Why Welbeck’s return is a massive boost for Arsenal’s title run-in

Despite being on the sidelines for almost a year, Danny Welbeck has made quite an impact since returning to the Arsenal side. After scoring a crucial winner at home to Leicester that brought Arsene Wenger’s side back into the title race, the striker put in a great performance against Hull City and was unlucky not to get on the scoresheet. He was also given another 20 minute run-out against Barcelona and looks like he is ready to roll.

Now with just twelve games to go till the end of the Premier League season, there is no denying that the Englishman has given the Gunners a massive boost going into the business end of the season. Make no mistake about it, Arsene Wenger’s side could really use some more firepower at the moment and the former Manchester United man can certainly bring it.

Apart from playing up front as a lone striker, Danny can also play effectively on either flank, as we have seen last season. Blessed with blistering pace and good physical presence, the 25-year-old certainly has what it takes to make the difference for the Gunners. In addition, it seems as though the player has worked extensively on his physical strength and he seems really hungry, which is certainly a massive boost for Arsenal.

With his team fighting for the title and a place in the England squad for the upcoming Euros up for grabs, you can be sure that Danny will not need any further motivation to give his best on the pitch. While any potential title push will require more of a united team effort, I firmly believe that the timely return of Danny Welbeck has provided Arsenal with a much-needed boost, especially as the team is struggling to finish their chances.

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  1. Welebck is the best CF at this club. Better than Giroud and Walcott. He is better on the ball with more composure, a better dribbler then the other two and his off ball movements are better. He makes the defenders work harder then the other two.

    The only question with him is the same as Giroud and Walcott, can he get Arsenal many goals?

    Giroud, Ox and Walcott should be on the bench. Sanchez, Welbeck and Joel can lead the attack from now on.

    1. until wenger Learns to play those who are in form and relegate the inconsistent to the bench(won’t even go into the issue of doing away with half the entire Lazy squad)……

      Question marks will continue to be raised over our heads

    2. @HA559

      I completely agree with your assessment of Welbeck, but he isn’t out best CF. It pains me to say this…but Giroud is! Because ultimately strikers are judged on goals, and Welbeck doesn’t get many of them.

      Welbeck’s scoring record throughout his career is poor, with 12 being his best return in all competitions in a season. I think last season he got 4 in 25 in the league for us, that’s awful! His poor record looks even worse when you take into account his entire career has been spent at ManU and Arsenal. Two of the biggest clubs in the world that are renowned for creating a lot of goal scoring opportunities.

      Certainly having Welbeck back is great news, because he brings power and pace upfront, and he’ll generally freshen up our stale attacking play. I hope he can start scoring regularly, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  2. Wenger says there was something missing in the final third. It is quite obvious what it is when we have failed to score in 9/37 games so far this season, just under a quarter of our games.

  3. Welbeck is not cut out for a club like Arsenal, we can do better. 2) Sanchez on the flank is just not working anymore, he’s been found out. 3) Ramsay is not a natural DM, he’s a ACM but we already have Ozil 4) why did we sign elneny if we keep playing flamini? 5) OX/Walcott have to be sold this summer in exchange for Yarmalenko and another natural winger. 6) Arteta/flamini/rosicky/OX/walcott have to go this summer. Lastly, and i want to repeat this, sanchez is a ST for chile, JCampbel is a ST for costa rica but neither of them a natural winger.

    1. The only problem with Alexis is that our players are just not finding him in dangerous areas, for some reason even Ozil cant get him in on goal. You say he is found out when what I see is that players are paying very close attention to him, then he has to retreat to pick up the ball and try to work his own openings with two to three players still in-front him. Lets face it, if there is a hugely important chance anywhere near the box or D area it is Alexis you want the chance to fall to. He is just not getting a sniff, but I do take your point with regards to every player knowing that he wants to cut inside, but I say remember Henry’s opening his body up so he can side foot into the corner ..just about everyone knew that is were he was hitting it but stopping him is another matter. Alexis will hit form again he is just way much too good to be found out at this stage of his career ..he will be back.

      1. Alexis played best when we had Cazorla in the team, that’s how important our Spaniard was and one of the reasons I as angry at the manager for not buying his replacement. When Cazorla plays Sanchez is on fire, Ramsey plays at his best and Ozil keeps assisting left and right, he’s our engine and without him we’re toothless.

  4. As far as I’m concerned, Welbeck is the last roll of the dice for Our Premier league hopes!
    Even though Giroud contributes in other areas, he needs benching, as that is the only proven remedy for his goal drought, as for Walcott ? Boy has he stagnated, Did he even touch the ball more than Once last night?
    Whereas Welbeck wasn’t fazed by Barcelona, he was causing their defence some problems and Wenger should have started with him, instead of the lame Ox!

    I agree with HA559, Regarding giving Campbell, Welbeck and Sanchez a run in attack, whilst giving Giroud and Walcott the last 15-20 minutes off the bench, as for The Ox and Flamini ….Send them to boot camp and replace them with Iwobi and Elneny.

  5. the dynamics of football are very simple. You fight Pace with Pace..so why on earth having the players to do so OUR BELOVED COACH GOES WITH FOCAL TARGET AND DM’S with no cohesion to cover spaces with pace too? ( ramsey – Coq ) instead of ( El Neny – Coq ) and welbeck – alexis- theo/Ox instead of OG- Alexis and Ox? I really do not undersatnd it.the subs were made when we realised it was needed but it was to late. Let’s forget about the spirit..it by itself will not ake us anywhere..we need 3 quality players and yes sounds boring but WE ALL KNOW WE SHOULD HAVE GOT ABU and CARVALHO ..Plus el neny as good cover for less than 70 millions this winter window to give us the extra bit needed but probably as usual financial tightness..they decided the squad is good enough. guess what? IT IS NOT. ABU will cost in summer 50 bucks instead of 35 and he will go to shity..who else in the market? your guess is better than mine..THIS TEAM LACK AMBITION and 4 place is the pinnacle we are guarantee.. do we deserve this? do not come with the c… that there’s no special ones to bring in every window..THERE ARE.keep getting millions in interest and hurting fans alike…we will become another Pool ( 20 plus years since last won it ) or Spuds ( even longer )

  6. Am glad welbeck is back but why have we forgoten Campbel so quickly,the guy was starting to get better n better but i dnt knw what he has to do to deserve a spot in the first eleven…i thnk starting ox over campbel is an insult!

  7. I too feel that Welbeck is a welcome relief, we have huffed and puffed over these last few weeks but Welbeck looks extremely eager and seems to mean business. I don’t want to go too far because we all know how Danny is one or two games away from certain fans slaughtering him along with Arsenes decision to buy him. I hope however that this time out he puts extra practice on training pitch regards to shooting, they all need to do that but I cant remember one time of late hearing about extra hours on training ground and doing it alone ..except maybe Alexis. Besides his shooting he has qualities that we need, Himself along with Alexis should unsettle units greatly. The third man at this moment will be one of Walcott Oxlade and Campbell, personally I think Oxlade should get enough time so to feel more comfortable without the weekly chopping and changing that’s going on at right wing. Also we know Giroud responds better to competition and can do well coming from bench. We need a settled team something like ….


    1. @Trevor
      Replace Ox with Joel and Ramsey with Santi and you have the Star team able to give anybody a whoopin…

      1. Cant wait til Santi returns, whichever one he goes with on wing I just hope they get time to fit in and find confidence.

    2. while we are feeling the guilt of seeing OX in our starting line up, u go one to draw a map with the Ox on it

      Terrific masterstroke!…

  8. He can be, if the old french fart benches playboy phantom master 64 and give danny a chance to prove himself.

    and what did campbell do to deserve this treatment from wenger?

    1. ……..Cech

      If not for Campbel at least we should play like this.

  9. I know there’s been a few articles since the game ended and fans have already stated the obvious facts but I just have to echo them again because of all the games we lost this season that 1 truly bothered me even more than the Chelsea games so here we go.

    We should have scored first and at a minimum 1 goal.
    I can’t take anymore of either Walcott or the OX.
    Put Campbell back on the RW. Why is he benched now?
    Why is did we buy Elneny and still have Flamini in our match day squad?
    Welbeck needs to start up top from now on.
    Giroud has his qualities but shouldn’t be a constant starter.
    Özil is frustrated along with Alexis and I hope they stay.
    Like it or not we should have brought Fabregas back to play where Ramsey is playing now.
    Boy how we really miss Cazorla.
    We need at least 2 more lethal attackers who can finish.
    Major overhaul is needed come this summer.
    If PSG will listen to offers get Aurier and sell Debuchy.
    The only British core I have faith in are Wilshere and Welbeck.
    We need the players to match with our 5 star stadium.
    Heard fans left early. That’s sad!!!
    The league and FA cup are still in grasp.
    Go out with a bang at the Camp Nou.

  10. Must say even though I’m not the biggest fan of his goal scoring prowess Welbeast has come back stronger and eager to impact.

    Still think we could have done with a CF who scores goals.

    Still we will see how things develop.

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