Why was David Luiz in Arsenal’s new kit launch?

Stop players posing in the new shirts if they will leave!

You know the new season is approaching when Arsenal and teams in general unveil their new kits for the up and coming seasons.

There of course is nothing nicer than seeing the revealing of the new shirts that our team will be stepping out in for the new season. And more often than not, the designers do a good job with the designing and the fans, myself included, are excited to purchase their own ones to wear with pride when supporting the Arsenal.

However, one thing they really gets on my nerves is when it comes to a new season and a new kit will be revealed, players that will be leaving are part of the photoshoot that takes place for the unveiling, on the website and all media and store platforms.

There have been many over previous seasons but one main one that caught my eye this season was David Luiz, who we now know is leaving. He was happily posing for pictures at the kit unveiling as published on arsenal.com.

Now, as nice as it is to see players enjoying kit unveilings, fans who don’t know about transfers as such, will see players like Lacazette (who hasn’t left but we know his contract is up for discussion) and Luiz, and will instantly be happy to see them in the new kit as it gives hope they are staying for another season at least.

Not long after the kit was unveiled though, it was announced that Luiz would be leaving the club at the end of the season.

So, we know Luiz is off but I for one hope Lacazette genuinely is part of the team next season and we can see him on the pitch wearing the new jersey rather than via photos that would just be deleted if he does leave

Gooners what do you make of players posing for the photoshoot in new kits, especially if they know they are leaving?


Shenel Osman

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  1. As this is THE most pressing issue that Mikel Arteta is facing, I have thought long and hard and spent many hours tossing this around in my mind… and have decided I couldn’t care less!!!

    1. Ken, I much agree with you, in one way(in worrying about which player, including one soon to leave, models kit) but believe that it is not MA’s problem. But it is ours( as individuals), I believe! Perhaps a classic example of facing both ways at once, I pondered. So, I thought some more and see no real dilemma BECAUSE, this is not MA’ s problem or territory.

      Which players model kit is unlikely to be MA’s decision or professional interest and is surely done by the, ahem, “all caring, fan disposed” marketing dept.

      I have a major life problem in disliking marketing intensely, so too with advertising, and this applies to a far wider life field than merely football. I see it as rapacious capitalism designed to fleece ordinary people, in order to make obscene profits for decision makers, personally, who are by and large unpleasant, uncaring people. I stress the decision makers, NOT ordinary folk working in those industries. Same as with the banking and fashion industries.

      I have been professionally involved with senior marketing and senior advertising people in my career and their (in general) shallowness is troubling.

      At my senior age, knowing what I know now, I feel it my duty to call out ALL those who use, in any field of human life, common decent folk to make themselves richer at their expense. Kroenke is the archetypal villainous example of this obscenity.

      I loathe with a passion all such types who prey upon the naivety and trust of ordinary, decent and good folk. This is one – among other reasons – why I HAVE NEVER WORN A CLUB SHIRT AND INTENSELY DISLIKE THE WHOLE CON OF SHIRT MARKETING IN ITS ENTIRETY.

      Who gains from it, ultimately? Answer: already obscenely rich players and scum like Kroenke. Who loses? Answer: Common decent, hard pressed fans who are conned by cunning marketing ploys into paying through the nose to feed players and Kroenke types bank accounts etc!

      Not for me and never will be! I ought to write an article on this subject and will do so, as I have just decided! I also think it is easy but cowardly to decide that injustice is something that all of us personally can just decide to ignore and pass on by.

      WE OUGHT TO STAND UP FIRMLY AND PASSIONATELY FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND FAIR. Racism, though despicable, is far from the only ill in society.

      If we choose not to stand against unfairness , we are, even if only by implication , condoning it! Are we not?

  2. If David Luiz depart as expected hope a perfect replacement will be brought in. Arsenal need an experience defender to help those young lad.

    1. You already have saliba and mavro! How many CBs do you need? We don’t need a center back at all! Midfielders, full backs and a striker is what we are misisng

  3. Lol..
    We give ourselves unnecessary headaches with topics such as this.
    I couldn’t care less. We have more pressing and worrying issues at the club right now than who features in a photoshoot.

  4. Worrying about Luiz in a new shirt is big news at the moment, nothing else happening really!

  5. He has a year contract, happy in London, playing regular football insured by coach extending him.

    He has another year option offer on table. Player coach deal, joining Arteta’s coaching staff.

    Think kit looks nice, he gets paid as an Arsenal model too, pausing.

    Team never done as well since his injury for 2 seasons! Check stats.

    Arteta will play him back for Season start, hé can go rest at beach all summer long…

    So Indeed, this news is very important, beware to next Season!

    Unless a total clean UP of all management, we can ne very worried by this shot.

    WE all Know Arteta made him is main man in Locker Room.

  6. Stop moaning about petty issues . Concentrate on how pathetic our beloved team have performed thusfar. Concentrate on the game of football which is always the winner and a team like Arsenal that used to win regularly . It has now become an embarrassment for everyone involved except the owners who probably don’t even know how to spell embarrassment or the meaning of the word. But as loyal supporters we should all remember unity creates strength so stop winging about all those petty issues and again , concentrate on the bigger issues at hand – the main issue being the creation of a culture of winning which only great teams have imprinted in their DNA .

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