Why Wenger is right to back struggling Arsenal strikers

It is not just the Arsenal centre forward Olivier Giroud that is responsible for putting the ball in the back of the net for the Gunners, of course, and the stats show you that the France international is actually doing his job very well this season when it comes to converting chances.

Unfortunately for Arsenal fans and our dreams of winning the Premier League this season, the chances in the last few games have not been falling to the big man very often. But as reported on the Arsenal website yesterday, Arsene Wenger has declared that he is confident that the goals will soon be flowing, whoever the chances fall to.

Alexis Sanchez has looked sharp since his return and he did provide an excellent assist as well as finishing his goal well on his first start from injury, so I do not think we should be worried about him. But then you look at Aaron Ramsey, Joel Campbell, Mesut Ozil and Theo Walcott and you could easily argue that they are not doing well in front of goal recently and that has ledt the three blanks in a row for the first time in seven years, so is Wenger right to be so calm about our goal drought?

He said, “I felt we were a bit nervous in the last two home games, against Chelsea and Southampton – we didn’t come out of the blocks like we would have liked.

“We played at Stoke, we played a 0-0 what was not a shame because they are quite strong at home. Against Chelsea we played with 10 men and that makes the game against a good side very difficult.

“Against Southampton, we created the chances and couldn’t finish them off. I believe overall, we should not be alarmed, because the quality of our performance was there in every single game.

“We should take a lot of encouragement from that, even if sometimes in the recent games, we didn’t get the result we wanted.

“We have to prepare without being obsessed with [scoring] – finishing is cyclic and if we create the same amount of chances we will score.”

I have to agree and I think the team goal drought is like that of an individual player’s. It just needs something to kick start the goals again and we are certainly due some luck with the run of the ball. O also think that playing away this weekend should ease some pressure on the players and with only the bottom four clubs having let in more goals than Bournemouth, are the floodgates about to open?

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    1. Exactly, no title winning team would rely on a forward that only got one goal in 16 games. 16 bloody chances he’s been given but Theo still drops his panties when he’s 1v1 against the goalie. Just permanently bench him or sell him and get a true forward with true potential.

    1. Danny welbeck played with the under 21 they won 4 1 but welbeck was not on the scoring sheet or the assist sheet

  1. This is a season where almost every striker is shining and still tell us to back our strikers.
    Imagine what difference it could have made had we decided to sign chicharito aubumeyang or even martial last summer.


  2. I have to agree with Wenger here. The performances have been ok, especially against southampton. Its not like we are failing to win because we were pathetic, we create lots of chances every game.
    Its frustrating that we did’nt win, but its not cool to take our frustrations out on the players, especially Giroud. If you look at the Southampton game, 3 chances were missed from point blank range by our “world class players”; 2 from Ozil and 1 was a header from Koscielny. But because these two are the most adored players, nobody blamed or abused any of them for that, i’ve been reading the comments here. Cambell was terrible, no one says sh_t. Gabriel was reckless, misplacing passes in dangerous positions, throwing in wrong sliding tackles, but no one seems to be bothered.
    Instead, Giroud, Ramsey and Wenger are the ones that get abused. not cool.

    1. You’re right actually. Everyone is on Giroud Ramsey and Wenger’s back but refuse to point out the faults in other players. Who insulted Ozil and called him names when he missed two point blank chances against Southampton?

      1. Ozil has been playing with a minor foot injury for quite a while now ( since the Liverpool game)
        He hasn’t even been training properly because of it.

        Infact, the medical team are worried that he may end up missing the run in of our premier league games.

        My main concern is that our opponents may deliberately target Ozil’s foot, to take him out of the game.

      2. Ozil is not paid millions of £ to score goals, his job is to create and as far as everyone is concerned he is doing that

  3. I agree there are cycles.
    Three league games without
    a goal is a worry tho.
    We need to snap this cycle now.
    Every round is full of intrigue.
    City v Leicester, Arsenal v Leicester, City v Spurs.
    Great to be part of the battle for the lead.
    Beats the race for 4th place any day.
    Then we have FA cup and Champions league !!!
    It’s all go now..buckle up we’re going in 🙂

  4. In truth, what choise have we now other than to give our backing to what we have on ground to succeed in all their undertakings this season? And hope to have more top players signed next season.

  5. When benik adobe scores tmrw don’t worry I’m sure he will remind wenger ” you back led me didn’t u f***** old deluded twat”

    Is any confident of winning tmrw? This is how laffable wenger has made Arsenal we go into a game with the “Mighty” Bournemouth & deep down we are all fearfull they will embarrass us.

    4th place trophy under threat how we have fallen , If that’s the only way wenger finally leaves then so be it #ArsenalFC#NotArsene#

  6. @gunnerphyte, No its because their Shite simple as no stats will ever change that, people have eyes and intelligence to see for themselves. All 3 have been given Ample more the most il go as far and say preferential treatment by wenger yet don’t deliver. Ozil had it not been for them 3 would have had close to 25/30 assists, Campbell in a short period of 3 months has shown more desire aggression & quality then not just Theo group & Ramsey but also Ox, one slightly off game think he’s entitled to that when he does it consistently then come to back me.


  7. Off Topic: I was in a debate with some friends (Chelsea, Manfan and an Arsenal fan). The Chelsea fan said they have signed Juventus manager as theirs next season… So I said oh well’, He is good but not in top5 managers in the world..

    They attacked mi asking is Wenger amongst the top 5 managers in the world? I said yes with some points to defend my manager. The arsenal fan said bro, stop this sentiments’ Wenger hasn’t won the champions league or the league in years. I still tried to come up with some points like He has gone a full season unbeaten, the club is stable and always qualify for the champions league. Moreover, it took Chelsea yrs before they won their 1st league in 2004 or so…Still they said what is it to show If you qualify for champs league a lot but haven’t won it….

    The Arsenal fan didn’t even had my back but that’s not the problem as we all have our own valid points….

    That’s what Wenger has turned us ‘the fans’ into… From 1st to 4th in just a month. Laughable!

    Well, I love Arsenal and I hope for the best for this club…

    1. Look at the fixtures.
      As bad as man united have been , they are 5 points behind us.
      We will be missing out on that champions league trophy

  8. Hold on to your anger and frustrations, until after the Bournemouth game! ?

    I’m expecting us to smash them up!
    I can feel a Sanchez Hat – trick brewing in my fat guts!
    ? Oh wait. .. maybe that was the baked beans I had earlier ? ???

  9. According to Squawka, goals per 90 minutes played in PL, excluding penalties.
    Giroud 0.61
    Kane 0.47
    Aguero 0.88
    Vardy 0.65
    Rooney 0.32

    So giroud is doing OK according to statistics but that is only an indication, its when you score the goals that matters. For example last two games for man city, Aguero has been the difference, game they should have lost they drew, game should have drawn they won. Thats three points at least due to Aguero. Basically we need a world class striker who stays fit, not a RVP who was a fabulous striker but except for his last season with us had too many injuries.

    1. Giroud’s stats only look okay because he is served up with more opportunities than the rest of the Striker’s in the premier league ?
      Now try and imagine them stats if Aguero was playing for us, Even Vardy would have doubled his goal tally, playing for Arsenal ?

      History tells us that, Super lamp post needs a spell on the bench, to rediscover his goal scoring form.

      1. Wonder how Chicarito would do with all them chances on a plate in the 6yd box? Someone like him would score a bucket load, like he is now at Leverkusen, with the opportunities he would receive at Arsenal. Ozil should of already of broke Henrys assist record and Theo should have alot more as too should Giroud. Hesitant finishers who panick most if the time esp when the pressure is on, not good enough for leading our line

  10. Our biggest problem right through this season, and several before this lies in our bad organization. Because our midfielders are not organized and disciplined enough in pressing and defending, it gives us 2 problems:
    1 – Our defense is under too much pressure
    2 – We don’t get enough “easy” goals by winning the ball back close to the opponents goal

    It is very simple really, and unfortunately the responsibility for this falls on the coaching/managing.
    I love Wenger in many ways, but maybe it is time, he is offered another role in the club.

  11. #Wenger,Ivan&StanOUT

    Lies with them for the actual shape of the team and their perfromances (AW), the lack of transfers or money available (SK&IG) but the odd 3m or 8m a year payment to themselves for doing nothing but cripplin Arsenal fans pocket and breaking their hearts time and time again each season.

  12. Wenger is only right to back them because he knows they are awful still he refused to get what we actually needed to keep on track. Imagine Aguero, or Higuin, or even chicharito playing in front of Ozil, alexis, Campbell or Walcott.
    Wenger back our wayward strikers just to support his sh*t. To him, all Arsenal need is top four finish and somehow he convinced himself that even the fans think 4th place cool

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