Why signing Serie A ace makes perfect sense for Arsenal

Arsenal has been linked with a move for Dries Mertens as he looks set to end his stay at Napoli.

The Belgian is one of the best attackers in Europe at the moment and I believe that it is a no-brainer if he joins us.

Mertens was a winger before Maurizio Sarri turned him into a striker and he has taken the transition so seamlessly as fish takes to water, he looks the perfect player for Arteta’s revolution, here is why I think so:

Mertens is very tricky and so good with the ball facing his opponent’s goal that I believe he can offer Arsenal something similar to what Roberto Firmino has been offering Liverpool.

Arsenal has struggled in games this season because of a lack of cutting edge when opponents defend in number and try to play us offside, Mertens has shown on a number of occasions that he can beat the offside trap, his goal against Liverpool this season at Anfield shows that.

I also believe that Mertens’ linkup play is better than any of our strikers at the moment and he could be the player that helps our wide attackers like Nicolas Pepe thrive under Mikel Arteta.

While Mertens looks diminutive, the Belgian isn’t afraid to come up against taller opponents and can be seen on so many occasions coming up at the back post to score goals. Arsenal has to do all they can to sign Mertens ahead of their other rivals.

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  1. Too old and wouldn’t fit into a 3-4-5-6-2-1 formation in a left wing inverted right wing one legged CM, DM, CF, LW, LW formation.
    So it’s a big fat yes from me!

  2. At a time when we are in dire need of quality defenders and a DM why would we spend 8m on a 32 year old even if he still a very good player and would represent a better buy than David Luis.

  3. If we can sell auba to Real plus £20-£30 million, we would have two better strikers in my opinion and STILL see top quality defenders coming in.

    Sounds good to me and, if the rumours are true, get rid of one of the senior players refusing to sign a new contract – looks like a good deal to me.

  4. Nonsense.. You don’t seem to realise that Roberto Firmino is quite younger and his been contributing alot for Liv’ and will still continue to contribute in years to come.

    No Doubt Mertens is a good baller but his 32years..

    Why Mertens while someone like James Maddison fits the bill huh?

    Let’s be rational here.

    1. True Innit!………………..I am a better Lover at 63 than I was at 23!……………just ask Just Arsenal Bloggers wives ! 😆

          1. Fcuk me, Sue !!!…………..I`m almost living down the gym !!!……………….I made need surgically removing from the leg extention machine !!!
            😆 😆 😆

    2. Exactly we need experience.
      Which is the reason we must bring back Thierry Henri who
      even at 42 would run rings around the present crop.
      Pat Vieira is only 43 and is fit as a riddle.
      Then with Tony Adams (53) and David Oleary (61) in back we are good to go.
      Terry Neil (77) must be brought back to manage.
      If we can see it why can’t Venkatsham and Sanllehi.

      1. Exactly Agu eman !…………………..Geordie Armstrong on the wing…………..and he`s been cremated! 😆

        1. Le Coq Monster
          “Exactly Agu eman !…………………..Geordie Armstrong on the wing…………..and he`s been cremated!”
          Yes but he still provides more of a threat than Pepe 🙂

  5. How does that improve our defense? FIRST should be defending without a doubt. Our poor defense got Wenger replaced with Emery, then proceeded to get Emery sacked.

    It’s let Freddie down, and Arteta will fail if he doesn’t address the defense first.

    Hope he told Raul he wants a CB of his choice, not Raul’s. We’ll be paying on Pepe mortgage for several years as it is.

    Sell Auba for cash and get a CB! Laca as striker and sell him in Summer if he wants to go.

  6. @Le Cack Monster.
    Its all those sheep you have been practising on 🙂
    When asked what you are like they all said Meeehhhh 🙂

      1. That`s me !………………one of the three wise men, fcuk knows where the other two have gone ? 😆

  7. I’m not sure if it’s our central midfield or defence that is more urgent. We have a blunt strike force because we hold no real creativity and urgency in midfield and our transition play is so slow at times. Yes we concede a lot but then the defence is having to work a lot harder as our possession in games has dwindled. Our defence lacks discipline and we don’t close down well. For me top priority is in the middle of the park followed by a defender. Maybe a call to get Saliba in January, move Luiz into defensive midfielder if we won’t sign anyone could be a good option. It’s better to sell in January rather than buy so get any deadwood out we can for normally a better price than you would in the summer. If a good bargain leader type player, even for the short term, or youngster comes available then bring them in obviously

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