Why Sterling transfer could be disaster for Arsenal

I am sure that most Arsenal fans have been watching on and having a right old laugh about Raheem Sterling and the transfer saga involving the young England international, his club Liverpool and the chasing Man City. I even wrote an article the other day about how the ongoing wrangle was good for the Gunners because it was bad for all the parties involved.

So when I saw the transfer rumours today declaring that the deal was going to be done and that Man City would be paying almost £50 million for Sterling, I was a little bit disappointed that it would not be dragging on but I was not too concerned that our rivals from Manchester had just made a brilliant move that would significantly reduce Arsenal’s chances of the title.

It seems like a crazy price to pay in my opinion, but I have just read a connected story by Metro that did send a shiver down my spine. They claim that Liverpool are going to use the Sterling money to fund a transfer bid for Marco Reus.

This be a brilliant signing for Brendan Rodgers, in my opinion, because Reus is by far the better player than Sterling. It would also mean that the Borussia Dortmund and Germany star would not be coming to play for Arsenal and I have been desperate for Arsene Wenger to sign Reus for well over a year now. I reckon he would be a perfect fit for the Gunners and I will be gutted if he joins Liverpool. How about you?

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  1. Reus to Liverpool is the biggest joke I’ve heard in a while. We would struggle to get him, but Liverpool? Why on earth would he join them instead of us? We can offer more money, Champions League football, a better stadium, better training facilities, better teammates, a better chance of winning trophies and we can offer the chance to play with his idol – Rosicky. Oh and as we learned with Alexis, we can offer the London life as well. That’s what we can offer. What can Liverpool offer that we can’t?

    I haven’t been confident of us getting anyone great, but if Reus was available, I’m certain Wenger would pounce. I still don’t think he’ll leave BVB though.

    1. Reus just sign contract extension few months ago. Even with 50M pounds in their pocket, L’pool will be difficult to sign any world class players. They’re officially mid table football club and Sterling made good move on his personal career. L’pool teach him well how to get maximum ransom payment with “minimum” actions. Even Ronaldo or Messi not worth that much when they were 20.
      Manchester City, what can I say? Spending over 100M every year to stay in top three. I wonder how much money it will cost on their on going regeneration plan. They are seem clueless and I’m surprise they’re not having financial collapse yet.

  2. I can dream….


  3. big players dont go to liverpool. good players go there and can end up better (suarez). UAE FC have spent a fortune on a squad player. he is not necessarily better than the strikers they already have. They havent technicaly improved their team, but they have improved their squad… for FIFTY MILLION ? Liverpool have bought a number of average players. few of liverpools team would get into arsenals team ( 1? maybe 2?).

    1. Indeed Liverpool have bought too many players in one window it’s bound to be a disaster,it will take them a while to gel as a team!

  4. Sanchez was signed early in the transfer window last year,why can’t Wenger pull off something similar and do as he promised to get top quality signings

    1. He has, he has signed one of the finest goalkeepers in the world, where have you been hiding?

      He now has just 7 weeks until the window closes to fine tune his 25, which currently sits at 27 players.

      Paramount will be moving on one of the keepers as well as Jenkinson, sanogo and campbell to free up a couple of spaces. If he does that I expect a couple of signings. We might also see flamini and Wellington (loan) move on.

      However, I think wenger will be casting a close eye over the likes of crowley, toral, zelalem and akpom in Asia plus a few others in the Emirates cup before making his move.

      1. @atid, the season is long with Carling Cup, the League, Champions League & FA Cup. Players need not to burn out. The young prospects can be good but might need time to adapt. A striker & a CDM should be a must.

    2. @Dee@ease Cech the following cech boxes…..Top quality? Cech…. Early signing? Cech …similar to Sanchez? Cech…..Spell cech *Check* …..u get the message. We need more though.

      1. Yes we need more in order for us to sustain a title push over the 38 games,we can’t afford to start slowly or end poorly,the league starts in August and ends in May we must be consistently strong throughout

    3. Well, AW still has 47 days to go. Already make conclusion on his transfer policy? I’m not!

  5. Bob. Could you pls for Christ sake stop writing articles based on “your most reliable” source METRO.

    1. Well, according to my “reliable” source, Bob is currently sponsored by Metro. LOL!

  6. Do we all seriously expect the “big” clubs to sit on their squad and never try to improve?? Stop panicking every time any club is connected with a good player. It makes no sense and it may spur on an early heart attack.

  7. Liverpool could’ve afforded to bid for Reus with or without the sale of Sterling. They may not have had much recent success but are still one of the most marketable clubs in the world with a worldwide fan-base. But the bigger question is why on earth he’d want to go there?

    Liverpool are still a project, and despite the millions and millions of dollars Rodgers is pouring into the squad his immaturity in the market is still absolutely dumbfounding. Seriously.. Sterling held Liverpool to ransom, yes, they squeezed an extra 10 or so million out of the transfer except look at how it made the club look. How adamant Rodgers was that Sterling wasn’t for sale, claiming that he ‘wouldn’t get the same opportunities’ at other clubs really made Liverpool look like a very small fish in a big pond. They don’t have CL football, look at the PL at the moment, they’ll be lucky to make Europa let alone get a sniff in the top-4. The manager is still yet to make an impactful signing and it’s only really Coutinho, Sterling, Henderson and Sturridge who’ve looked at all good and that was mainly due to one of the most complete strikers in the world. The fact that they’ve made Hendo captain and signed Milner on 150k/week the creativity is going to be solely put on Coutinho.
    Stevie G absolutely ran Liverpool. He was their heart and soul and he distributed the ball for them like few players can. The difference with him on the pitch and not was absolutely crazy the last few seasons, seriously, they are the ones who need a Schweinsteger-esque midfielder, and that’s just to stay where they’re at, not move forward. How good Gerrard was was masked by the mediocrity that surrounded him. A complete midfielder.

    1. Actually it was Luis Suarez all the way who ran L’pool single handed.
      But I must say they’ve at least one good signing in Roberto Firmino. Still have to adjust in PL though. Pair with Coutinho, they’re promising good football for L’pool.

  8. as long as Liverpool can meet the asking price then i believe any player can joint them. are you forgetting the fun base they command? they are also one of the most feared teams in Europe .very successful in champions league(most successful in england) nb;we should be worry because i believe they have all it needs to convince and get Reus. …am so worry that Wenger is fooling as with the past marquee signing hence we still patient for the same but look..all good players are getting snatched by our rivals. higuin is in talks with manutd.

  9. I’d like to see the Metro’s ratio of predictions versus actual transfers that *really* happened.

    If this Metro article sent shivers down your spine, I won’t point you to their collection of articles on killer creepy-crawlies set to blow into Britain and kill us in our beds this August.

  10. Whether we accept it or not with the sale of Sterling Liverpool currently has the financial muscle to snap up Reus. The only thing that can hinder it from happening will be Reus’s unwillingness to join them due to lack of UCL football, lack of quality team mates and the little possibility of winning trophies with them. But why should we mourn or be envious? Its not their fault that we have a coach and a management who are very reluctant to spend the necessary cash needed to get in enough top quality players in all positions across the pitch. If we feel he is too good for Liverpool then all we have to do is put the right cash on the table and get your man, its as simple as that, but unfortunately Wenger, the management and a good number of our fans dont think that way. They all believe in “making do with what we have” and experimenting players in the wrong positions, hoping to score a bulls eye with the gamble.

  11. The news/rumour of Angel di Maria moving to PSG how true is it?. Heard both clubs have agreed a fee.

  12. Reus would be a good signing for Arsenal, we need 1 more player who can score goals and can play wide as Theo is being moved into the CF role.

    If we end up loaning both Gnabry and Wellington Silva out then we will only have Alexis, Welbz and The Ox as wide players. Of course we could get Ramsey to play wide right or Cazorla… but then we’re taking an excerlent B2B player and getting average winger results with flashes of brilliance.

    Reus would be able to ocme in and compete striaght away, he is a player who might be able to play CF for us in a couple years once adapted to EPL and I think that’s what Wenger is looking for, Giroud will be over 30 then and the smart business move would be to cash in on him while promoting within.

    Another player that could do this would be Lacazette, he has the attributes to play out wide and he has proven to know where the back of the net is. Also Draxler, Wenger has spoken about him in the past… there was a rumor about him not long ago and it appears Schalke 04 are looking to buy his replacement atm. Arsenal are rumored to be looking at a 28 year old winger as well now, this works with Wenger looking for someone to do the job for just a couple years.

    Reus would be a nice buy, it would be a typical Wenger signing and if Liverpool get him then I do hope we get someone like Lacazette.

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