Why Wenger is saving up the massive Arsenal transfer fund?

Arsenal fans were greeted this morning with all that exciting talk about a £200 million transfer kitty, after the Arsenal director Lord Harris made the very bold, and possibly foolish, statement that the Gunners could afford to sign just about any player in the world except Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.

First of all, Ronaldo at his age would not cost anything like what the Barcelona star would and probably not even as much as Gareth Bale or Luis Suarez. But that is not necessarily the problem, even assuming that Lord Harris was right in saying the club would allow Arsene Wenger to spend whatever he liked to bring a top player to north London.

The problem for a club like Arsenal is not just affording a player but in persuading that player to join us and that is why I think the manager is holding back. We saw Man United get taken to the cleaners on all of their transfer deals last summer, because they had to pay over the odds with no Champions League football to offer and we do not want that to happen to us.

But if Wenger and the players can have the season we are all hoping for, winning the Premier League and perhaps going far in Europe, then Arsenal will be a serious prospect for any player. Then perhaps the boss will be ready to splash the cash and sign a really big name player or two. What do you think?

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    1. Just get us the Cassette. I’m quite certain we won’t be given the French Benz, and Bayern won’t sell Lewandowski.

    2. Stupid move by Lord Harris if you ask me, whether we have £200m to spend or not. Expect any player that Arsene was after now to have their prices bumped by a few mil or so, causing the collapse of said transfer. Well done, kudos Lord Harris. We already knew we were financially well off, and that Wenger is picky with his signings so we have been told nothing new. All it means now that transfers will be a bit more expensive than usual.

      1. Yes but now we know so they have to spend and so what if we pay a player 10 million more then we hoped if he can help us win the EPL and get us in the semis of the CL money well spent

    1. Soon as I read about all of this, I laughed. I knew I would come on here and see these idiots saying “We hav 200m transfr kittie. Wonga no spend.”

      I seriously have to wonder where this website attracts the gutter bottom of the barrel fans haha. You’re too dumb not to comment though. It’s not a 200m transfer kitty. It’s 200m in the bank. There is a huge difference. We can buy people now. What stars have moved? What absolute improvements have moved? None. Unless your counting Schneiderlin or Benteke as stars or improvements, in that case you’re just not good at understanding football.

  1. Who knows?? Its not easy to be a gooner, but it worth it anyway. One signature is okay for me, under this desperation.

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  3. *facepalm*

    It’s not a bloody transfer fund…..cmon Admin keep the quality up.

  4. i wonder who thumbed down the few comments so far…… It can’t be me, kickassfan, ivan gazidis….. Cuz they all got thumbed down either…….. That Leaves us with Muda, the admin or Bob as suspects! L()L

  5. Money in the bank does not equal transfer fund.
    Nevertheless I am sure we have more than 10M to spend in this window.

    I would love to have 3 proven players to upgrade this team but would be happy with one.

  6. Greece should snap up Arsene & put him in charge, he is the only one who can deliver them from the mountain of debt!

      1. @k klin, @Arsenal divine
        Emi naa ja si ooo.
        Wenger ni baba Ijebu. Koda bi Dangote ba ra Arsenal, Wenger maa frustrate e.

        I think wants Cavani first choice.
        …………..and Aubamayang as fall-back / plan B option.

        I love my Arsenal.

      2. @k klin, @Arsenal divine
        Emi naa ja si ooo.
        Wenger ni baba Ijebu. Koda bi Dangote ba ra Arsenal, Wenger maa frustrate e.

        I think Wenger wants Cavani first choice.
        …………..and Aubamayang as fall-back / plan B option.

        I love my Arsenal.

  7. That was a PR exercise gone terribly wrong! Real stupid Board that should be ashamed of themselves. To announce such heap of money then say ‘by the way guys there are just two players in the world we can’t buy: Ronaldo and Messi’, still suggests the status quo remains! The teams who could afford these two prior to this announcement are still the same teams still in front of us and can still afford them despite our huge bank reserves. We haven’t all of a sudden overtaken any of these big teams. So nothing has changed in spite of the £200M kitty. I hope you get my gist Gooners! If you are not able to buy them, why then boast about how much funds you have. You’ve just inflated the fees of those lesser players you can afford! Was that man drunk at the time of his ill-informed statement?

    1. Every single financial detail down to the last pound is in the public domain. Everyone is a couple of mouse-clicks away from this info – Arsenal.com/Financial Results for starters. Doesn’t change anything in a business sense. Still don’t understand why he has felt it necessary to say what he did though.

      1. Jonestown1: that guy should be sacked and should I bump into him tomorrow or Sunday at the Emirates Cup event, I’ll tell him so. That is if he has the courage to show his face again in public after such a performance which I’m sure got Wenger and the rest of the Board seething with rage! Or were they?

        1. Like Jonestown said, this is all public knowledge, we had 200m last year as well. The guy just gave an interview and said that we have the money to buy just about anyone we want, which is true, and we all knew that we could spend 50M on a player if we wanted to.
          Worst case scenario the guy put a bit more pressure on Arsene to close a deal for a top player, which from where I am sitting is a good thing.
          There are plenty of players out there that can improve our current squad, and they wont come cheap.
          We have the funds so we should get at least one of them and actually improve our squad.

      2. Its necessary because most times the delusional bunch here think that the board doesn’t give Wenger enough resources or its always very tight here at the emirates.
        We do have great financial resources and I believe it has been this way since 2011/2012…maybe a little earlier.
        Its Wenger who doesn’t buy because he is given too much say on transfers. He doesn’t want to take risks because he is afraid of failure. More risks taken plus more financial resources deployed leads to more expectations to WIN. He would rather play it safe, play Giroud upfront and drown us in mediocrity while feeding us false hope that we can challenge which is a big specialization in failure if you think about. If Wenger bought Schneiderlin/krychowiak/Vidal (btw Vidal went for 25M pounds too like Scneiderlin) etc and one of Benzema/Cavani/Lacazette or even take a gamble with talented hot prospect strikers like Lukaku or even someone without EPL experience like Icardi or Jese Rodriguez from Real Madrid and didn’t win anything…I think most would back Wenger and say he tried his best. But I think Wenger has lost his bravery and cannot take the pressure that comes with having a complete team that is expected to win the EPL and would rather go into the season knowing no one is expecting him to win anything with the squad so that he can perform his 4th place escape again when we have lost any chance for the EPL by November.

        At Bayern, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City etc their is less coaching/managerial strangulation on transfers and therefore there is more pressure on these clubs to win.

        1. Your the delusional one pal. How can people think we have no money to spend after spending 100m last season, we copped Sanchez Cech and Ozil FFS. Stop making things up to support your opinion.

          1. @YingYang69 i think you are the deluded one if you think afc spent 100m last year. As with @k-ool i agree everything you’ve said

  8. Arsene is thinking of another new stadium. Lol.
    Well, i) he has too many favourites in the team that he does not want to upset them.
    ii) He buys one WC every transfer season and he has done that already.
    iii) He does not care about fans feelings so if we like we can shout and cry, he will not care.

    1. Wenger cares allot, about the Arsenal that’s for sure. The Arsenal and it’s fans go hand in hand.

      1. It sounds like some fans want Wenger to buy the players that they want to see wearing the red and white. Which happens to be every top player on the planet at one time or another. To have wordy’s coming off from the bench to replace worldy’s. How can Wenger listen to fans when we have fans of that persuasion. Or should he only listen to logical fans, the problem is however that everybody thinks that their ideas are the logical ideas.

        If I hear someone.. just one more time rolling out every top transfer story before saying Wenger should listen to us and buy them.. I think my head will explode.

  9. Yeah right!the same Wenger that doesn’t buy these ‘star players’ and instead chooses to believe in his current squad(which has not won any premier League), will then go ahead to ‘splash cash’ on them when our current team is winning?!

    I have an alternate theory on how he’ll end up spending on the world class players, it’s called ‘Brutal reality’
    I.e, when he (wenger) and consequently us, are hit with the reality that giroud might not be the striker to score 20+ goals for us, that our current squad isn’t one to have an injury lenient season, and good back up players for each position are required!… When he realizes that Quality isn’t always raised in the players you have, sometimes it’s bought. And it’s bought at alot of money.

  10. Let’s keep aside Lord Harris sudden outbursts and focus on Arsenal vs Lyonnasis tomorrow.

  11. We are short of a quality striker, come on Arsene! Just 2 more players and you are done building this squad, come on.

    Look Liverpool will be better this year, Between Benteke, Ings, and Milner they have 3 players that are used to the EPL and they will bring goals and in the case of Milner steel and creativity to midfield.
    United is also going to be better for sure and they are not done buying and i am sure they will bring in at least one more player.
    Chelsea replaced what they have sold and got a couple of Brazilian youngsters and will probably get Stones as well and they were 12 points above us.
    City will keep spending 50m per player until the Arabs are satsfied.

    So the competition is competing why aren’t we? I am not going to cry over Vidal, or Kongdobia, or Schneiderlin as there are still some players out there to bring extra steel to our midfiield. ANd there are still strikers out there that are better than what we have at the moment.

    So Arsene come on. Do the right thing and finish this building project, it’s already a few years late.

  12. Arsenal should not buy for the sake of buying. As it stands there is only 1 squad place left unless Flamini is sold as reported. There is a terrific squad already available and they’ve played together a while now. This is a vital factor for any team sport. Nonetheless, I like the idea of Lacazette. I personally believe he is the no. 1 target and that Benzema isn’t even in the picture (nor would I want him to be). If Flamini goes I like the idea of Sergi Samper. Perfect competition for Coquelin as he offers more depth but is less combative. Can also easily fill in for Santi

  13. Wenger knows if we want to buy quality players now days you have to part with big money. Please shock us all and unveil the next piece of the jigsaw at the Emirates Cup.

    1. There is also something people are failing to see. The wages of these star players. Our limit is probably give or take a bit on what Sanchez and Ozil are on. While that is allot and should be enough money for just about any top player on the market the thing is though, if we have competition for the signature well then Manu Che Manc PSG R Mad Barca can all blow us out of the water. Something Harris failed to omit.

  14. There is nothing Wenger or the board could do to stop me from being a gooner. Surviving the last decade + is proof.

    That said. If we bought a couple more “world class” signings it would increase the chance of winning trophies. Wouldn’t this be worth the extra £50-75 million. I mean the trophies, money that comes along with it, sponsorship etc would probably pay for the transfer feeds and salaries. I’m not an economist, accountant or have knowledge about football finance, but that’s my logical conclusion

    I don’t believe we should wait till the last minute and get a Welbeck type player (no offence to Danny). But we had the chance to get Jackson Martinez and Schneiderlin for less than £50 millon or we could have got Martinez and Kondogbia for more. That would have been well worth the money and all we needed in my opinion.

    I request Mr Wenger to go for any of these players
    1. DM
    either of the Benders
    Vidal (looks like he will go to Bayern)
    or any other Top DM

    2. Forwards
    Benzema (who is 1000% not leaving lol)
    Ibrahimovic (highly unlikely due to wages)
    or any Top forward

    Just getting 2 more players
    1. Would not bankrupt us or hurt us financially
    2. Make us PL contenders and help us win other trophies
    3. Would make the fans happy

    We haven’t won the PL in 11 years. Now we have no stadium Payments to make. So “if” we end up 4th next season, serious questions need to be asked.

    I hope Wenger knows what he is doing and we have a fantastic season. I think we will if we get a couple more signings.

  15. I think before Christmas, Giroud will be most being slang/criticised/curse player here so wenger please help him, buy a striker. Anyway I think he will be the most happy man with the upgrade of pay check even on the bench or he can put a pole beside the bench and do the hold up play for his fans.

  16. 1. At least wenger came out on bbc and rebuffed the 200m quotes, he needed to correct that quickly and he did. 2. Concerns me that wenger says we need 10 more goals and we have that within the current sqaud, he’s right but is this more smokescreens at work and he’s trying to rebuff the media or readying us for the news no striker will come. Still would have loved to see krychowiak and lacazette in Arsenal shirts, flamini and campbell to be sold. Please arsene I know transfers are dependant on other teams but really hope we sign a player after this weekends games.

  17. on where Wilshere fits in…
    I personally see him in a creative, offensive position. It can be on the flank, it can be through the middle but for me he’s a creator in the final third

  18. No winger for us, so that means Walcott will be converted to striker, and with 3 options up front that means our transfer business is over.

  19. I do think that squad is good enough but with wenger in charge you need overkill in quality to win the league, and my predictions are that it will be in our hands to win but we’ll self destruct and just miss out, like deja vu.

  20. What is it with all these “arsene please buy a striker” comments? The harris of of a guy said arsene has given them the list of players he wants which include a world class striker. If we dont sign then dick law should be scolded

  21. I think AW should just let go a bit and concentrate on the football side of things a little more then we might win something. He should say to the board I want this player end of. He try’s to run everything and he takes his eye of the game simple. 3 players needed as a lot more have gone

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