“Why should I be trusting this process?” Piers Morgan reacts to Arsenal’s goalless draw against Burnley

As many Arsenal fans would expect, Piers Morgan is unhappy about the dropped points against Burnley today.

The Gunners remain in the hunt for a top-four place, but that draw is a huge chance missed by them.

Burnley has been struggling for form and is in the relegation zone. Even though the Gunners lost to Liverpool in their last game, we had expected them to beat the Clarets.

Sean Dyche’s side remained organised for most of the game and frustrated the Gunners.

Morgan has been an outspoken critic of Mikel Arteta, but he has always been told to trust the process.

After watching the drab draw, he wants to know why he should, he tweeted:

“Why should I be trusting this process?”

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Arsenal remains very much a work in progress and the damage that had been done to the club before Arteta became its manager is still lingering.

That said, this is an abysmal result and the buck has to stop with the gaffer, he cannot hide behind what went before forever.

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  1. The players who got themselves suspended for this match and the lack of recruitment are also factors. Pure daft to let AMN go so early.

  2. Why should he trust the process?
    Why not?
    Arteta has also had to put up with starting with 20 over paid underperforming players from previous administrations yet finished a point off Europe in his first full season as well as an FA Cup win in his first half season.
    This despite a second covid ravaged empty stadium season. This now being his first season playing with full stadiums. This past summer the new process was announced.
    Bring in a younger disciplined loyal profile player with high resale value. 6 new quality players have already been integrated into the starting X1. Unfortunately with the covid market we sold only one player and are still lumbered with a dozen dead wood so rely on 15 starters only. Despite all these problems and afer a covid/injury ravaged 0-3 start here we are two points off 4th with a game in hand. Considering top 6 was the most optimistic expectation of this team we are over achieving right now. By August we should have gotten rid of another 9-10 deadwood and brought in another 5-6 profile players and be ready for a serious top 4 tilt next season. So far we are right on target. COYG

      1. Mari and Willian were definitely Edu signings
        So which of Arteta’s signings are you referring to?
        Ramsdale? White? Tomi? Gabriel? Partey?Odegaard? Lokonga? Tavares? ESR?
        Which of these players are deadwood?

        1. I’m interested to know who are the 9 or 10 deadwood players you are referring to. Soares would be an Edu signing as well but he and Mari and Willian were signed on Arteta’s watch whether he wanted them or not. That makes all the other incomings Edu’s signings as well on that basis. I have no problem with the new names although a couple need a little longer to bed in and are not automatic starters but we knew that anyway.

          In any case, you rather missed my attempt at humour.

          1. Cedric, Chambers, Bellerin, Mari, Elneny Nketiah Niles Nelson Mavropanos Torreira.
            At their price and salary Pepe, Auba + Laca.

    1. Talk for u when u draw that mediocre Target fair fan…maybe a Lot didn’t think about top four after our ugly start to the season but that Is on arteta too. Top 4 is the minimum a club as Arsenal should ask for.
      Arteta, not us fans, was who promise cl and epl Challenge in 3 years deadline as part of His plan, the same plan that has been supported for the administration of the club more than emery or many other coaches in epl would dream for. That was what was promised from arteta, knowing the squad he took AND being hugely supported in the path…so we the fans and the club are in our right to demand that, not just top 4, much less top 6 as you want

    2. FF Even tthough you have a deserved reputation on JA as the most fiercely upbeat, sometimes OVER optimistic Gooner on JA, I, for just one fan, do agree with your above summation.
      Only a few of us on here recognise how bad wasthe pitiful state we were in whaen Wenger went. Emery and MA have both made many transfer mistakes , mostly incoming ones IMO.

      Until that is , last summer, when a totally new and marked change of direction was followed and younge players were and are being actively sought and the older ineffective ones, plus thetroublemaking players are now banished, never to reurn.

      I much applaud this change of direction but admit it came too late and shoul d have come along a full year or more earlier.

      MA was clearly learning his trade in that time and now that he is at last on thr cusp of us being one of thetop four clubs again, unpercetive fans among us want him out.

      I say they are foolish , that they will not get their way(that is obvious!) and that we MUST and WILL stick with MA.Which is why I firmly agree with your post.

  3. This term “work in progress” is just a smokescreen for Arteta and Edu to continue wasting our money. Any project/process lasting over two years, costing more than 250M, should rightly be called a disaster. Yes, there were problems at the club before his time, but he, himself, made the situation a lot worse. We must be prepared to call it as it is: an “unmitigated disaster”.

  4. Yeah, blame Xhaka – blame Partey – blame everybody but the Strikers – keep Martinelli and Saka – the rest is to forget – sell Laca, and all the other dancers up front and buy one who can hit the target not needing 15 chances and one who can head the Ball.

  5. Yet you will see some deluded Mikel Arshita supporters coming to support this failed manager …To me they are the reason arsenal is in this mess not edu or Arteta or kronkes cox they keep supporting mediocrity every season when they know deep down that ARTETA and edu are both scams with a scam of trust the process

  6. I don’t get some of the “the state of the cub is alot worse now under Arteta that it’s ever been” comments, from what perspective??? I know some of you guys hate Arteta and didn’t want him as manager in the first place.

    But you also wanted Conte 3 wins in his last 10 games, Tuchel 11 points in his last 8 matches, Brendan Rogers 10th in the league. Some of you even wanted Mourinho, Nuno Santos, Carlo Ancelotti. There were even some calls from some on here in the summer for Benitez. 90% of those names one ran for the hills when shit got “Real”, already been given the boot or are on the verge of being sacked.

    Okay Arteta is far from perfect and has and will make mistakes but is growing into the role. But so have Tuchel who may be sacked if he wins nothing this season with 1.5 billion squad. The same with Nuno, Rafa and Jose all experienced managers who in your words “know how to win things” all sacked with better squads and have spent more money. 250m (which is not our net spend btw) is not alot over what will be by the end of January 6 windows.

    Our biggest problem was and still is in terms of urgency recruitment, it had been for the last 12 years plus. Selling the wrong players, buying the wrong players for huge money. The contracts situation which existed before Arteta and the majority of those people are still in place now.

    People say about the squad Arteta inherited was good enough to be in the Champions League. The same squad that failed to qualify for CL under Wenger and couldn’t get to the Europa League final in his last 2 seasons. The same squad that again failed to get Emery CL football and when they did get to the Europa final got embarrassed by Chelsea. The same squad who were in 16th when Emery was sacked and Arteta took over and managed thanks to COVID get us to 8th and win an FA cup and Charity Shield.

    That squad was in decline as evidenced by Auba and I couldn’t see anything that was good, especially good enough for top 4. This was the highest paid squad in Arsenal history. Plus the age of that squad too, most of them were injury prone or over their peak when Wenger was manager. They were 4 years older when Arteta had his first full season in charge.

    If you think the club wasn’t a mess and those were non issues then theres shit in your eyes and nothing between your ears. Just making judgement s out of pure hatred for Arteta as Arsenal manager.

    Okay we’re not in Europe and not challenging for titles yet and Arteta still isn’t a seasoned and experienced football manager you all want. But chronographically speaking he’s been a manager for just over 2 years. He will make mistakes just like every other football manager in the world. But you cannot fault his work off the field at the club we need that to transpire on the field. Which in a way it has, I mean we’re in touching distance of 3rd but we need new players to solidify our challenge.

    But when you have Edu, Mr “we have our targets sorted” 2 months before the end of the previous season. Goes on holiday twice during the summer, once just before the season starts and failing to sign the players we needed until 3 weeks and 9pts down into the new season. Now in January we need and Arteta needs more quality midfielders and a bloody striker. Where are we, looking like we’re going to sign no-one, apart from failed Brazilian rejects………again.

    Look the jury is still out on Arteta it will be until we show serious progress or win big again. That’s the same for any manager who takes control of the club, we are Arsenal after all and we should be dining at the top table. But a complete overhaul of the squad has been needed for over a decade. Arteta, fair play to him is the only person who has had the balls to make it happen and it’s still not complete.

    So when you ask what “project”. “Project overhaul” is the project, in the following order:

    – Improve internal structure and methods at Colney

    – Move out ill disciplined, disruptive, overpaid, aging, underperforming players.

    – Instill discipline, togetherness and restore club values.

    – Rebuild a balanced squad with young signings under 27 to retain future sell on value backed up by Hale End graduates.

    – Bring the players upto the standard to play the Arsenal way once more

    – Challenge at the highest level of every competition

  7. The team was not in decline under Wenger,we just won the Fa Cup three times in 4 seasons,crashed out of the Europa league in the Semi finals,lost he league cup final and won the Fa Cup same season,the team was stretched and we missed finished 7th for the first time in over 20 years and we fired Wenger. Emery with almost the same team lost the Europa league final in his first season,the team was not in decline.For some reason which I can’t tell most of our senior players just decided to leave starting with Koscielny.I don’t think we would make the Top 4,we have shown time and again that we don’t have the consistency to do so.And incase you have forgotten,we have failed to beat any of the big Teams again this season or take points off them,I don’t consider Tottenham a big team.When you can’t compete directly with your rivals on the pitch of play,how do you hope to dislodge them on the table so nice they are also beating the only teams you can beat.We didn’t need to sign the likes of Gabriel or even Ben White but we did,and since we did,has their signing stopped the top teams from loading us with goals,not so much.The best Managers know that the midfield is the heart of any team.our midfield is totally messed up.the worst we have had in decades.the most clueless I have ever watched as an Arsenal fan.When ever Xhaka does not play we look ordinary and it’s not like Xhaka is the best of players in midfield,his presence some how stabilises out team.Our first fun of bad form started when he got sent off against Mancity earlier in the season which also coincided with his long term injury layoff.Arsenal have become too boring and predictable.Surely we can do better than what we currently display.Its time to let Arteta and Edu go.

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