Why shouldn’t Arsenal target Declan Rice after Mudryk?

Declan Rice To Arsenal: Why Not?

Arsenal may need to sign a midfielder in 2023, but it is unclear whether they will do so this month; all transfer rumours surrounding them point to a move for an attacker this winter.

The injury to Gabriel Jesus derailed Arsenal’s plans to sign a forward and a midfielder as expected before the World Cup. Arteta may now be willing to go all-in and bolster his attack, with reports suggesting that Shaktar Donetsk’s  winger could be the player Arsenal spends big money on this winter.

If everything goes as planned, Mudryk will join Arsenal on a high-priced deal. Arsenal will then focus entirely on bolstering their midfield, ideally this month, but if not, in the summer.

Several midfielders have been linked with Arsenal, but Ben Jacobs’ admission of Declan Rice may be what makes you want Arteta to bolster his engine room. Although Manchester United and Chelsea have been linked with Rice on numerous occasions, Jacobs claims that Arsenal is also a fan of the Englishman and may be interested in him. “There’s a very realistic chance that Arsenal enter the conversation (to sign Rice),” he told The Football Terrace on YouTube,.

“There is some substance to the Arsenal links in terms of their admiration for the player. But they haven’t moved to the same degree in terms of the leg work on the player’s side, as a club like Chelsea for example. We can’t rule out Manchester United, we can’t rule out Liverpool. And, at this point, we can’t even rule out a European club.

“You certainly can’t discount Arsenal. But I think that we probably need a few more months to pass before more clarity emerges.”

Rice is arguably one of the best midfielders in the Premier League, and anyone who “steals” him from West Ham will be strengthening their midfield.

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  1. Massive player, would improve most sides in the world. He’s what we need, marquee players. The foundation has been set I believe we need big name players now to complete in the champions league and make Arsenal great again.

  2. yes Rice excellent. Also Toney and Zaha. Mudryk OK but screwing us around. Not Felix. Do without him

  3. I’d rather we tabled £100m for Rice than the money being asked for Mudryk. It’s a position we should be strengthening.

    1. Agree Rochie, why are we likely to spend multi-millions on an unproven (at PL level) winger who does not know a thing about defensive duties when there is a very good chance of a well-known quality player more suited to our immediate requirements much closer to home?

      1. Perhaps I might have said “a player of known quality more suited to our immediate requirements”.
        I really doubt that Mudryk would be an asset at anything more than £30 million, and even at that more realistic fee would be a gamble not worth taking.

        1. People said the same about Brightons fourth choice CB that they (brighton) didnt even need to replace! How did that turn out? The doubts/negativity towards Ramsdale and ode signing? Arteta has made fools of 90% of the fan base (I included) with his choice of players. You’ll have to trust him on this one.

  4. Too rigid for Arsenal’s fluent type of football. A very good player no doubt, but I feel he’ll be more soothed to teams like Chelsea or Man U. We should get young players in the mould of Jude Bellingham and Tchouameni of Madrid, funds permitting. I dare to dream…COYG

    1. Could’ve said Tottenham and Real which play counterattacking football? Potter Arteta and Ten Haag are just Cruyff/Pep in disguise. They all prefer very complex possession football as compared to Conte and Carlo

  5. Been a big fan of Rice for quite some time. Really good player, and in a position that Arsenal need to strengthen and deepen. Would be a fantastic signing, but obviously a very expensive one. Still, rather expensive + proven than nearly as expensive and still a massive risk like the players from outside the EPL.

  6. It doesn’t really get much bigger than this, I for one is not a person to rule out such a possibility, Declan Rice is pedigree and a genuine player that happens to plays in our greatest position of needs.

    Surely the defensive midfielder position I have no doubt will be address in the January window, but you have to understand the gaffer he’s not known for showing his hands, if his intentions of the midfielder to make known now every Jackman on planet earth will have a clearer idea of the size of his war chest, we certainly wouldn’t want the greedy Ukrainian know.

    The minute the Mudryk deal is concluded, hopefully the next few hours, another bold attempt would be made to bring in this powerful midfielder, whether it be Rice, Savic, Neves or Danilo we just have to wait and see, a know it can be a little stressful on the faithfuls but we remain positive and true to our cause.

    Presently no pundits are fans knows the true extent of the war chest, I had made references to a reported £105 mil and was taken to task, but we are now in the gaffer mind games territory where he never drop a catch.

  7. Why should we go for Rice?
    As far as I’m concerned he is just another over hyped ( therefore overpriced) player. Just like Jack Grealish who added little to nothing to the man city squad and is only used because of his outrageous weekly pay.
    Only and if only he costs something close to what we got Ben white then we can consider to inquire about his availability. We do not need to strengthen another EPL team by supplying them with so much money that they can rebuild their team with cheaper but effective players at the expence of us just getting one over average player.

    1. So you believe that if we paid £50,000,000 (as the reported fee for Ben White) WHU would be able to help them “rebuild” their team?
      At current prices, that would buy just one of Declan’s legs!!

      He will go to the biggest bidder in an auction that we would never get involved in, except maybe early on with a daft offer.

      As for Mudryk messing us around, nothing could be further from the truth!!!
      He’s made it patently clear to everyone who he wants to join and it’s his current club that’s playing hardball… who can blame them, as he’s a great talent?

      1. Rice’s asking price is not put at 105 million, if we were to pay such an amount we would most certainly help west ham rebuild thier squad as Moyers is the kind of guy who goes to buy players somewhere in eastern Europe and in the championship, these players are cheap but very effective and efficient e. g Thomas soucek and Jared Bowen. Same happened at spurs some years ago when real Madrid came for bale with 100million. That year they revamped thier squad and closed in on the top 4 in the epl, that bale money really lifted them, Aston Villa did same after they sold grielish look at the signings they made beat us to sign buendia and even tried to get ESR.
        We should by no means help a rival epl club with the funds to revamp thier team especially by getting an above average player in return

        1. You said only if we got around the same price we paid for Ben White – sorry if I misunderstood you.
          Certainly £105,000,000 could buy a few players, but not the amount and kind that they need to push for a top four place.

  8. I think he *could* be a great CB, maybe really great, but I’m not convinced yet he’s a top quality midfielder. He has the defensive qualities of partey, but not the skills needed to play in tight spaces and get attacks going like partey does imo) (admit I could be wrong!)

    1. Finally someone who believes Declan could make a very solid ball playing CB! I’m not crazy after all!

  9. It’s good to see this site become a much better in term positivety..😁from emery time and arteta 3 yrs ago I always defend whoever the manager.. my golden word ‘time’… Everyone need time ..till arsenal win the pl I still visit this site everyday but become silent reader because of my limitations in writing..happy new year everyone and hopefully Dan and Gai always positive.. my prediction for next game arsenal 10-0 Newcastle .😁

      1. I mean I still here. I love this site. Same as the young gunners site that gone a long time ago..gratefull to see the argument..Jon fox the oldies one.honestly Dan is the writer and who start the argument..but that why this site is exist..I love all Dan’s opinion..I visit this site everyday to see you all opinion about our beloved team and find it’s hard when we cannot give chance to any manager ..so who is the right one???..Mourinho,ten hag?..conte?..that is why my name is in arteta we trust because I want him to do well..

          1. Dan is not a writer who starts arguments
            He has an opinion ,it’s the fans who don’t like his opinions that start the arguments ,a massive difference

            1. These comments are disingenuous. Mr Dan has certain opinions and he uses this open forum to air his views. He is clearly aware that there are both proponents and opponents of his perspectives and that by stating his position he will generate responses.

  10. Extremely unlikely to happen in January but in the summer maybe, with his contract running down and him refusing to sign an extension. However for this window the club should be looking at these four players
    -Amrabat who from what I have seen of him could do a similar job to Partey although not as good obviously.
    -Kessie struggling for minutes at Barca so may be interested in a move elsewhere, they still need to sell players due to their financial mess.
    -Sangare another good option
    -Danilo would be one more for the future, question marks on whether he could stepbl straight in and do the job whilst we are in a title race.

  11. A great player defensively but not convincing like partey or Camerio, besides he’s overpriced,
    I would prefer a skillful DM.

  12. Signing rice would a waste because unless arteta loans out lokanga or elneny, the cdm position will be too crowded. I honestly don’t believe murdk will add more to our attack as it is. In my humble view, arsenal should get Ivan toney to cement the attack. Nketia will not go the distance

  13. So we spend £100 million on Rice? What a waste and misuse of funds.
    How many £100 players have justified their price tag since Coutinho was snapped up by Barcelona for more than £100 million?
    Coutinho £100 million
    Pogba £90 million.
    Lukaku £97 million
    Grealish £100 million
    Griezmann £100 million
    Maguire £80 million
    Pepe £70 million

    I just don’t like over hype, it makes me nervous..

  14. Nah, Rice is another overhyped English player who struggles against good players. See the world cup and the dude just got bodied off the ball by Saka, look at Saka’s size and his. Anything north of 35 million is plain no no. We can get much much better player to cover for partey then take over in future for less amount then quote for Rice, he just won’t be English.

  15. Logic, perhaps you could enlighten us all as to the identity of the foreign players you consider to be vastly superior to Rice?

  16. Can’t see West Ham selling Rice this January. They need him to stave off the relegation threat facing them right now..
    But in the summer, why not?
    He’s young; homegrown; PL experience; and I believe Arteta can adapt him to the Arsenal style and get the best out of him.
    So if the chance comes and the price is good, yes.

  17. I think Frankie De Jong, if can be properly coached on defensive awareness, is the best fit for the way we play. He could even be better than Partey in the long run. Also a very good 8. I also like Caicedo of Brighton.

  18. Rice all day he is for the present and the future he’s just left with 18 month on his contract so he won’t be expensive, and believe me he’ll be a good fit to our team good on the ball doesn’t loose position and he is a good tackler just 23yrs.

    Really don’t want us to spent more money on
    unproven squad players.
    We need to consider these players
    Trossard and McAlister
    Toney and Noorgard
    Barnes and Tielemans
    Bowen and Rice
    Podence and Neves
    Depay, De Jonk an Kesie
    Ndiaye and Berge of Shefield United.

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