Why signing John Stones on loan would make sense for Arsenal

Arsenal would land a top-quality ball-playing defender if they sign John Stones.

Arsenal has been linked with a move for Manchester City’s John Stones and I have to admit that I am excited that we’re being linked to players of his calibre and I hope we pull this off.

Stones has played under Mikel Arteta at the Etihad and, understandably, rumours have been linking him with a move down here.

The former Everton man was a target for most of the world’s best teams before he moved to the Etihad. He started well, but injuries and poor form saw him lose his place in Pep Guardiola’s first team last season.

I believe that Stones would help us get better at the back in so many ways, here are some of them.

I feel Stones is better on the ball than David Luiz, he has struggled and made some errors lately, but I believe that playing at Arsenal who is not challenging for the Premier League title would put him under less pressure and he can perform better.

The 25-year-old is also good in the air and may just be the defender we need to combat tall attackers.

Stones is not the fastest defender in the Premier League, but his reading of the game is impeccable, I believe that he can add that edge of seeing danger before anyone else does in our defence.

I doubt if Manchester City would want to send Stones our way this month, but if that could happen, we may not need any other defenders in this transfer window.


  1. Stones is a liability, he has and will always make mistakes because he is awful. He cant get in the city team even though all their defenders except him are injured. He is over hyped and a disaster waiting to happen. I doubt it is true but i hope for our sakes it isn’t.

  2. Mr. Fox, I don’t know you in person but I have been a regular at this site for many years, though not commenting much. I must say that to some you may have a harsh way of putting your views out there, but at the same time there is very much truth and realism to many of the things you say. I agree with your points in this post and found the final punchline so funny that I read it to my mate just for a good laugh. There is nothing like a little satire.

    1. The sad thing is that what you say about our defenders wearing clown make-up is true. Our defence has become a big circus, too bad the clowns aren’t funny.

    2. Jon Fox is bang on the money. However, there is a dearth of VVD around they are few and far between.

      I recall a number of years back we had 2 great young centre backs called keown and Adams. We didn’t mess about we just threw them in alongside the old campaigner David oleary. May be we could look at the likes of Ballard, Medley,Clarke and McGuiness to unearth a couple of gems. We currently have Saliba and Mavropanos out on loan and chambers also won’t back until next season. I see those 3 (along with holding) as probably our best hopes especially as the 3 seniors are approaching their final years contract. For me the only player out there with the stature of VVD is koulibally. Of the 3 seniors I would sell mustafi tomorrow and sokratis too, if it meant we could land koulibally, I would sell luiz in the summer or run his contract down.

  3. Stones and Otamendi are actually ordinary bordering on weak links.
    Everyone looks good playing for City because their midfield is so dominant
    the opposition attackers hardly get a look in.
    Mustafi would be outstanding at City.
    Stones is no better than Luiz.
    Socritis and Luiz are solid enough. Holding is ok.
    Unless we can shift Mustafi we can’t bring any one in.
    Maybe loan Mustafi out like Mavro and then look to loan some one in.
    Perhaps we just have to make do till Saliba comes in the summer.

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