Why Wenger MUST rotate Arsenal squad NOW!

In a strange way it might turn out to be a good thing that Arsenal have been forced to play our final three Premier League matches in the space of just seven days, especially if it forces Arsene Wenger to rotate his squad when the Gunners play host to relegation threatened Sunderland tomorrow.

Normally the extra match would be a bit of a bind at this stage of a very demanding season of over 50 games, but for once we are doing pretty well on the injury front and so can afford to rest a few players without having to field a significantly weaker side.

Let´s be honest though, Gooners, and say that one or two key injuries picked up now could have a very negative effect on our chances of beating Aston Villa at Wembley and lifting the FA cup trophy in back to back seasons. Just like if we only finished fourth this season, failing to win that trophy would be a real blow to everyone connected with the club and it could have a knock on result when we start next season.

So if I was Wenger I would be looking to rest a few key men tonight. If Danny Welbeck is fit to start I would give the jaded looking Giroud a rest and would seriously consider dropping either Santi Cazorla and Mesut Ozil as well. Ramsey could play in the middle with Wilshere in the CAM role, with Walcott on the right and Welbeck in the middle, or on the left with Alexis in the middle.

That sounds like a lot of changes but while we might lose some consistency and rhythm, we would gain energy and a burning desire to impress. Maybe Wenger will wait until the weekend or spread his rotations over the two games, or maybe he will just keep playing the same tired players. What would you do?

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  1. Mick The Gooner says:

    Only changes I’d make is Ramsey in the middle instead of Cazorla, and Walcott on the right instead of Ramsey. I’d like to take Giroud off too, but there’s no one to replace him with.

  2. Goonsquad8 says:

    I think wenger will rotate for sure but I don’t know which game he’d prefer to do it. Cause you would think hed rotate for the midweek game seeing how we just played Sunday and he’d want to play his starters on the weekend so they don’t get to out of shape or rusty. But then again if we don’t get any points v Sunderland, would we really want to have rely on getting points v a tony pulis side playing well?

  3. muffdiver says:

    wenger should rotate the team like rotisserie chicken,
    but i can understand him being comfortable with a lamb roast every game..teams all gravy 😉

  4. Greg says:

    Let thomas “little mozart” rosicky get some game time! Coyg!

  5. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Wenger will not rotate….hes stubborn

    his excuses will be the same with last season….keep the momentum going till FA Cup final….

    he will only learn if we lost key players through injury before the FA Cup final…

    1. bayjerkoff says:

      Wot momentum??…losing and drawing….now dats negative

  6. Robertthegooner says:

    I wouldn’t even let Wenger rotate my tyres

    WENGER OUT!!!!!!!!!

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      If you spelled tires correctly I wouldve thumbed you up cause that was funny (even though I disagree)

      1. Robertthegooner says:

        I did spell it correctly
        You must be A Yank

        Most people here are British and we British spell it “Tyre”

        1. Goonsquad8 says:

          Haha I apoligze then and ya I’m here in the states

  7. maximus says:

    ManU overpowered Arsenal in the first half of last match… That shows many of our first team players desperately need rest. Also have to recover from the strong physical battle they faced against ManU just a couple of days back… I think Ospina vl b our GK… Gibbs should start @ LB… Wenger revealed uncertainty about Laurent Koscielny… I think we should keep him on bench n start Gabriel along with Mert… Chambers should start as RB resting our fastest Bellerin… CDM..?? no doubt its LeCoq along with Ramsey… Jack should start as CAM… Rosicky can as LW… Theo as RW… And Giroud as ST… Keeping all other jaded legs on the bench… Wt u guys think…???

  8. Uzi Ozil says:

    Ramsey In, Cazorla Out (I feel He need rest and not playing well recently)…We need to keep Him fresh for the final…. Walcott In (Flank)….No One Can replace Giroud Now (Welbeck and Ox are not fit)…..I would love to rest Sanchez as well but no one can replace Him now….We should win Sunderland if we go direct and use our pace properly….COYG.

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