Why signing Tammy Abraham would be a great move for Arsenal

Arsenal interested in Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham

According to the Telegraph, Arsenal are interested in acquiring the services of Tammy Abraham.

After the arrival of Timo Werner from RB Leipzig last summer, Abraham lost his spot at the starting 11. Things took an even worse turn when Thomas Tuchel joined the Blues in January.

As the season gradually came to close, the Englishman was even dismissed from matchday squads. Thus, Abraham is desperate to leave Stamford Bridge in the current shop window.

Various clubs have shown interest with Aston Villa and West Ham United believed to hold the most interest. However, Arsenal might have the best chance of landing him.

First, because the Chelsea man reportedly wants to stay in London. Second, he was an Arsenal fan growing up. Third, the Gunners look like the only club that can afford his 35-40 million price tag.

The North London outfit’s pursuit makes even more sense if Alexander Lacazette ends up departing. Which is a likely outcome given he is 30 years old and has just a year left on his current deal.

Replacing Lacazette with Abraham looks a smart move from Arsenal. The Gunners would bring in a player who has a higher ceiling for improvement. The 23-year-old’s hold-up ability and aerial presence are also appealing factors.

When handed regular minutes, the England international can certainly perform. In the 2019/20 season, when Abraham was being given plenty of chances by Frank Lampard, he ended the campaign with 18 goals and six assists in 47 appearances.

The striker has enormous amounts of experience in the country, having played for teams such as Bristol City, Swansea City, Aston Villa and Chelsea, obviously. He has performed everywhere where he has been to.

I would gladly take Abraham at the Emirates Stadium because I believe he provides us with something different to Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Alexander Lacazette. His aerial presence is good, is Premier League proven, is young and fast.

His signing would make a lot of sense to me but it appears like majority of the Arsenal supporters don’t want to see him at the North London.

Let me know down in the comments section what is the reason behind it?



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  1. Seriously? 🤔

    Can’t get into the Chelsea starting 11 squad. Can’t get a place in the England squad. Not good enough?

    The last thing we need are more Chelsea cast offs!

    1. Will somebody tell me where all is this money coming from you cannot buy a team you BUILD one

  2. He’s not worth more than £15-20 millions. 2 appearances since January, so current quoted prices are just ridiculous.

    We have no urgency to buy him.

  3. 26 goals in 89 Premier League matches is hardly impressive and certainly doesn’t justify the £40 million price tag that’s being suggested.

    1. Agree Steve, price is far too high. People want to sell Lacazette for far less (yes I know Lacazette is older) yet his goal output per game is superior to Abraham.

      1. At just 23 years of age, 50+ league starts, 26 goals, 25 full 90 minutes and more importantly “HOME-GROWN” tag. Not factoring in his UCL exploits, 40 mil quid is a fair price for anyone who fancies him.

        Not a necessity for us at THAT price, especially with Martinelli, Eddie and Balogun already in our books.

  4. I’m sorry, Yash, I don’t rate him. He’s bambi on ice the majority of the time and for 40m!!! What!!! No way, not for me.
    Cech and Willian have put me right off shopping in West London – avoid!

    1. At least Cech was consistent and produced some very good performance..
      Willian is just disaster..

  5. Slightly disagree with above posts, I do think he can be a decent option for us but not for the quoted £40m. He’s not prolific but does score goals, would help in the air and has decent feet. I would value him at £25m and coming in initially as a back up for auba I wouldn’t mind

      1. Haha yeah would be typical of us when our priorities lie else where but I think we need not worry as I put this in the 99% bs rumour category lol

  6. Basically he lacks ball control to retain possession and link with others.Wholehearted, with plenty of energy but not a natural finisher in my opinion. While I like his attitude is he much better than Nketiah?

  7. Yash do you watch certain football most of the times or you just write?
    Tammy Abraham’s aerial ability and holdup play?
    Even went on to say he offers something different than Auba.
    Tammy is just a mini Auba on the pitch who gets less goals than Auba.
    The kid is mostly known for scoring goals with contributing to team play and buildup. Yet you want him to replace Laca.
    If some of us fans do run the club, the club will end up in a worse situation than the clowns currently running it

  8. yash are you discribing haaland. abraham holdup play zero. Abraham aerial presence zero. Honestly dude is just a lanky nketiah.

  9. With the little i have seen from balogun, i think they are of the same mould. Its a NO NO for me

    1. Balogun is better watch his video again and his goal in Europa. Hope Arteta gives him opportunities to shine

  10. He’s decent but definitely not worth 40m. To me is ard 20m.
    Like what others have said. We have Balogun n Nketiah? Why spent so much money on someone who’s around the same quality or perhaps our Arsenal kids maybe better this season.
    Its definitely not an upgrade. Still getting unwanted players from Chelsea.
    If Arsenal wana be fighting for CPL the player we getting must definitely be a key player at 35m above. Not some avg players.
    Pardon me.

  11. He would need an Ozil behind him, someone to feed him with endless chances.

    Unless we get a Maddison to combine with ESR10, I think he’ll struggle at Arsenal.

      1. Ozil any time better than the current lot .you need to give him chance to play .stupid coach with stupid game plan will not know this .

  12. We need players to take us to the next level. Another Chelsea reject….are you joking? I hope so. He is not going to make us a good team.
    We need a midfield creative general more than we have needed anyone. We are bog ordinary. At the moment…..the team is the same. We looked, except for ESR, the same poor Arsenal against Hibs. This team needs improvements, not side-grades.

    1. Another Chelsea outcast, not for me
      We’ve become a laughing target for Chelsea as Arsenal gradually become an abode for Chelsea retirees

  13. I anyone else on here feeling that Arsenal’s activity so far is pretty underwhelming and looks likely to be disappointing?

    Lots of rumors and nothing else. Considering the shambles of last season you would think the club would be making more ground by now or am I just being impatient?

    1. It is extremely underwhelming.

      Preseason started, PL start is less than month away and all we’ve got is a back up LB and apparently back up CM.

    2. The early bird catches the worm – not the case with us, GunneRay! If only we knew our plan of action so we could prepare ourselves for the new season – shedload of medication and brown paper bags?? 😂

      1. Sue, I’m glad I have a good supply of wine to drink through.
        If Arsenal have a spare £40 million to spare, let’s hope it goes towards a top class midfielder (or two).

        1. You’ll certainly need it, Ozzie! Even though I’ve not had a drink in ages, I’ll make sure I have the Amber Nectar on tap 😄

      2. I know how you feel, Sue. You may remember just after last season finished that I said in a JA post “Not to spend too much time following Arsenal’s transfers this summer as you may just be wasting your time?”. May just be true as I predicted?

    3. You are very correct. We are yet to see a marque signing, except the ones for the future-Tarves and Lokonga. I am not too optimistic about next season. Any way, Arsenal are used to signing late. And this always affect the adaptation of the players which suppose to come with pre season training.

    4. YIP… but at least Edu is having a well deserved break with Raul and Kia… I hear Vinai is captain of the ship… toot toot

      Probably hit an iceberg thoughl

  14. What! Abraham to where, exactly? What is Edu and Arteta smoking? 40m! For what? Plenty of questions to ask those jokers. Well, he is a decent player but 40m is far too outrageous. For me I think 18 – 23m should suffice.

  15. We have a decent striker in Balogun who can be back up to our main strikers in Auba and Laca. If Laca and Nketiah are both surely leaving, than we can think of going in for Abraham, but surely not for 40 m pounds, maybe 20-25 m pounds.

  16. For me, I don’t think we need any Chelsea player again. Because all Chelsea players we bought do not bring anything to us except DL. So, I do not think marketing with Chelsea this summer could help us. In my own opinion, I will say we go for Aour or Bissouma, or Madison, or rather we leave Laca. Pls ArsenalFC let’s do something fast before season starts.

    1. If it’s true.. how typically Arsenal! The club have as much ambition as I have cleaning the upstairs windows!

  17. If we need a different kind of forward, it would be Giroud not Tammy. Cheaper and gives arsenal a different kind of game plan if needed. Too bad he is going to Milan..

  18. Hi there gunners4life. We have similar names but spell differently, so no confusion buddy.

  19. Price is way too high. If we don’t lose people up front there is no room for a new striker anyway.

  20. Abrahams 19/20 Stats are very good: 32 PL apps – 15 goals – 4 assists. He is still young with a learning curve, but he has definitely a huge potential. At Chelsea the competition is very strong. If he is playing regularly then he will most likely develope into a terrific forward. If the price could be a bit lower I would go for Tammy Abraham to Arsenal. He is IMO an exciting player.

  21. Arsenals biggest issue is players in the final third without ball control..and you are advocating for another…

  22. Once again, if we want to get back into the top 4, we need a top 4 goal scorer. Tammy Abraham is certainly not that at the moment.

    So, where do we go from here? Have we spent all our cash on yet another center half, to bolster what was our most consistent area last season (our defense), while ignoring last years problem area, scoring goals, particularly against good teams.

    I sound like a broken record, but…..
    I still maintain buying another solid defensive midfielder would provide an upgrade to our defense, and probably would be a cheaper option than getting Ben White.

    Maybe then we would have more money to put towards a top forward. I think the lack of a real goal scorer is the teams Achilles heel, and buying any old forward for the sake of it won’t help us at all!!!

    1. I think you forget, that Arsenal are not playing in any european competion and therefore we will struggle to attract any “top 4 goal scorer”. Abraham has huge potential IMO and when trusted and played regularly he could become a very good goal scorer.

  23. Just out of interest, which position in midfield would Abraham play? If Arsenal has money for Abraham, wouldn’t it be better spent as a contribution towards a class DM or ACM?
    The problem with Arsenal’s current forward line is not lack of ability, but lack of service from midfield, as well as contributions from midfield in the goal scoring tally.

  24. Abraham will be a huge success in the Arsenal team. He’s hungry and wants to prove a point that he’s the number 9 to make the scoring difference.
    Arsenal fans feels we’re been handed left over players from Chelsea, without looking at the bigger picture,

  25. tammy abraham
    would bring something different to team still has plenty of time to become a top striker
    get him now

  26. As Arsenal, we should never give attention to midtable players….

    Why not ask about Billy Gilmour at least?

  27. tammy is No no if we hv no 10 like Ozil available. arteta is still gambling n he won’t last long this coming season if he does nonsense.

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