Why the #WeCareDoYou campaign was positive, and Kroenke’s response analysed

Reviewing The Reviews by Dan Smith

A few years ago, a fans group on social media tried to arrange a protest against Norwich. Instead the majority of the Emirates sang, ‘There’s Only One Arsene Wenger’.

A few weeks ago, a Youtuber wanted supporters to campaign the day of the kit launch, I think he counted 40 people.

That’s why I’m so relieved by the #WeCareDoYou petition started this week. This was introduced by blogs, site’s and channels who had the platforms to make our voices heard. Yet it was worded in a way that did all gooners proud. It was from the heart while avoiding being offensive. It was realistic in its statement, clear and precise. I’m sure many who have signed the document have the urge to say Kroenke out or demand 80 million for Zaha. The reality is we have to pick our battles, understand our situation and pick our hill.

It’s like if your unhappy at work, you can’t just walk up to your boss and confront him over every issue. If you just shout and scream, it’s a rant which makes him/her stop listening.

Because it was so well worded, it was picked up on social media, advertised on tabloids, reported on Sky Sport’s News. This wasn’t someone showing off with a banner, refusing to applaud the greatest manager in our history, or filming a man in his sixties slipping over at a train station while you laugh, all to get subscribers. This was the Arsenal Family joining forces and putting pressure on without verbal abuse.

As soon as Josh Kroenke responded with an exclusive interview, within hours the usual faces were uploading their breaking down of the statement. The positive here is at least the American said something. In nearly 15 years, criticism never made his dad do this. I have campaigned for clarity so just to hear from our owners is progress, even if I was never going to agree with everything. Apart from that I don’t know what some were expecting.

If you thought you were going to hear him say how rubbish his father his, then write us a cheque for Messi, your naïve. It’s little steps and the main plus point is instead of shrugging his shoulders he agreed to a sit-down chat when he could have stayed silent. Reviewing the reviews made it clear he couldn’t win whatever he did, and some want it that way.

For example, those so angry that he met the squad wearing a Rams shirt would have equally labelled it a PR stunt if he rocked up in Arsenal merchandise

Think we can be grown up enough to understand the Kroenke family don’t love the gunners like we do. Whisper it quietly…….neither do our players.

Let’s start off with Josh not wanting to be addressed as an owner but a custodian of the club. This aggrieved some because the same word is used in the counter letter, accusing their being zero respect for the families who had the gunners in their lives for decades. This is where Youtubers paused the clip and accused the interviewee of being media trained and the host giving him a heads up on the questions. Yeah? What’s your point? Politicians, film stars, musicians, any celebrity won’t sit down without an advisor proof checking what will be discussed.
Another grievance was ‘it will take steps’ or ‘a process’ with it being reminded that we have waited years already. Again, this is a businessman. With that comes a thick skin, knowing you’re not liked, having to do things the majority might not like. You learn how to stand your ground while wording things positively. He was never going to say ‘yeah my old man is rubbish, I’ll make sure he buys you Koulibaly’.

Some are not happy he quoted Ljungberg as an ‘Invincible’ because this was sucking up to his viewers, yet the same critic wasn’t happy about the Rams shirt. Then because we wanted to find fault, he’s mocked for his pronouncing of Edu. Did we want him to be natural all not?

The only takeaway for me is being told to be ‘excited’ about signings. That’s a sentence we can hold him accountable for if we haven’t spent money in the next month.

In conclusion there was a lot of hot air, a lot of ticking boxes, but what did we expect? Anyone in his power will be an open book in front of a camera. The victory is that he responded. Even if it were purely for public relations, he felt compelled to answer.

For that, thank you #WeCareDoYou….

Dan Smith


  1. Good job some lift a finger. Shows ‘doing’ stuff (no matter if it is just a marketing splattered response ) makes things happen.

    Season after season I called Kroenke out but most AFC fans are like sheep (well psychologically football fans in genera are;) and are happy to follow blindly and without ‘disruption’ to the club and it’s status Quo.

    I blame the club that it has bred an environment where mediocrity is expected and something to in fact be applauded.

    1. I think you are totally wrong believing most accept mediocrity.Where have you been the last 5 years?Certainly not following Arsenal.How many on this site alone support the Kronke Regime?Not many at all.With the speed of response from Josh Kronke alone I would have thought that shows you how the fan base is being heard.Hardly a response from an owner who believes the support are like sheep is it?

      1. They may not support it per se but many on here and elsewhere have been more than reluctant to do anything about it when called to actually make a stand and take action.

        That’s what I meant. Also, more and more it has become more and more apparent imo how people’s standards and expectations have dropped in relation to Arsenal , it’s signings and achievements (or lack thereof;)

  2. The fact that he actually responded is a win for the campaign. Y pop u can’t bloody tell someone to f**k the self and expect them to care. Stan is too old and thick skin to care maybe his son will be different trying to impress daddy

  3. Kroenke only cares about Arsenal for the money he takes out of our club, the only money he’s actually invested in Arsenal is when he purchased us. Since then he only takes money out for what he calls “Consultancy fees”. What I would like to know is what consultancy does he actually do! Does anyone know?

    1. Judy Judy Judy, he has taken a grand total of £3 million out of the club and that was a one off a few years ago.

      1. Declan, you can’t help those who have committed to ignorance. Every self-proclaimed Arsenal fan who loves the club should not be told over and over again to know he took only 3m from the club years ago. This doesn’t ex ornate him from his lack of financial commitment to the club.

  4. “Politicians, film stars, musicians, any celebrity won’t sit down without an advisor proof checking what will be discussed”. What utter nonsense. I’ve been a newspaper journalist since 1988 and, in that time, I’ve interviewed hundreds of politicians, musicians, stars, etc. I can categorically state, that not once have I ever been asked to provide questions to a subject before an interview. It would be a professional discourtesy. Why do people make this sort of arrant nonsense up?

  5. It’s a great start. A step in the right direction. The fact that he answered means that he is ow accountable. If arsenal go on to not spend or buy 1 or 2 players on the cheap. He knows he will have to answer as to why.

    I think more importantly it shows that the fans have now began to unite. So in the past where protests may not have worked. In the future things may actually begin to take place. I think back to a couple of years ago watching the dreaded arsenal fan TV. The gentleman named DT made a very valid point. Arsenal fans who go to the emirates regularly and who have season tickets etc are not going to give them up in protest. However, alternative options like not buying food or drinks are very viable and I believe with organisation like we have seen a protest like that could be pulled off if needed in the future.

  6. Watched arsenal vs Bayern earlier. The kids did really well. I really hope emery lets the kids play next season. I’m certain they will do wonders. Most of them are 18+ which is the ideal age for a breakthrough.

    1. I watched highlights (7 mins of well edited goal mouth action) and the kids are doing great. No fear, much to prove and skills to boot! We have some amazing talent that hopefully isn’t overworked too soon due to our necessity to blood them.

      On the downside I saw ozils blonde hair once and heard his name the same amount with him only managing an ok free kick. I wish some German club might come calling though I very much doubt it based on his continual non effectiveness.

      1. ArseOverTit, so based on your 7 minutes of goalmouth action, you have called Ozil out as he was non effective?

        I can see it’s going to be a long hard season when UE continues to select players he thinks deserve the jersey.

        This took me three minutes to type, spellcheck and submit…four minutes less than your analysis of a player who was only part of a seven minute segment..

        1. I know who ozil is already without seeing him do little for a further 7 minutes.

          Maybe Unai has to pick him seeing how he cost so much and how many shirts he helps shift for Stan?

          Wow, I’m impressed you can spell check too!;)

          Hats Off!

        2. hahahahah, the old defence mode of wenger and ozil is still working then ?, you are a martyr to the cause.

  7. All the bullsh****t he spewed out don’t mean a thing if those signings don’t come in. I still don’ see a CB, winger, Ceballos, Tierney or Saliba happening. And frankly, I don’t think they will. We all know kroenkes are more than happy with Arsenal being anywhere between 6th and 10th if not even further down the table.

  8. If we bring in Salilba, Tierney, Cellabos and Everton I will be happy. Hopefully another CB as well.

    We can’t keep playing Mustafi! I’d rather give games to Chambers, Mav and Bielik over him as we would get the same level our output but atleast they have a chance of improving. Please keep Bielik and give him game time!

  9. The one thing that has united the fanbase is the condemnation of the owner.
    As stated bove, we now have a statement from his son, saying quite catagorically, that they are/will invest in new signings during this window and UE backed it up by saying three or four.
    We can now hold these people to account and judge them on their statements and actions.
    Well done to The Arsenal fanbase for being as one, long may it continue…and yet another great post from Dan, really enjoying your input sir!!

    1. ? The only thing I wish to add is that Turkish made an effort, with a turn up of 40 on a Monday work day in London, which is not too shabby.
      The letter was well drafted and the response initiated from Josh Kroenke was prompt.
      Kroenke Sports Management have public relations and communications (media) consultants on tap, to ensure the response was appropriate. However as ken and others have stated, supporters and the median now have documented comments attributable to Josh Kroenke and Unai Emergy for them to be held to.
      Hopefully they won’t go the same way as Gazidis’ “we are moving to the Emirates to compete with the great clubs of Europe”?

  10. if you put a frog in cold water and begin to boil it gently, it will silently put up little fight and eventually die. Boiled alive. I know this sounds extreme but bare with me..

    When America was attacked during 9/11 and thousands died in the plane attacks on the world trade towers it sparked a national out-cry for action and retaliation!

    Now, before the event of 9/11, there was contentment and very little need for change. It was only when an event of significance that happened did anyone actually want to do something about it!

    In the first event (I’m calling it the simmering stage). The frog (Arsenal Fans) are actually aware of small change. Also, they are not oblivious to the fact it may get worse over time but, the situation is so gradual that change is not big enough to make a difference?

    So, place yourself back a decade and ask yourself if in 2009 where you think Arsenal as a club will be in 2019. Not in the top 4 for 3 years. Spuds moving into a new stadium and finishing in the top 4. Liverpool winning the CL final. Man City dominating the EPL. and Final, Arsenal Football Club owned outright by greedy American owners!!!

    Only when we make collective stand together as “united Arsenal fans” will be able to get the message “#WeCareDoYou” to actually mean something feasible and tangible!!!

    1. Too bad the majority of terrorists were Saudis, yet Iraq paid the price and Saudi Arabia received no sanctions.

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