanted to leave. Many at the time thought it was worth turning our backs on 60 million, due to the damage he would do to our ‘title bid’. Only when we realised the Chilean would no longer try did we ask why we not took the money, something originally, we pressured the club not to do.

Whisper it quietly but many were relieved when we paid over the odds to keep Ozil. A section of our fan base won’t admit it, but we were scared we would lose the German so soon after losing Sanchez.

So, to clarify, fans are asking for Auba not to be sold now when we can get maximum value for him.
Yet when he leaves for free (like Ramsey) we will ask why we didn’t take the money (like Sanchez)! Even if we increased his pay, some would then question why pay someone in his thirties so much, (like Ozil).

The bigger question might be why can’t we be a club attractive enough so that we don’t always have to be scared of these situations?

But Gooners, if Auba said no to a new contract what would you want the club to do?

Dan Smith


  1. Durand says:

    I was among the ones who wanted to sell Alexis for £60 million.

    Seriously, Sanchez in his last year, didn’t want to be at Arsenal, and a team stacked with wingers offered us £60 million for him?

    Bite their damn hand off already, who to blame for that miss? We go typical Arsenal; lose big money sale and replace with garbage. Only thing to alleviate the same was Utd paid more in wages to Alexis.

    Gutted, imagine Arsenal passing up chance to make big money. But it actually happened.


    1. Durand says:

      Auba golden boot player, but Arsenal sell him due to financial issues. Probably to a rival as well.


      1. It’s okay.. Liverpool sold Sterling to City and never got any stick for doing it. Spurs sold Kyle Walker to City and never got any stick for doing it. I’d rather we sell to a rival and get money for rebuilding than hang on to an uncommitted player, who will still join your rival later (and for free)

        1. lol says:

          Remember when we sold Van Pussy?

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Sold RVP for too little; poor negotiations!

  2. 350oz says:

    I think the ideal way is to give the player an improved contract to fend off interest from other clubs. If he performs well then all is good, if not sell him to a club in another league.
    But of course the player can refuse the contract on table, if that is the case do what big clubs do, bench him for the remaining of his contract. Be ruthless! Grow some balls!
    As an example, Adrien Rabiot was benched for 6 months before joining Juventus.

    1. Auba is on £180K a week. Benching the league top scorer for 2 years would be a colossal waste of money and talent which we just can’t afford. The right thing to do would be to accept his decesion not to resign and put him up for sale quickly while we can still get something for him and later rebuild.

      1. 350oz says:

        That’s called making a statement and actually it is okay to sell (I mentioned it is alright if the club is in another league and the price is tempting/reasonable), but NOT to rivals. United are our main rival for top 4 spot and imagine giving them all the CL money. 180k per week is very small compared to the CL money.

    2. lol says:

      How ideal has it been since we gave Ozil that improved contract?

  3. RSH says:

    sign a new contract or sell abroad. Let him run his contract down to a year and thats yet another player worth money off for free.

    1. If he refuses to go abroad???

    2. lol says:

      What if no clubs abroad are interested in buying him?

  4. 350oz says:

    And never sell to rivals, we should learn from RVP case. We had literally handed the title even before the season began (nowadays it’s a fourth place throphy). One article even described it as a nicely wrapped gift to Fergie smh.
    I think it’s better to force the player to see the remaining of his contract. It’s a gamble yes, but maybe the likes of Juventus, PSG, or Bayern might enter the competition to sign the player. Moreover Auba at 32 is more likely join MLS or less demanding leagues anyway.

    1. lol says:

      What if the gamble turn out like Ramsey?

  5. Sad Gunner says:

    What next after selling Auba? How mutch will Arsenal get for a 30 year old? How mutch should Arsenal reinvest for a player of his quality? After that if the new recruit flops? Remember how many top strikers like Shevchenko Mutu etc flopped in EPL? Better keep him with an enhanced contract. That is more profitable than selling him and finding another flop. No guarantee that Arsenal would bring a similar player. Not atleast in 5th position. After selling Auba ? Think wisely.

    1. lol says:

      Pay him like Ozil and extend him till he’s 34?

  6. gotanidea says:

    If he doesn’t want to sign, let him stay. Because I don’t think he would have many suitors two years later due to his age and that would force him to stay with us

    However, we should sell him if there is a 60 M offer. We could use that money to invest in a young winger that allows us to switch to 4-3-3

    1. Teimo says:

      I think emery fancy the 4 3 3 formation, that can only happen with an out out left sided winger, so he we think of sacrificing a 30 year old potent striker, if we get zaha I’m more than happy. See midfield balance we make our defence stronger

  7. If Aubameyang said no to a new contract, I’d tell him to find a new club. If he refused, well there is not much that can be done about it.

  8. ken1945 says:

    Here’s a thought though Dan, why would any player want to go to united at the moment?

    They are in a worse turmoil than we are at the moment, with the only advantage being, it seems, their American owner is giving them money to spend.

    It would be interesting Durand, if you could give us an idea how Glaziers are viewed over the pond, any different to the kronks?

    1. Francis says:

      According to some Man United fans Glazers don’t give them money…the money they spend is generated by the club itself by being a Global brand… At least those who run Manchester United know how to generate money through brand exposure and other commercial means unlike Arsenal…..I read recently somewhere that Arsenal’s revenue growth has been negligible over the past 5 years and that speaks of gross mismanagement of the club which cannot be undone in one season or two..

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Francis, the income generated by Manchester United is over three times that of Arsenal.
        Recently heard an interesting interview on YouTube with David Ornstein, where he went over the issues of the stadium build, the change in the financial playing field with the income from TV rights overwelming match day revenue, the impact of the 2007 financial crisis, the sales of players at minimum transfer fees, poor player purchases (particularly in the last 5 years), high wage bill and most importantly the undervaluation of the commercial deals by Gazidis et al, when Arsenal had a very strong brand appeal; worldwide fan base, “the Invincibles” and many continuous years competing in the Champions League.
        The new administration is trying to address these commercial deals starting with the Adidas deal. It must be remembered that Raul Sanllehi oversaw one off the most successful periods in Barcelona’s history.

    2. Durand says:

      Ken my friend! The Glaziers are despised more here in States for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL) and how bad they are. 5-11 record last year, making them dead last in their division.

      Glaziersout been trending here during buccaneers last season they played, their fans have had enough.

      Buccaneers need rebuild badly, quite a state of disorder for them.

      Rumors here are Glaziers considering selling Utd b/c they can’t afford multiple rebuilds, and they consider it too costly to get Utd back to champions.

      See the same rumors in England; probably some truth to it, and maybe sending out feelers to gauge interest in a buyer and how much.

      In contrast, John Henry (owns Boston Red Sox in Baseball) and Liverpool is thriving. He’s beloved in Boston, and they’re on pace to win it all again. In Liverpool he’s attained Sainthood it seems, and loved as well.

      When an owner is a fan, loves the game and team it’s a beautiful match. John Henry is successful for a reason, he cares.

      We just have the wrong owner, too bad Dein wasn’t with Henry rather than Kronke.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Thanks Durand, it goes to show that we aren’t the only ones being shafted by American billionaires!!!!

        Wasn’t it Henry though, who denied any knowledge of Suarez’s buy out clause?

        What do you make of the post by Francis regarding the global money?
        Again, is that the view over there?

        Poor old David Dein, the one mistake I can remember he ever made regarding The Arsenal, but what a mistake!!!

        1. Durand says:

          I believe it was John Henry Ken that did that. Dirty absolutely, but he knew how Liverpool would collapse without Suarez, so he decided to fight back. Imagine that from our owner.

          John Henry relishes winning. In MLB he finally toppled the mighty NY Yankees, and has stayed on top since.

          He hired Klopp at Liverpool, and almost won the PL. Mark my words, Liverpool will win PL within 3 years, and maybe CL again too.

          He has the ambition, intelligence, and desire to win. I admire that drive even though he’s not our owner.

          We have Kronke, Scrooge-esque owner with more money than some countries, yet we’re a bank to him.

          1. Durand says:

            Sofar as global money NFL has salary caps for the teams for total wages, but not sure about buying players.

            In NFL players will renegotiate their contracts so team has more money to spend.

            For example; player contract 5 years for $30 million total wages, $6 million signing bonus.

            Renegotiates for 5 years, $24 million total wages, but gets $12 million signing bonus, and team has $6 million more in wages to spend. That’s how top teams stay at the top.

            I believe that’s how it works, but haven’t done research to back it up factually.

            The only global money cares are for the owners; currently trying to set up NFL team in London (sites back this up with facts), and feelers out for Canada and Mexico also.

            Sorry to sound like “kev” (no offense kev my man) but just passing on what I hear and read, I don’t”know” anything for certain.

          2. Durand says:

            Kronke facing 4 lawsuits now, and pissed when court said it couldn’t go to arbitration to settle out of court.

            Kronke and NFL named in lawsuit, and owners and league could face hundreds of millions in fines and settlement costs.

            Only mention because either will affect our transfers for years, or HOPEFULLY forcing Kronke to sell.

            He borrowed £500 million to buy up shares, financing part of Rams $4.3 billion stadium, and facing massive costs from lawsuit.

            Not predicting anything, just saying it’s worth reading about and keeping an eye on.

            But we can hope, can’t we!

      2. Mogunna says:

        Exact you and article are. I will respond, yes sell him bc he wants to go, not to blame, but lack of ambition.

        Sad, we always been fine, with youth and experienced players but always same,.we miss 2 top players each season.

        Everyone builds team with 11 top players.

        We had chance to only need one per line but cheap board have us miss on kante for 10 millions,.who wanted to join. Same for Suarez!

        Tbey jeked wenger with no money znd a stadium paid for. Look how they treat Emery! 45 millions.

        Leicester spends 35M on 1 player! Sell Maguire for twice more!

        Ambition generates better business. Building up the brand as Palace, creates revenues.

        Our youth and international appealing brand, Wenger built, envied and respected by everyone is fading away as never existed.

        Arsene made arsenal a top brand; that image & model everyone envied as likes of Barcelona; being destroyed.

        Look at window, chelsea, Man U are beefing up. Kobacic, Bakayoko best returns and they are going to hit hard to replace Hazardw above us in league and Europe as shown last year.Spurs missed what Red did a year before, beefing up their defense and midfield. To go after Reds and City who are in a different league fighting for title. Not third of 4th. Man U will join.

        We are vzry far away from them because for 2 years we do not sign 2 top players in positions.needed.

        If we did sign Dembele and Koulibaly, it would be different. Of course we dont have to be scared for top players as Auba to leave. Kos never had a proper CD partner since Vermalen in top form, gone to Barcelona. Not enough money to buy humells from Dortmund, useless; we have Mertazaker master of disaster, cheaper, then we can also use our spaniqh left back as a CD!

        When top players do land at Arsenal, they promised to have a team with ambition built.

        But each window, they are pissed and ashamed, everyone else looking good..

    3. jon fox says:

      Ken don’t you think think you rather downgrade “the ONLY advantage…….etc” as something hardly relevant. The fact that United WILL certainly spend big money on new recruits dwarfs the equally certain fact that WE will NOT. If you were a player looking for silverware, plus almost certainly earning bigger wages at United, WHICH club would you go to? Remember foreign players are rarely also fans of any British club, whatever they claim when wearing the shirt. I notice how you tend to believe what players and agents often say. I am far more sceptical of mere words, especially from what are non fans, than that!

      1. ken1945 says:

        Jon, but it’s a true statement, as you will see if/when you read Durand’s answers.

        Dig a little deeper into my statement Jon, because I asked why united???

        If a player is looking for silverware, city, chelsea, pool and our noisy neighbours would be their first choices…as united are finding out with their quest to sign the Leicester player.

        What you are getting at with your last sentence I have no idea….what non fans and what mere words?

        As of believing in players and agents…examples of your claim might enhance your accusation – look forward toall three questions being answered.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Furthermore JON, I would ask you to go and check out my comments timed at 2.39 and 5.17 in reply to gotanidea on the subject of “Arsenal falling behind united in race for spanish midfielder”.

          It makes your claim about believing in players and agents even more preposterous and laughable…please CHECK YOUR FACTS before accusing anyone!!!

          Dealing with FACTS and REALITY is my byeword, so I will wait with even MORE INTEREST for your reply.

  9. Declan says:

    It was me, I said Emery should resign if Auba is sold to Man U. If he doesn’t, I will !!!

    1. lol says:

      So if we have to sell him next year to Utd for less, you would stay?

    2. lol says:

      So Emery should stay if we have to sell Auba to Utd next year for less?

      1. Declan says:

        Don’t sell to Utd. Fullstop.

  10. Adajim says:

    Its a tricky one really, but if we are selling Lacca, Auba should stay at least, we cant afford to lose both, then we cant strenghen a direct rival. At 31 he might be open to an extension which could be based on performance. I really do wish we get an understudy for this guys a 19-20m young striker ,then sell one of them as i feel we cant get more than 2yrs for both, plan for future is to be done now, else we will be back at d market for ST in 2season

    1. Adajim says:

      Besides, if UE isnt going to be using 2CF, one need to go, both are bigger than bench/squard player, putting one on the wing hasnt been working

  11. Le Coq Monster says:

    If the new criteria is true, then if he doesn`t want to sign a new contract, then sell him to the highest bidder and use the millions to make Kroenke`s wig more realistic !……..how can someone worth £B`s not have a hair transplant instead of a dead rodent??…..even if he doesn`t have a good donor area on his head I`m sure his wife`s beaver? could be used !

  12. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    If I were Arsenal hierarchy bosses, I’ll sell Auba’ to the highest bidding top club side in the PL or in the Chinese Super League club who wants to sign him-on this summer window. And reinvest part of the proceed from his sale wisely immediately to sign a new senior top League regular goals scorer striker this summer. Whose age at the end of next season’s campaign should not be more than 24-25 years. The rest of the money from the sale of Auba’ after signing the senior top quality striker of regular League goals scoring in addition to the Brazilian starlet striker Gabrieli Martinelli recently signed could be used to complete the signings of William Saliba a young CHB at St Etienne and Kieran Tierney a LB at Celtic. Then Arsenal will concentrate on actualising a top quality right winger signing this summer after raising further funds from sales this summer window. But Arsenal should not contemplate selling any of their 4 proven quality youngsters of: Reiss Nelson, Eddie Nkethia, Joe Willock and Emile Smith-Rowe this summer who all played for the first team last season. But could loan out Eddie Nkethia to a top League club side like West Ham but be giving regular playing time to harden him up to improve on his goals scoring ability at senior level. And Rowe should further be loaned out to a club side where he too will be getting regular playing time to improve on his playing and goals scoring ability.

  13. Roshan says:

    I’d sell Auba for $60m and buy Ziyech and Fekir. Would onstant make us better and fill 2 positions.

    Ziyech, Lacazette, Fekir is a devastating front 3

  14. Mogunna says:

    He must go and fight for titles and golden boot..

    Man U zfter him shows ambition.

    They want to fight for EPL title. Dont compare to Sanchez who was supposed to go to City few months before for twice more for us. More fit to his style, he would have succeed there…

    Auba has style for Man U.

    City is beefing up too as Spurs, Chelsea are about to slam but Kovacic is in already and do not forget Pulisoc who was on loan as Zouma, bakayoko all showing good form. Calum hoddoi kid will get more time and they are indeed looking mighty good woth Willan, Jorgino and all team, Hazard replacement and a top attacking player are about to be signed. They have a way better team than us in each position.

    Point; we will be behind Red, City, Spurs, Man U and Chelsea. But we beatan badly by leicester, Palace, Everton etc..- We are then what? After 9th place…

    We cant by a 25 millions player from Celtic! How do we buy al these players named for weeks? Get real, Auba should go as well should not be at stadium nor but kits.

    If you sell a top player if you need top players to make it up for.

    Sell Sterling ans have Suarez , sell him and get VD and Salah Mane is smart. WE should get Koulibali as.it is more needed in team. Attack and score but lose games means nothing as no défense locked

    1. ozziegunner says:

      We need to see whether the contract policy as expoused by Raul and Vinai is enacted; any player who is in the last two years of his contract, if offered a contract extension and fail to sign, will be sold.

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