Why Walcott is worth BIG money Arsenal contract!!

It does not seem all that long ago that Arsenal were last holding talks with Theo Walcott and his representatives about a new contract, but in January it will be two years since he signed his current deal worth around £90,000 a week. And that one was only for three years, which is why the club have already begun talks over another contract for the England international, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Arsene Wenger revealed, “We are starting to sit down with him. He has one and a half years to go in December. It is never an easy job with him.

“It should be his best years from now because he is 25, so hopefully we can profit from that.

“He is a unique player, a player who has been here a long time and who gives us something different. He has been tremendous for the last few seasons. To have him back can only be a bonus for me.”

The last time these talks were going on, there was still a question mark in many Arsenal fans’ minds about whether the speedy striker would ever realise his early promise, but that has largely been answered with Theo finally showing that he is a great finisher. He ended that season with his best ever tally of 14 in the Premier League and 21 in all competitions.

And but for a bizarre abdominal problem that needed surgery and then his cruciate ligament problem, Walcott looked like he could do even better for Arsenal last season. And a report in The Mirror shows that some key stats suggest that a big reason for the Gunners not being able to keep up our title challenge last season was the loss of the 25-year old forward.

In his 13 league games, Theo made five assists and scored five goals. Our win ratio, points per game and goals per game were all better with Walcott on the pitch and while losing Aaron Ramsey was another major factor, the stats also show that the Welshman did better when Walcott was in the team.

So the contract talks should be a lot easier this time round, from both sides. Arsenal are now spending money and not selling our best players, showing Theo that last season’s FA cup should be the first of many trophy wins. And Arsenal should have no quibbles about giving the fast forward a nice pay rise to go with his new deal. Do you agree?

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  1. Give Theo the money he wants… Just make sure you save enough to buy a few defenders! Oh… while I’m at it! I wanna know who else has been telling Alexis Sánchez to ‘chill out because he’s too serious’. I need those fukkin’ culprits ‘blacklisted’ for sabotaging Arsenal’s greatness. Obviously, instead of telling Sánchez to chill out they need to be following his lead as it is becoming apparent that he’s far ahead of them!

    1. Tho Ox and Walcott are the 2 that have gone on record by saying Sanchez is being told by all the current players to slow down…the Ox and Theo have all confirmed it. Theo came on TalkSport after the game on Saturday and said that Sanchez takes training as a real match, so all the players keep telling him to take it easy because he is going to need this energy he is wasting during each match during the Christmas period. Lol

  2. offer him 150k…..ever since he sign the contract hes been getting injured……he needs more money to pay the bills and get motivated

    1. can you believe it that Sanchez was earning 75k at Barca, so what exactly has walcot done to make him earn 150k, he must show the whole world he is worth 150k per week

    1. Maybe Mertesacker needs rest. Move Chambers into CB with Monreal and Bellerin for Swansea game. Atleast Chambers can be like Koscielny for Swansea game(not better than him) but he feels btter in CB position.

      1. I would love to see chambers at CB, but since his first game for us he has kept me nervous due to his rush challenges, sometimes you are thinking to yourself please Chambers stay on on your feet and see out this attack, but he will just go in with no thought at all, he will commit himself into tackles that an experienced player would not. He ends up giving away free kicks and yellow card or the ball is skipped past him and we are in trouble.

        So playing him at CB right now when he is still tentative in his game and tackles might be the reason Wenger is not playing him there. But he has got to be better than Monreal at CB surely.

    2. Son,

      When situations such as last night reveal their ugly faces, keeping calm is no longer an option.

      The time is ripe for voices to be heard, even the angry ones.

      The repetition of obvious mistakes made by Wenger necessitates responses.

      Players have been instructed to maintain their silence for far too long in an effort to display their “loyalty” to their manager. Wenger has had his way with the players by keeping them close to him, so no one can utter anything negative about him in anyway.

      Now, it’s time for the fans to become vociferous.

      You can keep clam.

      1. keep calm is that a joke we are operating like a circus & wenger is it’s ringmaster who have no clue what so ever we will never win anything big under wenger

  3. Our defence is really something…..im still in shock…..I have to agree with Paul Mearson’s assessment of our tactical approach after going 3 0 up…..or even when we were 3 1 up…..I saw a pic of Sanchez after the final whistle….He looked disgusted

    1. I wonder what other team at the top with ambitions for trophies can actually capitulate the way Arsenal does. It’s embarrassing! If I were Stan, had Wenger lost to Anderlecht yesterday, I’d have instantly sacked him! It’s also obvious that we won’t win against Dortmund!

  4. Hell yeah!!!! Those depressing sc*ms have been asking him to chill out, why should they? Chill out like our clueless manager on the bench and literally do nothing while it’s obvious the team is crashing?

    Excuse me, what the freaky f**k is Bould’s job? What really is his contribution to Arsenal? Is that that man too can’t stand up to Wenger just like every other stooge that’s been wiping Wenger’s a**s with their tongue?

    Wenger did not buy defenders when he really should, I don’t wanna dwell on that, but how about promoting those young and promising lads from the “B” team like Hayden? Isn’t that why they are there?

    I call him the German snail. Yes, Mertesecker. See how tall he is, yet even a dwarf can lift higher than him. People talk about his arial battles. Damn it! He loses all, except when there’s no one to battle him.

    As for Flamini, just LOL! All he does is clap hands and shake head like a rasterfferian from Jamaica.

    So some of you think we have defensive midfielders in Arteta and Flamini, eh? Good to know. #BS

    There’s just so much to say, but I just wanna say that for once, I just couldn’t fault KJ’s ratings.

  5. He has been one of the most overrated players around….but who knows maybe his layoff has improved his skills and work rate… But fore sure there is no hurry let’s see how he performs over next 6 months

  6. I hope now people can stop crying on about Posolski deserves to start games. The guy is so so lazy, can’t run, does not know how to press, track back to help out the fullbacks or defense etc…

    So we can now see why Wenger does not trust Podolski, he would rather not substitute the knackered players that are so clearly tired than trusting Poldolski. Some players looked to tired but Wenger trusted them more that Podolski. Look when he came on, the players that had played 89 minutes were still running past him trying to help out the defense, the 3rd goal, I watched him jogging in the middle while the Anderlecht players were flying past him on the flanks, he was just ball and man watching instead of running towards the ball and putting a bit of pressure, the guys had all the time and not challenge to pick out a perfect cross. But if Podolski had made it difficult for them then that cross would not have been perfect.

    And the weak link Mr Mertesacker, he is the biggest guy but the weakest in aerial battles. That is the 3rd goal so far this season the he has let it due to his lack agility and positioning.

    The midfield, where were they? They were all square and had not clue about danger.

    I have said it and will say it again, not one CB or DM will make that much of a difference as long as we don’t don’t defend and attack as a unit. A DM would have done nothing to stop those crosses for the 1st and 3rd goal, they were all crosses from the fullback positions, the fullbacks need their midfielders or wingers to help them out. The whole team does not defend or press as a unit. That the problem. And until that side of the game is sorted out them we will keep conceding and sAying the same things each season.

      1. What did Podolski do wrong? You can’t judge a guy based on 10 minutes. Ramsey and Carzola did nothing yet played the whole game. You can’t prove yourself if the manager never gives you a chance. Last night was crying out for squad rotation, words that are not in Wenger’s vocabulary.

  7. terrible performance by us in 2nd half the linesman stanind near goal post is on dope couldn’t spot the offside goal but u can’t blame nacho unreal fot the 2nd goal he isn’t a cb blame wenger for it

    1. I was laughing when they shouted that lines man a few yards behind out goal post but he did not see that offside goal? Lol.. He was like a meerkat, they are known to always be on their 2 legs looking out for danger, they are so conscious and alert during the day. The lines official was like that but missed it. Lol.

      In the TV replays he had this nervous panicky look like a meerkat lol. But we should not make that an excuse for letting in another 2 goals.

  8. what was disgusting is that this arsenal squad are filled with players who have zero aggression apart from sanchez I mean when andlercht players kept tackling sanchez & no one showed any aggression they should have got in his face, if viera/gilberto/keown were playing yesterday I am sure mitrovic & company would have left field on stretcher no fire in belly nothing at the end of this season midgets like cazorla/flamini/arteta & glassman diaby should be leave heck diaby’s contract should be torn right now

  9. as far as wenger goes imagine being paid millions and making the same mistakes time and time again Wenger will never go voluntarily. He thinks he owns Arsenal.Alexis is on diff level as to others, the rest of the team should apologize to him he must kicking himself 4 joining us

    No defence trained by Bould would be this shit. He clearly doesn’t let him have any input in training or transfers WENGER OUT

  10. I see some people here criticizing the home fans for not being loud enough in other articles, what did u want them to do, they pay season ticket to watch crap all season, if another 10 mins was given we would have lost that game and u expect the fans to become robots. The point is when watching arsenal never get excited (even when leading by 7 goals) until the final whistle is blown. Remember the 4-4 draw with almighty NEWCASTLE

  11. Per a shadow of former self. Monreal not CB. Kos injury prone. Arteta/Flam aren’t good/young enough.

    All things we knew BEFORE the season!

  12. I can’t remember who it was that made a stupid comment yesterday about how every player should just do what their position says, That a defender should just do that, an attacking midfielder should just create a DM should just cover the defense and strikers and wingers should just put in crosses into the strikers… I think it was Ks-gunner or kickAss, can’t remember properly.

    And what I countered that lame ass comment was highlighted in this game. I said “This is 2014, football evolves every few seasons, now players should be flexible and not one dimensional like it was many years go, today’s AMF has got to be able to create, assist, score and track back, CM the same thing, strikers have got to be able to work the channels, hustle defenders, assist and sccore, before a striker was a 20-25 goals, now they are pushing 30-35 goals. Fullbacks have got to defend aswel as help out in attack etc… So basically that means the whole team has to work as a unit, defensively and offensively.

    That comment came back to roast last night. The attackers and midfielders did their jobs by creating, assisting and scoring 3 goals. Then they applied that lame logic of “Alright, we have done our jobs, now let the defensive players do their jobs too. They were letting crosses come from wide, that showed me that the fullbacks were not being helped out properly. The 1st and 3rd goals confirmed it.

  13. Walcott is not I repeat NOT worth 150grand a week.
    Wenger and Bouldy couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery.
    I now can’t read the news listen to the radio or watch TV sport till the dust has settled down thanks to my piss poor team.

  14. Starting the season with just TWO recognised first team centre backs – this is utter incompetence from a manager who is paid eight million a year.

    Paul Merson was absolutely spot on when he said Arsenal are technically clueless, but he would not be criticised if he came out and said Arsene Wenger was tactically clueless.

    As usual, despite another bad performance the one person who should be questioned, who should be shot to pieces by the media gets away with it.

    I would like the Arsenal board of directors to come out and tell Arsenal fans what their REAL ambition is, because it sure as hell is not being successful on the pitch is it ? At least that way then the mugs….so paying supporters can at least make an informed choice whether to stump up all that money every season.

    Arsenal just take the loyal fans for mugs by keeping that idiot in charge, at Bayern, Real or Barcelona he would have been sacked years ago…

    But then again, Arsenal are just in it for the money…

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