Why this Arsenal star will become club legend

Arsenal have come through the tough phase of financial restriction when Arsene Wenger was tasked with providing the expectant fans with Champagne football at lemonade prices until the club had paid off the debt of moving to the new stadium.

So the fans are now hoping that the manager can use the extra money available to him to build a squad which can compete with the biggest and best clubs in the world to challenge for, and hopefully win, things like the Premier League and Champions League trophy.

The Frenchman, to be fair to him, has started to spend a lot more money and we have seen some top class talent sign for Arsenal in recent years. This is great for the fans, but even the most talented of players will not join the ranks of club legends like Tony Adams and Thierry Henry with ability alone.

To do that the fans need to see more, such as great passion and commitment to the cause. The players that really get taken to our hearts, though, seem to identify with the fans and that seems to be the case with our new defensive star Shkodran Mustafi, who is reported in The Mirror explaining just why he feels that he owes it to us Gooners to give every ounce of effort when out on the pitch for the Gunners.

The German international said, “You have to respect the fans a lot. They’re not earning the money we are earning and pay to come into the stadium, sometimes away trips, plus transport.

“It shows you how much they love this club and you have to give them respect for that.

“What I can give them back is trying to give them everything back on the pitch. As long as I work for the club that they love, I’m just going to give everything, so I’m happy with myself and make people happy.”

It helps that Mustafi is a very good player and alongside Koscielny has made Arsenal a much harder team to beat, but is it this attitude and understanding of us fans that will make him an Arsenal legend?


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  1. chinaka1 says:

    Well he still have along way to go to becoming an Arsenal Legend.

    The only current legend in the team is Laurent Kochelny.

    Alexis and Ozil has two more season to be not just Arsenal Legends but Premier League Legends.

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