Why Unai Emery WILL take Arsenal forward this season

All Arsenal fans are very excited in Unai Emery’s arrival, and fully expect the Spaniard to introduce big changes to get the Gunners to be challenging for the Top Four once again. And it is even more pleasing when we hear the players are also excited about the changes and are feeling more and more positive that Emery will turn things around. Listen to what Shkrodan Mustafi had to say about his new boss. “I quite like the idea that the coach has on how he wants to play,” he said on Arsenal.com.

“He is going to bring us forward because he knows exactly what he wants to do and what he wants from the players.

“He knows exactly what kind of game we want to play. That’s important because he can show you who you are on the pitch. You know exactly what the coach wants you to do when you have the ball and how to move. That’s important when you have a lot of young players.

“When I first met him, he had this aura that he knew exactly what he wants to do, what he wants to be working on, what are is priorities and he was very detailed. He was not trying to show us new football but he was trying to put one idea into the team which is the same for everyone and we work for the same things.

“Most of the time, they were basic things. They were nothing special – he is not trying to change the football world. He is someone who has a clear idea and is looking at details, to one or two metres. In today’s game that is very important because most of the time it is one or two metres that decides if it’s a goal or no goal. My first impression was that he is someone who really knows what he wants and really sticks to his idea.”

There is the devil in the details for sure! If all the Arsenal players are feeling the same way about Emery’s ideas then surely it is just a matter of time before it all comes together and we start shooting up the table again!

Onwards and Upwards!

Sam P


  1. Innit says:

    Good. Wenger gave too much freedom to players and felt a lot of players could play in different positions and many times completely wrong positions.

    Emery seems more focused and technical

  2. Chiza says:

    Emery will win us two trophies this season….I know the Europa league is surely one of them but I’m yet to know the other one..it is left to emery to show to us what he can do…I trust him

    1. Admin says:

      Ive had a bet on Europa and FA Cup.
      Now you have predicted it I’m not so sure!

      1. stubill says:

        Admin, are you questioning the mighty Chiza, from the planet Chizal, shame on you.

      2. Things are changing says:

        Isn’t Chelsea in the Europa league as well?

  3. gotanidea says:

    We will find one of the indicators in two hours time

    To be successful, he has to form his tridente at Arsenal, which could force some old attackers out

  4. Sean Williams says:

    Tactically, against Man City, we were atrocious. Our team were being pressed right to the edge of our own box but consistently Cech threw the ball to our back line who did not have either the confidence or the ability to even get to the half way line. It was tactical idiocy. However boring it would have been, if Cech would have kicked long sonetines City would have played deeper. It was tactical suicide. We were as poor as I have ever seen us. It did not surprise me that Kroenke did not really invest to buy the best. Strangely Matteo Guendouzi looked our best player. Xhaka was an embarrassment. If Emery plays him today he is mad. Cech was a great shot stopper but probably the worst goalkeeping distributor I have seen on our pitch ever. Obviously by not buying the cream of talent we can’t challenge for the PL, but if we can get the ball in the opponents half both Lacazette and Aubamyang have ability to score. ‘Greedy Stan Kroenke’ is responsible for this. He wants a a ‘sows ear to become a silk purse’. Ce n’est pas possible. Kroenke is ruining the joy of all our supporters by practicing ‘Austerity’ in the transfer market. He is taking Arsenal to mediocrity.

  5. Declan says:

    Hating the look of the table at present with spurs top and us bottom!
    Hopefully we can put that right in a few hours time.

  6. ArseOverTit says:

    Play Laca & Auba together and drop Ozil and we will be just fine!

    1. Leon says:

      I agree.
      I have a very low opinion of Ozil – he has talent, without question but his attitude is bloody awful.
      I would like to see Nelson or Nketiah be given a chance.
      I would say sell Ozil but no one was interested in him when he as about to become a free agent so therefore no one will want to buy him.
      Another colossal Wenger screw up…

    2. Goonerboy says:

      Big bro, am afraid we will be seeing Ozil again as the confirmed line up is out already, Xhaka, Iwobi in the starting line up and no Torreira again

  7. UnaiEmirates says:

    I wish we had Fulham’s midfield! Those two African boys are beasts! That’s what Arsenal need.

    1. Goonerboy says:

      But they are losing arent they?

  8. Goonerboy says:

    Although, it may not end this way, but West Ham are losing again despite spending close to 100m, and they are playing at home against B’mouth, money goes a long way, but guarantees nothing!

    As for Emery taking us to the top, of course he could but only if he is well supported by fans and financially by Kroenke.
    Fans are required now more than ever to show a very deep understanding as to the situation of things knowing fully well that we are in a transition phase thereby laying aside all lofty and unrealistic expectations which will do no good.
    The new manager will at the very least need 3 months to FULLY know, assess and understand his team’s behavoir in real match situations amd during that time, a lot could happen, BUT as for me, win, lose, or draw… I support Emery!

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      So you should. The mans 1 game in..Wenger had a little

      You don’t win the uefa cup 3 times in the spin if there is nothing about you!

  9. Rkw says:

    Ok … A couple of stiff drinks later … Don’t know what to say … A more measured half of decent football would help … At least emery has done right thing at half time

  10. Me says:

    How stupid does the author of this article look?
    Look at the table – are you going to argue we are improving and not look like a half wit?
    I hate these sites – all brainless optimism when the world is going to crap?
    It infuriates me….

  11. Leon says:

    I actually enjoyed that – it was so bad, just like those awful Chinese Kung Fu comedy movies of the seventies that it was actually good.
    I give up – it is clear that Emery is completely clueless. It is clear that he underestimated just how awful and unprofessional this Arsenal squad are and it is clear that he has absolutely NO understanding of Premiership football.
    At most clubs you see some improvements when new managers come in, players playing for their places you know showing a little pride.
    These players just CANNOT be arsed – don’t give a toss as long as they get paid.
    This project is WAY beyond Emery’s ability.
    The issue goes beyond the team and ends with Kroenke and the management “team” of Sven whatever the hell his surname is and Raul god knows whatever.
    God another shite weekend….

  12. arsenal-steve says:

    Asking Mustafi, Bellerin, Sokratis to play our from the back is like Boris Johnson becoming honest. It ain’t possible. I feel for Emery because the back line is not capable of playing out. Who is the culprit? Greedy Stan Kroenke is. He will lead us to obscurity. The nightmare owner.

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