Why Vardy turned down Arsenal

Vardy snubbed because of reservations of role at Arsenal!

So in the past 48hrs it’s officially been confirmed that Jamie Vardy has rejected Arsenal in favour of remaining with Premier League champions, Leicester City. In all honesty who can blame him, Vardy has the potential to be a club legend there and I’m still convinced that he wouldn’t have fitted into the Arsenal style of play anyway.

It seemed that Vardy may have shared such an opinion too, with Sky Sports today reporting that Vardy eventually decided to sign a new contract with Leicester, after receiving assurances that he wasn’t guaranteed at Arsenal.

Sky Sports understands that after speaking with Arsene Wenger, Vardy wasn’t assured that he would be the club’s main striker, something that Leicester can guarantee. At Arsenal I think he would be used in rotation alongside Giroud and Welbeck, because of the way Arsenal tend to play with a single striker. It also wasn’t guaranteed that Vardy wouldn’t be played out of position. We have seen Vardy occasionally drift out wide for England, but it doesn’t suit his style of play very well and so he wouldn’t be used to the best of his ability, if played out wide under Wenger.

Another matter that concerns Vardy is Arsenal’s style of play in comparison to Leicester’s. Arsenal build play up slowly with plenty of passing, often regarded as trying to ‘walk the ball into the net’ but Vardy much prefers the quick counter attacking style of play that Leicester have adopted under their title winning campaign. Therefore at 29 years old, it’s understandable that he may not want to adapt, especially after the successes he found last season.

Vardy also apparently maintains that Leicester have something special in this squad and believes that they will not only challenge for the league next season, but also put up a fight in the Champions League. It’s been a fairytale story for Vardy at Leicester and understandably he won’t want the club’s successes to come to an end, so I see the reasons for why Vardy has decided to sign a new contract with Leicester.

As we’ve all said before, not everyone was content with this deal anyway, with Gooners finding many concerning factors about Vardy, mostly to do with age and attitude. The club must now move on towards lining up the next target. Who will it be Gooners?



  1. Cmone this is Arsenal enough with the vardy this vardy that.what is wenger thinking we need a striker asap or else we will crumble like we always do.

  2. It doesn’t matter
    I think he made the right decision unlike RVP
    Vardy is already a legend at Leicester. Why ruin that?
    Stay with the fans that will appreciate you the most and still make excellent salary

  3. I still cant quite believe he turned down a chance at Arsenal. I think the people saying Arsenal style wont suit him must have gotten to him. I might come across small and petty here, but I hope he regrets this decision big time. I hope lei get found out next season and I hope mid table suits Vardy very much.

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