Why Walcott MUST start for Arsenal when fit

Why Walcott starts for Arsenal when he’s fit again by KJ

Slowly but surely, Theo Walcott will finally be fit to start for Arsenal again and this is as exciting as a new signing for me. It looks like the beginning of October is our best bet but either way, it is refreshing to know our most clinical and most dangerous player is a matter of weeks away from playing for the club again. Some may think that his place as an Arsenal starter is potentially under some question but I think he starts for us regardless for these reasons.

– As I mentioned before, he is our most clinical player and he has become a world class finisher in my eyes. He easily gets his shots on target now and manages to get immense power and precision with his improved technique. This has resulted in him scoring plenty of goals over the last two seasons when fit and he is able to punish big teams because he only needs one big chance to score.

– He is the fastest player in the squad and along with his brilliant movement; he is the most dangerous player in our squad. He has the ability to devastate teams because of his pace, movement and finishing. There were flashes of good combination work between Özil and Walcott before he suffered his massive injury in January and I expect him to reignite that partnership simply because he’ll provide the German with the runs he’s been looking for. Add that to the mobility of Welbeck and trickiness of Alexis and we have an extremely dangerous front line for our no.10 to supply.

There is only a couple of reasons as to why he’s a certified starter for me but they are compelling enough for me to feel that he’ll completely change the dynamic of the team. It will most likely see Cazorla on the bench but it’s the price you must pay with the squad we have. We need his pace and he has proven throughout his career at Arsenal that he will turn up with the goods when it matters most.

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      1. well sanchez has a better dribble for sure but the kind of tendency sanchez has is more to be an SS than a winger, where as Walcott is very much a traditional winger.

        we need them both, and need them to play together.
        i also MOST want to see Sanchez play behind Welbeck and see how it would look for us.

        1. Factually, Sanchez is more of a winger than Theo is, and a more complete one too. Dribbles better, tackles better, faster with the ball at his feet and defends better.

  1. yes lets rush him in after a six month long injury! sanchez, ox, campbell can all cover for him till he’s regained proper match fitness!

  2. Theo is a definite starter no doubt but he has to be eased back and not rushed like last season. He brings pace and directness when he is available we’ re always dangerous I prefer him on the left like the goal against man city cos Sanchez does not really have an impact from the left so Theo left and Sanchez right with welbeck up top mouthwatering pace & dats more like it.

  3. The first comments Wenger makes on Danny Welbeck is that “he wouldn’t be here if I was in the country” so yep Danny Welbeck was not an Arsene Wenger signing!

    1. People are thumbing down the truth that Wenger spoke in his own words,it’s on the BBC he says ‘if I was at home he wouldn’t be here’ he was gonna sign him on loan only so him being permanent shows he’s not an Arsene Wenger signing!

      1. Wenger said it himself I’m not taking this out of thin air,we all know Wenger was in Italy on deadline day so I f he says “if I was home he wouldn’t be here” it clearly shows someone went above Wenger’s head and signed Welbeck!!!

    2. the truth is, it was a coincidence that Welbeck was training at the emirates along with the england team that day, and then Arteta and Mertesacker was there as well training because both weren’t on national team.

      And it was a our Cap and Vice cap that gets to talk to him and knows of his situation,(perhaps also the Falcao deal going through soon) and he was about to go to the Spurs.
      Knowing that, Arteta and Mertesacker convinced him to play for us instead, and let Wenger know of his availability, hence the signing.

      So IF wenger was in England, instead of Rome, Emirates stadium wouldn’t be free for the England squad to train in, and the coincidence wouldn’t have happened.

      Which is why Wenger said “He wouldn’t be here if I was in the Country”.

      Wenger didn’t consider Welbeck because he didn’t think Man Utd would sell him to a rival. But since the player wants to be with us, and Man U were desperate to sell with now 3 big wage strikers in the squad and it’s deadline day, Wenger gets lucky with this one.

      1. Not trying to nitpick here,
        but the training was at London Colney, not at the Emirates. Welbeck was in the gym where the chance meeting occurred.

    3. This is the most plausible explanation I have come across to Wenger’s cryptic comments and the non-story about conspiracy:

      “If you missed it, it claims that Arsene Wenger didn’t actually sign Danny Welbeck from Manchester United but chief executive Ivan Gazidis waited for the manager to leave the country before signing a player behind his back.

      As if that is not odd enough, the claim is being made by people known for taking the stance that Wenger is a dictator who runs every aspect of Arsenal. Nothing, they claim, happens at the club without his say-so.

      So which is it? Is he a dictator or a manager who can be ‘duped’ by his own chief executive? You don’t get to have it both ways because it suits your own personal agenda.

      Speaking at his pre-Manchester City press conference, Wenger, most likely unaware of the Twitter-based conspiracy, did not help the situation when he said: ‘If I had not been away on deadline day, Welbeck would not have signed. That’s the truth. I will tell you the story one day.’

      The natural reaction to this from the conspirators is to declare that Wenger himself has confirmed what they suspected – Welbeck was only signed because he was out of the country, but do you really think if that was the case, that the Arsenal manager would let this be known?

      From what I can gather, judging from tweets by people who are more connected than me but operating without an anti-Arsene agenda, the manager happened to be traveling with people who enabled the transfer to be completed.

      The fact that he was away from the club allowed him to be more available than he otherwise would have been to deal with the transfer. The quote itself, vague and open to interpretation, points to a bigger story but not the one some people are desperate to hear”.

  4. for me when fit hes got to start hes a match winner n a game changer the more you have of these players in the side the more games were its very tight will be won.

    always been baffled by a lot of the criticism he receives maybe not always the most pleasing on the eye with his dribbles but a very affective player + who wants to mark theo Walcott.. Nobody that’s who his movent n pace make him a nightmare not to mention decent in his finishing.

    hope he has a fruitful season

  5. BULLSH*T people are mistaking wenger’s comments “The coincidence made it. If I stayed in my home, Welbeck would not be here” Thats suggests a chance meeting in Rome made the deal happen

    that meeting was with fergie. I bet fergie had something 2 do with this deal happening wenger was with him that day so all of u stop with the conspiracy theory & start supporting the team COYGS

    1. You’re the one who talks BULLSH*T!!!a chance meeting with Fergie???Fergie has no influence over LVG he’s the one who got rid of Welbeck and Wenger even says he would have signed him on loan not permanently!

    2. @leo,
      I have the answer you’re seeking.

      “The coincidence made it”. – It was a chance meeting of Arteta/Mertesacker with Welbeck at London Colney gym on 01 Sept, where Welbeck was training with the England squad ahead of their friendly with Norway. Wenger was at the airport (photograph showed him sitting alone – and the date cannot be confirmed – could have been a photograph from an earlier date) when he was alerted of Welbeck’s availability through Arteta/Mertesacker. The eventual proceedings took flight from there.

      Wenger himself admitted that he wasn’t aware of Welbeck’s availability that morning. The contents of his meeting/discussion with Fergie will never be known. Wenger cannot betray Fergie’s trust in the discussion.

  6. arsene wenger met with Welbeck’s agents in Heathrow. It was photographed.he was in Rome with Fergie that day, clearly SAF had something to do with it.

    The press did fine job of selectively editing/twisting Wengers comments .Not sure why Arsenal fans have to do it too? the media has always been anti-arsenal

    1. Fergie had nothing to do with this deal,LVG is getting rid of most of Fergie’s players it was Van Gaal’s decision to sell Welbeck,I can’t believe people on here take you seriously,according to your transfer BS that you post Falcao,Reus,Carvalho etc would be at Arsenal now!

      1. falcao dad himself said arsenal wanted him / carvalho deal didn’t happen because it involved 3rd party shut up with ur bullsh*t theory not interested in talking to the likes of u

      2. What if this Fergie influence had nothing to do with LVG but with Wenger? In a way that Fergie convinced AW somehow Welbeck is a def acquisition? So Wenger sanctioned the deal based on Fergie’s comments about Welbeck or something.

  7. No thank you! Your points in this article are actually the main reasons why he shouldn’t start! Why start our best clinical finisher for the past couple of seasons after over 6 months of injury? F*ck that! He should be slowly reintroduced in the team when he is fully fit. Sub him in for Sanchez or even Welbeck at the 70-75th min mark or so. Losing him drastically affected our goal tally last season and we can’t just toss him in the deep end after all this time on the sideline.

  8. hey @Leo I dont care to know the main thing is welbeck is a gunner and he’s gonna give us a goal on Saturday let’s forget about what was and focus on man city

  9. So Walcot is world class?Maybe world class in England!
    That guy still has a lot to prove in order to fulfill his full potential.
    Walcot is average and if u can’t believe that,then u are deluded just like the admin.!

  10. The whippet is fine for last 20 mins against tired defences….otherwise welbeck Sanchez and ox/Campbell look like the right starting option … If ozil and jack can feed these guys we could be in for an enjoyable season

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