Why this Arsenal fan has defected from #WengerIn to #WengerOut

I have finally defected to the Wenger out brigade. Wenger was a great coach but things have changed and we need to adapt or die. Things have changed, leagues are no longer won by great coaches but by how generous the clubs owners are. Financial fair play only exists in Wenger’s world nowhere else. Clubs no longer produce world class players they buy them. Wenger’s penny pinching ways has left us unable to acquire players who can help us return to where we should be.

Worryingly our team is rapidly becoming a joke. Not so long ago Sanchez rejected Liverpool to join us but times have changed our own players are looking at joining Liverpool. Our clubs decline has been rapid from our invincible days, we used to be kings of the EPL then we downgraded to Kings of London – enter Chelsea and now it’s safe to say we can shelve any plans we had for Saint Totteringhams day. We can thank Wenger for that.

Tactically, me never having coached a day in my life, I am puzzled by his tactics. If you have one CB fit in your team why would you choose a formation that requires 3 CB’s. If you have crisis at CB why would you further weaken the team by moving the left wingback to CB compounding our problems by also weakening another area on the pitch.

Our players are unjustly vilified by us supporters for Wenger’s shortcomings, Ozil being the No1 target of our anger. Ozil is often accused of not fighting for the team and being lazy, but you cannot ask Mike Tyson to be peaceful we are simply asking Ozil to be something he is not. I believe if you buy a player you need to understand how that player plays and create a conducive atmosphere for them to thrive. Ozil needs bodyguards behind him and players who can draw defenders to them in front of him. That’s how Ozil will thrive if we give him space to do what he does best. If you want a player who can create and defend then Ozil is not the player you want.

Then there is the cases of Ramsey and Xhaka who are box to box midfielders who lack positional discipline. With my limited understanding of the game a box to box midfielder contributes to both attack and defence but is master of neither. So if you ask them to do one they will be ineffective, these players have to go up and down the pitch to be effective. Arsenal NEEDS a defensive midfielder to allow Ramsey and co to do what they have to and Ozil to do what he does. Sead is not a center back nor is Monreal as well. Wenger is setting them up for failure and that is what they are doing.

Wenger OUT
Welbeck OUT

Thato Mamabolo


  1. Akan says:

    Hmmmmm mm Glad to have on board sir

    1. Napersie says:

      just look at Debuchy and Walcott who are very comfortable remaining at the club knowing that next year is WC and they won’t make the team just because they are on fat salaries. It’s a disgrace to the club.

  2. Tas says:

    The problem is as soon as we win two or three games on a trot you guys becom Wanger in again, there is no longer a fence, Like you said no one wants to play for Arsenal because it has become a joke of a club,

    Those still Wanger in’s can you pls explain why you still support the guy while the whole world can see his lost the plot? I don’t hate him I wish AW the best but somewhere els

    Football has changed its like top teams are on hd hq digital and we are still using analog

  3. justforlaugh says:

    Does Ox know in his heart he is joining Liverpool when he played for us against Liverpool?

    1. Tas says:

      You beter belive it watch the game again and you will be fuming

    2. gmv8 says:

      They are making complete fools of us – beat us 4-0, took one of Wenger’s favourites, and just to add insult to injury are attempting to push the Lemar deal over the line in the last day, which we couldn’t manage all summer, yet they are valued at half the money we are. How can this possibly happen? Kroenke.

      1. Segun says:

        What is hard to explain is why Wenger played him on Sunday, knowing he was selling him (Wenger knew; if you know the manager, when he starts to extol a wanted player’s potential, he’s only marking up his value). Perhaps, to put him on the shop window, which failed because I feel the Ox sabotaged us that day. Failed to track back at speed and never supported Holding with Sadio Mane. For me, good riddance, even though I know he will become a star at Liverpool.

    3. Mobella says:

      That decision a lone is enough for someone to want to shoot Wenger if Stan won’t sack him. I have being think about that since Sunday. What was he thinking. That he has everything under control. That the players love him and play for me. When a player on his last year of contract tells you he won’t renew you throw him out of the door immediately. The situation is different with player that still has multiple years on their contract like Bellarin or couthinoh. it’s a total misjudged of situation on Wenger part. This is not the first time everyone running arsenal has left things to chance.

  4. ClassyGunner says:

    OT: Since last 3 days I have a strange feeling that we will sign Angel Di Maria. Its just a hunch no insider info.

    1. Frank says:

      You will know in about 16 hours mate. Wenger is a special for a panic buy.

      1. ClassyGunner says:

        Agree, mate. But I won’t be surprised if we don’t get anyone.

    2. LL_cool_gunner says:

      With no ucl and our current state? Not going to happen mate, I mean if you were di Maria, would you want to play for winger????

      1. Segun says:

        Di Maria joined Manchester United without Champions league football. Indeed, they weren’t even in Europe the season he joined, so…..

  5. ArseOverTit says:

    Welcome..especially with the Wellbeck sentiment;)

    But, it’s been mentioned above; we cannot be fickle and have gold fish type memories as they do not serve us well.

    We can ALL do something to remove Kroenke and Wenger so if you don’t know how to already please wait for my article (hopefully! Coming later today)

    The time is Now to change the face of our club!

    1. Frank says:

      Kroenke has to be forced out. I urge every fan that goes to the games to take banners and call for his head.

      1. gmv8 says:

        ‘Get out of our club’ on TV days gets good press coverage. Wenger will determine his own future while Kroenke stays in charge

  6. Scubagooner says:

    I agree with the ozil saga. His class is there for everyone to see. He sees passes that others dont, great in tight spaces but his languid demeanor makes him look lazy. Reminds me of larkin who used to be the aussies flyhalf. If we want him to play the 10 role then we need to play to his strengths and not expect him to be good at something else. Shame dont blame any player who wishes to leave at the minute.

    1. gotanidea says:

      He is not lazy, but a number 10 should not play like that. Arsenal should compare how he plays as compared to the other attacking players that play behind a striker like him, such as Messi, Isco, Iniesta, Neymar, Bergkamp, etc.

      He doesn’t have to have similar playing style like them, but at least he should have enough skills to avoid getting robbed for most of times. He also likes to play safe with a lot of backpasses and usually doesn’t dare to possess the ball for more than three touches.

      A player in his position should be more adventurous, always trying to break the opponent’s defense. If he loses the ball, he should fight to retrieve it, like what Barcelona players usually do, including Messi.

      1. arsenal_epl_champs_2018 says:

        Lazy or languid 🙂
        Kolo Toure – Abou Diarby
        Stephen Larkham – Dan Carter
        David Gower 🙂

    2. arsenal_epl_champs_2018 says:

      Sakho is good but his personality
      reminds me of William Gallas
      and we know how that worked out.

  7. gotanidea says:

    Bench Ozil and see how Iwobi performs in his position. If Iwobi cannot perform well after five games, put Ozil back.

    Arsenal should be ruthless and fair to all players, like what the other big teams usually do. Di Maria, Depay, Costa, etc were benched because they were not suitable to their teams’ plan.

    But Ozil will keep starting in Arsenal, because they have to make him look fit in front of the potential buyers.

  8. Napersie says:

    what are the fans doing? It seems this isn’t Wenger’s fault alone though I still want him out. The club now saying that there isn’t any money for transfer except we sell against when we were told that we have 150 million for transfer. Now we have made income selling players out and we have a net profit. I think there is something going on in the club which I believe Wenger doesn’t want to expose as he’s ready to be a martyr.
    That yank must be pushed out of Arsenal but our hope lies in our London supporter’s hand. I don’t think this would have happened in a country like Nigeria. Am pissed to the limit that every other opponent’s fan is using the club for banter.
    This keep repeating itself every season but this season’s look the worst. We are never prepared for the start of the season. But just like the Titanic movie, Arsenal fans keeps watching when they know the end from the beginning.

    1. gmv8 says:

      We are in profit from this transfer window, can you believe it? The only team in the EPL to be in this position. This is all down to Kroenke. I am furious too.

      1. Tas says:

        Don’t wory they will but a spin on it, you will hear after the window is closed we tried to buy Messie Ronaldo Lamar bla bla bla and they didn’t want to come or something, but the reality is that we won’t have anyone quality in because you have to pay real money for them

  9. Immanuel says:

    I cant wait for the market to be closed to hear wenger saying we where close signing that signing this blah blah blah

  10. Hass says:

    what’s the odds on sakho coming the other way in the ox deal?

  11. barryd says:

    Today will be a good day finally getting rid of ox and that little tantrum throwing sanchez and bring in some players who will give everything they have for Arsenal COYG

    1. arsenal_epl_champs_2018 says:

      Erm Sanchez gave his all for the club
      and was an outstanding success.
      He kept Arsenal in the ECL twice.
      Our best player for 3 years.
      He is leaving to play for a more ambitious club.
      Good luck Alexis a true Gunner and top footballer.

      1. Marty says:

        Yes, he gave his all for the club except the last 6 months when his performances have been awful. If he wasn’t going to sign we should’ve sold him at the start of the transfer window so we can replace him.

  12. Somtib says:

    From Sky sports….

    Standby Arsenal fans. Or even, Chelsea fans….

    Our Newsdesk reports that Riyad Mahrez checked into a London hotel last night.



  13. waal2waal says:

    i wonder if a situation arises where wenger suddenly announces a decision to ‘step aside’ …would it be first team coach jens lehman who’d be offered the role? i expect anything from the sublime to the ridiculous concerning afc today.

    and while discussing the ridiculous ill predict an arsene approach to benitez for ‘jonjo shelvey’ and one or more of our deadwood going in the opposite direction.

  14. arsenal-steve says:

    Ask yourself why Wenger is visibly destroying the team, the club. Do you believe the midfield of Xhaka, Elneny and Ramsey will magically win us the Premier League? How the supporters, watching Wenger dismantle the club, still go to watch this team is amazing. Kroenke must be laughing with hilarity. Arsenal have made a transfer window profit, and cut their wage bill. He has been given money for nothing from the massive Premier League funding methods. Financial fair play? He is keeping money that is for use to take Arsenal forward. To me Wenger and Kroenke are criminals, in spirit, if not in law. They are a shame on the supporters. I am becoming an old man, but not a stupid man and am watching Wenger and Kroenke commit a moral crime against the wonderful supporters of this sacred club. in my 60 years of supporting this club I have never seen someone reap revenge on the supporters like this and it is a disgrace. Believe what your eyes, heart and minds tell you.

  15. Me says:

    Adapt or die.
    Looks like we are going to die then.
    Keeping a manager on who put his own needs before everything. A manager who has gone from being a great to merely maintaining a stable but stunted club to now sending that club to the depths of mediocrity and misery.
    A man who negotiated a new, entirely undeserved two contract with a substantial pay rise for himself and rejected every idea that may impact upon his power trip.
    Kroenke is part of the problem no doubt but the cause of all of this – the god awful tactical decisions, the failure to install a team spirit and pride in the squad, the failure to strengthen the squad when needed and the blissful ignorance of the changing landscape of football are all the manager’s fault.
    The sooner Wenger is pushed out the better for Arsenal – then we shall see just what the damage at the club is and whether we should force the owner out too, if that is possible..

    1. gmv8 says:

      It is all down to Kroenke. If it was the board’s decision, Wenger would be gone. It seems like the whole problem with these players Wenger has been benching is down to the fact the board sanctioned them, not him, although they look decent players. Undoubtedly this will cause problems in the dressing room, if he is behaving unfairly to some team members, through no fault of their own, yet Kroenke makes decisions that affect the whole future of the club when he never turns up to a game, and the only thing he looks at is the balance book.

  16. Tee_Kay_Cee10 says:

    We have been through this cycle repeatedly. The WengerOut brigade bark a little then after a string of wins, almost everyone is all happy and gallivanting. I believe it’s time for radical action, boycotting games and putting the message loud and clear that enough is enough. I appreciate Wenger for all he has done but he just has too many flaws and is not competent enough to deal with the club going forward. His tactics are off, one would wonder what goes on his mind as he sets up and plans the team. Playing players out of position, introducing a new formation seemingly out of the love of change whereas it’s more as a last resort attempt to salvage the remains of a managerial career that has gone way past its due date.

    Wenger is not assertive in any kind as a manager. He can not make tough decisions on players. A number of players should have been escorted to the exit door but yet are still in the books of the club. Look at all the coaches and managers of the modern era who have had to make at least one extremely difficult decision. Look at Conte with the Costa issue, Mancini’s handling of Tevez, Guardiola’s treatment of Toure last season and Fergie with Beckham. These managers felt like they had to make drastic decisions and they did. I believe we need to get rid of some excess players, especially in central midfield.

    And I agree with the author, I am puzzled by Wenger’s tactic. You can never get how he wants to structure his team. And the 3-4-3 just leaves too many pockets of space for the opposition to exploit. I do not remember Wenger ever having used 3 defenders in his Arsenal career yet he started using it towards the end of last season.

    Wenger should just go. Arsenal are in a predicament. You can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created the problem. We need a new manager to restore ambition to our team. It’s sad to say that football is now dominated by money and Wenger can not be naïve and continue to be conservative on the transfer market and in the dressing room.

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