Why shouldn’t Arsenal give Petr Cech a new contract?

Bernd Leno arrived at Arsenal with a big reputation and a big price tag in the summer, and everyone expected to him to e the new Number One for the new Gunners team under Unai Emery this season, but Petr Cech, despite having offers to move away for guaranteed first team football, just became even more determined fight for his place and to show the new manager that he was just as good as ever.

He quickly showed in pre-season that he has not lost any of his qualities as a shot stopper, and has carried on showing that in the Premier League up to now and kept his younger rival on the bench, just as he has done with David Ospina over the last few years. But the fact is that Cech is in the final year of his contract and if he istill playing this well at 36 then why can’t he carry on playing like this when he is 37, or 38 or even 40, ike Peter Schmeichel did?

It certainly sounds like he has no intention of retiring and is keen to win another contract with Arsenal. When asked he said: “I’m in the last year of the contract so I guess it depends on my performances, the way I play and the way I stay fit throughout the season. Then we’ll see what happens next.”

“When you bring players in you do that to improve the squad and to make it competitive and Bernd is here, trains every day and tries to get his spot which keeps everyone in the goalkeeping group on their toes including me, obviously,”

“I have to work hard not only to make sure the manager picks me for the weekend but as well that he sticks with me.

“The goalkeeper situation is complicated as only one can play so the competition is bigger and at the moment I’ve been playing and I try to do my best and hope the manager is happy with my performances. I’ve always had great goalkeepers — David Ospina was great as was Carlo Cudicini and Hilario — behind me who pushed me all my career so I have to make sure I’m ready.

“In sport this is the way it goes — you always have someone waiting for your failure so they can jump in and you have to find a way to keep your spot.”

He has kept his spot so far by proving that he is better than any of his competitors on a continuous basis, so why shouldn’t Arsenal give him another two year extension so he can keep proving he is the best man for the job?



  1. gotanidea says:

    Give him another season if he can keep his form

  2. inkfight! says:

    Great professional and definitely the kind of character i’d want in and around the squad.

  3. Durand says:

    I would like to see more of a competition in the goalkeeper spot to be honest. We know Leno is better with the ball at his feet, but FFS unless he’s armless let the guy get some minutes!

    Can’t expect too much improvement if you won’t give him meaningful minutes. Training just can’t simulate real match time on the pitch.

    1. Billy says:

      Well said Durand. Leno was the 8th highest transfer fee for a goal keeper in the world and he still hasn’t started a game in PL. I’m right behind Emery, but his team selections are baffling me.

  4. Tas says:

    His a great guy but If you ask me Cech should go to US and finish of his career from next summer and come back to us or Chelsea to becom a goalkeeper coach

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    It is false to say “He has kept his spot so far by proving that he is better than any of his competitors on a continuous basis”, because Leno, or any other keeper, hasn’t been given a chance…not even for one minute! Cech isn’t out performing Leno, because we haven’t even seen Leno!

    I am not even sure why people are saying that Cech is performing really well? I’ll admit, I have seen a little improvement in his game in general, but he has been shocking with his feet, and it’s causing us continuous problems. I can understand that it’s a clean slate for each player under Emery, but looking back at Cech’s time at Arsenal, and I am struggling to see him ever having a good season for us.

    Given their ages, Leno is the future, so surely he needs to integrated into the team, and into English asap? Like many other fans, I am giving Emery a free season, so you’d think it make sense to have good look at Leno this season (like with the outfield players), and then make a decision on him in the summer.

    1. Atid says:

      Leno will get his chance, that is what the Europa league, league cup and Fa cup are for, to give your 2nd and even 3rd choice keepers a chance.
      This stat will amaze people, but Cech’s has made more passes than other keeper in the league and
      his successful passing rate is better than many defenders.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Stats can be very misleading though. I wonder what the stat is for keepers putting their defenders under pressure? Or, for key poor passes, e.g. passing straight to an opposing player, giving away clear cut opportunities, and passing directly out for a corner or throw in?

        It’s very easy to spin one specific stat to make a player good, but once you look at all the stats, you’ll see very different picture. Arteta always had very good passing stats, but he was extremely average for us.

  6. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    Watching Kanu and some of the invisible highlights….I could almost cry….Men the good old days…

  7. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    Even if leno usurps cech…I very big ‘if’ despite how bad cech is with is feet I still think we need all the experience he has…he is the only premier/champions league winner on the team so we definitely need him around for awhile ..

  8. Lol City having the floor wiped with their faces by Lyon.

    1. Sue says:

      Who’d have thought that?!
      Ronaldo has seen red… bizarre if you ask me!!
      Arsenal women are winning 7-0!!!

      1. Been a wierd night! Did feel bad for Ronaldo though, guy got red-carded on his debut and cried.

        1. Sue says:

          I watched a clip on Twitter…. was a bit baffled as to why!! Surely he’ll get that rescinded
          Looking forward to tomorrow night…. Cazorla should play against Rangers… hope he does well! And I hope we follow the women & win 7-0!!

          1. Am certain Vorlska will be a walk in the park Iwobi might even grab a hat-trick if he plays.

      2. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Got to admit, I don’t watch a lot of ladies football but the best two lady footballers I’ve ever seen is the legendary Kelly Smith ( the Dennis Bergkamp of ladies football ) and Scottish girl Kim Little. What do you think Sue?

        1. Sue says:

          I have to admit too Kenny, I don’t watch a great deal of it. I keep an eye on the score of the Arsenal women & watch a bit if it’s on the tv. Yes I know Kelly Smith… don’t know Kim Little though. Rachel Yankey springs to mind. My husband will always put it on & watch some (I wonder why ?)

  9. Yossarian says:

    Clearly Cech is having a few problems playing with the ball-at-his feet, as everybody has seen, but otherwise he’s been good so far this season. Don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t continue beyond his current contract. Would like to see a bit of Leno too though. Maybe he’ll play in cup competitions for now.

  10. msty says:

    hmmmm i guess we Dodge a bullet wit not appointing Arteta… city lossing 2-nil with him in charge….

    1. Innit says:

      You judge him by 1 match, which hasn’t even finished yet?
      Dodged a bullet??? WTF?

      1. msty says:

        common its city with the amount of money spent on that squad Lyon should not be given them troubles…. besides i tot some of you here bliv big spending is the secret to success… its not just one game am sure if they had beaten then lets say 5nil or so you guys will still be asking why we never settle for Arteta….

        1. Atid says:

          Think you will find that city have lost their last 4 in the ice, with pep in the dugout for the previous 3 defeats, so the point about arteta is?

  11. Phil says:

    Do you not feel the size of the Transfer Budget will come into the equation every bit as much as Cech’s form?If he carries on playing well (and can somehow reinvent his footwork) he will still be good enough even as No2 to Leno.The last thing we need is ti spend money on another GK if we are still operating with a restricted budget.And if his form is good there are plenty of other positions to look at strengthening that’s for sure.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Phil; you’ve been in in the game long enough to know Cech will never improve with his feet. Time for him to hang his gloves up. I know he’s been decent this season but not outstanding. To be honest, I think he lost his confidence with head injury at Chelsea. He should call it a day and become our goalkeeper coach. Think he would be perfect for that role. Promote Martinez, he’s an excellent young keeper and a good back to Leno. We don’t need to buy. Time for change

      1. Phil says:

        Can’t disagree with you Kenny.I see Leno starting games soon with Cech as No2 but if we go in next year with Leno Cech and Martinez then that should be is sorted for at least a season giving us money to spend where we need it most.Cech will not ever get better at his age but as a No2 hair experience will be valuable.

      2. jon fox says:

        I think Cech is , generally, still a better than average Prem shot stopper, though below the really top keepers clearly. But he is horrendous with his feet and I agree with you , he will not improve now. So, Leno for me.

  12. ks-gunner says:

    We need to be open and try to lure potential talents to Arsenal. Spurs did it like this, so did we while Wenger was around. To do so we need to get rid of some players and make room for new ones.

    I am still confused with Ramsey. He is not good enough, plays for Arsenal though, earns a lot of money, and somehow is still refusing to sign a new contract. God how much i would love to see Arsenal be headstrong and punish arrogance and disloyalty.

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