Why was Martinelli not brought on earlier against Olympiacos?

Inexperience on the part of Arteta cost us the game against Olympiacos

The game against Olympiacos has been played and lost! We can only whine and cry, but we can’t change the result. I know it is very painful losing a game against a team we should be scoring loads of goals against, but then, football can be cruel at times. I have lost count of the amount of games I have lost money on, even though I was using a BetMGM bonus code, when the team with the best form at the moment loses games when luck is not on their side.

Against Olympiacos, I felt uncomfortable seeing Lacazette in the starting lineup. I felt, since Arteta was bold enough to make use of Leno not minding how Martinez would feel, and then he should have still continued with his usage of Nketiah as the center forward. Lacazette is still fighting for form, and everybody including Arteta knows this! Okay fine, I have been one of the people asking for the coach to give the French player more opportunities and time to find his form, but in a game as big as this, sentiments walk away from me, because it knows I show no sentiments regarding decisions that will give me results. He started Lacazette, no problem! But when it was obvious that Laca was not making any impact in the game, why still leave him on the pitch? I don’t get this.

Arteta is still new in this coaching job and so some mistakes are expected to be made by him, regarding getting his tactics and substitutions right. In recent games, Arteta’s substitution has not been the impactful type. I think reading of games and knowing where to tweak to make the team work again was what big coaches are known for, right?

Jose Mourinho with all his controversies has my respect for knowing how to introduce substitutes who will come and make instant impact, in the team. Yesterday against Olympiacos, Arteta’s substitutions were not the type to inspire the team! He took out Ceballos who was trying in his own little way to run things from the midfield, and brought in a Torreria he has not trusted enough to start him in recent games. Okay, let us assume he swapped Ceballos for Torreria to give the midfield a little bit of steel, then can somebody explain why Willock was brought on to the field, when it was obvious who we needed was a goal threat! What were Martinelli and Nketiah doing sitting on the bench! Who does that? Who leaves his goal threat on the bench and bring in a non-impact midfielder, when what your team needs at the moment are goals!!

Even when he brought on the Brazilian bundle of talent, it was a little too late for Martinelli to make an impact. I am forced to ask a question here please, does Arteta have any issue with Martinelli?

We are Arsenal and we are proud.


  1. Mogunna says:

    It was a debacle with no balance in middle, then even worst with even more defensive team.

    Arteta does not make firm and rarely good choices, he was not the one doing so as an assistant.

    Why would he play Bellerin be not rested and Niles to get involved?

    Why Xhaka on the pitch always and not even rested?

    Why Kolas is not playing LB and Saka sacrificed instead?

    He should be to played at least in middle of left flank, as an attacking midfield. Not have Xhaka as first choice.

    We do not need 2 DM with Gendouzi, he is all over already and can alos pass balls, rush forward?

    Why would we play Auba or anyone else on that flank if Saka is our best LW by far? A specialist in that position.

    End of the day, if we can’t have Auba and Laca playing in center together, it is not benefiting the team to have Auba playing as winger so Laca stays in team.

    Best to have Saka as at LW, Auba in middle and Pepe or Nelson on that right flank.

    If Saka plays attacking midfield, Martinelli above him as winger, Auba in as a 9 and Pepe or Nelson on other flank, we are better overall.

    It is a matter of balance, choices, Arteta is not showing too much on both ends. He has no first coach experience in that sense. To put team in right spirit and ready for the game were his tasks as assistant! Not to pick team and tac tic! Can see this issue causing us a lot.

    1. dO2 says:

      I guess you’d be first to call for his head if he’d played AMN ahead of Bellerin.
      Started Kolasinac against Everton, everyone complained, and same unfit Kola is being called to start…

      I do not always go with MA’s decisions; infact I question some as well like not playing Auba as 9 and Matinelli from the left flank, but NO MATTER who the manager picks, we will still always have our different selections. It ain’t always Football manager bruh, and we do not watch or conduct the trainings that also have a say on selections.
      IMHO, that team should easily have held it against Olympiakos if not soundly beat them.

  2. dO2 says:

    If we had defended well, and had Aubameyang not miss that chance (not throwing blames at him now), I guess loads of the talks about how inexperienced Arteta is and the likes won’t surface – it would easily have been maybe a story of “we didn’t play very well but got the job done!”
    I have not been a fan of Lacazette for a long time now (and it ain’t just about the goal drought but his poor overall play), and have always preferred Auba as no. 9 with Matnelli playing at LWF.

    But had Arteta played Eddie with a similar outcome, stories about how lacazette had come back to form and shouldn’t have been dropped, would have also come up – our first and arguably best team was played FCS; we only bottled it, and it ain’t always about tactics. The coach cannot always be responsible for silly individual errors.

    No matter what a team is, it can’t always fire every now and then, and sometimes need that individual steel and discipline to either hold on or grind it out and this is still lacking with us.
    Not even Pep’s Barca, our Invicibles, current Liverpool team play good every now and then – infact so many of Liverpool games this season have been poor but they manage to HOLD ON and someone comes up with a moment of brilliance late on.

    Improvements are easily noticed (except one is only paying a blind eye to them) since MA took over – a regular here would always say stats don’t always tell the whole story. Our wins before MA were as awful as the word itself. We still have a very long way to go but we’re of course making improvements and can only get better with SUPPORT from the fan base.

    1. Jo-Gunz says:

      May you live long @dO2

    2. SueP says:

      Well done

  3. AJ says:

    I totally agree with you @dO2…this was a case of certain players simply not performing as required on the day… Luiz again showing that his sense for snuffing any lurking danger is still very low, same with the Greek defender, as well as Belerin, and Ozil’s penetrating abilities were non-exisitent… If this is true, then why were we criticing Unai’s comments concerning commitment of certain players as delusional, when this was exactly what we all noticed on the night. No one is saying Unai was correct to make sure an observation irrespective of his other flaws. Why should players suddenly fail to do their jobs, and then we begin to critic the coach? No one complained when we saw the team sheet and formation, we all felt the coach got it right. Thereafter, it was left for the players to do their own job, which didn’t happen on the night. So presently, we need to move on as fans, support the coach, and advice that certain players be expunged from the team going forward.

  4. Allstar abs says:

    Lets just accept the result thats all

  5. Siamois says:

    You,re criticism is misdirected,we did enough to win,we all know the reason we lost,just bad defending, individual errors,we were through with a minute left,you can’t blame the manager , players have to take responsibility if we had gone through no one would have blamed MA.

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