Why sacking Arteta this season would be a massive mistake

Sacking Arteta This Season Would Make No Sense by Dan Smith

There are some gooners suggesting Mikel Arteta’s job will be under threat if we lose this Sunday. While it would increase the pressure on our manager during the Christmas period it would be an over-reaction. Not just an over-reaction, but something that wouldn’t make sense.

Even if your view is the Spaniard isn’t the right man for the job, if you care about the integrity of being in charge of Arsenal then you need to have more patience.

Even if you’re his biggest critic, consider the damage you would do to our proud reputation if you sack someone less than 12 months into his employment?

I wouldn’t even start thinking about appraising the current regime ‘til next summer.

Just morally, I think it’s wrong to recruit a candidate you knew had zero experience, then less than a year later panic because he has…. zero experience. It would make the club a laughing stock.

The moment we hired someone who’s coaching experience was as qualified as being an assistant for a few years, that’s sending the message your prepared to take little steps, even take a few more blows, because long term you have a vision.

If it was about reaching success as quickly as possible, Pep Guardiola’s right-hand man shouldn’t be top of your short list. You would simply pick an Allegri and give him a 200 million transfer kitty.

To appoint a rookie you must have accepted he would be learning on the job, making it obvious there would be mistakes? If his employers run out of patience so soon, I would question if they are suitable for their positions?

I resigned myself long ago to the fact that it doesn’t matter who is in the dugout, we won’t win the title under our current owner.

I said it when we replaced Mr Wenger and repeated it when we replaced Emery. If Stan Kroenke wanted to, Arsenal could be a vacancy that every top manager is interested in. Yet the very best want assurances that it’s realistic to win the EPL in North London. Once they hear your transfer budget, they realise the scale of ambition is low.

So your left looking at names in a bracket below the top tier, who are so grateful they will accept limitations. They back their ability, we get carried away, then get disappointed when we realise while things change yet they stay the same.

Getting rid of Arteta will just see us go through the same cycle, like a sequel to a movie
Mark my words, if we don’t give Arteta time I will be writing the same thing next year just about a different name.

The irony’s never been lost on me that those who called fans disillusioned for not wanting Arsene Wenger out, are in fact the most disillusioned of them all.

I was @WengerIn because I wanted someone to safeguard the club, someone who at the very least loved us.

Despite countless evidence to the contrary, still some sit there and think the solution is to sack Arteta and suddenly we will get a world class alternative and live happily ever after.

That won’t ever happen.

Unless we ever properly show ambition, we will not attract a proven name.

It’s okay if you think Arteta is not the right man, but to protect the prestige of the job, you have to give him more of a chance till your final judgement.

Think of a name you might like to manage us next. What message are you telling him by saying half a season (where you win the FA Cup) and 10 League fixtures into a new one is enough time to decide your fate?

Use Nuno Santo as an example, as I know some rate him (I don’t). If we treat Arteta so harshly he might be put off. Why leave a stable job where you are respected for Arsenal who pull the trigger so easily?

We are not called Chelsea. In fact, at least at Stamford Bridge you know when going in that, yes, you get limited time, but you are given every resource to win trophies.

Arteta was 11th by the time of his first ever match as manager. You then allowed a rookie only loan signings in January.

Then having seen our worst league finish in over two decades our billionaire owner spends over 20 million on Gabriel (paid for by selling Martinez and Sam Greenwood), Willian arrived for free (replaced Mkhitaryan salary) and 45 million to activate Party’s release clause.

He made 55 staff redundant to buy a cheap keeper.

He knew Ozil was being frozen out, he knew Arteta didn’t think Saliba was ready, and our owner did what? No coach tolerates that if they see their predecessor then gets the sack less than a year later.

Unless there’s evidence he’s lost the dressing room, we shouldn’t even be talking about Arteta being in danger of the sack.

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Dan Smith


  1. I think he’s been unlucky in dealing with an Emery mess and coming in when the PL is looking its strongest in a long time. (Just look at how many teams are playing well and giving the big teams a run for their money this season – Everton, Southampton, Leicester, Wolves, West Ham, Aston Villa).

    Also consider he got 2 trophies in his first season and beat top opposition for them. We’re doing great in Europa. We just need it to transition to PL.

    I’m giving him a full season before I judge unless he does what Emery did and starts blaming everyone but himself for poor performance and the players give up on him.

    1. Its the relegation threat that will get him get sacked.
      We should be beating the three teams we lost to the last three PL matches. Loosing to TH this weekend in itself is not a reason to sack him.

      Its so sand there is no PL game we go to with a surety or even high stakes of winning.

      1. Keep in mind that 5 of our next 9 matches are against genuine relegation / slightly above relegation teams where we have a 2 win, 1 draw record so far.

        Our deceptively hard starting fixture list is making it look worse than it is and I expect us to rise back to around 7th by the halfway of the season.

        Having said that, I was extremely disappointed with the Wolves loss because a win there would have completely avoid this situation.

      2. That is true. I don’t feel any game is easy for us anymore. If this is not relegation form, then I don’t know what is. If we continue to underperform, Arteta will be gone by Christmas.

        1. We are paying for our wrote,I don’t think there is anywhere in the world were you’re allowed to chase your mentor like the way they dead to Wegar,we are cursed

  2. It is highly incorrect to think of sacking MA even before he completes one season in charge. Give the man time and patience is required, I am sure Arteta will bring back happy days to Arsenal.

  3. What’s wrong with our transfer budget? We have been spending hundreds of millions in the recent years. Some big money transfers have worked out but the majority have been flops like Mustafi, Xhaka and Pepe. So why cry about money when there is no guarantee we will even spend it correctly? How much money do we need to waste or how many flops do we need to sign so that you stop blaming Kroenke for our supposedly “insufficient” transfer budget that no top manager would supposedly accept.

    1. QD,


      We can blame Stan for being distant and silent but to be fair we have spent a good amount of money recently.
      The thing is, the people Stan has trusted to be in charge are mis-managing the club imo.

      You get the feeling that Pep, Klopp get the players they want not who the board thinks is best, this alone constitutes a major part of our problems.
      Give Arteta that Lampard team and watch him excel. Arteta has only signed one forward player and on a free, he is determined to solve a long standing problem we have all been complaining about; the defense, how can one even think of sacking him now? Like the article said, it is such a ridiculous and embarrassing thing to do.

      Imo, I think Willian is arguably the only mistake signing Arteta has made and who even knows if it was Edu’s idea seeing as he is brazillian.
      I have full confidence in Arteta at least until the end of the season and I hope he is able to turn things around.

      1. Okay I’ll set koronke a challenge
        We need a creative midfielder
        Let’s see what our billionaire owner does in January
        Mau got Fernandes , let’s see how ambitious we are

        1. @Dan , we need atleast 2 creative and strong midfielders to improve our team completely,

          See what’s happened to Partey and we back to headaches.

          1. Ditto ‘keeper.

            If Leno ships another injury, Runar is nowhere near ready.

            Squad left to wither – no investment.

        2. MA is already on record for saying we have to sell players in order to buy. He made that statement yesterday.

          1. A direct result of the point I am trying to make – but don’t bleat about it apparently.

            Josh – “be excited”.

            Great sound bite.

            He probably thought “Pepe” was something you sprinkle on a steak !

            Make billions, yes.

            Oversee the running of Arsenal Football Club for the purpose at it’s very core – never.

            Being brutal – they know nothing !

    2. “stop blaming Kroenke for our supposedly “insufficient” transfer budget that no top manager would supposedly accept.“

      Agree with the last line, and very much agree with how poorly we have performed over past times in the market.

      However, as you seem to link Kroenke to some mythical budget he hands down read on –

      “ Stan Kroenke hasn’t put a penny into Arsenal in last FIVE YEARS with every transfer paid from club earnings”

      True or not , we cannot be sure- but put it this way … I wouldn’t be at all surprised!

      Anyway, not quite sure how we can already be calling for Artetas head when he is seemingly has to move on sub standard players who no one wants before he can buy , and begin to form his own squad?

      M A clearly wanted both Partey and Auaor, but had to pull out of the Auoar deal in the clear knowledge funds were only available for one or the other.

      But “don’t bleat about money”

      I prefer to call it investment.

    3. Quantic – I could not agree more. The financial efforts of the club are not to blame despite us missing CL football.

      We have a poor track record in investing our funds. We wasted a lot of money on Ozil, I think it fair to say that Pepe for his price tag has thus far been a disappointment. We should have spend the Saliba money on a player that could have contributed right away not years in the future. We spend good money on salaries for Luiz and Willian who at the end of their playing careers and won’t be part of our future. We spent big money (at the time) on Mustafi. We pay big cash to Real for Ceballos. We have let go of some young talented players (Gnarby) and fail to manage Guendouzie.

      We have spend big money on this squad but have too few real successes IMO. Let’s hope Partey will not turn out yet an other injury debacle, he is the type of player we need to be fit all the time.

    4. Ill answer that mate
      How much do I want him to spend ?
      Given that we finished in our worst position in 25 years I would expect minimumn net spend over 100 million in a window
      Chelsea finished 4th , proper invested and look near the top
      If are investment is so good , why are we 14th ?
      Any business that fails , an owner is accountable

    5. Couldn’t agree more. The only complaint I have is Kroenke has trusted the imbeciles who have turned Arsenal a pot of gold to enrich themselves without checking them closely.

      That is why half of the team are centre backs, we got the Pepe and Willian deals, our biggest name and most talented player and most paid is frozen out, denied Sokratis transfer then froze him out, let me stop here otherwise it will take a whole day to least senseless and comical decisions made by club of our size.

    6. QD where your argument falls isin two importan t areas. that We have SOLD, virtually no players at allfor proer sized fees for many years; the only two being Ox and Iwobi, two moderate players one of them virtually never fit and got about £70mill. So all the better player we could have sold but did not were wasted.

      If sold when they had maximum value we could and should have got a fortune for OZIL AND SANCHEZ, when they were still of any use. Instead, we wasted both sales and wasted still more millions on the stupidly Gazidis awarded contract to Ozil, money down the drain. Financial catastrophe therefore!
      But your second mistake is to excuse the man responsible for hiring and not firing GAZIDIS until he had wrecked our finances and that man is KROENKE. How you can choose to excuse the man responsible and OWNER, for leaving incompetents unchallenged to ruin his and our club all those damaging years, is incredibly naive.

      If you had worked as I did, in the high level business world, you would KNOW that owners, even more than CEO’s, are responsible for the health of the businesses they own.

      Your post was so very naive, though I know you meant well. But to run things properly you need to be totally honest with yourself and attack the REAL targets; KROENKE, GAZIDIS AND WENGER, IN THAT ORDER.

      I fully accept mistakes have also been made under both UE andMA, but the real damage, holing us below the waterline was already done by then.

      By the time Emery arrived, let alone Arteta, the ship was already floundering and starved of proper finance, both by lack of sales and purchases. Add on an owner who does not even like the sport his club plays , let alone the club itself and who lives on a different continent thousands of mile away and there you have the REAL problem! REALITY, QD!

      1. Exactly Jon.

        And your 3rd paragraph in particular gets right to the heart of the matter.

        But we seem to be having terrible difficulty making what to us is an obvious point.


        When you acquired “ownership” Mr Kroenke, the buck would be finding its way to your door !

    7. Exactly QD. Arsenal have spent large sums since the departure of Wenger. Ironic that such amounts were not available when Wenger was here. Anyway let’s see: Torreira, Guendouzi, Socratis, overpaying for Pepe and most of all turning down 10M for Mikhi to then let him leave for free six months later! Don’t forget the Saliba situation that seems to take for granted the club paid 25M for him!

    8. @QD
      You putt your finger on the right spot.
      The article’s basic premise is the one the writer keeps putting forward in nearly every article, he writes; That Kroenke is preventing Arsenal from spending.
      A simple look at the facts shows this to be false, and it has been pointed out many times, but he keeps putting it forward. I think it is useless to try and make him discuss from basic facts.

  4. Couldn’t agree more. Arteta’s and Emery’s Arsenal are two very different animals. We need to summon something that football fans have in short supply: patience.

    I stand 100% behind Arteta.

  5. Arteta changed the atmosphere and results at the club when he arrived. The feel good factor returned.

    He should at a minimum receive till the end of this season with no questions asked.

    Having said that, I have a few small doubts about his seemingly frequent changing of players who start. Of course we have been massively unlucky with Partey’s injury but I don’t know what our best midfield is and I don’t if Arteta knows (yet). However, I trust Arteta’s IQ and believe he has the brain to learn on the job so give him time.

    Also, I am far from sold on Willian and can’t figure out the Saliba debacle. We so desperately needed a CD when we bought him with the little funds we had but instead of buying a player who could immediate provide the help we needed we borrowed him back to the club we bought him from and now that he finally arrived he still can’t get a look nor is he being developed. This might not be Arteta’s fault but is a massive waste of money which highlights some continued managerial questions about our club IMO.

    1. Nice one 👍 I agree until the end of the season, but if our form doesn’t pick up, especially with a busy schedule ahead, questions will need to be asked!
      Saliba is baffling..really don’t understand it – watch him go off on loan next month and play superbly!!
      I’m trying to keep positive and as the song goes… things can only get better!

      1. Sue, I would love to know the truth behind the Saliba story but I can’t get away from the “conclusion” that Arteta clearly doesn’t rate him.

      2. Sue: Nobody is entitled to a job. We demand performance from the players and we should also demand performance from the coach.
        If things are not improving before the end of the season, by all means MA should go. Saliba’s decision is not the only one baffling.

  6. I suspect that there is something fundamentally
    wrong about how desisions are made at exec level
    at Arsenal. Hence the mistakes at youth program
    letting Gnabry go and more. Hanging onto
    Walcott and Wilshere for to long, having cheap
    second rate goalkeepers in the wenger years ..
    letting sanchez and özil cases become a debauchable..

    1. For me the only mistake I am “convinced” Edu/Arteta made is betting on Leno instead of Martinez.

      1. The other minor mistakes are:
        Finishing 8th for the first time in 25 years.
        Loosing 3 in a row in our own crib.
        Signing a 32 year old washed up winger for 3 years.
        Currently sitting 6th from the bottom.
        Other than that everything else is hunky dory

        1. “Losing 3 in a row in our own crib”
          Much more damning is that we lost to team we should be beating. While the sentiment that Arteta should be given till the end of the season seems to be dominant, I feel that if we don’t turn it around very very soon, then I don’t see how he will survive. Every job requires accountability. For team performance Arteta is ultimately accountable.

  7. If the situation is getting worse, it’s easier to replace the manager than selling the senior players. I don’t think we’d fall into the relegation zone though, because Arteta has seen Moyes’/ Wenger’s mistakes and he surely knows how to fix it

    1. The great Arsene mistake was spoiling us with Champions League football, beautiful football and a financially stable club.

      1. HH: People are apt to forget that even during Wenger’s last season we were quite impregnable at the Emirates winning 15 games! Now we play shite, and are on a downward spiral and TBH I am starting to dread a relegation tussle. Let’s face it, we no longer seem to go into games knowing we will win no matter who we play.

  8. If Hassenhutl could drag Southampton off the bottom last year after a terrible run of results then I’m sure Arteta can sort out the current issues and return Arsenal into a competitive team. What he doesn’t need is an Arteta out campaign.

    The last few years at the club have shown a decline on the pitch and some very dodgy stuff going on upstairs. All of this has to be worked through and will take time.

  9. The alarming sacking of Mikel Arteta, lies on the success of Chelsea’s Frank Lampard. Before we compare let’s check how much this Chelsea team cost and how much lampard spend this season. Gabriel and Thomas party acquisition gives me hope on what Mikel arteta is trying to achieve here.

    1. They spent on correct players unlike our geniuses upstairs. Didn’t they refuse Willian demands and we agreed while high fiving each other? Where has that gotten us?

  10. well Pat Viera is free again, feel so sad for him, gone after five defeats after guiding them to seventh last season. I had zero expectation from Arteta for this season as he as to deal with a team of uninterested useless gummy bears. His real test starts next summer. Mou did not want to work with us, Brendon or Alegiri did not want ot tarnish their reputation trying to coax players to do their job.
    Soares, Mustafi, Socartes, Kolasinac
    Xhaka Cabellos
    Willian, Laca , Pepe
    And to add to them – Chambers, Luiz, Elneny, Nelson, Willock ,
    You cannot get rid of so many players, as long as we avoid relegation, that is a success in the league. If lick is good, expect a domestic cup.
    Finally how many are Wengers’s gems in the above line up?

  11. I wonder what would have happened to Liverpool if Jurgen Klopp had been sacked in 2015 with the Reds finishing the season in eighth position after winning just 13 of their 30 league matches that Klopp was in charge of.
    Patience please.

  12. DAN writes much sense as usual -his views about Ozil apart, but let that pass, for now- but the usual fans on here who he refers to as “disillusioned” will not be interetsted in re-thinking their own hasty prejudices and facing up to the dismal fact that they were vastly overrating and hyping very moderate players as world beaters , thus fooling themselves.

    So now , having seen their castles in the air fall to earth and having lifes realism thrust forcibly into their view, they scream blue murder. BUT TYPICALLY , AT THE WRONG TARGET!

    When will these twerps have the courage to face facts and understand what the majority of fans can easily see; namely that the real problems with our club ALL stem from having an owner who frankly could not give a tinkers damn for any other human being outside his own family.

    And certainly not for this great club he “technically” owns. He does not even like football for Gods sake!

    Dan is so right in saying that while Kroenke remains we will never win the title. Blaming the subordinates like managers, directors, players is shirking the REAL task, to force this monster of a so called owner, OUT!


    1. John. Kroenke will not sell to Dangote or any one else,certainly not in the near future. Firstly he is sitting on a very valuable piece of real estate. If you consider its construction cost were around 400 million, the current value is at least 800 million so its a no brainer for him. To buy him out would cost around £1.9 Billion and quite frankly there are very few who have that and are willing to take the risk. So like it or not we must suffer Mr Kroenke and hope he gives better direction to his Board. Just my opinion.

      1. patH, Did you know that Dangote is said to be worth 18 million once his refinery is finished within a year. PLUS and importantly, he IS a Gooner.
        2, even 3 million, when you have 18. leaves alot of loose change I suggest in all seriousness.
        Now PAT, neither of us knows what will happen but though at one time doubtful, statements put out purporting to be DANGOTES VIEWS, GIVE ME MORE REASON FOR REAL HOPE THAN IT SEEMS YOU HAVE. Remember too, his country Nigeria is also Arsenal mad and he is a very different type and superior human, ethically, by all accounts, than Kroenke.


    2. There’s a lot of usual nonsense, though.
      He is using his absolutely false claim, that we are not a spending club, to argue, that we can’t attract a top manager.
      We are one of the highest spending clubs both on transfers and on salaries, so the basic premise is false.
      On top of that, you can look at Liverpool and Spurs, both have spent much less than us, yet they have attracted 2 of the worlds absolute top managers. So nonsense it is, in that respect.

  13. There was a collective sucking in of breath through the teeth by neutrals when our fixtures were announced at the start of the season. We’ve had a tough run and the lads have lost confidence, losing games they should win. There have been a dozen mini issues like Elneny testing positive which have piled up to reduce our effectiveness. While I’ve not liked the negative football we’ve been playing, we need to support MA and give him a complete ‘normal’ season before passing judgement.

  14. No we can’t sack him after season but since start of it.

    We need a real coach before this gets more ridiculous! We can be 16th tomorrow! How much more is needed to replace this apprentice by a coach?

  15. Bit surprised Dan doesn’t rate Nuno, he helped Wolves be competitive and play good football. I agree about giving Arteta time, and his position should be evaluated at the end of the season.
    Have we shown progression? Is he developing young players? Are the players on board with his plan & style of play? Are we competing with the top 4 clubs?
    18 months is sufficient to answer this question. Wenger got as much to right the ship, so did Emery. Arteta and Edu should be held to the same standard.

    1. Soz mate
      I do rate him in terms of job he’s done
      But wouldn’t be my choice if arteta was sacked

      1. Ahh I understand now Dan thanks. I also rate the job he’s done but I don’t think he’s be an improvement on Arteta.

  16. Hahaha…one win against a third tier team n Arteta fans boys are out again ….singing his praise. What atmosphere has he changed and what improvement are there…we are still loosing on constant bases to top 6 teams in league, we are now even loosing to mid tabel teams at home as well and that best defence in world card is gone in 9 games. Arsenal fans are just so used to mediocrity now, so low expectations and mid tabel team mentaliy that they are afraid n don’t want club to take bold step to rectify the situation. No fans from any top club would be backing Arteta if he was incharge of their club after what we have seen from him not to mention there is no past evidence as well which can be used for argument sakes that he will turn things around. No proven historical record. We are mid table team best since Wenger left n we will stay their some blame is on board but most on fans bec they are satisfied with all this. Winning FA cup and not making into champions League plus getting thrashed in league to finish mid table is an achievement for most of the fans now. There are only two important trophies in world of football when it comes to club football it’s league title n champions League…FA cup is not a big trophy unless you are Arsenal n that’s the only trophy you have won in years or have the chance of winning.

  17. I think people do look back with rose tinted spectacles on the latter years under Wenger. It was often a knife edge whether we would play decent or get thoroughly hammered against top teams.
    Overall it’s the contracts situations that started when Wenger was here that have had continuous knock on effects that we’re still feeling. Players were getting massive contracts after a couple of good games in their first pro seasons and you could see a bunch of these players (Denilson, Walcott, bellerin) appeared to believe they’d “made it” and stopped focusing on improving. The general mentality changed from wanting to win titles to just wanting to be “stars”. It’s why the genuine winners like fabregas and van person ended up getting frustrated and leaving. He definitely kept things steady for a long time but the signs were there that champions League wasn’t always going to be guaranteed. He didn’t make it in his last season and I don’t think he would have the following year.
    It’s been said many times but he is a legend who transformed arsenal and had a massive effect on the league as a whole, but he failed to move enough with the times.

  18. Although, we are the third highest spending club on transfers over the last 5 years, and we pay some of the highest salaries in the league, you keep going on and on about the owners not spending, and it is all his fault. Incredible.
    It can be added that clubs like Liverpool and Tottenham have spent much less than us, and yet they have managed over the past 6-7 years not only to catch us, but t to surpass us in the league.
    OH, and yes, thay have attracted top managers in the process.
    Our problems do not come from too little spending. Our problems come from years of making bad use of the money.

  19. On Arteta, as long as we don’t get into a situation where relegation is a serious possibility (at the moment it isn’t), I definitely think you got to give him time. He’s trying to transition into a better system but he’s struggling to get the players working how he wants. I actually think that eventually a lot of the answers will come from the youngsters (saka, Martinelli, willock, AMN, Smith-Rowe, Nelson, balogun, etc – not quite sold on Eddie yet but he’s getting game time for a reason), but he’s weary of putting too much on them before they’re ready, which is understandable.

  20. Arteta isn’t immune to anything and if we get results and get up the table to challenge top four then he wont be sacked. If we get much closer to the bottom three then he should or could face the boot. In the bottom half is not acceptable to Arsenal ever and we have players that are far better than the manager has them in at the moment. Spuds game is huge and it will be a nail in the coffin or a spark that we need.

    1. Reggie
      You never mince your words
      I’m getting the vibes that you’re really not impressed whilst I think he will come good. (Please don’t remind me if I’m wrong.)

      None of us are happy with the current state of affairs but I feel that he’ll get it right.
      Losing badly (as in feebly) will change the dynamic but a strong performance at least will them and us something to feel more confident about If we end up swilling round the bottom with SheffU and WBA then Arteta will have lost the dressing room
      The question of a new manager is that it would bring more disruption changing it all over again

      1. Sue, i speak as i find, i wont say im not impressed because certain things i am but if you were building a dossier of Arteta mistakes, it is getting longer by the day. I believe he has something but that doesn’t mean he is good or big enough to run a football team. He is learning on the job and he has for me, got to learn quicker and smarter. His job is on the line.

  21. Lampard took Chelsea to champions League with out any signing, being new and playing youngsters. Even now with quality signings when ppl thought he would struggle to get best out of them they are flying high. Where are we bottom mid some where …giving excuse after excuse either it’s injuries or players not buying into Arteta’s plan blah blah blah. Spuds were in worst situation then us but look at them go in Morinhio proper season. With so much evidence out there I fail to understand why our fans are resorting to failure as some sort of development phase and saying stupid things like Arteta is transitioning us from nothing to something. If most of the fans here are happy to see the team finsih mid table every year and the gap keeps getting bigger then MA is the right man for the job.

  22. You can’t blame anybody for our poor form except arteta, keeping xhaka,,,, he need to change his tactics,,, passing side way, backward not taking risk won’t help matters ,,,,he need to improve in all ramifications or he is shown the way out,,,almost 9yrs we were patient with wenger without winning trophy, we can’t allow that to happen again,,, although I want him to stay for the now and many years to come, ,,,he should improve on time because if he continues to lose matches you don’t even expect the players to be happy with him let alone the board

  23. Dan
    Arteta is very inexperienced and it shows. He is a bit one-paced in his tactics and goes on and on about giving everything. Of course… but there MUST be a space made for inspiration. I see Arteta as a horse with blinkers, who can only see one direction. Experienced managers always have lot’s of creativity and are aware of MANY possibilities. When the best the creative players have been ‘grudge ommited’, Arteta’s enthusiam may not be enough. A lot more is needed to manage a top team. Guendouzi and Ozil’s treatment by Arteta means he has shot himself in his own foot. I think he will be successful, but not at Arsenal. He is blinkered.

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