Why Tottenham fans are envious of Arsenal’s “youthful, energetic swagger”

Premier League legend explains why Arsenal are a big problem for Spurs

The Gunners have had an exceptional start to the current campaign, in which they see themselves sit second in the table.

They are just a point behind current PL champions Man City, with a game-in-hand. Many have already started considering them as serious title contenders.

It’s not a fluke that the North London outfit are sitting close to the summit of the league table. Mikel Arteta’s men have dominated most games until now, and that too with panache.

They have not just become a winning team, but a team that is attracting eyeballs with the way they are playing.

Former Premier League legend and current pundit Jamie Carragher believes that the style of play of Arsenal is what is making the Spurs fans envious.

“Conte has a major problem at Tottenham Hotspur,” wrote Carragher in The Telegraph. “It is called Arsenal. One team in North London is generating headlines for playing with a youthful, energetic swagger. The other is seen as more pragmatic and counterattacking.

The former defender continued, “Neither side is ‘right’ or ‘better’ in their approach – it remains to be seen whether Mikel Arteta or Conte win more trophies at the end of their respective reigns – but Tottenham supporters are looking at their rivals and craving similar edge-of-the-seat football.”

Carragher is right. None of this “pretty football” will matter if the Gunners fail to achieve their current season goal: qualification to the Champions League.

At the moment, Arteta has the luxury to achieve that via two competitions and he wouldn’t want the opportunity to slip through his fingers, especially after the amazing start to the season.

Recent results have somewhat brought back fears that fatigue and injury can prove to be detrimental in Arsenal’s quest for a top four spot.

But a good winter transfer window can give the team a fresh spring in their step. After the team’s impressive start to the campaign, Arteta will have more pointers on his notepad to convince the owners to splash the cash again.

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  1. The words Jamie Carragher & Premier League legend should not be seen together in the same sentence (or even on the same page😱).
    Having said that, he does seem to have a talent for stating the obvious.

    1. The more talented pundits give us something fresh to consider that no one may have saidor perhaps even have thought about before.
      Others, the ones of lesse rability and intellect content themselveswith thinking that all we fans want to hear is the blooming obvious stated over ands over again.

      Some pundits are very good ones I highly rate Souness and also Neville, more often than not too. J Redknapp and Jenas too are decent value, most often.

      Callagher is, in fooball terms, a lower place league one pundit. Others, such as the ghastly Savage, Agbonlahor and O’Hara, should be shelf stackers in a supermarket and let nowhere near aTV or Radio sports programme.

  2. Highly talented managers usually have a lot of tricks under their sleeves and know how to train their squads for various systems

    Conte seems to have been relying on a few tactics only and certain types of players, which have been working very well during his stints at Juventus, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Spurs. But I don’t think his approach will ever work for a long-term tenure

    Several big teams seem too tired to keep up with other EPL teams, because of their participations in European competitions. Hopefully Arsenal will strengthen their squad in January, to mitigate the fatigue problem

    1. Yes Conte rarely stays put for long. He’s already whining for money, time etc so the usual exit process has already begun there.

  3. Lets get back to winning ways instead of people and ourselves bigging ourselves up.
    We have been going through a little slog / deep in form and performance.

    Let not buy into our own hype and get back to that swagger winning way..


  4. Winter transfer windows don’t tend to have much quality to buy (contracts usually complete a year each June, which makes players more available as their contracts tick off another year).

    We haven’t started in the domestic cups yet either, but at least after this Thursday is out of the way we may only have a few games in the EL left (7 max?) spread out over a more sensible amount of time and not starting until next year.

    I liked Wenger’s approach of playing U23s etc in the league cup early on. And even Ferguson’s approach of not wanting to enter the club at all!

    Once the WC starts, some players will get a rest and some will be even more tired. Everything will feel different in the 2nd half of the season.

    I just hope we don’t buy players based on their WC showing – international football can make some look better than they are.

  5. We’ve not played anyone good away from home yet, yes you’ve got to beat what’s in front of you, but we have a second half of the season at difficult away days. Will it be the usual Christmas capitulation this time again?
    After the first 11 the squad is weak – so one or two injuries and we’ll soon be talking about pretty football but no results again.
    Let’s hope not the overhype might come back and bite

  6. I was gutted and pissed off at Bournemouth.they were 2-0 up and got beaten 3-2 by the Sp*ds , the winning goal scored in added time!😡

  7. So what I can see of Nelson from my buffering stream is him being slightly lax in the press. Which is a far cry from his pressing in that Liverpool match at the emirates where he scored. Is it true or just the internet playing tricks. I think even Ode came up once to help him press.

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