Why Stoke point is GOOD news for Arsenal title hopes

It was fairly obvious that Arsenal were not at our brilliant best in the Premier League match away to Stoke City today, even though we did have a few decent chances to score the goal that would have meant all three points coming back to north London from the Potteries.

But even though there will be a certain amount of disappointment about not getting the win that would have put us three points clear of title rivals Man City and two ahead of Leicester, I think we need to look on this draw as a positive result that has enhanced our chances of winning the league this season.

For one thing it was a much better and more resolute performance than we have seen from Arsenal at the Britannia Stadium in recent years. So while the fluency and creative flair might not have been quite there, we did show the other side of the game with some true grit and steel.

A team needs to be able to do both sides of the game to win a title and after showing the beautiful side many times this season it was good to see us produce the other side this week. Also we got a point from this tough test without a large number of first team regulars in key positions, with Ozil, Cazorla, Coquelin and Alexis Sanchez all out of action.

That for me makes today’s point a very positive one and suggests that Arsenal have the necessary tools to complete the job of winning the EPL title. What do you think Gooners?

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    1. I accepted the draw since when I saw the squad with Ozil and even the hopeful Alexis was no where to be found.
      So if you ask me we are doing just great considering our injuries.
      Something is wrong with ENGLISH players, All of them I mean all of them.

    2. Yes. Not rocket science. When you lose your 2 best, most creative players the team will be less creative.

      But Arsenal are hanging out at the top of the table DESPITE the major injury blows. THAT is good news and nothing to sneer at.

      1. Dude are you people brain dead I mean seriously. It was our 3rd string DM chamberlain had to be a 5th string CM, we were missing sanchez, cazorla, coquelin, ozil against a very good stoke side where we haven’t won in 5 games and who have beaten city and United at home.

  1. Only got to listen to a small portion of the match through commentary and read some reviews. But from what i listened and read i think that it would be a sin if Campbell lost his place when Sanchez returns. Chamberlain and Walcott-especially Chamberlain-are utterly disappointing!

      1. i watched the game on 4k tv
        wearing a tinfoil fat and some donatello slippers..
        an yes theo and the ox were pony

        but weirdly i watched the replays on a sanyo microwave….an those mccain micro chips were delicious

      2. Yea. Both disappointing. Walcott has been here a decade!!! And still NOWHERE near club legend status!??He should go… And although Chamberlain is only 22 his time is seriously running out at Arsenal!

        1. Chamberlain’s time is NOT running out at Arsenal for as long as Arsene is in charge… In that case, Ramsey would’ve been out of the door many a moon ago!

          1. @Goonertistic Ramsey had a horrific injury that put him out for a year. He bounced back and would have won player of the year a while back if he wasn’t out again. The only time Ramsey hasnt performed is coming off an injury-in which most players take a little while to rediscover form. Chamberlain has had numerous uninjured spells in which he has failed to establish himself.

  2. I have being calling it
    for some time now.
    This just confirms my belief
    that Arsenal are Champions elect.
    No one will catch us now in fact
    we will pull away now and win the
    league by game 34.

  3. The save on Giroud from the set piece was outstanding and beats 90% of the keepers in this league. Stoke found a great keeper.

  4. Very good point but we threw away 3points at Anfield that could come back to bite us as Chelsea will come to The Emirates to win, they are 15th – if they lose, bournemouth beat sunderland they drop down to bottom 5 after 23games! If we dont beat Chelsea then we need to start worrying about top4 and our injuries as it is showing that we are struggling along here on our last legs and cant cope with this title run with what we have available to select from!

    Now Arteta doesnt play rest of season that whats Elneny is for, Flamini did decent bt again hes on his last games as i feel Chambers could do a job in there if he could be disciplined enough. What a miss to have Sanchez, Ozil, Coquelin, Cazorla, Wilshere, Welbeck OUT plus Arteta whos is past it, Debuchy who obvs wants to leave, Ox not up to it atm (needs a season loan imo) and Mert who imo regardless of his reading of the games needs to be replaced by Gabriel soon, who also needs to learn Pers role. As a defender i rate Gabriel very highly and would give Boss the cover to bomb on and play a high line – Bellerin/Gabriel speed/defensive wise could work!

    Alot of work still to be done here esp with the squad but we will see no more signings in January. Big up to Joel Campbell that RW is yours kid well done again.
    Bellerin Gabriel Boss Nacho
    Coq Santi
    Camp Ozil Sanchez

    Subs: Martinez, Per, Gibbs, Rambo, Wilsh, Theo, Danny, Iwobi, Elneny.
    Res: Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini, Ox. Not bad fully fit.

    1. I am honestly disappointed that such pessimism is greeted with approval from the usual justarsenal folks! What junk is this? Two seasons ago we lost 5-1 at Anfield now we go there and draw and then we draw at Britannia where we lost 2-3 last season and the writer thinks the world has come to an end! This is simply not the kind of serious stuff one expects from a gunner. That we have injuries is a no brain teaser and also the fact that our injured players are beginning to return is an open secret. Why then should the so called kos the boss utter those kinds of not so intelligible remarks? It is simply not acceptable for a true gunner to be that pessimistic which is why I suspect this fellow might be a supporter of a rival club. There is honestly no reason for pessimism among Arsenal fans whatsoever. Alexis Sanchez is back and even trained with the team on Saturday and I suspect he didn’t play simply because the manager didn’t want to risk him against a physical Stoke when he was just returning from injury. Isn’t that logical for some people? Elneny was on the bench but perhaps the manager saw no need to bring him on unless there was an emergency. There is a tradition that new players have their debut games at home. What then has prompted the writer’s irrational comments if not hate for Arsenal, its manager or both?

  5. Due to the known physicality of Stoke Walcott should not have started anyway.Also Ref must have left his yellow card on his mantlepiece as their left back never stopped fouling our players.
    Oh, and what a game Cambell had. Immense.
    A draw was the correct result with Cech my man of the match.

    1. That’s what I don’t get though, Campbell is smaller than Walcott, played only half a season in England, yet he doesn’t struggle against Stoke’s physical play. Theo should stick to the bench when Alexis returns because Joel has fought for a starting position and has quite frankly earned it.

  6. walcott and ox should forever be banned from football.
    Even exter have better.
    Wenger is a shame to management.
    But i reckon you willake a very good pundit

    1. really hope that when sanchez is back, that wenger has the balls to put campbell on RW over walcott. that would be the fair thing to do.

    1. So Do I, so Do I..i have just seen them trashing Athletic Bilbao in second gear.To make an impact at least at home, you need to buy a prolific ST and DM otherwise it will be more painful than the Bayern rout last time around.If our hopes were to win EPL then we are looking forward to another empty hands year.Wenger has not shown ambition and sticking to what we have as we know it is not enough..reluctance to Buy and expecting the injury ones to come back just is delusional by anyone who understand football.lying to us about the extent of Alexis injury and now to sum up Ozil so as i said again and again..If we throw this chance to win it ..mr wenger has to go..i’ve been suffering for the last 12 years and being fan for 25 so give us something back and is called RESPECT.how do you gain it? re inforce the team where is needed, get rid of the deadwood..those who has not improved after 5 years must go on loan and bring the fans hope back with a big sigining..most important win the EPL. enough said..

      1. Lol Atletico were down to 10men inside 4min of the game thanks to the ref, any team would have thrashed them with such a huge psychological blow.

    1. @muffdiver
      We weren’t anywhere as near as anybody thinks. Dude had his sights set on Spain from day 1…

  7. Your pseudonym is an insult to the memory of Davis Bowie mate … That’s even before we get to the sexist comment ….

  8. Let’s wait to see if Sanchez will be back and if the Boss will start Campbell at mid-right wing. And also see if Ozil will be back too to all start for Chelsea as we want to see happened.

    But the problem is the Boss has never do his starts according to the popular Gooners wish. So, I won’t be surprised if he chooses to start Walcott at mid-right wing being Sanchez is back at mid-left wing and bench Campbell.

    For Chelsea, I put my money on the Boss to start: Cech; BellerinRhino’KoscielnyMonreal; RamseyFlamini; WalcottOzilSanchez; Giroud. Who are not a bad starts at all provided Walcott is started at mid-right wing. The Boss will not start Campbell in BPL ahead of the senior Gunner Walcott if he’s strong enough to start.

    I can bet, Campbell, Iwobi, Oxchabo, Chambers, De Aberu and Elneny are all going to be started by the Boss for our home FA Cup game against Burnley. That is how the Boss works if we have studied him.

  9. Everyone is critisizing Ox, yes its understandable given his performance. But what about walcott, he is overhyped. He cant dribble, One good performance and deluted fans be like He is a great player etc etc… Nah he isnt, he is just a decent player. He has been here longer than ox, tbh he hasnt improved that much either given his duration at the club is much longer. Cheers 😉

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