Why Arsenal midfield star will be much BETTER this season

There is an argument that the biggest thing holding back Arsenal Football Club, after the years of financial hardship finally came to an end that is, has been the injury and fitness situation. So the signs that this is now coming to an end with the help of some new conditioning experts on the back room staff is really fostering a feeling of confidence that the team can reach the top again.

And while the whole club has been suffering from these problems, some individual players have had it worse than others. The unlucky Abou Diaby and all his problems, for instance, has been like an example of the club in general. The Frenchman has now gone but others like Jack Wilshere still remain and the England international has had a terrible few years that have put his progress in the game on hold.

But all that could be about to change if the medical team at the club can keep the talented midfielder ready for action and from the sounds of what Jack said this week, as reported by the Daily Star, there is a great chance that this will be the case.

As well as revealing that the training in pre-season this summer has been targeted individually to help each player, Jack revealed that the club seems to have got to the underlying causes of his injury problems and that should mean that they can prevent it happening again in the future.

Wilshere said, “When I first got injured my core strength was terrible. I was 18, playing three times a week and didn’t really do any gym work.

“All of a sudden when you’re injured you realise everything revolves around your core. It’s crucial for balance and absorbing impact. The first thing my physios got me to work on was my balance.

“I had to stand on one leg and close my eyes. I couldn’t do it.

“It made a big difference when I came back to full fitness. I work on my speed and strength every day, and I do a lot of work on my first five yards.

“For a footballer that’s really important.

“The intensity of the Premier League is incredible. The levels of fitness you have to reach just to survive in it is absurd.

“When you’re out for a few months it’s tough to come back. It takes a lot of work – you’re willing to try anything that will help you get fit.”

I know some Arsenal fans have grown frustrated with the lad and this has made some forget just what a special talent we had on our hands but I think a long stretch of fitness will see him show us his best once again and that can only be great news for Arsenal, England and the man himself.

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  1. Jack wilshere is a very talent player, just hopes he remains fit and healthy for arsenal fc in the coming new season! Hope he excells and score more goals from midfield this season, best of luck to him! Coyg!

    1. Szczesney set to go out on loan to Roma. Finally our players are going to good leagues to develop themselves.

      Now just to sell Campbell & Flamini and loan Martinez, Hayden, Bielek, Zelalem & Gnabry, then purchase a solid ST & DM and we’re set.

    1. Jack is a great player but I believe he is not the man who can cover lecoq,we need a typical DM player. A player like wanayama would be a great cover for lecoq. Jack needs to be playing a more attacking role. I think he can score lots of goals from a more attacking role. I’m hearing were in for Barcelona youngster sergi samper. He’s a promising player who can be replacing arteta within a year. But we need an established DM. Hope we get a top class striker like benzema vto go with that

      1. I’ve searched high and low for info on Samper and from what I understand I think he could be a good enough backup for Coquelin now, Arteta would be a great role model type of character. Could gain experience in cup games while Arteta covers for Coquelin and in 6-12 months time Samper would of gotten use to the team a lot more and be more of an asset.

        Samper and Bielik as our future holding CM players? competing with each other while offering something slightly different atm, competition between them could make them more of a complete holding midfielder.

        By the time they’re mid 20’s Coquelin will be aproaching 30… and all respect to Coquelin, unless he learns to be better on the ball then his fitness will become a issue and we will need to think about “getting someone better”, this way we already have better…

      2. @seancali
        Jack is”NOT” a great player. Dude is average at best. A short guy who doesn’t know how to utilize his low center of gravity, says a lot about him…

  2. oh jack, everyone can see you have real talent, a talisman in the making, then you go off on ur ronaldinho runs..fall over ..get injured…a collective emirates capacity sighs in tandem.

    what to do with you, we’ve been here before mate an we do love you, but your not a kid anymore

  3. “sczesny signs for roma on a season Long Loan” ……. Phew!… Looks Like Ospina would be staying now

    1. Out of all the options Wenger had available to him, I think he did right by loaning Szcz out and keeping Ospina, Szcz has talent and if he can get his act together then I dont want to lose him, from what I have read Szcz appears to be bettering himself.

      I wont forget that Szcz shared the golden glove with Cech, we are lucky to have him, he just needs to prove it again now and be more consistant. I would hate it if he ends up like another NB52. I’m hoping the Roma loan will give him the much needed experience.

      Ospina won the starting role and although Cech has arrived, Ospina installs the belief in me that he doesn’t care, he’ll just reclaim that spot if given a chance. Again I feel lucky that we have such a keeper, he is gonna learn from Cech and fight for that starting spot.

  4. Off topic: arsenal is said to be interested in monaco midfielder joao moutinho! It is said Monaco has given him the ok, to speak with arsenal.

  5. Jack wilshere is very talented and i hope he gets to fulfill his potential. But if he does not refine his game and keeps holding on to the ball for too long, i see him ending up being sold later. He has to play maturely to reduce those injuries he gets to sustain his career.

  6. Benteke for 32.5 million is too much. But it will improve liverpool . We have to act fast , we are taking things too much for granted. We need a striker and a defender.

    1. no mate a dm is more urgent than a defender.

      coquelin gona play 60 games for us in one season?

        1. alexis is a mashine – normal rules dont apply with him

          coq and no one else in this team can hack 60 in one season except sanchez

            1. http://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/solid-gold-kit-may-have-been-mistake-arsenal-admit

              “Although the design of the shirt met with a generally positive response, coaching staff have raised concerns after the squad trained in their new kit, which weighs more than 30kg, for the first time.”

              “Players’ 100m sprint times in the kits were underwhelming with even Hector Bellerin taking more than a minute to complete the run. Only Per Mertesacker’s time was more or less unaffected.”

              BFG doesn’t get affected by anything… as long as he has Kos next to him. A good bromance will get the best out of players lol.

        2. sanchez played all the games and he got burned out at the end of the season.
          and its sanchez we r talking about. he has more stamina than a horse.

      1. Coquelin may not play 60 games in one season, but then again we don’t a dm for 60 matches. Let’s not forget at nearly every home match arsenal spend 80% of the match in the opposition half. In those mat he’s we are vulnerable to the counter attack so I would be playing my paciest defenders and use a deep lying play maker. Personally, I see no reason why in some matches wilshire or Ramsey shouldn’t play in the deeper role alongside cazorla. Against the relegation fodder I wouldn’t even mind seeing chambers, hayden or bielik play there. But i am not sure of all those mentioned who actually has the better pace, if it’s coquelin, then play coquelin. But he will need resting, this is where the coaches, manager and fitness have the advantage over the bloggers as they will know their opponents better than us and their players fitness levels as well as their form.

        1. If we can get the Ramsey that gave us such a fantastic start a couple seasons ago then I could see a Ramsey/Wilshere partnership working against weaker opposition, if Wilshere holds for most the game but allowed to go forward OCCASIONALLY and only when Ramsey is covering then he could do the same job for us that he has been doing for England.

      2. Then make that three. Our defence doesnt oozes confidence to me. A leader is required at back.Met hasnt been doing any great. Time to look for something else.

  7. benzemas new missus is fitttt
    analicia chaves- check her out.

    im putting this out there now. yes we could use benzema but i will never forget what he said about us nor his messing around with underage escorts, nor the various bs hes done.

    karim benzema is an absolute tosser, but we need him for purely football reasons.
    wish we didnt but yes id have him.

    1. I think you will find the hooker was above the age of consent and at the time he was just a few years older. Let’s face it she was a hooked, she wasn’t an innocent schoolgirl, she knew what she was doing and who she was doing!!!

      Not sure what all the other bs is? But I don’t see benzema in the naught boy bracket.

    2. @muffdiver
      Mourinho called him out already. Dude is a p***y. We can and should do better…

  8. wtf is joao moutinho?? plss we don’t need him for any reason,if we aint gettin a better DM then we forget it. he’s just gon be the other version of kim kallstrom but without injury problems,plus his best years are behind him

    1. U are kidding right? He is a superb player, all you have to ask is he better than any of flamini, arteta and rosicky? The answer is quite obviously yes, for one he can play in any of the 3 central midfield roles and I have seen him play both wings. His passing and tackling are phonemenal.

    2. Sorry mate that is just ignorant. As Merse would say the guy is “top drawer”. If we got him to replace Flamini in our squad then that would be one hell of a signing.

  9. if Wenger manages to sign Benz than we will have second best striker in league, behind Aguero. With our mid he will score 30 easily, plus consider his assists others will benefit from it heavily,
    Alexis–Benz–Walcott, i like it cuz they can interchange their positions, one moment its Benz next is Alexis, while having someone like OG you are forced to play him in CF role whole game. Hope we sign him.

  10. @seancalli. Totally agree re sergi samper. Afterall where are we going to get a specialist dm player who is young enough to mould, shouldn’t bemoan bench time, is apprently a great reader of the game and good passer, will be a better number 2 than flamini all for 8.5m? When needed as xover cover for coquelin he should be less gung hoe than someone like Ramsey/wilshire, more energetic than arteta and less of a risk than gabriel, chambers and hayden. If we can sign him I think its snart business. We just then need the instinctive/prolifoc front man.

    1. You are right to talk about the age and profile of any incoming CM/CDM – a consideration ignored by many. Rightly or wrongly seems obvious Wenger is going with FC next season and he will be looking for back-up and not someone to demote him. When Samper is backpage headlines in Spain and Wenger cast as the villain you know he is decent. I have only seen him play once in a UCL game but Wenger clearly rates him massively and this is no flash in the pan approach (if true). He is no beast – but is more a Wenger CDM/CM than most of the other names touted around on here. Apparently he has already been to our training facilities when Bellerin and Toral joined. I know all youtube compilations make players look decent – but his makes him look properly decent. All smoke and mirrors I know, and don’t believe anything I read, but Samper and Moutinho in to the squad for Flamini and Diaby would be massive.

  11. Next season will be pure fight between Arsenal and Chelsea, Man Untd can buy 10 more players but they dont have cohesion in team, i think City is more focused on UCL than on EPL, City also doesnt have adequant cover for Aguero. Dzeko, Bony or Jovetic,( none of them stepped up last year ) they lost title when Aguero got injury, thats our power, even if we lose our key players we still can win games, cuz of our style, while others cant, even Chelsea struggled last season when they lost Cesc and Costa

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