Why this CAN be Arsenal´s year in Champions League

OKay Arsenal have been handed a tough looking group in the Champions League once more, but maybe it is not that bad to be honest. The German Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich are clearly the club expected to top the group, but the other two teams, Olympiakos of Greece and Dinamo Zagreb of Croatia, should not cause us two many problems.

So you would assume that the Gunners are set to get out of the group once again and if we are second there is still a decent chance that we could avoid the really tough teams, especially now that we have the vastly experienced Petr Cech in goal. The former Chelsea number one´s keeping ability and the way he has made our whole defence more assured puts us in a much better position to get through a two legged play off.

And with a bit of luck, Arsenal could stun Pep Guardiola´s Bayern and top the group. We have already got over those early season jitters and the fixture list could help. First up is our easiest away game in Zagreb, followed by a home clash with Olympiakos which should be a banker win and then the Germans come to London.

The last time this happened we were all over them and if Ozil had converted his penalty I think we would have gone on to win. As we know he fluffed it and then Szczesny was harshly sent off. But with Cech in goal and the Gunners on form I can definitely see us getting a result and that would give us the impetus to go and win in Greece and stop Bayern winning in Munich.

I have a feeling that being underdogs might just suit Arsenal and that could help us to either top the group or get through the first knockout stage. Could this be the year of the Gunners?

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    1. We will finish 2nd to Bayern in our group that’s a given then in the last 16 we will face either Barcelona,Real Madrid,PSG,Atletico Madrid and get knocked out as usual!

      1. @Dee@ease: it is not a given that we will finish 2nd. Remember Monaco and we at Arsenal make things very complicated. When you expect much from this team, you get wind!

  1. arsenal to win the cl??!!
    with giroud walcott and ramsey
    when there is
    benzema bale ronaldo
    lewandowski ribery robben
    messi suarez neymar
    aguero silva sterling
    costa hazard pedro

    what mental institution are you admitted at lolz

    1. Ha ha, funny when you include best players of all the teams except Arsenal to prove your point.
      With this you should go to primary school. Oh sorry, you might already be there

      1. Uhh half the athletico team and not just griezman drexler Vidal Douglas costa gotze thiago etc etc etc etc …. That said watching man city makes me thankful we flogged Sagna when most on this site wanted him to stay …absolutely hopeless … And again two class additions is all people wanted and would have seen us challenging for EPL and cl … What is point having this geriatric grenouille in charge when we can’t even get the best French players it’s a waste …I hope none if the statistical knit wits on here are going to tell me Walcott is better than griezman …lol

  2. Lol? This has to be a joke. inb4 when we don’t win the cl an article comes out saying he always knew. Arsenal fans are always talking. Haven’t we learnt from Monaco/West Ham? NOTHING IS STRAIGHT FORWARD

  3. On what basis do you base your assertion? On luck? If luck, then maybe but then any team could win it based on that. However based on personnel then I’ll suggest you dream on!

    1. arsene is a great great greatdreamer,

      he already and still in daydreaming winning UCL one day.

      sugar ray should make a song for wenger…..ONE DAY…..me UCL wiener………O NE DAY………..you WOBs should wait…..AS LONG AS I LIVE……

      WOBs: ?????????

  4. That injury to Shaw reminds me Ramsey’s injury. Shaw had a really good start in this season, it is a real blow for both England and Man Utd really.

  5. Anything can happen, but let’s get through the group and see what the knockout round draw brings us before we mention anything about UCL glory. It can happen, but let’s keep calm and get the 3 points tomorrow.

  6. Hahahaha! Arsenal’s year, joke of the night. We always finish second with a lesser german side (dortmund) not to talk of Minich itself.
    Arsenal will finish 2nd as usual then face Madrid, barca, PSG, or even Juventus and get knocked out. It is routine because Wenger doest want to improve the team; he’s so use to failure that’s he’s afraid of success.

  7. Yawn… All these pessimists plague this site. If Chelsea, Liverpool, and United can fluke Champions League wins then we can too. We have talented players in our squad that can change games, and for once we have a good defence too. Am I expecting us to do it? Nope.

    1. Yeah, ya just can’t handle the reality all this pesimistic cloud commenters so many and to insert so many ironic comments.

      Face it mick, pesimistic might be just to think realistic, because we are not living in your delusional world, and i your deluded world, arsenal already won 11 times winer UCL?


      WOW, WHAT A MENTAL !!!

  8. ***OT
    City must be desperate having to risk Aguero. Either that or his injury wasn’t as bad as they said…

  9. United losing. Oh dear… It really pains me to want to see them win. Need all English sides to make the last 16 this year or our 4th CL spot is in trouble.

    Oh and anyone who thinks that means I only aim for 4th, if you think we can finish above Chelsea, United and City every single season without fail, you’re in dreamland.

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