Why Wenger is causing a decline at Arsenal

Why I think Arsenal is still in decline and why the blame is Wenger’s. by PA

Wenger has lost his Mojo

I cannot pinpoint exactly when this occurred but the manager we have now is not the same man that arrived at Highbury in 1996 revolutionised the way Arsenal played and led us to an unbeaten season. There has been a subtle change. Sometime in the last ten years the confident and inscrutable mien that we all knew and were fond of, his chutzpah, gave way to a fearful countenance, puerile excuses and touchline tantrums.

He started with giving excuse after excuse for his team’s failures, apparently trying to protect his players’ ‘fragile confidence’. Instead of calling out his players when they failed to perform he blamed lack of maturity, bad luck, referring decisions, and bullying tactics by opposing teams. When we won due to luck, he praised the players’ heart and effort, concepts we had not heard during his winning days. Sometimes it seemed as if he watched a totally different match. The problem started when he began believing his excuses, the result: frustration with the rest of us for continually questioning his methods and for not seeing the progress only he sees.

As time passed the fragile confidence and erratic performance of the team served to erode his own confidence. Any fan should see that Wenger is not as confident as he used to be then. His posture on the bench is now dejected and dispirited. Everybody including the players see that he doesn’t quite believe that this team is good enough. And a manager that has no confidence in his team has doomed his team.

He also slowly lowered the bar he had previously set high, fourth place now became a trophy. The problem wasn’t our finishing third or fourth, it was his public declaration that it was a desired outcome. Even if because of the financial constraints facing the club finishing fourth was acceptable, it should never have been thought of as trophy. It was at best a consolation.

It meant that paradoxically, while the pressure on the team to win a trophy increased as the drought wore on, the bar of excellence dropped. Finishing fourth was now considered a trophy in the eyes of the club hierarchy.

He has also lost the ability of finding gems in the rough and polishing them, something that set him apart at the beginning of his Arsenal career. Where before he unearthed player after player that shined for Arsenal now he seems to find only average players.


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    1. Yeah, Wenger has really lost it and I think the Universe is unhappy with him.

      However, I pray everything works in our favour tomorrow, with the help of the universe.


      1. What? Somebody doesn’t believe in the Universe? OMG!!! Better be careful, the Universe is very sensitive and hates unbelievers.

    2. Wenger did overesee the building of the Emirates. LOL now we know why we didn’t have a Coach all that time. Proudly AOB!!

  1. Wish we could go all out defense in January and sign:
    1. Virgil Van Dijk
    2. Matija Nastasic
    3. William Carvalho

    Also wish we had signed Serge Aurier along with Debuchy on a season long loan instead of PSG to gain that first years experience under Debuchy and be our RB for years to come… Oh well, I can wish…

    1. I guess the Arsenal Fan that thumbed me down likes when we ship in goals galore and could care less if our clud strengthens that area come January…

    1. After being out for soo long and being the most anticipated player? Why did England take him with them again after just coming back from an injury???

  2. Bookmakers have taken the extraordinary step of paying out on Chelsea to win the Premier League title after just ELEVEN games of the season.

    Publicity-hungry Paddy Power, who provoked outrage when claiming to have deforested part of the Amazonian rainforest as a marketing stunt at the World Cup, have paid out £400,000 to those lucky punters who backed the Blues.

      1. yep. im p*ssed off i didnt do it. when they got costa an cesc i thought its theres but couldnt do it , felt like disloyalty

        1. Disloyalty my flat butt!!! Dude, u do what u have to do to make some notes, so long as it’s clean.

          I’m sorry, but I really don’t put ma money on Arsenal just becuz I’m a fan.

  3. Less tllk more action. We all know that Wengers is finished but fickle as we are the board and him know how to turn us fans on their favor.

    We are like Liverpool, the next years is deff going to be our year. Or, give Wenger one more year. Manure is weak, and us not being able to beat them is very emberessing. I dont want lose face any longer so i expect tomorrow nothing less then a win

  4. Wenger says he tried to sign Messi,Pique and Fabregas when they were young but only got Fabregas. Knowing what happened, he would’ve probably sold all three when they were at their best anyway, only difference would’ve been we could’ve won a fair amount of trophies in that time.

  5. It would be nice if we had more articles focusing on tactics, teams, atmosphere at the Emirates, what Wenger should do and what heshouldn’t do for tomorrow considering its a huge match.

    Sadly Wenger will still be manger tomorrow so we can ease the bashing for today and depending on how the game games tomorrow (lol).

    How I miss the battles between Viera and Keane in the mid of the park, modern day Arsenal and Man U have Arteta vs Fellaine in them, specks a lot of why both teams find themselves 10 points off the leaders already before Christmas.

    – the games had Thiery, Wiltod, Vanisteroy (sp), Andy Cole, D. Yorke, and now they have Welbeck, OG, Injurypersey, Rooney

    – The games had CR7, Pires, LJUNGBERG, Becks, Giggs and now Ashley Young, Carzola (on the wing), Valencia

    – The games had Bergkamp and Paul Scholes, now they have Mata, Ozil

    – The game had Sol, Adams, Lauren, Neville, Stam and now Mert, Monreal, Smalling,

    – The game had Peter Schmeichel, Seaman, and now Schez, De gea (sp)

    You cant beat old school

    But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

    1. Yeah, an article on tactics will be great. To be damn honest, many guys on this site can do far much better than His Royal Dumbness, when it comes to tactics.

  6. Arsenal fans are always complaining. Arsenal always has one problem or the other. It’s a vicious cycle of hope, angry articles, comical scorelines and despair.

      1. Yet, Mr. Murican. You are always consistant with the things you say, and the things you believe in. Donuts and Wenger on a swimsuit ( Bikini) and your life is happy.

  7. the team has lost urgency the thing most important to the team of highest caliber,here there is no intention to do things of any kind only flamini intentions are clear to take out opposition player get his customary yellow and monreal’s irritation is soon going to hit the papers.Wenger’s verdict
    “at the moment we are a good team good players good atmosphere and players are slowly coming back from injury,monreal is solid CB and he has accepted his role also flamini is taking the opponents nuts to the cleaners which is very viera like quality which i like also Diaby is ready is 2 months cause the surgeon got bored of opening up him lost a screw inside so therefore fourth place is ours”.

    1. Let it go NY. Just don’t reply to fcuk faces. They can dream and wet there underwears all they want about Klopp, Pep, and flavours of the months/years but can’t do sh*t cause Wenger is there to stay no matter how much they moan.

      Like if you just read the writers take on Arsenal s trophy drought its ridiculous. This writer fails to mention -just yesterday i pointed it out- the number of finals and semi-finals we have been to and which we have lost due to individual errors. But this won’t fit their narrative and will only use it when they see fit to ridicule.

      Don’t reply, trust me you will feel better.

  8. According to physioroom ……. NO WALCOTT (He’a been out 4 God knows how Long, now he’s got groin problems) just when we thought every1’s getting back!…….. Dear Lord, please come to ArsenaL’s aid…. How could players be getting injured this frequently? ….. Are we under a curse or are these players too fragile? … Btw!….. I kinda Hate international duties(NO HARD FEELINGS, seems to be where injuries are partly forged fro)

  9. could whoever these uncircumcised down thumbing AKBs are, be courageous enough to come up and say “I DID IT” ??????

    1. They dont have the balls to do it. First of em all is the Admin from this page. Second in place is Big Gun who changes openions like Anelka changes teams. 3rd is that zombie old new yorker guy who is nothing more then a troll who gets a boner whenever someone mentions Wenger name. 4th is some other guy who changes his nickname all the time, probably one of the names i wrote before pretending to be someone else.

  10. Sanchez and Di Maria both facing late fitness tests. I could bet that Di Maria will play and Sanchez won’t. That’s how it always goes.

  11. Win or lose. #Wenger out. Same bull year after year. He had an opportunity to redeem himself during the transfer window. Now he is reaping the fruits of his labour.

  12. Can someone please explain to me. What was the board and finance department doing while Wenger had to manage the team and oversee the building of the Emirates? What project is he busy with now cause he still can’t get results.

  13. just like a great boxer, a world golfer or a world class chess player lose their mojo so does every human being and wenger is not any different. However, he’s still a financial guru and is setting up the club financially for a very long time to come.

    His tactics? outdated!, his recruitment strategy? Archaic! but i don’t think anything will change unless we fall off top 4 status. At that point, the board will have to act to salvage the investments they will lose.

  14. The fact and the matter is Wenger is a loser and has the mentality of a loser… It starts with the head. If the head is rotten the body collapse… Simple.

    I was watching a French program interviewing both Wenger and Mourinho.
    Their discour is just different.
    Mourinho talks about “we only think about us. I only think about Chelsea and do not care abotu the other teams. They are not my problem and when I talk to my players I only expect a win and nothing else. They know the instructions and only a win will suffice”.

    Wenger said ” Football is an unpredictable game and we are trying to make the best of it. We try to be competitive and try to win every game. Chelsea seems to be above everyone else and we will try to make up for the points we have lost”.

    What stroke me was the word “try”… !!

    They are just 2 different individuals, but both have the same job, so should have the same drive.
    One is a winner day in and day out (and I am not a fan, but you have to give credit when it is due), the other is …. Something else I cannot qualify…!!

    After listening and watching the program I was also convinced by the fact that as long as that guy is at the helm of Arsenal, NOTHING will happen.
    He is just a weak manager and does not have the “balls” to even make the basics of the game.

    Cannot wait for those 3 years to be over.

    It does not matter if we win against Man United (I don’t even think we will) as they are in reconstruction (well, like us really, but it has been 10 years) and they are not challengers, we just do not have what it takes from top to bottom to win major trophies.

    It is November and we are ALREADY out of the BPL title… Is that a top club? I don’t f*cking think so.

    I just hope when he leaves, he leaves… No position higher up in the club as he will only undermine the new manager and not provide him with funds and support to succeed.

  15. It was the end when Vieira and then Gilberto left, Wenger’s midfield never looked the same. Unfortunately Diaby and Denilson didn’t live up to their expectations. King Henry hung around for a bit, Eduardo suffered that broken leg and then the mass exodus began. I hate to say it but AFC doesn’t look to be happy place to play football at the moment, even after the FA cup win Wenger looked more relieved then happy. I think the last time I watched a game and the players looked as united as the ‘Battle of Old Trafford’ was when Fabregas was captain. I hate to say it but I think we were all expecting Fabregas to come back and Wenger made a massive mistake by letting him go to Chelsea. I don’t think we have had a good captain since and it shows on the field.

  16. ‘I think England is the only country where I should work, next to Germany because it’s the only country I know the language a little bit and I need the language for my work. “If somebody will call me, then we will talk about it.”
    Jurgen Klopp admits now, he would be open to offers from Premier League clubs. Source: Daily mail.

    I don`t think Arsene Wenger must go. He must stay forever at Arsenal. We Arsenal fans are happy with his shit.

  17. The AKB’s are the true “Next year-gang”.

    “Arsene will show you that he’s still the best choice, just give him time”. What has he given us the last six years since i heard that sentence for the first time? Barely managed to scrape together a FA-cup title with alot of luck and a community shield, which is a one game only-trophy.

    He’s had six years since that sentence was heard by me for the first time. He’s not the one for us. #WengerOut.

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