Why Welbeck’s return can help Arsenal win the title

Danny Welbeck’s return might coincide with an upturn of Arsenal’s form‏ by BT

After being out for almost a year Arsenal are soon expecting Danny to be back. Now he might not be the most favourite Arsenal player among supporters but he certainly has something in him.
He brings a lot more to the team than he is given credit for.

He was key to some matches last season such as against Crystal Palace (away) where he was involved in both goals. He scored a hat trick against Galatasaray and saved our blushes against Hull City. He also gave mature performances against Tottenham and Monaco away and his greatest moment was obviously scoring the winnng goal against Man United in the FA Cup.

Aside from that he has also received praise from most managers and Arsene Wenger certainly believes that Welbeck is special. When explaining why he didn’t buy another striker in the summer, Le Prof said: “We had Giroud, but we also had Theo Walcott who I believe is a world-class striker, we had Alexis Sanchez who is a world-class striker, and we had Danny Welbeck who is a world-class striker.

And in January, Wenger still remained confident in the English international. He said: “Ideally, personally I would prefer to have the players back from injuries, like Welbeck for example, who has been out since April last year.

“He’s now two or three weeks away and I’m confident that I won’t find a better player than Welbeck on the market today.”

Brave words from Arsene, but it is also true that Alex Ferguson and David Moyes thought that Louis Van Gaal was wrong to sell the youngster to Arsenal. Fergie said that the simple reason Danny didn’t score more goals was because he was usually played on the wing. Sir Alex said: “Maybe he doesn’t appreciate us moving him around in various positions and we’ve maybe overused that because he is young.

“But his value to the club is there because I know he can do a job for me in any of those positions.

“It’s a fantastic asset when you have a player who is as adaptable as that.

“But I think he will find his role through the middle once he gets that maturity and gets into a more consistent way of scoring.”

And aside from this Welbeck has a good reputation of connecting with world-class players having played with players like Ronaldo, van Persie and Rooney. He even made some good combinations with players like Sanchez and Ozil last year.

He has the ability to turn things around on his comeback providing competition to Giroud which seems to be the only incentive he needs to be a beast.
Welbeck is also very capable of finding spaces with his speed and strength which are very important aspects to have as a striker. So I expect to him to comeback stronger and turn the tides around in our very controversial season, either scoring important goals or even it is just to get Giroud to believe he has competition up front again.



  1. Hope he returns to put that lazy Walcott out of the wings. Huge salary Walcott is nothing but an overhyped footballer Arsenal has ever had. Stand for corrections though

    1. welbeck is supposed to be competing with Giroud for the CF role……… Not on the wings (as it happened at manure and his later days at Arsenal)

      but i’d rather have him on the wings than our other options (excluding joel and sanchez)

    2. I think walcott is not as bad as we perceive him. The problem with him is that he can’t dribble. Thats very crucial if u r gonna be a winger. However, when played through the middle, he has been excellent – 8 appearances, 3 goals & 3 assists. I don’t know why Wenger decided to waste him on the wings, he should have been rotating with Giroud

    1. u are forgetting how old santi is…….and he’s not even inform at the moment (and like where he left off before his injury)

      What if he returns and does a flame or Arteta?…..what would u do?

  2. “It’s difficult for me to go into any individual assessment. I think he has played many games. Sometimes I use a different formula.”
    “Per Mertesacker is a great leader, a very respected one in our dressing room, but I have three entire backs and I adapt a little bit to their level of form, to the number of games they’ve played and to the opponents we play against. What are their strengths and where can they hurt us?”

    Has it finally dawn on wenger that he can’t be relying on snails to take us far?

    Sometimes i think he’s a Late bloomer in ideas….other times, he’s just a rigid , old figure

  3. Until Wellbeck gets a full
    season under his belt we
    really don’t know how good
    he could be for Arsenal.
    But even if he scores just 3 goals they
    “might” be goals v City, Spurs + Utd which
    win us 9 points and the title.
    The same can be said of Walcott Ox Campbell,
    Wilshere, Sanogo Artea and Rosicky- “might”.
    But at 115 million quid in wages over the years we should
    be getting more than “might” from these players by now.

  4. Dat Guy ‘Welbeck’….Quick recovery to Santi, Rosicky and Wilshere…

    Imagine if Welbeck scores some crucial goal before the season ends? That would be lovely…

  5. He is pencilled in for the cup game against Hull,
    I would be surprised if he’s in the match day squad for the Leicester game.

    Why do i get the horrible feeling that Wenger will start with the Flamini and Ramsey combination? ??

    Add in Mertesacker and….. I will puke ??

    1. get your bucket ready, you know how Wenger likes to prove people wrong, he will go with your ‘horrible feeling’

  6. Leaked team line up and yesterdays training ground talk.

    leicester will sit back and try hitting back on the counter…we have to make all chances count.bould says everyone must do whatever it is they do before big games cox this one and every other game after this is a final.whatever happens the fans deserve a win.if anything just to keep the belief.
    wenger insists that discipline and fighting for each other will be key…then asks if there is anyone who doesnt feel up to it… to raise their hands.

    morale is generally high so just one more tactic session today and then its Dday.

  7. Lets not talk get ahead of ourselves, for all we care to know by this time Monday we could be back to fighting for our annual 4th place trophy seeing how we buckle under pressure and this game has to rank as the most important this season so far…..so let us pray and keep our fingers crossed we sail through this tough test and come out on the other side unscath before we start talking of people coming back from injuries…as far as am concerned they might all be as useful as drainer trying to scoop water if we are not in ccontention for the title

  8. Welbeck has been missed but remember that it took Walcott 3 months to get back into form after a long absence. I expect Welbeck’s opportunities this year will be limited.

  9. Arsenal MUST stay in contention for the title by 1st and foremost, beat Leicester City on Sunday at the Ems.

    Welbeck could be in contention for a substitute role against Hull & Barca Cup games. And if he did very well in these 2 games as a substitute striker substituting Giroud, he could be started in our away game against Man Utd.

  10. Welbeck was another panic and expensive buy from Wenger.He has not proved himself as a striker or as a winger . His only positive is that he contribute to defence but is not a goal scorer.

  11. Arsenal will never win the league with giroud and welbeck as their main strikers. Welbeck is terrible as Cf .He is better on the wing. Giroud is awful. He is not completely garbage but is best used coming off the bench. Walcott still has no football brains but is better used as Cf in certain games. It still comes down to the fact we have not got a creative and great finisher in cf. Wenger is a failure and the sooner you realise the better.

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