Why shouldn’t Arteta bring Giroud back in January?

I know that we seem to have this discussion every year, but the fact is that three seasons after leaving Arsenal, Olivier Giroud is still knocking in goals whenever he is given the chance at Chelsea. I am sure you all know that Giroud was given one of those chances last night and scored a perfect hat-trick against Sevilla, and then topped it off with a penalty. At 34 years of age, he has not lost his ability one iota despite being only a back up to Timo Werner and Tammy Abraham, but he always offers a “Plan B”.

Thereis every chance that Arsenal could bring Giroud back cheaply in January if we offer him more regular football, as every time there is a big international tournament, Didier Deschamps tells Giroud that he needs to move on to play more often, and yet again last month the France coach said: “Olivier Giroud knows it – the situation he’s in today cannot drag on forever. Before March he will have to find another situation than this one,” Deschamps told French radio station RTL (as quoted on TalkSport): “It is for him to see, he will decide.

“But in terms of the France team, psychologically and physically for him, he has every interest in having playing time. I hope that by January he will have more playing time.

“After that, he will stay [in the squad] or he won’t. He knows what I think about it, I told him, although I don’t forget what he can do and what he might be able to do again.”

Even Lampard admitted that he was open to discussions about Giroud’s future. He told the Guardian: “I do have plans [for him] and Oli is an important member of our squad,”

“Look at his Chelsea career. He will always want to play more. I know he will be important for me going forwards so I want Oli to stay because of the way he is playing. I have a good relationship with him and if he ever felt that way I will have a conversation with him. But I want him to stay here and am very open both ways. At the moment I want him to stay.”

Call me fickle if you like, but I would certainly choose Giroud over some of our underperforming strikers right now, and after only playing once in the League for Chelsea this season, I am sure he would get much more game-time under Arteta.

We know Giroud doesn’t want to leave London, so why shouldn’t we bring him back to the Emirates?

Admin Pat


    1. Bring back Giroud. Na na na 😂 man I miss his commanding presence in the box and the amazing goals.
      The guy wasn’t appreciated enough when he played for us.

      1. The reason , I suspect was that he was the first specialist long term striker after RvP but not in his class, as neither was RvP to Henry before him! I know we had other strikers too but they were the main long term ones of their own period. But many , perhaps at times myself too, did underrate Giroud, who was for sure a good, even though not a great player.

        1. Very true, Jon.
          He was a disappointment because we thought we needed a better striker to win the Prem. Now we’re chasing 4th, or more realistically 6th he would definitely be good enough, and he would actually be a perfect partner for Auba and a perfect target for crosses.
          And Giroud actually has a goal or assist every 120 minutes or so in club football, which is an excellent number for such a long career. His defensive contributions have also been heavily underrated.

    2. Maybe not but he will bring value to our attack. He scored four against Seville, not Molde. Should also note that Chelsea played their second choices in that game. God I miss that guy. Na na na.

    3. i think his performance in the CL makes us emotional. with such trends ARSENAL will be like the chinese and US soccer league clubs. Collecting old players before they retire.

    1. By capitalising on the chances created?There were a number on the weekend that an in form Giroud would have buried. Including a weak ass header by Aubamayang.

      Having said that, I dont think it’s a good idea. We aren’t going anywhere this year. I’d rather be building for the future and give those chances to someone like Balogun.

      Not sure why Giroud the so-called lamppost would want to come back anyway the way many chased him out.

  1. And who’s he gonna play the One’ Two’ pass with?. Which AFC player has the ability to drive on with the ball on their feet?

    You don’t expect GIROUD to ship in goals, with AFC current form.. Or do you?
    C’mon you should be talking of Serge Gnabry” and not Oli Giroud”.

  2. Shouldn’t have gone in the first place !

    Not just Ollies goals, it’s his all-round contribution, ability and work ethic.

    Given the current situation there are loads of re-runs of old games being shown on Sky.

    These should remind everyone, including those quick to decry him, just how good Ollie was for us.

    His hold up play, being used “a wall” to play off (no jokes please), playing others in with deft little flicks, and of course his heading ability.

    Also, a great character to have around the place – no stirring it up in cliques for this guy.

    As for “creating chances” – not his main remit in any given side.

    But probably lays up more for those playing off him, than chances created for us by our current midfield.

    The “Scorpion King” !

    Oh, and by the way – Arsenal through & through.

  3. Big fan of Giroud but I think this ship has sailed. We should never have let him go, great player with fantastic attitude.

    Contributes in many way, not just goals. Imagine him in the team with Saka/Tierney’s crossing.

  4. Omg another old Chelsea reject. FML. I think I’m actually done with football if we get gironde back. I’m gonna watch extreme ironing instead as it makes more sense then arsenal

    1. Oh Shortboy, you love to be reactionary don’t you.
      A Chelsea reject? Let’s see what Frank Lampard said about him last night….
      ‘He is the ultimate professional and I think he’s done that in his career and I think that’s why with Oli, you see his numbers with France, you see his numbers in the Champions League. He wasn’t always a regular when I got here but as soon as I came in I could feel the positivity of him as a player – how he wants to train, how he wants to affect people whether he starts or not.

      ‘He’s started a lot for us now and been very impactful in terms of how he was in restart and performances like tonight. So he’s great for the younger players, for other players when they’re not always playing or in the squad of 20-plus that we have, that happens of course.

      1. Well done Pat for finding, and floating the Lampard quote.

        If only it was Mikel waxing lyrical about Ollie as our ultimate plan B !

        After all – what changes exactly when we make our “70th minute” substitutions right now ?

  5. An interesting well thought out piece, that rises above “Lamp post” mentality ;

    “It’s just not working for Mikel Arteta offensively. With a lack of midfield creativity, there’s an over-reliance on attacking in transition, which theoretically allows Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to drift centrally when the wing-backs overlap. It’s a method of fine margins: when it works, it’s beautiful; when it doesn’t, they look toothless.

    Moving Aubameyang is often proposed as a way of improving Arsenal’s goal output, but playing him centrally won’t change a failing system. Alexandre Lacazette has been really poor, but dropping him and moving Aubameyang would make little difference to the way in which Arsenal play.

    Giroud would give them an option to get up the pitch: to build attacks from further up the field rather than having to start from deep every single time. He offers a second option for through balls, not through his own piffling speed, but as a wall, off and past which Aubamayang, Willian and Nicolas Pepe can make secondary runs.

    If Lacazette is scoring goals, then fine, but when he’s not, his worth to the team is negligible, whereas goals for Giroud are a bonus on top of his exemplary hold-up play, which would undoubtedly lead to a greater range of attacking options, while not restricting Arsenal’s favoured route.

    It may be seen as a backwards step, quite literally – it’s hard to sell a move for a 34-year-old ex-player as part of the ‘process’ – but as a short-term solution to broaden very narrow attacking horizons, Giroud represents a low-risk, low-fee option that improves Arsenal’s chances of Champions League qualification and France’s hopes of the World Cup-European Championship double”.

    1. That’s a good analysis. His presence might improve the performances of Auba and Pepe on the wing, as seen in the French national team. But Giroud has been given an ultimatum by Deschamp to seek a club where he could play regularly and unfortunately he won’t have that prospect at Arsenal. So a return is unlikely.

  6. I always rated Giroud and he can still do the business, even more so with the aimless crosses we currently put in to non existent centre forwards. But, enough of Chelsea’s cast offs, as much as I rate him we need to move forward with youth. Martinelli will return soon and with Saka and Nelson either side of him and ESR, AMN and Partey behind, we can start performing……well I can dream can’t I?

    1. Arsenal problem right now is not about striker, we need two good midfiders that can supply the strikers, Giroud is our past, we are moving forward

  7. Yeah, just what we need…another player in his thirties on a long & lucrative contract.
    Just let him return to Ligue 1 where he’ll have a deserved easy enough time of it for a few more years instead of having the crap kicked out of him in England.

  8. We can as well bring TH14 back from retirement, I mean don’t nobody screen this bloggers before shit like this is posted

    1. Don’t you read any posts before posting your shit? Does your shit attitude give you the shit reason to even comment on this post

        1. Admin Pat he blocks who he wants
          Blocks who he wants, Blocks who he wants
          Admin Pat he blocks who he wants
          But PLEASE don’t block me….

          LOL I like that chant, AJ…

          1. Shame some of our large collection of CBs cannot block as regularly as you, eh PAT! HOW ARE YOU AT CLEARING CORNERS THOUGH!

            1. I’ve had ten years of practice mate. All day every day. Let’s just say I’m “experienced” shall we?

    2. So if other opinions don’t agree with yours, they gets blocked ?

      Much of what’s written pro Giroud on here is being appreciative of what he DID (past tense) for us, and acknowledges what a fine player he was / is (take your pick).

      Let’s face it, agree or not – he ain’t coming home.

      Ollie’s next move will be to France or the MLS.

      By the way, we DID bring back TH14 on a 2 month loan, aged 34.

  9. The significance of the Chelsea result yesterday is huge as they made nine changes from the team which won in the last EPL game.Some weeks ago I placed a very modest bet on them to win the League this season, and in hindsight I should have placed a double as they could also win the Champions League.As for Giroud, while I am very pleased for him, we have already done Chelsea a favour by taking on two guys that are past their sell buy dates, so no more please.

  10. Ad PAT I think your interesting article is worthy of debate by many but the bottom line for me at least, is it is only a theoretical debate and has no chance of ever happening.

    There is no way that MA is ever going to bring Giroud back now, in out present situation with Nkeiah, and Martinelli soon fit too, to find space for a 34 year old keeping them out, even assuming, which we should not, that OL would be open to it!

    You must know as much as anyone on here that is just NOT going to happen , in the real world. Debate of a theoretical situation may have its place with many, but as ever I much prefer to discuss things that at least have a 1% chance or better of happening.

  11. Perhaps simply an opportunity to express our views on one of ex (and for me excellent) players Jon ?

    Us “addicts” like to reminisce once in a while do we not ?

    1. AJ, PERISH THE THOUGHT that I should ever decide who writes what! If you knew me personally you would quickly realise I would rather lose my right arm than try to deny free speech.

      I have spent much of my life actively and I mean at street level as well as in my public lectures and in PARLIAMENTARY LOBBYING, actively fighting for free speech.

      Indeed , if you were to read on this site today, my passionate defence of free speech on the Ozil employers topic thread, in answer to Admin Pat’s own post , you would read far more detail about my passion for REAL free speech.

      No, my point in this above post was that for me, no one else, just me personally, I would rather discuss something that has at least a ghost (or more) of a chance of happening than one which is fantasy debate.

      Just the way I am made AJ and I always prefer news and documentaries about REAL people to sci fi and fiction, even though I have spent my life in theatre, onstage, directing and reviewing, plus singing.

      But each to their own, for certain AJ!

  12. I have noticed something recently, those players and teams on high wages are no more playing with passion and desire recently. The game is more about passion, attitude and desire lately which is missing in Arsenal for now.
    For me, I say bench the senior players that are not ready to play for the shirt and give those young boys chance to express their passion, hunger and anger. I’ve been watching our matches lately with conclusion in my heart that we were going to lose. The problem or solution is not Ollie or Ozil, it’s been the attitude and management

  13. He should not have been solved at first occasion. He was always a good option to exploit. He gave us plan B not to mention he is really good at linking play and when ever there is a good move he is always involved. I am glad he is doing good at Chelsea. His presence in French team allows Girezman n Mbappe to show case their talent, same effect he had in team for ozil, Sanchez n Ramsey.

  14. Bringing back Giroud would be another backward step. He’s having a good run surrounded by a much better group of players and playing system than what Arsenal offers. Giroud is slow, ponderous and aging. That four goal haul doesn’t change anything.Arsenal should look four solutions beyond Giroud or Eddie N for that matter. How about Atkins from Aston Villa doesn’t he offer more.

  15. I didn’t even read the whole article because whatever reasons that you might justify your facts will never make sense to me. Of all the strikers, you chose Giroud? Ooh! No please stop it there. He should not wear Arsenal shirts anymore. He’s one of the players who delayed the progress of Arsenal

  16. I think that new guy Moller could be developed as an effective hold-up play specialist striker for us. Also with Martinelli, Nketiah and Balogun projects in the pipeline, I dont think bringing back Ollie G would be a step that is good for progress. That said he could still do a good job here, and yeah he is an Arsenal OG, so I am open to either of the ideas.

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