Why so negative? Arsenal are still the team in form…

Anyone would think the world had ended because Arsenal failed to buy a striker this summer, and of course we actually lost a game against West Ham. Whoppitty-do, the whole fabric of the universe has fallen apart!

I know I have only been an Arsenal fan for 50 years so I may be wrong here, but in my experience football teams do actually lose games now and then, and Arsenal actually lose a lot LESS than most of the others.

Yes this season we lost to the Hammers, but we drew with Liverpool and beat Crystal Palace and Newcastle away. In fact you could say 7 points out of the last three matches is not bad form, especially as two of those games were away.

Before the West Ham game we had humbled Jose Mourinho (at last!) in the Community Shield, and before that we had won five pre-season games in a row. That means that since this campaign started we have lost just one of our last ten games, and won 8 of them. Is that bad form?

Let us keep going back to last season then. In February we lost dismally to Monaco, which was not nice I agree, but in the 16 games in all competitions from then until the end of the season, we lost just once more. So from the beginning of March our form reads TWO losses from our last 26!

So, if you were a manager and had a record like that, why would you want to risk disrupting that run by bringing in new players? Secondly, the Wenger critics keep saying “What if Giroud gets injured?” and “What if Coquelin gets injured?”

Let me just say – What if Giroud and Coquelin DO NOT get injured and we only lose two of our next 26 games? Why are we always looking at the negatives instead of the positives?


    1. Agreed. I can’t be bothered to go and get all the stats, but unless I am sadly mistaken, since January 2015, we finished the second half of last season as one of the best in Europe and the PL, our pre season was better than all of our rivals and this season we are P4, W2, L1, D1. Not yet really on fire so far this season, and yes the highest scorer is own goals (but then again England’s highest joint scorer is Charlton, Rooney and own goals…it means nothing at this point). If you simply want to look at this season, there are 4 teams ahead of us so we’re in pretty good shape and we’re top of the pile so far this season for chances created so goals will come.

      So sure, the ‘detractors’ can look for negatives, try to find fault, find some isolated point to make (as if it will dictate the entire season), but me, like the author and other realistic gooners, can see the very obvious reasons to remain positive

        1. “Look for negatives”??? Are you really so dense?

          The transfer window just ended and we performed worse than every club in Europe. That required no ‘looking’ whatsoever…

          We’ve also scored 3 goals in 4 games, 2 of which were own goals, and no home win yet. Again, didn’t look for that…

    2. I have been very upbeat about the prospects of this club for this season. Wenger was smart to keep this squad together. They have looked quite good over the past 6 months or so.

      But even I can understand the current negativity. Are you joking? Why the negativity? You must know why many fans are disappointed. It is so obvious.

      Wenger had a chance to really shore up a very good club by only grabbing 1 or 2 outfield players – which is a light transfer window by almost any standards – and by shedding players like Sanogo and Campbell who have frankly failed to impress in the slightest.

      Sure, there is reason for optimism – Arsenal have a fine squad. But EVERYONE understands why many fans are down at the moment. Even fans of other clubs can understand it. It is silly to pretend otherwise.

  1. disagree were not in form an havent been for ages. what we tend to do is lead, then spend last half an hour watching le coq an kos saves us while we try not to go into cardiac arrest.

    what we do is have the odd standout game where we are near unplayable, then go back to winning games barely…we’ve done this for few seasons now

    shout out to whoever posted this…”i know ive only been an arsenal fan for 50 years so i may be wrong here”…great line 🙂

    1. I feel that this is mostly an issue with away games and I’m sorta okay with that as long as we win. Cuz as we know, away games anywhere are hard.

      We never seriously had this problem at the Emirates until recently and that’s the major problem. As i’ve reiterated before, we need our home form back.

      1. not sure i agree, emirates wasnt exactly a fortress last year.
        we were a one half team, either good in first or good in second half

  2. In the last 6 home games in 5 of them we haven’t scored is that being in form?NO way are we in form when fans at The Emirates which should be a fortress are being short changed!

    1. that’s pretty much the issue right now – we have to get our home form back. And of course, scoring goals and lots of them. With the way City is playing winning won’t be enough. We have to work on our GD.

      Defensively I must say, we look pretty sound.

    2. inotherwords!……..according to the Author, Not being able to score goaLs is “FORM”…… LoooooooooL

  3. Such like articles only serve one purpose and that is to irritate as many fans as possible i included. How cld we be that negative while we have bn patient for over a decade???if we do not win anything this season then pple will know my true negativity.it’s time to stand up and be on the right side of the club’s history!!!

  4. It’s not negative to believe we haven’t strengthened the team enough to challenge for the title.

    It’s realistic opinion.

    Of course we would all love us to go on an amazing run of games, but given we have scored 3 goals in 4 PL matches and City have scored 10 there IS a problem.

    We are among the lowest scoring teams in the league. Admittedly it is early days, but we weren’t exactly prolific last season so forgive us for being a bit sceptical.

    I’m not an AOB, but nor am I an AKB. Those 2 camps are far apart, and like many I’m in the middle somewhere..

    1. u are neither AKB nor AOB?……..in the middle somewhere?………. That’s No-man-Land……. That’s Limbo! …..LoooL

  5. “ARSENAL ARE STILL THE TEAM IN FORM” ????……. Laughable…….. So, cuz it’s bout our beloved ARSENAL……. We should all give it a Thumbs up?…….. Hell to the NO………. I know when to agree on something or not……..BTW Rugby (stoke) is coming!

  6. To the author, did you actually watch our league games this year (our last 4 games)?
    We played horribly! We have given the ball away in our 3rd so many times! We have missed quite a few easy chances. It appears that you didn’t watch anything and are just looking at the score line (W/L) and are saying we are in form. We were lucky to have gotten out of those 3 games without a tie or loss (Lpool). We played so badly it was not only tough to watch but also confusing. (How can we play so poorly?)
    Kudos for your positivity but you need to watch the games to make statements like “we are in form”

  7. The article shd have infact read “arsenal to re-discover their form” rather than “arsenal are still on form” as if we were anywhere close to being in form! When owngoals rescue the day then such may not be the correct choice of word.

  8. Tbh we are not the team in form at the moment but i’m not really worry about that bc somehow arsenal will find form for 4th place as usual. Btw Man city is the only in form team right now.


    Someone’s busy giving sensible comments Thumbs down………..pLs ignore the Troll………. Dn’t be scared to stand ur ground and state The Truth Loud and Clear for the WorLd to Hear!

  10. The only thing AKBs knows best nowdays is to thumb down pple rather than challenge the just concerns of the true arsenal fans(AOBs) head on…when wenger’s reigns inevitably comes to a closure then such deadwood fans should also be shipped out as we embark on a serious process of sanitizing the club!!!

    1. Well when it does inevitably come to an end, I will be one of them cheering off the most successful manager Arsenal has EVER had, who changed our style from boring to beautiful, who carried us through the decade of financial drought and loss of key players while we built a new stadium, still cutting top 4 and giving us CL year after year. He brought us legends like Henry, Viera, the list goes on not to mention 49 unbeaten run. But idiots like yourself are either too young and naive to appreciate exactly what this man has done for our club and what he continues to do. When that day comes, I hope you are sitting on your hands with a mouth full of teeth you jackass.

    2. Now you are being over the top! What gives you the right to call anyone who supports the manager of OUR club a deadwood fan. It s YOU and your mates that are trying to destroy the club from within. Piss off and annoy another website because I have had enough of your insults. You’re banned

        1. I am on the warpath! These keyboard warriors are insulting half the fanbase for a laugh. They have no constructive criticism or valid discussion, just insults and aggression to anyone who doesn’t agree with them. I personally have had enough of them taking over MY website….

  11. This site is sooooooo negative. You aobs who find fault in everything (real or otherwise) are a complete pain in the arse. If you are not happy supporting AFC, if all you have to offer is negativity, if you feel so strongly that we’re such a poor team….why the fcuk do you support AFC?? As many of you completely irrationally claim, you’ve ‘suffered’ for 10+ years. Surely you’ve had enough?? Go and bring down the Chelsea or Utd fans and save us from your daily depression and misery!!!

      1. Just wondering why they do, if they’ve suffered so long?

        We’re 4 games into the season.

        An entire season of this crap will be unbearable.

    1. Is recognizing reality reason for dismissal from the fan base?? Are you the decider of who and who is not deserving of begging an Arsenal supporter?

      I am as upbeat about Arsenal as anyone – every game and every season. I am thrilled each game and don’t really care so much about trophies – I watch because I like good performances.

      But is perfectly understandable that fans are disappointed. They should not be ostracized simply because they choose not to ignore reality – the reality that Wenger is the only manager who looked at his club and said “it is perfect, no improvements needed.”

      Don’t worry, come game time those fans will be cheering as loudly as anyone and they will still be your brothers in goonerdom.

      1. Of course we are all disappointed, but we don’t have to insult as idiots anyone that disagrees with our opinion….

  12. By any measure Bayern is a club that was in far better form than Arsenal. They won their league easily.

    Did Bayern then just sit on their hands or did they look at the weak areas in the squad and try to improve them???

    It is great to be “in form” over a short period. But that does not mean you sit on your hands and watch other clubs improve while your club stays stagnant – especially when we here the money is available.

    Was it smart to keep Sanogo and Campbell and not acquire a DM cover and a top scorer just because your club was “in form??” NO. If this was smart every club that did reasonably well over the last 6 months would have ignored the transfer window. This is just nonsensical.

    Do you now understand the negativity that nearly every football fan in the world can see???

    1. Get over it. Wenger didn’t buy. Wenger has a contract. Nothing you moan about will change either situation. How long will we have to suffer you sulking about what you didn’t get?

        1. Neithers going anywhere.

          There are way more pro AFC fans (akb’s if you must) than detractors. Wenger has a contract and even you must realise no one at AFC will terminate it – the opposite is far more likely. Some on here claim to be season ticket holders (I have doubts about a few) yet never do you see those of us that actually go protest at the Emirates.

          YOU are an out of touch minority m8. You DO NOT reflect the views of proper fans. You are just a voice in the ether. Personally I’d prefer you were in a vacuum.

          1. The reason why you don’t see protest at the match is mainly because most working class fans are out priced by the corporation so that those that can afford but no much less about football can come to the home games with a dead energy. Emirates has no soul and passion amongst the home fans. It’s like a cricket and tennis supporters stadium. The real fans who travelled to Highbury and sung their hearts out can’t afford nonsense

              1. What’s the point leaving your house to protest outside the stadium and your voice won’t be heard by the media. The board spend more money on stewards preventing freedom of speech ie making sure no wenger out banners don’t enter the stadium and those who want to protest don’t enter rather than spending on quality players

      1. I am long over it. You did not read carefully and are inventing things I did not say.

        I am simply defending the fans who are RIGHTLY disappointed. It is understandable, is it not? I was not even upset when the window closed, but I certainly understand why many fans are. If you cannot understand it I cannot help you. It is too obvious.

        And come game time these disappointed fans will all be cheering along side you. Let them be disappointed now. Wenger screwed it up and there was no reason to screw it up. You should just accept this and move on. Why? BECAUSE YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT.

        1. @mohawk I accept you point. You may be over it, but others are extreme and other than a brief period when we looked likely to get 2/3 in the pl they have not stopped. This negativity started again mid transfer window – some are hell bent on destroying the club, dividing the fans and merely seek the negatives in every situation and event that occurs. This is not about this moment in time, so not about cutting the poor sulky kids some slack. it is a sustained attack on AFC. So no I won’t move on and I will continue to defend the club I love.

    1. Everyone who is a REAL Arsenal fan will support the team through thick and thin, no matter who is the manager or who is on the field. If you constantly criticize them are you encouraging them to do better?

      All Arsenal fans, whether you support Wenger or not, is annoyed that we didn’t sign a striker, but going on previous records Wenger will still make us into a team to challenge for the title with the players we have now.

      Be careful what you wish for…..

    2. How about you AOBs stop moaning and let Wenger and the players do their jobs. Real fans support the team….

  13. Wenger has destroyed his legacy. A new manager can easily beat Wengers legacy. How many prem has he won? He has not got a great legacy

    1. Not a great legacy? He has won more trophies for Arsenal than any other manager in history. He has got us to a Champions League Final. He has won more FA Cups than any other manager. He is the ONLY manager EVER to go unbeaten for a whole season. Need I go on?

      1. Yeah but his record is not hard to achieve. Mourinho has been in prem football much less and I’m sure he has won as much prem titles as arsenal

        1. Mourinihio has always had a bottomless pit of money to work with, to buy whoever he wants at any given time. Do you think Mourinihio would have been able to accomplish what Wenger did when Arsenal had no money to bring in world class players for over a decade? Absolutely NOT! The guy has only managed clubs with money as it almost always guarantees success….but yet even at Madrid he still couldn’t cut it. The only other manager I can think of who has achieved what Wenger has and could perhaps even have done better is SAF.

      2. The first thing and right thing to do is except things are terrible wrong with our club and identify the problems and issues and then making the nessesary changes to make things better either by changing the manager or buying quality players. Now that is a real fan being honest and facing the truth without running away from it

      3. Should I tell you what sir Alex legacy was or should I tell you about the new boy mourinho legacy. Nope Di matter has a cl medal as a manager. Don’t talk about cl finals when you don’t win it that’s what losers do and please as great as it feels to win as invincibles you don’t get a extra trophy for that but I did enjoy it however that is over 11 years ago

  14. Simple rule of life. Plan with the worst case scenario. So being positive, as the write puts it, goes against this rule. Adding two or three players in areas that need strengthening would not disrupt the team. Every team from the worst to the best have done that except Arsenal. What an extreme position to take.

  15. Really?
    This is your exact words – “The only thing AKBs knows best nowdays is to thumb down pple rather than challenge the just concerns of the true arsenal fans(AOBs) head on…when wenger’s reigns inevitably comes to a closure then such deadwood fans should also be shipped out as we embark on a serious process of sanitizing the club!!!”

    So AKB’s are NOT true fans? They are deadwood and should be shipped out? You want to “sanitize” 50% of the supporters because they dare to disagree with you? What are you? In practise to be a tyrant?

    People who truly support the club will support the manager whoever he is, you DO NOT support the club – you want to kill off half their fans. Get a life!

  16. Very well written article.
    The fact that the author has been a supporter since that long ago should show some fans to appreciate the things we have now and put everything under a fair perspective.
    Let’s see how we keep on doing and see if we will be accepted Ve in January

  17. What I am tired of hearing is the statement from the AOB that Wenger has been unsuccessful because he hasn’t won the league in over a decade. The reasons why, should be common knowledge by now. Wenger was never on the same level playing field, financially, as the other big clubs over those years so to expect him to win the league is ridiculous. He actually over achieved with a mediocre team whilst losing all his best players each season. It is nonsensical to expect him to have won trophies during those years of financial drought. Since 2013 we have been spending a lot more and bringing in world class players and the results are there – we have won 7+ trophies since then and if we carry on in this form the league is our for the taking.

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