Why shouldn’t Arsenal sell Gabriel to Juventus?

Juventus pushing hard for Arsenal defender

Italian gaints Juventus are believed to be keen on landing Arsenal’s Gabriel Magalhaes in the current transfer window.

The Italian journalist Alfredo Pedulla, who came up with the exclusive report, further suggested on his official website that new contacts were made recently by the Old Lady.

With Matheus de Ligt being seriously targeted by Bayern Munich and Chelsea, head coach Massimiliano Allegri wants to at least bring one body at center half.

Juventus have several names on their list such as Monaco’s Benoît Badiashile, Fiorentina’s Nikola Milenković, Napoli’s Kalidou Koulibaly and Arsenal’s Gabriel.

Landing their first-choice option in Koulibaly is complicated and thus now it appears like they have moved onto the second name on the list.

The North London outfit are thought to be open for a sale if their asking price of £40 million is met. However, The Bianconeri believe they can land the Brazilian for less than that.

If Arsenal let the former Lille man leave this summer, they certainly won’t be light on that side of the pitch.

They already boast Ben White, William Saliba, Pablo Mari and Rob Holding in that position. While they have also been strongly linked to Ajax’s Lisandro Martinez it could end up being crowded in the Arsenal defence and Gabriel may not enjoy competing with Saliba for his spot.

If Gabriel does leave, there maybe a stronger case to add a fresh presence at the center back position, especially when Arsenal are playing in Europe in the upcoming season, or it would at least boost our transfer kitty for more pressing needs.

The talk about Juventus being interested in Gabriel is not something new. Thus, their interest in the player seems genuine.

It is still early days to put a stamp on a thing right now. We as fans can just wait and watch the drama that the transfer window has to offer.

Yash Bisht


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  1. sometimes I just hang my head reading the posts onhere.
    Holding-everyone was saying not good enough last season
    Mari- out on loan and up for sale
    Selling Gabriel, on of our players of teh season would leave us with White Holding Saliba for the season. We are NOT paying £60 m for Martinez.
    Dear God

  2. By the time Arsenal win big he will be a bench player. If Arsenal get 60m-70m they should seII and Iook for better. Tapsoba is twice the player.

    1. Kev sellig our best defender for 40mil is a joke.They are selling de ligt upwards of 75 mil. How are we gonna believe the process if we start giving out our best players? Next Saka!?

        1. Come on man, Gabriel is by far our best central defender and if that lump McGuire at Man U cost £80 then Gab is worth £100 million.

          1. And another thing, isn’t Gab our only left sided CB in the squad? He also scored 5 goals last season. I’m sure Arteta would not allow him to be sold.

                1. Saliba, can play left Centre back. Although right footed, he mainly plays on the left of a CB pair. Hence why I never understood this love in for Martinez?

          2. I disagree. GabrieI is not worId cIass or ever going to be. Tomiyasu is far superior defensively. How is that even debatable?? I aIso believe SaIiba is better. The way we overrate some of our pIayers is IaughabIe. We may keep him but with time he’s just another pIayer that will end up on the bench.

            1. “We may keep him but with time he’s just another pIayer that will end up on the bench.”

              Ok Nostradamus

  3. Juve must just stay away from The Emirates ……. I wish to be MA’s spokesperson on this one. Would promptly and gladly show Juve the quickest track to hell …… and pull down whatever bridges they have to cross …..

  4. This report is totally correct. Just read on Arsenal.com that Arsenal has agreed to sell Gabriel to Juve for 3mill. Arsenal has agreed to meet Bad Hersfeld’s fee of 90 mill for Shkodran Mustafi. Good business I say.

  5. £40 million is what the Italian media & Juve would like to pay.Taking the p*** as usual.More like £60 million plus & we’ll talk,maybe.despite the bulls*** from the ITALIAN media we have no desire to sell & the player is happy.A non story except on the ITALIAN media who operate in the same way our lot operate for Manure.

  6. In response to the article title – because he’s our best and most reliable defender. Period. End of story. If we can do an Ajax and ask for 70 million then raise it to 85 and they actually bite, then fine. Otherwise can we please just laugh in their faces?

  7. If Lisandro Martinez is worth £55 – £60m then Gabriel Magalhaes is worth at least £70 – £75m. Fact is, Martinez is worth £30 – £35m but Ajax are inflating the price massively. So even if we did sell Gabriel for say, £40m, we would never be able to replace him based on today’s SILLY prices. We don’t need to sell our best players so this post really is nonsensical!

  8. Every player has a price but I don’t see us wver selling Gabriel this summer. Then that means we will have put more pressure on ourselves to look for another replacement.
    We are still finding it difficult to finalise other more important targets. We have the Partey thing. Need another attacker, a CM, Need to bring in covers etc.

    Then we sell Gabriel and add another unwarranted situation for ourself in this crazy transfer market? I don’t see it..

    But if they are willing to pay £60 million and over then I wouldn’t protest much..

  9. Gabriel is a left-sided CB and has height & aerial threat. Not easy to replace him. £40m is too little.

  10. This piece is not very logical.

    Martinez’s price is already at £43m and we’re not the ones offering that, so we’d need to outbid MU.

    That means selling Gabriel for “less than £40m” to replace him at a higher price, with an untested smaller replacement.

    And this “exclusive report”, if read in real-world terms means “only this guy is saying that”.

    Obvious fake news – do we really need to regurgitate every piece of nonsense these “transfer expert” pests ever write?

    What are his vested interests, as an Italian predicting a good defender goes to an Italian club at a low price? Sow seeds of discontent, make the player unhappy so he pushes for a move… don’t play his game for God’s sake. Leave his nonsense where it belongs, on HIS web site, not here.

  11. The article tries to provide some kind of rationale from Arsenal’s perspective. However, such a transfer would make little sense for Arsenal.
    This kind of attempted poaching contributes to the astronomical release clause fees often introduced in European football.

  12. None of us know for shaw whats going on behind the scenes but something is. It will all sort itself out and all become clear as the window goes on. There has to be a reason why we are trying to sign CBs when we are seemingly stacked. Gabriel and Saliba are not 100% happy and may end up staying but don’t be surprised if one or even both are sold and we have a brand new defence in the centre. Football moves on and so do players.

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