Why the Omens are actually in Arsenal’s favour ahead of Anfield clash

There has been much written about Arsenal’s terrible run of results when we face Liverpool at Anfield, with the Gunners returning to a ground where they are winless in a decade.

But the fact is that Arsenal are a different kettle of fish this time around. We are in tip-top form and are aiming for an amazing 8th win in a row, and our 4th successive victory away from home.

Admittedly Liverpol are hoping their home form can get them over the line, as they aim for their 8th unbeaten League game in a row at Anfield, but, in current form they have not won any of their last three fixtures, although they were all away there are hardly firing on all cylinders.

But if we look at Arsenal’s record this season at our supposed ‘bogey grounds’ we find a completely different story again.

At Stamford Bridge, we hadn’t won a game since 2011, but we beat the Blues 1-0 this time around.

At Tottenham, we hadn’t won an away game since 2014, but we had an emphatic (and ecstatic!) 2-0 win back in January.

So there is no reason at all that we can’t do the same to Liverpool, and hopefully another clean sheet as well…

And here is one more omen that is worth knowing and worth remembering. The last time Arsenal faced Liverpool on April 9th (in 2004) we beat them 4-2 and went on to win the title.

Fear not, historical records are there to be broken!



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  1. Another reason why the omens could be in Arsenal favor, In 1989 when Arsenal went to Anfield and triumph they went on to lift the big jug.

  2. I think we can hold Liverpool for a draw, but we lack plan B. I would’ve been more confident if Jesus never got injured and was productive, but he currently looks out of shape

    1. Jesus looks out of shape ?
      Gai Jesus looks sharp to me and I would say he’s on fire too.

      Think to a great deal Tossard is responsible for Jesus form and application.

    2. Gai
      I don’t think G Jesus look out of shape from what I have seen so far he is gradually picking form.. But in most games Arteta always lack plan B. And we cab only have plan B if we have anotherCF different in shape and style from Jesus and Nkethia. But we can be dynamic if Trossard plays as false 9 he is good with both fit.

      1. Yes. I also want Trossard to replace Jesus in the CF position, if Trossard has to become a starter

        He has been working well with Martinelli

    3. You always say we don’t have a plan B. But I think what you mean is your own definition of plan B. Cos I remember reading and screenshoting Xhaka saying Arteta always have like plan A- Z unlike other coaches he’s worked with

      1. Arteta has many tactics up his sleeve, but he doesn’t have an aerially-dominant CF on the bench to change our attacking style

  3. Omens and superstitions don’t win games. It is the players’ readiness, determination and skills that win games. I may add that between 2002-2013 Liverpool never won any EPL game against Arsenal. Those so-called jinxes, omens, bogey teams etc are just coincidences which can be logically explained. The period between 2011-21 is regarded by many Arsenal fans as the worst in Arsenal’s recent history. Unfortunately it coincided with our poor performances against not only Liverpool but nearly all the top six teams. Now is Arsenal’s time to put that horrible period behind and I strongly believe our boys will do it.

  4. City won so we need to get something from this match. We are only ahead by 5 points with 9 matches to play
    Next we will be away at West Ham and City will be at home against Leicester

    So I hope we can get a win or at least a draw against Liverpool. It’s definitely possible

  5. As we stand tonight, same games played as City and 5 points ahead and they have the superior points difference.

    We need at minimum 1 point from the Liverpool game.

  6. A convincing win by city. They were always the favourite in this game. I’m starting to worry man, I fear this might be the moment we lose the league. I hope the team proves me wrong once again. I hope we win tomorrow.

    1. 10 years since we last won at that dump.
      If we play as we should our midfield will over run them.
      Please come on.
      Too nervous to sleep.

  7. We are better than Liverpool. Only way we draw or lose is through our own in-game errors. Arsenal to win by 2 clear goals plus I don’t see us dropping points anywhere else besides at Etihad. We will win the title with 5pt gap. COYG!

    1. We have 3 massive away games
      Anfield, Etihad and St. James’s Park
      Any 2 of these 3 will decide our tittle…
      If we draw 1 and loose other then tittle is gone because city has better GD
      We need 2 wins out of these 3 away games.
      I am assuming that we will win all other apart from these 3

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