Why this was ‘perfect’ transfer window for Arsenal boss

Anyone who has had half an eye on Arsenal Football Club in recent years will not be too surprised that the Gunners did not do a great deal of business in the January transfer window. We also know that the Frenchman is not a big fan of this halfway point and would much rather it was done away with.

And while a lot of Arsenal fans might be thinking that Arsene Wenger has let another chance slip away, I think that the boss will look back on this January transfer window and think that it could hardly have gone better. Why? Because although the Gunners did very little, none of our Premier League rivals did much either.

Which means that essentially it is as you were and with the Arsenal injury situation looking a lot brighter all of a sudden, it is the Gunners that now look in the strongest position for the EPL title run in.

Wenger’s usual talk about the lack of transfer options is normally a source of frustration and possibly a bit of negativity towards the manager but with none of our rivals able to pull off a major deal the pressure is off.

Even better for the Prof is that his one bit of transfer action looked good on his debut. So was this a perfect transfer window for Wenger?

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  1. Bit early to call it a success. Cambell maintaining a good run of form, so Ox could use a loan for remaining season. Iwobi looking likely to challenge and take Ox Chamberlain ‘ s spot.

    Coq is keystone for Arsenal; his discipline and commitment to defense allows others to go goal hunting.

    I predict Ramsey’s form to improve when he partners with Coq. Ramsey needs a committed defender so he can rotate between playing CF and crowding out Ozil.

  2. a hugely pompous thing for wenger to say re jan window; given all the good buys he’s benefited from in the jan window.

    1. You should try reading the article before commenting – not a single Wenger quote in it so not sure where you dredge up this “pompous thing….to say” garbage.

  3. I wouldn’t say perfect, not unless you mean at least city didn’t go throwing money around to help them over the line or Lei didn’t get another Vardy or something. Jury still out on Elneny but it is a huge plus to have another young fit option for that position, Jack and Rosser out along with Cazorla so it was a must. I’d say that for Jan window it was a very good one, nobody will sell their best so Wenger on the lookout for an unknown or underrated talent is not too bad.

  4. To claim the strongest position on EPL title run, we need to get back on track and find that missing form immediately. I hope Santi can join the team when we visit Camp Nou.

  5. Stock city bought Imbula for how much? That’s a serious club. U buy a bench warmer and you want to praise yourself.

    1. Yes they signed someone to be a starter but it means their previous starters weren’t good enough, are u saying coq and santi are no good?

  6. It would not have mattered who was in charge this window. Even an aggressive manager with huge ambitions of acquiring players would have found little on offer. There was very little activity and nearly all of it was from teams outside the top 8. None of the other title contenders signed anyone.

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