Why Wenger is key for Ozil to shine at Arsenal

When Arsenal stunned the football fans and followers in England and around Europe last year, by smashing the club transfer record to sign Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid, the Germany internetional revealed that Arsene Wenger was a big reason for his decision to become a Gunner.

Not only did the Frenchman phone Ozil personally, using his brilliant language skills to persuade him in German, but the Prof’s reputation for looking after and improving the players under him was a factor as well. And Ozil has already benefited from that part of Wenger’s approach.

The manager was always firmly behind Ozil last season, even when his form dropped off and the criticism started pouring in. And in a Sky Sports report, Wenger has carried on with some heavy praise for the Arsenal playmaker, waxing lyrical about just what Ozil brings to the table and suggesting that those people who do not appreciate him are simply missing the point.

The Frenchman stated, “People are very harsh on Ozil because he’s a player who is easy with his play.

“When you watch his game back the next day you think ‘what a player’. Everything he does is intelligent and the timing of absolutely everything he does is absolutely perfect.

“He’s like a guy who plays music with perfect timing. There aren’t many players like that.”

And the 25-year old needs that kind of support. He does have great belief in his own ability, but you can tell that sometimes he gets a bit down on himself as well, such as when he missed that penalty against Bayern Munich. So having Wenger in charge at6 Arsenal is certainly good for our number 11.

The German said, “The whole club can be proud to have such a fantastic manager with so much experience, playing with style and doing so many great things for 18 years here.

“The boss has always blooded youngsters, and helped make them into some of the best players in the world. That’s also why I came here. I wanted to develop myself further.

“Of course Arsenal can win the Premier League. We also want to show that we can play better in the Champions League. We have the potential to reach the final.”

That is what we like to here and if the Gunners are to make these dreams come true, we will need a happy and confident Mesut Ozil, so keep up the good work Arsene.

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  1. A country that thought Andros Townsend was a loss to England’s World cup hopes will never appreciate a player like Mesut Ozil and what he brings to the game.

    1. Urbano Cairo, Torino’s president, admitted Cerci
      had asked to leave the club and could go at the
      right price, tellng reporters : “There are still four
      days left in the transfer market, so we’ll see what
      happens. Of course my desire is to keep hold of
      him, but we’ll see if we can find a solution that
      suits everyone.
      “I’ve given him my word that we’ll sell him if an
      adequate offer arrives.
      “With Milan it’s all over. Arsenal? There are several

  2. Ozil MUST play in the middle – absolutely true. The problem is…… Cazorla MUST also play in the middle but Wenger wants them on the pitch together – thus the seemingly never-ending dilemma.

    Ozil and Cazorla both MUST play centrally – they must be rotated if necessary, otherwise we will constantly be complaining that one or the other had a bad game on the wing or we will notice that no one played the left wing at all.

  3. Ozil needs to play CAM. Destroyed fabregas in la liga for consecutive years.

    Anyways guys, according to a few sources we’re back in for remy. I think if we wanted him it would already of happened.
    Would be great to piss of jose and steal him from chelsea.
    Also 14 league goals with a piss poor newcastle midfield supplying him. Giroud had 16 with ozil, ramsey and cazorla ect.
    Remy could do some damage.

  4. so, when does the window close? On Sunday evening aka monday early morning or monday evening/tuesday morning..is it open untill 31st 11pm or 1st 11 pm?


  5. I am so confident that if wenger should be using Ozil in CAM, he will surely outshine the likes of fabregas and the rest midfielders in premiership. Ozil10

  6. i sometimes dont understand potential players that we are involved with in the transfer window we are linked with loads of players why on earth wouldn’t any player want to come to the arsenal we are in the c/l every season we have a modern state of the art stadium and training facilities we have got a great and diverse first team with youngsters and worldy players and a clear philosophy that we always adhere to whether it is self-sustaining policy or how we play the game and how we bring on our youngsters we are the envy of al ot of teams across eurpoe uefa applaud us for bring a great model for other clubs to follow so we should have most of the great european players falling n at our feet wanting to be signed up lets get who we need wenger coyg

    1. were just being our natural selves in the transfer market. Why go for Remy at any other point in the summer when he was available, when we can just instead wait for the final days and when another club has already made a bid…. >___>

    2. Let the panic creep in.

      When Wenger had the chance to bring Remy in earlier and dictate his terms on the player, now as we approach the end of the transfer period, and just like last season, the panic button has been activated.

      Wenger is being Wenger.

      Time for closure of transfer window is 1 day, 23 hours and 15 mins, and moving along.

  7. I think playing Ozil at left wing is trying to put a round peg in a square hole. You need to accept him for what he is and maximise that rather than trying to make him something he isn’t.

    To get the best out of Ozil, you need to play him in that #10 role with a decent striker in front of him and quick runners off the ball around him. Give him those tools, and he will find them with passes that most other players don’t even see.

    Ozil is truly one of the great playmakers in world football, but he needs to be freed up to do that, not wasted on the wing, and not passing the ball to people who won’t capitalise on the chances he creates.

    This is probably why every Arsenal fan wishes for a great striker, because in the back of their minds they dream of the connection that Ozil could have with them.

  8. Ozil CAM – Sanchez CF is not a bad combination at all. We have Theo on the right and Cazorla or Poldi or Ox or even Rosicky on the left.

    1. i find it stupid we could of got remy long time ago way before chelsea got involved why now try to compete with chelsea for him?

        1. then why did we wait several days after the Giroud injury. There was no chance Remy was going to stay at QPR. We shouldve been in talks with him the day after instead of waiting for our competition to make a bid for him. If its true, then we will find out if Remy values money or playing time more. At Arsenal, hes a guaranteed starter for at least 4-5 months.

          1. I recall reports indicating that Remy had always insisted in playing for a UCL qualified club.

            Maybe, our current interest in him is a result of our qualifying for the UCL?

            Remember, Remy flew to the US during the preseason to have a medical with Liverpool and for whatever reason was turned away.

            Maybe, Wenger just likes to leave things to the end?

            1. wenger should have done what he does best. Convince players to join. No doubt in my mind Remy wouldve joined once he saw Alexis was also on board. This couldve been wrapped up way earlier in the summer, but instead we are reacting instead of being proactive. Remy should been in a long time ago so he could compete with Giroud.

  9. Watched Chelsea and City today. And I have to say that if we make the proper transfers we can win the EPL. City lacked spirit, even with all of the world class players. Chelsea struggled defensively when pressured. Let’s see what magic Wenger can conjure in these final days.

  10. .You have been trophyless for 9years
    .You don’t tend to pay over the odds tn get them
    .You squad is filled with average players
    Those are the Reasons why no player wants to come to ARSENAL

  11. Fear that there has been too much said and written about Carvalho. Too often we are linked to a player for a long time all for it to be merely paper talk. Has anybody heard anything reliable about transfers?

      1. ready to make a offer is that it??? at this stage offer should be accepted and medical personal terms shud be being discussed

  12. Remy will be first choice if he joins Arsenal but third choice if he joins Chelsea.
    Wages will be the deciding factor.

    1. True, however he knows he currently has more chances of winning a trophy with Chelsea rather than Arsenal, that’s a fact. In addition He will be offered the wages he wants or more.

      He would choose us based on the fact that Wenger is French, there are many French players on the team and that he is guaranteed first team action until at least January 2015.

  13. I prefer what we have.
    Sanogo Sanchez Campbell
    Podolski Giroud on his return.
    Ramsey Chamberlain Walcott Gnabry
    Cazorla Kos Mertz Wilshere Ozil.
    14 goal scorers.
    Wenger has always said we don’t buy
    stars we make them so start manufacturing 🙂

  14. so skysports says were in for Remy as well… Way to do it last minute. This also confirms no Falcao though, but there wasnt much hope on that lol. At least were trying to sign a striker though. Excellent news.

  15. We certainly need better than Remy to win the league that’s for sure, I’m talking a Reus or Cavani type signing. Doubt it’s gonna happen, no more marquee signings, not enough ambition, the amount of money we had and we brought one proven, quality player in for 33milliom, then two right backs and a backup goalie… Hmm… Not good enough if you ask me, I love the look of Chambers and Debuchy looks okay and Ospina ain’t even played yet, that’s not good enough if you ask me, if we had true ambition, we would have gone all out for Khedira and someone like Reus or Cavani, we need to aim high but once again, I feel let down by Wenger and I cannot see us winning another trophy this season unless something big happens within the next two days I’m afraid.

  16. Not that we were truly yin for him but Falcao looks Madrid bound. If we get Remy and carvalho I’ll be happy because it addresses needs and I hope it just ruins Maureen’s weekend

  17. Really tired of hearing th Falcao/Cavani/Reus story or theory, they are not coming, so be grateful if we get Remy, the team at present can compete with any team in the league, can also beat at least 15 of those teams. To beat the other four we need that monster of a DM and CB. adding a Pacey striker is BONUS, we have the individuals.
    It all comes down to keeping the players fit, selecting the right players for the job and using varying tactics

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