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Why this next month could be crucial to Arsenal investing in the January transfer window

With our crucial ten days ahead of us with games against Bournemouth, Tottenham and Man United, and then another 6 League games to be crammed in before the January transfer window opens, it will be very interesting to see where we stand in the Premier League after the New Years matches and if we are still close to challenging for the Top Four.

The new CEO Vinai Venktatesham has made it clear that Arsenal’s target is to get back into the Champions League. We are currently the outsiders of the Top Five in the esports betting to make it into the Top Four, but our results over the next six weeks could change all that, and according to the ex-Arsenal star John Hartson, our position at the beginning of January could also have a big influence on the management investing heavily in the coming transfer window.

Hartson said in the Express: “A lot depends on injuries and how well they’re doing. Most clubs want two players for every position, that’s what teams will tell you now,”

“[Lucas] Torreira has come on strong recently too. They’re defending strongly now as well.

“If he wants one or two players, I think the funds will be made available for him but the January window is a very precarious market.

“If Arsenal are in a position where they feel they can have a right push at the top four, Emery may feel he needs cover, if he can earn the right and keep Arsenal in and around that top four, then the board might think they have half a sniff and back the manager and give him what he wants.

“It’ll be down to Emery and where he sees his squad.

“But like most managers, they always want more players and more money. Even Pep Guardiola would tell you now he could do with a couple more players, they always want more.”

It won’t just be Emery that will be clamouring for Arsenal to buy at least a top quality defender in January and maybe a striker to replace Welbeck if Nketiah doesn’t hit the ground running, as the fans will also be desperate to make sure we finish above the Spuds at least and leapfrog them into the Champions League positions.

It will be very interesting to see if Kroenke is willing to invest if he thinks we are close to getting back into the big money-spinning elite competition again….


20 thoughts on “Why this next month could be crucial to Arsenal investing in the January transfer window

  1. Pat

    Jose hope to be in top 4 by December, am happy Man U draw today, hoping for Spurs lost and then we win tomorrow. Else we will be falling away from top 4 gradually. And December will even be tougher.

        1. Quantic Dream

          Btw Sue, do you follow The United Stand on YouTube? Am sure you will particularly enjoy it, I was there and had a few laughs of my own listening to them whine about Mourinho and Lukaku.

          1. Sue

            No I don’t, but from what you’ve said, I better have a look! Only Mourinho & Lukaku? Thought it’d be the whole team 😂 cheers QD

      1. Sue

        Makes tomorrow even more of a must win now, if they win they’ll be 6 points ahead of us. We simply have to beat them next week too! Come on!!!!

  2. jon fox

    OT. The Spanish waiter, Manuel Almunia is back in London and playing for Chelski today. He has changed his name and had a face transplant but that familiar incompetence is unmistakeable. A shot and goal from well outside the area and his feet never moved.

  3. Gily

    Arsenal is sooo wicked – setting a very high record in the EPL that everyone has been trying so hard ever since to match.
    Whole season unbeaten😆😅😂
    Today, Chelsea’s unbeaten record for the season ends. Let’s see who else will follow in the coming days.

      1. Gily

        😲 It’s 3
        With the spuds, I can’t see Chelsea turning it around.
        Let them bring on Oli then😅😅
        OlI is still with us on this. As Mr ‘hold up’, he will only cause so much hold up and go slow till the end of the match.

          1. Sue

            Chelsea down…. just Liverpool & City to go now. Although the way City are playing, they could quite easily go unbeaten all season

            1. jon fox

              I firmly predict that they will be unbeaten in the Prem. You cannot see how they could lose to anyone.

  4. Raja Danish

    Guys do you think that pablo fornals and hector herrera will be good signings for us in jan window????

    1. Aubamezzette

      They might be but we have more pressing needs in CB and on the wings.
      Also note that neither is truly a DM… they are both CMs like xhaka,guedouzi,niles
      I think we need a backup to Torreira more than another CM

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