Why Thomas Partey will be an Arsenal star next season

Fit and firing Partey will only help Arsenal get to next level

When Arsenal signed Thomas Partey on deadline day last summer, everybody expected him to hit the ground running at the Emirates Stadium.

However, the midfielder suffered an injury in only his fourth Premier League appearance. It wasn’t until Manchester United visited the Emirates Stadium on January 30, 2021, that he played the full 90 minutes.

Many people were surprised by the time the Ghanaian was sidelined, especially after considering the fact that he missed just eight games for his former club Atletico Madrid in his five years.

During his absence, Arsenal took off to one of their worst starts in the Premier League since the 1974/75 campaign. And there is no denying that the midfield enforcer’s abilities were duly missed by the team who looked insipid while attacking and toothless while defending.

In an interview in March, five months after switching the Spanish capital for the English, Partey astonishingly claimed that he has only been fit for two games.

Quizzed on whether he has operated at 100 per cent in an Arsenal shirt, the Ghana international said: “Yes, I had a few games.

“I think against [Manchester] United at their home and against Wolves [away] also I was able to show what I can do.

“Due to less games and less training, I think I have to keep working, keep trying to get back to that level again.”

The 27-year-old also stated that he found it hard at first to settle in a new team. “It was a difficult moment to get used to how the team play. It’s part of the game.”

Arteta echoed those comments as he discussed Partey ahead of Arsenal’s derby clash with Tottenham.

“Rhythm-wise he has struggled a little bit in the last few weeks because he has not had enough training sessions or enough preparation because the league is so demanding.”

The Spaniard added, “But you can see his quality, you can see the presence and the special qualities he provides to the team when he is on the pitch.”

“I think it is just a fact of playing more games, getting some chemistry and understanding with his team-mates and getting as fit as he possibly can.”

With a year of experience playing in the Premier League and a full month’s pre-season, Partey will again be expected to hit the ground running next season.

Last season’s Partey hardly resembled like the player who was so impressive at the heart of Atletico’s midfield for several years.

We are talking about one of the best number sixs in the game. And the wait to see the best of Partey might finally be over.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Partey left Athletico Madrid for Arsenal. Athletico just won the La Liga title first time for many years.
    Arsenal got 8th the 2nd year running.
    Arsenal paid Lille 95 million quid for Gabriell and Pepe.
    Lille just won the French Ligue one.
    Arsenal got 8th the 2nd year running.
    Arsenal sacked Emery after he got the team to the EL final.
    This season Emery wins the EL for the 4th time with a bunch of rejects like Coquelin ex Arsenal Capoue ex Watford Moreno ex Liverpool Foyth ex Spurs.
    Arsenal got 8th the second season running.
    And we are 5 years in Tottenam’s shadow.
    It must be Stans fault after all he buys the players, coaches them all and picks the starting line up.
    We need EK cause he plays cool music

    1. To be honest atletico only won because barca and real were terrible this year.. And they nearly bottled a 12+ points lead.. But Arteta sucks who ever thinks otherwise will be proven wrong this upcoming season

    2. I already saw this post earlier, but likely worthy of a repost…at least now you’re using your abject cynicism for the right reasons…unfortunately you continue to propagate the misguided notion that Kroenke is devoid of blame whatsoever, which is a bridge too far for anyone with even an ounce of common sense…unfortunately when you continue to hammer home this deluded perception it negatively impacts the underlying message, as it’s finer points are lost within your overriding agenda

  2. Away from the topic, Unai Emery featured in his 5th Europa league final yesterday and won. Unai Emery a serial winner only lost with Arsenal. Is it time we ask ourselves a rhetorical question?
    Is anything wrong with Arsenal?
    Were we unnecessary impatient with Unai?
    Did we blame him instead of looking inwards?
    Unai is definitely a serial winner.

    1. – yes
      I hope that Arsenal had the DECENCY to congratulate Unai Emery! That’s what a club with class would do!

  3. The problem is the mentality and atmosphere around the club from the owner to the board to the coaching crew and players even to some of the fans. By next season we will be fighting to escape relegation with the likes of Burnley and Brighton.

      1. My brother what adega wrote is not nonse if the board and the coaching crew are not serious these time around where we will end up next season will surprise u.

    1. A midfield enforcer, for what he was brought in for. With good players around him and a preseason behind him, he can look like his Atletico self at Arsenal. And that’s what every Arsenal fan would hope.

      1. Am of the school of thaught that arteta can not pilot the affairs of these club.Dont get me wrong am not saying he is not a good coach.

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