Why Welbeck’s England goals are GREAT news for Arsenal

It was great to see the Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck score two more goals for England tonight and it can only help Arsenal when the Premier League and Champions League resumes next week.

I do think these two international goals are really important for Arsenal and Welbeck, because I get the feeling he needed them to keep his confidence levels up.

The young striker has been playing well recently anyway and it is not as if he is on a goal drought or anything, his last club goal coming in the away game with Anderlecht. But that is four games without a goal while Alexis Sanchez grabbed the headlines, so bagging a couple himself will have done Welbeck the world of good.

I really am not having a go at him. He is still learning and getting used to the centre forward role and doing it pretty well I think, but a centre forward is judged on their goals no matter what else they bring to a team, just ask Olivier Giroud.

And Welbeck was playing well for England all night, but a few chances had come and gone before he scored his first. It was a bit scrappy but the confidence it gave Welbeck was evident with the way he created and finished his second. That confidence is priceless.

And with Arsenal’s next game an EPL clash with his former club Man United, Welbeck will be full of confidence and belief as well as a desire to show them what they are missing. How do you think Danny will do against his old team?

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  1. KickAssFan says:

    Good morning, folks!!! Off to play football…. By the way, I’m a bad as DM (winks), but the only reason I won’t wanna play for AFC is becuz I’m afraid Wenger will convert me to a linesman.

    1. davidnz says:

      As long as your getting 60k a week
      sit back and get rich son 🙂

      1. KickAssFan says:

        I guess you’re right, pal…

    2. Big Gun says:

      It would be a dream come true for you, you will get to argue with Wenger all the time!

  2. AYZAY says:

    Yeah welbeck, ok sanchez, nice attacking force, just pray for the defense, we might score five in first half only to receive six in the second

  3. yinkanatty says:

    Green arrow for Giroud

    Red arrow for Welbeck

    1. Grim Bligh says:

      Silly folks,Welb had two goals against a team of nothing and suddenly he is the answer to Arsenal striking problem.The game was a borefest so I did not followed him well but let me tell you,in the last England games Rooney had an average of 6 real chances(most wasted) when Welbek had 2 or 3.The lad the ball in his feet is good,can dribble and shoot well but the problem is that he has not the striker moving awareness.He is barely useful in the middle because of that.I am not a coach but I would see him well in the left playing a la Henry.Remember henry use to like to play on the left using his pace to cross or cut in the middle and slice it in the corner,that he could do.
      Arsenal with Sanchez has a reserve of goal,he is a shark in front of goal.Giroud is average but has his use because of his size and well known “qualities”.
      This team with good rotations,in the sixty minutes time and hunger could do well but the coach is too rigid,always the same tactics not effective and a fierce hate for substitution and rotation.

    2. SaveArsenal says:

      As soon as Wenger’s love child Giroud is back Welbeck will be one of the bansihed, the forgotten faces who drift in the background of Arsenal football club wondering what they have done wrong to be so hated by their manager.

      Wenger will play Giroud into the ground again with his boring slow football.
      A striker that can’t run, can’t dribble, can’t head, on the up side he does have a great shot if they start moving the goalposts to row Z.

      Welbeck is a far superior striker BUT he needs a good coach to use his qualities, Wenger is ruining the player, his speciality!

  4. davidnz says:

    So far Danny seems to score
    in 2-3 games then goes quiet
    for the next 3-4 games.
    Right now he is in his scoring phase.
    Overall Wellbeck appears to be
    a younger, faster Giroud.
    Rotating both players should net the team
    at least one goal per game.
    Sanchez or Ramsey or Walcott
    or Chamberlain should score one goal a game also.
    So Arsenal should score at least 2 goals
    per game which is usually enough to win or draw.
    COYG 🙂

    1. Adienl says:

      Yes, but ouour current defenders(read cbs) make sure that 2 goals ain’t enough.

      1. davidnz says:

        We gonna have to score
        3 goals per game then 🙂

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Haha…yea his goals are important cuz they’d be added to his arsenal premier league goal tally…. Now threre’s no more news from arsenal…..its now from engLand

  6. Sumo says:

    I saw the game yesterday, and fell asleep half way. The football was too dull to watch. I don’t know how the English supporters sit through matches.

    1. Wilsheres pass to Rooney in the 1st minute was mouth watering.
    2. Welbeck second goal was fantastic. He was the bright spark for the England team. I fear he may be the next Podolski, who plays better for country than club.
    3. Kieran Gibbs is way way way better than Baines in International football.
    4. Not bringing on Chamberlain means, i fear, he will be put in against the Scots and ride rough waves.
    5. Wilshere may slowly be getting back (before you say anything go watch the match). He was quite good.

    1. Adienl says:

      What was Wilshere’s position when we played Barcelona and beat them?

      1. Sumo says:

        Midfield i guess.

    2. Hafiz Rahman says:

      baines is world class every season hes linked to top clubs frok chelsea to city。。。

      wonder why no one buys him..

      1. davidnz says:

        He is loyal to Everton.

        1. Sumo says:

          Aah that loyalty stuff.
          He wasn’t that loyal to Wigan Athletic when he made the first switch to Everton.
          He was ready to move to Manchester United just last season but the bid was rejected by Everton management.

  7. SoOpa AeoN says:

    @ kickassfan ……. You should be more worried about sustaining injuries even as a linesman

  8. Big Gun says:

    Let’s just hope our guys are up for it against Manure. We need to beat them AT ALL COSTS.

  9. Big Gun says:

    As for Giroud returning, we have another dimension up front. I feel Danny has been good for us so far and can only get better, but there have been that odd game or two where Giroud’s height and physical presence would have made a difference. I feel against United Welbeck must play as our speed up front can demolish their back four, not to mention he should be amped to score against his old club whom ‘he wasn’t good enough for.’

  10. Rémy says:

    Win or lose against manure, i wouldnt even care so much about that but hope The Welbz scores 2 against his former team and we can now lose the match after 80mins to go but its Funny how the AKBs want to judge Klopp on just his last 10 weeks results but are prepared to go back 10 years to judge Wenger!! #WengerOut

    1. Tope says:

      Its even funnier when you wants welbeck to score two goals against man u only for us to loose the match.it obviously shows the kind of fan you are-oh! I forget.its cos you need something to moan about.dont know why you love taking medication for another mans headache .the akbs stick to what they believe and you are also expected to stick to your daily “wengerout” chants. Let the akbs be and face your own course except you were made to support afc at gun point.welbeck will get there i believe cos the attributes are there for him.

      1. CraigZWE says:

        Hope Welbeck and Sanchez get hatrick, but we will lose game conceding 7 in 30 minutes.

        Wenger out

        1. _ThatONEGunner says:

          @CraigZWE, Best comment ever .. Lmfao

      2. _ThatONEGunner says:

        Dude, you be tripping, as I stated earlier “Win Or Lose I don’t Care” and you know whats funny again You are obviously the one taking medications for my own headaches .. How ironic buddy.. It was my opinion ,didn’t ask for yours .. And our best man has been let down a couple time already which is Sanchez.. Anderletch and Swansea, really buddy ..I would care less about Welbeck if he scores 2 and manu turn the game around in the 85th minute and win 3-2.. And you can stick to wenger all you want but I hope when he leaves ,you follow him along #WengerOut

  11. CraigZWE says:


  12. Tope says:

    I would like you to state all the achievements of klopp in the last 15 to 18years and what you believe he would achieve with dotmund in the next 5years( thats if he is not replaced) with bayern buying and poaching powers.every1 agree that wengers time is up and that he should leave at the end of the season but what amuses me is your constant rant against any1 that fails to go by your line of reasoning. The best thing is for your to start a protest on matchday and anything aside this from you shows you are coward and a keyboard warrior. So, believe what you choose to believe and let those you called akbs cos they disagreed with you opine.

    1. _ThatONEGunner says:

      What! Dude ,we’ve lost to manu now more than I can count even at their worst situation last year .. We still lost .. Did you forget about 8-2 so quickly and VanPersie scoring against us again last year .. You want to know the kind of fan I’m, the one that has stopped living in past glories and looking forward to the future .. And that future doesn’t seem bright with wenger and fans like you aswell. .

  13. goldfish27 says:

    All most all if not all Arsenal players on international duty are performing great for their country then that mean something is wrong and fishy….I think the manager’s tactics and team selection is putting the spirit of the entire team down….why not change the manager and get someone to fire this team to glory…..Wenger out will do the team a lot of good cos the body language of the players speaks for itself…they are fed-up with him n his S**t

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