Why risk Ramsey when Arsenal have GREAT options?

There are some suggestions that Arsene Wenger could be set to include the Wales international star Aaron Ramsey in the Arsenal starting line up for the Premier League home game against Swansea City on Monday night, despite the fact that the midfielder picked up a hefty knock in our last game against Hull a few days ago that has kept him out of training all week.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Wenger is yet to make his final decision but I just cannot see the point in taking any risks with such an important player, especially with bigger games away to Man United and against Aston Villa at Wembley on the horizon.

The Gunners do need to beat the Swans on Monday but it is not as though the loss of Ramsey will matter that much I would have thought. Ramsey has been playing on the right recently and Arsenal have good options there, with the pace of Theo Walcott or the more like for like replacements of Tomas Rosicky and Jack Wilshere.

He could also bring Santi Cazorla out of central midfield and put him on the flanks, with Wilshere or Rosicky playing alongside Coquelin. Do you really think this would weaken the Arsenal team significantly, or enough to make it worth the risk of losing Ramsey for the rest of the season? Who would you start with?

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  1. If Wenger doesn’t start Walcott its a clear sign that Theo is leaving I think. RW is Theo’s position and if Rosicky, Wilshere, or Cazorla get chosen over him there thats a huge statement.

    1. Agreed, we are home too which helps.

      Walcott cannot screw up like he did against spurs. he needs big games. Wenger himself said he wants a player who can score 15 goals in a season. it’s a big challenge to his players to step up and prove themselves. or else someone leaves. he is becoming more ruthless i feel. or else the competition in the squad is finally showing.

    2. I personally, really don’t think it does. Wenger made his hesitance in rushing Theo back from injury pretty well known so if he continues to use him sparingly I feel it’s just more protection for next season.
      Though Jack obviously invites contact more than is good for him with his injury record, Theo’s momentum is dangerous when recovering from an injury like he sustained. Any potential contact if he hits even half speed could be a major set-back. My personal advice is don’t read too much into it

      1. I think you are right. Reading into it just invites fanciful interpretations.

        Wenger has to be hesitant. He may feel he brought him back too quickly last time.

        has it been the same injury both times?

      2. I disagree. Wenger was playing Walcottt in January when we had injuries. Talk of protecting him is s way of dodging questions as to why Walcott isn’t playing.

    3. @rsh

      I think if he plays willshere right away over Walcott then that is a huge statement. But we shouldn’t risk Ramsey either way no matter what form he is in we will need him for our 2 big games

    4. Walcot shud play there.
      the last minutes jack played we couldnt score yet t had seemed we were going 2frog leap city on GD

  2. For some reason i’m quietly skeptical about the Daily Mail having any insight into Wenger’s team selection… Jack looked pretty eager vs Hull. If he’s match fit and Ramsey’s unavailable I say give him a run

  3. rsenal are clearly going thru
    2nd or 3rd so there is no
    need to risk any one.
    Can’t see the point in running
    Cazorla Sanchez Ozil Monreal Mertz Kos
    Ospina Giroud and Coquelin into the ground
    as we need them fresh for the Cup final.
    Perhaps Sunderland and WBA will be the time
    to rest players and give time to
    Szcz Gabriel Gibbs debuchi Arteta Wilshere
    Wallcot Wellbeck and farewll appearances
    for Rosicky Flamini + Diaby.
    No farewells for Podolski Ryo or Campbell
    as one assumes they will be flicked off
    in the summer.

  4. where’s rosicky, walcott and wilshere. I think Sunderland would be the best game to bring all those three players on. We need to rest our starters and rotate a lil or else the same outcome every single year with arsenal.

  5. We got notin 2 lose, and even at dat our bench players will also win comfortable cos dey hav a poin to prove
    Personaly i wud play
    Debuchy chambers gabby gibbs
    Diaby arteta
    Walcott Wishere rosicky
    Assumin evry1 is fit

  6. We got notin 2 lose, and even at dat our bench players will also win comfortable cos dey hav a poin to prove
    Personaly i wud play
    Debuchy chambers gabby gibbs
    Diaby arteta
    Walcott Wishere rosicky
    Assumin evry1 is fit
    Besides it wud give enuf rest b4 playin manU cos i dont waant a draw, i want a WIN an embarassin win if possible

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