Why these two players will win Arsenal the Premier League

One of the best things about the current Arsenal side is the balance in it. For a long time we were too adventurous at the detriment to the defensive side of the game. And we simply did not have the right blend of players, not fit to play at least, that was need for the long and arduous road that is a Premier League campaign.

Now, fingers crossed, we do. Some Arsenal fans may say that we need a better centre forward than Giroud, that we are a Coquelin injury away from big trouble in the middle or that we need a really top class centre back. But I think the squad is strong and has good competition for places.

That, however, is still not enough to win the title. You need one or a few players to give the team a spark and win you games you did not look like winning. For me that extra edge will come from Mesut Ozil and Theo Walcott next season. They both have big seasons ahead and something to prove.

The German has had his fair share of stick for not living up to his price tag but has been in great form over the last six months. And I believe he needs a player like Walcott to bring the best out of him. There is no point being able to see amazing passes and complete them if there is no one on the other end. And the new counter attacking style from Wenger, especially in the big games, needs pace and precision.

As much as I like Giroud, and I do, he is not the striker to make the runs for Ozil. Walcott is, and after the best part of two years on the sidelines he has just as much to prove. I reckon these two will be dynamite for Arsenal in the coming months and if (please football gods) they can stay fit then they will be the two players that make the difference between Arsenal doing well and Arsenal being champions. Do you agree?

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  1. Arsene Wenger on the media and José Mourinho:
    “I’ll leave your love story with him to continue without interfering.”

    1. Absolutely Hafiz !!!!!!
      Ozil – killer pass
      Sanchez on to it
      Ozil killer pass
      Theo on to it
      Ozil killer pass
      Giroud back on the half way line
      “Oh was I supposed to run on to that” ? Sorry…..
      Ozil ###xxxxxbeep###beepxxxbeep…

      1. Or how it actually it’s with giroud: cross goes to giroud in the box – goooooaaaaaal!!!!!

        Don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb trees

    2. I hope you are all this confident and happy after the community shield match tomorrow. I don’t think our team is good enough and this is a perfect test. I can’t understand why wenger won’t buy the players we need and stop talk about availability. All players are available even Messi at the right price this guy will have a heart attack Sunday after Chelsea slams us.

      1. “All players are available even Messi at the right price”.

        Some people just don’t play FIFA games, they emulate it in reality too.

  2. Apart from good movement and finishing what does Theo excel at that most top ST in the world do? Go on I’ll wait…

    To suddenly hero-worship Theo as if he’s going to be the one to fire us to the title is reaching to say the least. He doesn’t even make the majorities best XI yet somehow he’s being heralded as a title winning talent and his contract renewal was cause for our rivals to be scared.

    Arsenal fans really do go overboard, can’t say I’m flush with confidence if Theo is supposed to lead us to glory.

    1. Just because a player has a limited skill-set or limited role, doesn’t mean they can’t have a deadly impact.
      Good movement, finishing, first-touch, and raw speed. Luckily for us, even though you don’t respect that combination, opponents simply have to as he can change the game in an instant, which is exactly what he’s on the pitch to do.
      Honestly Charlie… I don’t care about the majority’s XI. He’s the best option we have on the right, and if he finds any vein of form he’ll be there to stay.

      1. Josh missing the point as per. So he has a limited skill set and usually a limited role, but is deserving of being one of the clubs top earners? Gotcha.

        “He’s the best option on the right” – says you. As I stated, the majority are adamant Ox is better until Theo is in the news for renewing his deal. Funny how that works.

        I’m willing to bet the majority will state Ox as a better option by Xmas time again, which brings me back my point that Theo is in no way deserving of such a contract. He should’ve been sold to the only team showing an interest (a rubbish Liverpool), and upgraded by bringing in Pedro. Now go ahead and tell me Theo is better than Pedro, I know the masses will say as much when Pedro signs for United.

    2. @charlie, take movement and finishing out of Ronaldo’s game and see the player you will have, ronaldo without finishing and movement will be just a poor mans WELBECK, so don’t dear under value finishing when it comes to forwards.

      1. I know finishing is the hardest thing to be good at and hardest thing to do at the top level. That’s what separates the good from the great

      2. Did you really just compare Ronaldo to Welbeck in defense of Walcott?

        I’ve no words for that comment. ??

    3. can’t tell if you are a troll or not. lot of arsenal fans unwittingly act like trolls. so i will respond like your comment is genuine.

      1st off walcott can dribble well while attacking. he is very underrated for this part of his ability. so add that to your list.

      2nd he doesnt have a weakness in those other areas. never seen someone ghost him like a “mata” or “cesc”. he doesn’t misplace his passes much. and he holds onto the ball relatively well.

      3rd why do we need him to be the one who makes the killer pass. or the creative dribble. he needs to be on the end of moves play off the shoulder of defenders. he can’t do both in a move.

      1. I’m a troll for not waxing lyrical about Theo? Get a grip, not all fans see rays of sunshine come out our players backsides.

        1) Theo absolutely CANNOT dribble his way past defenders, he out runs them which isn’t the same at all. Eg Hazard dribbling vs Theo dribbling if you can’t comprehend what I’m saying.

        2) His ball retention is dire, and he has no passing range at all. Seriously if you’re going to just make things up don’t bother commenting. He averaged 7.4 passes per game last season, if he doesn’t score he’s literally a passenger.

        3) Having a player capable of doing all those things means he can influence a game in multiple ways depending on the circumstance. Do you really struggle to see why having a Lewandowski is better than having Theo?

    4. If we don’t go overboard for our players, what else? I’m sure you know what confidence does in the long run. COYG

  3. I think Sanchez and Theo can be like Suarez and Sturridge for our team. They both have pace, good first touch, great finishing, they can cut inside as well as both can provide crosses too. If they both can form a healthy partnership and understanding between them, that will be awesome. Sadly, they couldn’t emulate it last time because of Theo’s injury, but now they have everything available to do it, specially when Ozil and Cazorla are the playmakers.

    Both’s weaknesses in particular,

    Sanchez: Like Wilshere, he also tends to hold to the ball for long duration, which eventually results into losing the ball to opposition. Just need to master that, otherwise everything else he does is fantastic.
    Walcott: What makes him special is that he always perfectly times his runs through defenses, but when he gets on the ball being one-on-one, he takes too much time to pull the trigger, and in the mean time, either defender or the goalkeeper steals or blocks the ball. Now some of these chances might go into net or might not, but he needs to be confident enough to pull the trigger.

    If they can master their weaknesses, IMO they can be world beaters.

    1. Theo has an uncanny
      knack of getting into
      a lot of scoring positions.
      Right now though he is better
      coming from the right because there are less
      defenders out there + he has more time.
      In the centre he is surrounded by defenders
      has less time and needs to master several shot options
      using both feet and needs to develop heading skills.
      Can he adapt? I believe so but it will take time.

  4. We should have sign Abdul Rahman……hes quality….

    The House of Rahman and its representatives is very disappointed with the manager and the board for not challenging Chelsea for the player…….

    1. That’s because Chelsea let Felipe Luis leave after a “succesful” season by him, and there was no backup to him, also they don’t even have a natural left back. We have Gibbs as an option who can do a decent job (needs to improve on his defending awareness, otherwise he is a good defender).

  5. Theo will disappoint you. He’s rarely been a force to reckon and it’s going to be the same next season. He’s not such a good player to be starting as our CF. I’ve seen him missing clear chances in front of goal. Flag me down but I hope not to see you moaning over Theo next season.

    1. Rarely been a force to reckon with? Whenever recently he has played, most of the times, he has either scored a goal or contributed to it. And don’t tell me that it was only against smaller or weaker teams, in the past seasons he was one of the few players who have scored goals against the big teams. If we completely disregard him, then who would give us that extra something we need? Big players who are deciding not to leave their current clubs??

      I agree though he might not be much good in the middle as much as he is on the wings. But he is an important player in the team.

      1. player like walcott and harry kane suffer due to their personality. they don’t act the big i am and sometimes people translate that into what they do on the pitch.

        zlatan, ronaldo have big personalities. messi, suarez, sterling have a kinda arrogance. even rubbish like borini and balotelli no one questions them like harry kane and walcott.

  6. I think we need to keep all our 25man squad fit to mount a title challenge because every position is very vital. Whether Rb,Dm or St.

  7. breaking news; Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is training wid Mohammad Ali ahead of Arsenal clash wid Chelsea.

  8. Having said that(previous Comment), i personally think that our winning core will be Cech, Kos, le Cog, rambo, santi, Mr Assist, Duracell, Nana na na and Theo.

    1. My version:
      Our winning core will be Cech, Boss, Nacho, Police Officer, Rambo, Little Magician, Wizard of Oz, Duracell, Nana na na/Lampost and Speed Merchant(Thanks to Greg).

  9. I`m not going into team selection, I`m not qualified, but there are a few names I would like to see on the pitch at the same time. Carzola, Coquelin, Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott and Oxlaid-Chamberlain.

    Sanchez and the Ox on the wings, Walcott in the centre with Ozil at Number 10 and behind them Carzola and Coquelin. I think these should be regulars.

  10. The moment you said Theo I stopped reading…Its not rocket science we need a striker..offer Spurs whatever they want for Harry Kane…Job done

    1. Tottenham would never sell their main striker to their biggest rivals. You would probably struggle to sign Kane for Arsenal if you was playing FIFA.

    2. Harry Kane:
      -most promising english striker since rooney
      -biggest rival (spurs)

      If we sign Kane, we break the world record for most expensive player in history.

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