Why Wenger has decided Arsenal do NOT need DM transfer?

Most Arsenal fans are still hoping and believing that one of the signings made by Arsene Wenger is the summer transfer window that is coming up will be a top quality central midfielder to play in the deep lying position. We have been linked with some big names in recent years and over the last few weeks it has been the names of Morgan Schneiderlin and Arturo Vidal that have been foremost in the Arsenal transfer rumours in the football media.

But the manager denied any interest in the Juventus and Chile star after the Gunners had lifted the FA cup at the weekend and there are growing reports that Manchester United are closing in on the Southampton and France star. If this is true then it suggests that Arsenal will not be signing a new DM after all, but why?

Well I can think of a few reasons which, when put together, could have convinced the Frenchman that he does not need to. Firstly the fantastic form of Francis Coquelin who has been the best Premier League midfielder on the defensive side of things since he came back into the side. He also showed some real technical ability at Wembley which suggested there is more to come from him.

Then you have Wenger admitting that Mikel Arteta is close to signing a contract extension, giving us a more creative option for some games. And finally you have the emergence of Gedion Zelalem who has been drawing lavish praise for his performances for USA in the under 20 World Cup. You can check him out playing against New Zealand below.

Perhaps Wenger feels that signing Vidal or Schneiderlin would put a big obstacle in front of Zelalem´s development just as he looks set to challenge for a first team role. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Yeah but what if ( god forbid) that le coq picks up a serious injury, and is out for a long period of time? Wenger has got to be sensible and reconsider that statement!

    1. I think it’s pretty obvious that Arsenal have been in for Schneiderlin for a while now and were definitely in for Khedira last summer, just like Suarez and Higuain the summer before. They were happening, no doubt.

      Arsene knows he needs certain players, but for him, the deal to bring them to the club has to be right, otherwise they aren’t worth getting. That’s his opinion. He’d rather not sign anyone than pay a penny more than he thinks they’re worth. Why do you think he let Liverpool outbid us for Alexis last summer and not try and match it? We’re lucky it was Alexis’ choice and not Barcelona’s.

      Wenger is after a DM and has been for a couple of seasons now, he knows we need one, hence why he plays Coquelin all the time now – he knows what a top DM does to the team. He’s an old man now, he won’t change his ways, we just have to hope he finds one at the right price, or that the decision is taken out of his hands. But if he needs a top DM with a reasonable price and wage demands – Krychowiak, Mr Wenger!

    2. Nice thread – shame Wenger nor anyone else at AFC for that matter isn’t quoted as saying we don’t need DM transfer.

    3. Why not wait till August by then Wenger will have done what he wants and he knows the players he will get. Bet a big name and we will all be happy, so have a good holiday and get ready for the showdown. Love It. CB

  2. What if Sanchez pick up and injury?

    We need a top player to compete and backup for Sanchez

    1. We have many wingers: Alexis, Walcott, Oxlade, Welbeck and Ozil can play on wing

      We don’t have another DM if Coquelin gets injured

      Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky, Cazorla, Arteta are not DM. Flamini is past it. Diaby is always injured and Chambers needs more experience

      Schneiderlin, Kondogbia or Vidal would be invaluable.

      Maybe Wenger doesn’t value DM that much. Maybe he has an attacking mentality and thinks defense should be solely for defenders and GK. If he does, I disagree. We started our fine form once Coquelin started regularly playing

      I hope Wenger changes his mind or is bluffing

          1. bakayoko was brought in to play as a DM but the guy NEVER PLAYS he hasn’t played in a long long time. Toulolan also doesn’t play all the time since him and the manager had a falling out. Kondogbia does go forward at times but he can easily strictly focus on defending like he did at sevilla

        1. @Hafiz Rahman,
          Please don’t kill me with laughter owing to the way you murder some names on this site e.g Kondabagiaa. The poor guy can even pick up an injury due to the way you spell his name. Hahaha!

          Suggestion: Always copy and paste any tough name from the article or Google.

      1. Wenger has always been attack minded, thats why he never replaced our best defence that was left to him.

        1. Mind you he did sign
          Per and Monreal but
          yes he prefers
          attacking defenders
          Lauren Sagna Eboue Bellerin Debuchy
          Vermaelen Toure Gallas
          Santos Gibbs Cliche Cole.
          Giroud is probably one of his
          better defender signings.
          Sanogo and Wellbeck know how
          to keep the ball out of the net 🙂

          1. It’s not as if Wenger has never built a decent defence. How many defenders in the Invincibles were there when he took over? Martin Keown? Tony Adams had left by then, as had Bould, Dixon and Winterburn. David Seaman too don’t forget. The Invincibles defence as we all remember it was Lehmann, Lauren, Toure, Campbell and Cole. Not to mention Vieira and Gilberto in midfield.

            1. the invincibles defence still had that collective knowledge of how to defend because of Keown,an Viera who learnt from Adams an co.When they left that knowledge left with them,hence Wenger has never been able to construct a great defence,cos he doesnt devote enough time to it.
              i’m sorry theres no way you can convince me Per is an attacking defender,he can’t even bring the ball out fro the back cos hes too slow.
              Anyway when it comes to defenders i subscribe to the Maldini philosophy that there 1st priority is to be able 2 defend

          2. Aside from Wingbacks in which we obviously prefer players who can contribute to the attack, I think it’s more the versatility he prioritizes. Which leads to players who can contribute to the attack

      2. De Jong To replace flamini.has been a top performing dm in seria a and Premiership winner. He is very similar to coqulan and more xp.

        Free agent

      3. Ramsey can do the job.He fills in where ever and has the strength too. Just concentrate on a.left back and striker. CB

    2. We have Walcott Ramsey
      Chamberlain Wellbeck Rosicky
      Ozil Cazorla Wilshere Gnabry
      Podolski Campbell Sanogo
      who can all play wing.

    3. Andrey ayew would be a good addition for free if we can’t find high quality available.

    4. What if Sanchez’s replacement gets injured? No club in Europe has an equivalent back-up for their best players if they are injured – standard risk for all clubs. I’d say we have better options if Alexis gets injured than say Chelsea if Hazard is out for example.

  3. When is everyone going to learn you have to take what Wenger says with a pinch of salt. I still remember him saying I don’t know who Cazorla is.

      1. It’s the first time I have mentioned Cazorla but if you want me to say that 500 times I will do 🙂

        Cazorla Cazorla Cazorla sod it I can’t be bothered 🙂

  4. Szczesny is found smoking again. Cech please replace that useless smoker. Cech is a role mode to kids.

      1. I Agree Hafiz. Szczesny is making mistake and not learning from his mistake. His form has
        also been terrible. He is good at best but not top class.

        1. Cech is good enough for first team for at least 3 season and

          Martinez wldnt want to be warming the bench for 3rd choice for more than 1 season or going out on loan for several seasons….

  5. I am really impressed with the form of underrated players such as Coquelin, Bellerin and
    Monreal this season and Ramsey last season. I credit top class players such as Sanchez, Ozil
    and Cazorla. We need to buy a quality striker which will improve our attackers such as Walcott,
    Ox and Welbeck too.

    1. Yes but when is Wenger going to listen to us, we have been calling for one for three years now.

      1. I dont know. He has to listen to us. With all due respect to Ospina we should have signed a classy gk last season. This year we need a quality striker and cdm and keeper. Surely we have enough money to spend 70-80 m on 3 players.

          1. If we want to win the league we have to look at what Chelsea do better than us. In my mind they are only better in defence and their striker. If we get that right we will win the EPL next season.

            1. thats why we need to sign a quality CB….

              Parlour, Adams, Robson, Keown etc….and now even Henry has spoken

              we need that spine…

          2. Do you honestly believe that fans have more football knowledge than Wenger and his scouts???

  6. Hard to say from the video, Zelalem definitely has skills on the ball and a good passing range but NZ left him far too much space and time. Some aspects need refining but he has huge potential. He would definitely benefit from spendng time with Ozil, Ramsey and Cazorla.

    Today’s rumours are unfounded but pretty awesome: Kongdogbia, Isco & Lacazette…I’d go nuts!

    1. Zelalem looked like an
      Arsenal player alright.
      he ran up to the 18 yard
      line and started passing sideways.
      He got lucky once with a through ball
      but most of the time he passed into the
      defenders legs or tried and failed with
      that useless scoop pass thing Ramsey tries.

      1. Can’t even credit one of our young players when they do something well… What’s wrong with you!? He plays central midfield, not every ball has to be a killer one…
        If he plays a good ball it’s not ‘luck.’ He’s shown very obviously to anyone watching that he has that ability.

  7. what utter rubbish.

    inter have stated that arsenal have gone in for kondogbia. if we aren’t looking, why look?

  8. Players I dont want to see at Arsenal next season
    Diaby, Podolski, Flamini, Sanogo, Campbell, Arteta, Szczesny, Jenkinson and Ryo.
    Loan out:
    Akpom, Zelalem, Gnabry, Hayden, Crowley and Martinez.

    1. would rather sell them with a buy back clause….

      these way we can clear the deadwoods and if they become good we will have the first option to buy them back cheaply….

    2. I really fail to grasp why some fans want players to leave the club so badly.
      Arteta is one of our experienced heads in midfield. He’s a pretty rounded player who’s just unfortunately no longer there physically. A great player to have in the squad as a player for the youngsters to look up to and learn from, as is Rosicky.
      Szczes and Jenks are Arsenal through and through. They’ve both had rough patches, but GK’s mature a lot later than other players. If Cech is brought in and he actually has a brilliant keeper to learn from and compete with (which he’s never had!) he could still turn out. Talent wise he’s great, has shown that on his good days he’s capable of brilliance… Decisions and command of the area needs drastic improvement though but I personally think he’s improved.
      Sanogo’s a project… Really don’t understand peoples impatience. Has the physicality to be a beast, Wenger obviously rates him. It’s not like he’s anywhere near the first-team if Giroud, Welbz and Theo are fit. What’s the harm in keeping him round or loaning him??

      1. Because we need to clear space in our squad mate,we’ve got players like Diaby,Flamini,Arteta,Sanogo,Podolski,Campbell,who don’t contribute much now,if these players were moved on an better players introduced it would rasie the standards at the club which will help us to challenge the top team in europe.Sanogo a project?we haven’t got that kind of time mate not while he earning 40k a week for not doing much.
        You seem to have 4gotten the problems we had getting rid of Squilaci,Bendtner an co,we don’t need a return to that type of complacency

  9. is it top quality CM we need or top quality DM? if we buy another CM, Ramsey may forced to stay on wing.

    1. if we buy another CM..Ramsay on the wings, Carzola on the bench and Wilshere and Gnabry will probably leave…..

  10. I say if wenger doesn’t strengthen the squad by mid july he should go because if anyone hasn’t realize we are going 12 years without the premier league and untill us fans wake up and see that wenger is done we will end up like Liverpool pathetic and holding on to past glory get that specialist in failure out soon like come on we are short on bloody first team players and we will be going in next season with coquelin as our first choice cdm and Walcott as our striker lol pathetic

    1. Im grateful for wenger dont get me wrong because he assembled one of the best team in a club level as the invincibles was a fantastic team and should of dominated that period but as all can see wenger manage to tear the team apart and let them get beaten by a weak Chelsea team but thats the past because he has done wonders with our club no other manager would but he set us perfect for the future and he doesn’t seem interested to take us back on top smh even man United is trying to reach the top again and that shows ambition while us turning down genuine world class player waiting for injury prone players not to get injured or not buying a world class cdm to hold hopes on diaby tell me what big club does that shows we are a third thier club now no longer elite we are jokes and deluded

      1. Do you honestly watch Arsenal games? Le Coq has been the BEST DM in the EPL since the first of the year, yes better than Matic, MS, Fernandino, etc. He has the potential to be one of the best in the world if he continues to improve his reading of the game and technical attributes. Yes Arsenal should buy a Higuain, Cech and and an additional DM but continuously bagging on the Gunners best player the 2nd half of the season is assinine.

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