Why the FA could stitch Arsenal up AGAIN on work permit!!

It seems pretty evident that Arsene Wenger and whoever else is involved in getting the transfer deals done for Arsenal are confident that the club will be issued with a work permit for Gabriel Paulista, as we have already agreed the terms of the deal and will apparently complete the transfer of the 24-year old once he has undergone a medial with Arsenal later today.

However, I have a note of caution to add, because I seem to recall that the Gunners fully expected to be given a work permit for Joel Campbell when we signed him from the Costa Rican club Deportive Saprissa back in August of 2011. Campbell was just 19-years old back then and had already started to earn caps and had scored two goals for Costa Rica at senior level, which is more than can be said of Paulista.

The story goes that Arsenal were led to believe that Campbell would be granted permission to play in England even though he did not strictly fulfil all the official requirements. Eight days later we were given the bad news that he would not get his permit and in fact did not get it for another two years, which was clearly ridiculous.

I have a horrible feeling that the FA could do the same thing to Arsenal again, even though the work permit rules are due to be eased in the summer and any player costing £10 million or more will automatically get permission to play in the Premier League.

It would seem unfair, petty and churlish for the powers that be to deny Paulista a permit to play for Arsenal this season, but when has that ever stopped them in the past?

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    1. Me thinks the politics they could play will be to the effect that guys like Chambers could have more game time at the club, considering he’s English. Say it’s a “conspiracy theory”, but the rules appear to be deliberately patterned to be characteristically obfuscating.

      I don’t know why the English FA does this, but I do feel sometimes their decision not to grant work permit is premised and malice and bias.

  1. If wenger was not so confident he wont have told the press yesterday that the deal will be done and dusted today. Lets be positive for once.

          1. If I recall his statement, he said it should be done yesterday night or today. He did not say its already done.

  2. We Need a defender badly, if he does not get this work permit issue sorted out, then we would be in trouble. As all the rescent resurgent theis team has done will be wasted if we keep on playing Koschlelmy as he needs rest.
    He is as important to Arsenal as anybody in the team. We need to keep him injury free .
    6 defenders will not work. We need Paulastia or some one badly

  3. I wont lie, I have my reservations about this deal… A player who has never been recognised by his country, even at youth level… I am hoping I am wrong, and he ends up being a success story like Koscielny!

    1. You are wrong.
      He couldn’t get game time until his team mate was injured, from that point he has made himself a nailed on starter and is regarded to be among the top 5 defenders in Spain this year.
      He will be called up to his national team very shortly.

      1. Thanks for that info, I’ll take criticism where it is due.

        I suppose I just haven’t seen enough of him to generate a positive outlook… Although from what I have seen, he looks like a typical Wenger signing. I hope he can turn him into a world class act!

        1. He was part of the villarreal team that went 16 games unbeaten so knows how to shut the door, and he’s quite tall also. i reckon he’s gonna be good but will need time obviously.

          1. Thanks, I guess I should do a bit more research before I make comments! I’ve been looking him up (stats and all) and I take back what I said earlier… Paulista is a fantastic bit of business if you look at what CB’s are available!

  4. Paulista already made his farewell to the club, it seems like he will play for us or another club this season on loan

  5. Guys let positivity flow…. Gabriel Paulista is signing for us to wear the number 5 jersey. And he will play for us this season.

  6. This matter of Work Permits is a sensitive case to argue against the issuer of the permits. Because they put that barrier in place to put into check some would be excesses by any Premeir League club in their recruitment of non EU players. We will thank God as Arsenal are able to scale over the Work Permits obstacle and brings in Paulista to star for the Gunners.

  7. Yes the FA are a bunch of willy wonkers and I know that they detest clubs like arsenal just like referees hate us and are always out to get us. But wenger was asked yesterday about the work permit and he said something to the effect that it has been sorted out. So until we hear anything to the contrary, we should all rest easy.

  8. Have seen 3 websites that say work permit has been granted.
    One is the Daily Telegraph timed at 3-30pm

    If so big welcome to Gabriel!! …provided you pass medical

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