Why Wenger MUST take blame for Arsenal situation!

Arsene Knows Best – Blame Arsene for Arsenal woes! by KickAssFan

Every good driver/car-owner knows that one’s car must be WELL MAINTAINED at all times in order to avoid unforeseen regrettable breakdown or fatal happenings as a result of any component of the car malfunctioning. You must know the state of your car before taking it out on the road (you do things like opening the bonnet and checking the oil, gas/fuel, hydraulic, water level, headlamps etc.). You must pay close attention to your car while driving it (listening for possible signs of a fault—-they could come spontaneously, but often not without warning). And when you are back in your garage, you must leave the car with a good knowledge of its shape after using it for the day, just to be sure that nothing about it would be surprising to you the next day or time you would want to use it.

Arsenal_FC is like a car and Wenger is the driver (NOT THE OWNER). The driver and the owner are not always the same person. In football, they are never the same person: the owner is the majority shareholder, the driver is the manager. Interestingly, I’d like to see the fans as the passengers who pay to be conveyed in the car (which in this assumption of mine is used as a taxi) and the players are the car’s components. If there’s anything wrong with the car, the driver is in the best position to know about what the exact problem might be. If that car never gets to the expected destination and breaks down on the road, particularly in the middle of nowhere, that would be an awful and terribly deplorable experience for the passengers (of course you do know that if there’s a fatal accident, everyone’s life could be lost—-car gets damaged beyond repair, driver dies as well as passengers). We are all together in this, intertwined.

At Arsenal, being the manager, Wenger decides which player is good enough to be bought, which player is good enough to play in the first team, which player should start or be “benched”, what tactics (formation and style of play) to use, when to bring on or take off a player (substitutions) during games, etc. Basically, how well he performs these tasks is what really determines how good or bad our season will be—-whether we will win any trophy at all.

So, why are things the way they are (abysmal) at Arsenal_FC? Well, apparently Mr. Wenger has failed to properly maintain/manage the club. He’s been wilfully negligent and it’s cost us so much. Blame Wenger.



  1. Take blame? If I recall right, he hasn’t taken any blame in the last 18 years..

    Either it’s the referee, the pitch, luck or the injuries. Pick one.

    1. There is A class managers: Guardiola,Moureeno etc..
      B class managers: Wenger,Rodgers etc…
      C class managers:Allardyce,Pullis etc..
      Under Wenger as manager Arsenal is in his place,We lose against A managers and we be beat C managers but don t expect us to win anything,it s reserved to the guys above us.
      Wenger was one of them foe a time but he turned himself into a business man he lost it with no return point.
      Many at Arsenal(board,fans,Wenger) are happy with this position so we will have to wait another 2 years and another young wolf of manager to compete again.

    2. “wengers knows best”
      and that’s all he knows…he’s always clueless when we just need to hold on tight for a win, need to press harder to get a result or even when to substitute one with a nother

  2. When we needed a quality defensive midfielder and a centre back, he ignored the importance! Now we are paying the price!

    1. Last season we needed pace upfront and cover for Giroud, Wenger got that…
      Wenger has always said that too many signings can disrupt the team so don’t expect a whole freaking team signed at the end of each season!

      Due to having best players sold and at times behind his back! Nasri was never meant to be sold the same time as Cesc, Wenger said this publicly at the time, board went behind his back and sold Nasri which Nasri confirmed after leaving us that the board informed him of his sale! We had a LOT of gaps appear in our team, anyone with a head on their shoulders would know it wasn’t going to be this year where we win the EPL as we needed close to a squad to get enough quality in depth without relying on unproven youth acadamy players.

        1. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/arsenal-sold-because-stan-kroenke-1797386

          “Samir Nasri has claimed Arsenal sold him two years ago because the board wanted to cash in.

          Manchester City midfielder Nasri claimed Arsene Wenger told him he would not be sold if Cesc Fabregas left but majority shareholder Stan Kroenke had the final say.”

          You can find more than that one single media report if you know how to use google, how about doing some research.

          BSBSBSBSBSBS to all your pathetic posts, wow I can act immature as well !

        2. Come on get real. Enough of this uneducated blame.
          Arsene Wenger has responsibilities of some part of the club but saying all decisions made are his, is just plain stupid.

          1. The person in the best position to tell you what is wrong with your car would be the mechanic. Most drivers (women come to mind) don’t have a clue when something is wrong with their car. Point being, that while Wenger had to know that we needed a CDM, he might not be the reason we didn’t get one.

            As with rare car’s, and we can call Arsenal a rare and special club, certain parts (players) for the car are rare to come by and hard to acquire. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe not. But we all can know that if we don’t rectify the problem, we’re not going to get where we want to go. With that in mind, we have successfully held on and acquired a number of rare parts in the past couple of seasons. So, I’m hopeful that trend will continue. COYG!!!

          2. Well said.
            Wenger does have responsabilities but to point the finger soley at him is infuriating, can’t be true fans doing this… I wonder if these fans was together at the end of the stoke game…

      1. Nobody’s saying he should buy eight or nine players at once. We needed a DM and Striker last season but he bought Ozil. We needed a CB when he sold TV5 but he did nothing. We need at least a CB and DM this January if we are to get anything out of this campaign. 2 players won’t disrupt the team.

        1. This season we needed pace upfront and someone to drive forward, when Theo and Ramsey both went out injured we lost a LOT in our attacking movements, that needed to be sorted… afterall our defense last year was fantastic apart from the few cave ins we caused ourselves.

          This year we needed to replace the constantly injured (or faulty) Verm, he was replaced, you forgot Chambers is a CB and Wenger says he sees his long term role in the middle?

          Nobody saying should buy 8 or nine?

          Campbell is like a new signing, Chambers, Debuchery, Ospina, Alexis, Welbeck = 6.
          2 more players like you are claiming and EIGHT new signing.

          Wenger could of bought them all together and we would have more disrpution in our team OR Wenger can wait till the next rtanfer window to allow the currently signed players time to gel. End of the day Wenger did replace Verm with Chambers, he replaced Sagna with Debuchery… he did replace what he lost, we can’t expect everything to happen in 1 window.

    1. 11 years ago we went unbeaten, guess you must of picked the year after as a year to fault?
      10 years ago we finished 2nd and won the FA cup.
      9 years ago Dein tried to get investors and saying we would have great difficulty staying at the top if we have to sell stars, assosiation with Usmanov began to form.
      8 years ago Dein sold his shares to Usmanov in an attempt to get funds available for Arsene and Arsenal FC.

      Dein kicked out….
      Usmanov refused even when offered to interest free long term flexable repayment loan to pay off ALL our debts to free up over £20mil per year.

      Silent Stan comes in 8 years ago as well, the same Silent Stan who lets out his American sports stadiums for concerts etc DURING A SEASON! Oh and look how Arsenal lost a court case to rent out our stadium more, Silent Stan for you!

      1. Hold on a minute. Stan is authorising big spending. So unless you’re telling me that Stan told Wenger to ignore defence and make a team out of AMs not really seeing your point here.

        1. Also, it’s fairly common in the US for the stadiums to be used as concert venues during the season of the stadiums respective host team. These stadiums are expensive and so that’s a common way the owners have found to help pay down the costs of either building the thing or maintaining it. It’s another reason why teams share stadiums in the US.

        2. Silent Stan authorized 1 big signing this year after nearly a decade of selling top player after top player, I am not stupid enough to believe that 1 or 2 top signings would of been enough to win us the EPL.

          Claiming that Wenger is making a team out of AM shows your ignorance and it is revolting to say the least.

          So Chambers is a AM huh? Bought in the most recent window. Debuchery as well? Ospina?

          The big buys we have done are also bargains, Ozil hasn’t lived up to his rep unfortunatly but he may step up once fit again and if he plays at his best then he is worth twice what we paid for him.
          Also the year we bought Ozil, well we payed for him and got free players as well and the spendature was about 2.5mil more than the previous year, instead of buying 4 players for around 10mil each…
          Alexis was a bargain as well, we NEEDED pace upfront after theo was out and we had no1 willing to run past players to the byline, now we have Alexis and his attitude is helping Ox develop into a player who is more than happy to do that as well.

          Last season we actually had the best def for set pieces, apart from a few games where we crumbled worse than an apple pie, we had the best defense.

          We needed pace upfront more than another defender at the time, since Kos injury it has put preassure on the remainding players… and I will admit to being confused to Monreal playing in CB, I dont agree with that but meh.

          Your another muppet who can’t think for himself… this is obvious in your comment about a team of AM.

          Did you forget that WENGER built the defense for Arsenal when we went unbeaten?
          Cole, Toure, Campbell and Lauren. Best def the EPL has seen.

  3. Spot on. Except for the fact that driving a car is nothing like managing a football team. And the fact that a car component is much more predictable than a professional footballer. And maybe also the fact that whatever else you want to lay at his door, Wenger is a master at deflecting any of the blame away from the players or owners, taking the flak and rolling with the punches. But other than that, spot on.

    1. Thank you for recognising that wenger doesn’t deflect the blows he takes onto his players or board ^.^
      As a true lifelong Arsenal fan I do get upset when people ignore that along with transfer support (Dein then by himself then with Gazidis), what-ever blame is thrown at him he will deal with it himself and not blame his support or players.

      1. It’s a wonderful managerial approach that has allowed the club to maintain a sense of credibility and unison. Nothing is worse than a club who’s front office is clearly divided. Who the hell would want to play for that club. There are countless examples. The current ownership and management of the Los Angeles Lakers NBA professional basketball team by Jerry Buss’s kids comes to mind.

    2. So a “spot on” crap analogy based on a dodgy presumption. Assuming sarcasm but can never tell for sure.

  4. He never takes blame
    in fact just watched Sky News where Wenger blames the World Cup in his press conference today. He said players didn’t recover properly. He also said other than that he can’t think of anything

    Well I can
    1. Not strengthening our defense before Season started after selling Vermaelen and loaning Jenkison
    2.,Not getting top DM
    3. NOT getting top striker
    4. Refusing Fabregas
    5. Playing Ozil out of position
    6. Not using Podolski, Campbell and Rosicky enough
    7. On transfer deadline day he was in Rome and admitted he would not have bought Welbeck if he had been in London but tried to loan him.

    Even if Wenger got say Schar, Schneiderlin and Cavani, we still won’t wwin the PL as we are too far behind. Thanks Wenger

    1. I am confused to loaning out Jenkinson, I have had faith in him ever since Sagna had a broken leg and Jenkinson got a run of games, he was fantastic I thought considering how quick he appeared to develop since the UTD thrashing…

      As for Verm.. Verm out and Chambers in, replacement was made, I would call it a was a signing which strengthened the defence as Verm has injury issues while Chambers has been fit, is that not a stronger situation than having Verm instead and him being injury prone to a high level (Barca are moaning about it!).

      Not getting a top DM… I would like to see a younger fitter DM come in but I didn’t think we would after we made 5 signings, it would be in a different transfer window, that is OBVIOUS! Are you blind?
      We needed pace in the attack as Theo has suffered injuries, Alexis was signed and top signing IMO.
      We needed cover for Giroud, we got Welbeck and although Wenger said he would of loaned him… But your moaning about a TOP CF as well… Giroud came back from injury and been banging them in and last season he didn’t have rest periods.. instead of getting a player in his prime to replace Giroud, force Giroud to step up and do a better 3rd year than his 2nd was a good move, he had already scored more than TH14 in his 1st 2 seasons so he has earned respect from us true fans and I would hate to see him overlooked for Cavagni (or someone of equal publicity).

      refusing Cesc, this confused me for a while and started to think about all the factors.
      1st factor is Gazidis, he is silent stans yes man and all those 2 yanks have seen is Cesc refusing to join us last year as he wanted to try to stay in Barca and when he felt forced out then he came to us as a ‘last resort’, we had not long broke our own record to replace him because he didn’t want to join us!
      Wenger knows that Cesc started as a Volante, a holding CM… we needed one, was Cesc asked to play a deeper role and refused? WE DO NOT KNOW. Arsenal FC as a club failed us supporters, that includes the board! Pointing the finger at Wenger will only help encourage the board to get rid of him and hire a yes man as a manager and where will we end up?????

      If Ozil is as good as he thinks he is then he should be able to adapt and put more effort into the job he was given, Ozil has to take responsability for his actions, his lack of desire to defend has cost us and he shouldn’t get things handed to him just because he was our record signing, he should of put more effort in. Blame Ozil and not Wenger, performed out wide for his country better than he has for us so please, learn to think for yourself, why hasn’t he given us the same performances he has given his country?

      Podolski issue, when Podolski puts effort in then he can be good enough to start but too often he goes missing in games for large chunks, this puts extra pressure on the defence as he isn’t tracking back to help the TEAM, as it is a TEAM game then I do prefer Ox and Alexis out wide, players who do track back and also press higher up the pitch. Podolski only has himself to blame.
      Campbell has never looked good enough in the games I have seen him play for us, he has shown plenty of potential but he needs time and gametime in the EPL. Rosicky has been injured from time to time and match fitness means something, you do know that right? Getting match fit from injury isn’t a couple day thing… His age hasn’t helped in his recovery time, it is a scientific fact that as we get older it takes our bodies longer to repair, science rules your puny opinion!

      1. Are you wenger in disguise ? What a load of crap
        If wenger wanted Cesc he would be here, but no he’s at Chelski
        Get a grip man he gets paid 8 mil a year to make decisions and he’s getting them wrong

        1. Was you born this stupid or do you have to work at it? Good work if you have to work at it, you really are stupid.

          If Wenger wanted Cesc he would be here?
          You honestly think that Wenger has the final say on transfers?
          You honestly think that a American businessman would let the owner spend without his consent?
          Where do you think Gazidis came from? (give you a hint, he worked with Colorado Rapids on deals)

          Wenger tried to get Cesc back the year previously before getting Ozil, he did want him… He said he has faith in Ozil but we know that Wenger will not say “Oh I would much prefer ‘Rival Signing’ instead of my player” so you thick dummies take that as it being Wengers decision.

          Like it was Wengers decision to sell Nasri?
          Go ask Nasri if it was Wenger who sold him or Silent Stan.
          Infact I will get a quote:
          “Nasri told BeIN Sport: “Cesc or me were supposed to leave. Arsene told me that if Cesc would leave, I would stay. But Kroenke wanted the money.”

          Same link I posted above but again, look through google and you will find original source etc if you can be bothered to do your own research… but I doubt you will as thick dummies like you take media spin as truth, even when the media has shown to be wrong time and time again… they just want your viewing and money.

          1. So you are saying that WENGER is nothing else but Silent Stan B…TCH. I don’t believe that, WENGER has become a deluded egomaniac that his mission aside from pocketing 8Mil every year, is trying to proof himself right, supported by the deluded AKB’s both are ultimately responsible for this mediocre team. AOB’s had something going, Le Fraud was feeling the pressure, what happens next a bunch of deluded AKB’s start chanting his praises, result a horrific game . Wont be surprise that after this draw LIVERFOOL will come back, the same as MANURE did, just take for any team to play against WENGER to resurge like the PHOENIX.

            1. Well well well, another idiot trying to put words in another persons mouth to try and look intelligent.

              When did I say that?
              I said Wenger has a boss and he needs to please his boss like everyone else needs to please there boss.
              He gets a good wage becuase he has done what was asked of him, make preofit and keep the club towards the top.

              What a w*nker you are.

      2. @MidKemma??? You must be smoking the same S..T as Arsene.Will not comment on such craps….Does not make senses at all.

        1. neither does your English, mate. at least he’s gone and given us an in depth and reasoned out opinion. better than the majority of comments i’ve read so far.

        2. I will not comment… hmm how should I tell people I wont comment… Oh I know BY MAKING A COMMENT!

          Watch out lads, we have a genius here!

      3. Wood you sure type a lot but I stopped reading soon as you said he bought chambers to replace vermalen and then moved on to a different topic.

        So vermalen is replaced by chambers, then who replaced Sagna? And who replaced jenkinson? Or maybe you just conveniently overlook that while singing the tunes of wenger?

        You want see a younger player to fill our dm role? So who has wenger promoted since we are desperately short in that department? No one, stop kidding yourself, coquelin only started 1 game this entire season and made a couple of dying minute camos, promotion my backside. Let’s call a spade a spade shall we? He left the team short of defence when everyone was screaming out and did nothing, now the team is suffering and the results are not there and then he comes out admitting he needs to sign defenders. He is a big stubborn tw#t.

        1. As you point out, Vermalen was replaced by Chambers. Sagna was replaced by Debuchy. Jenkinson was replaced by Bellerin. Were those trick questions?

          1. Up against it there Trudeau – present a fact and receive a flurry of thumb downs. Facts are often inconvenient but that will never get in the way of a simple-minded argument. They will tell you that promoting Bellerin does not count as a replacement for Jenks. They will be the same people who wailed and cried that Jenks was not good enough before but hatchet Wenger everytime Jenks has a decent game at West Ham or Bellerin has a poor game. You won’t hear anything when Bellerin performs or Jenks/WHs fortunes start to wane. If you want the manager out then it is possible to apply wise-arse, often half-arsed, revisionist wisdom to each and every decision Wenger makes. Simple but dull game to play and exercise with every thread if you are so minded.

            1. Ha! I’d like to think the deluge of thumbs down was a consequence of my sarcastic tone – very unfestive like – rather than because I stated some facts. For the record, my opinion is that the Jenkinson loan was a horrible decision particularly since Jenkinson has played CB and Wenger clearly did not trust Bellerin at the beginning of the year.

              1. Fair comment – but I submit the Jenks thing only looks really bad when viewed with hindsight. Would have thought MD/CC and HB was enough cover for RB – didn’t hear anyone suggest that we were gonna be short there at the time. The problem has been at CB, Kos out and the knock-on effect with Mert’s form – anyone’s guess who would be best at CB out of Jenks and Chambers. Jenks has never played there before in a senior match. And we shouldn’t forget – Jenks is loaned out, not sold – the whole point of a loan is often to get back a better more experienced player and who can say that won’t be acheived?

          2. Thank you, good to see some people can think for themselves 🙂
            I will put your thumbs down to hitting a nreve on the so called fans, you said something which is true and they didn’t like it… so they HAD to do something, even if it is as simple as disliking as they can’t put forward a logical argument.

            Thank you again ^.^

    2. Refusing Fabregas? he said it himself that he wanted to go to chelsea. Leaving us when we needed him after 2 summer of trying hard to get away, knowing he got as good as he is because of Wenger, is disgusting on his part.
      The lack of DM reinforcement is a mistake that need to be explained or assessed during the January transfer window. it could be that the targeted players where not obtainable.(if we where after shneiderlin, we had no chance to get him after Southampton sold 5 of their 1st team players).
      jenkinson loan is rightfully questionable.
      Ozil being sometimes played out of position is part of his learning curve. He and his father said they welcomed the Arsenal move as they new it would better Mesut’s play in the long haul. (remember Henry, ramsey,…)

  5. For this ‘car anology’ you must remember that the driver (Wenger) may be telling the owner (Silent Stan via Gazidis) but the owner thinks “Hmmm, I can get a few more miles out of this before the performance drop is noticed” and the driver has to deal with it the best he can.

    This is plain to see with bus companies, the bus driver does not own the bus (like wenger doesn’t own Arsenal FC) and yet busses break down… who do you blame? The driver or the owner for not investing properlly into the bus maintance?

    KickAssFan last but 1 paragraph says that Wenger gets the final say; “Wenger decides which player is good enough to be bought”, this may not be the case, does KickAssFan work for Arsenal FC and knows the inner workings? NO! So it is just his opinion that wenger has so much say…

    The dumb writer should look into the history of Arsenal signings under Wenger and Dein, then Wenger by himself and lastly Wenger with Gazidis.

    So fellow readers of comments can see;
    Wenger and Dein: Pires, Henry, Gilberto, Overmars, Ljungberg, Sol…
    Wenger on own: Nasri and Arshavin (only 2 I belive)
    Wenger and Gazidis: Giroud, Podolski, Monreal…

    Wenger has been the consistant factor yet the transfer activity has differed, Wenger who is stubbern is doing this change in transfer policy?????

    Stupid article, blame is more on Gazidis than Wenger and this has been clear since day 1 for any true Arsenal fan, heck it was even mentioned by Alan Smith during a pre game talk… but I guess REAL FANS would know this and bloggers are just after readers so will always jump on the narrowminded bandwagon as that will infuriate real fans to read and get fake fans to mindlessly agree without actually doing anyone anywhere anygood.

    1. @Midkemma, let’s assume u’re correct, in the situation whereby all the substitutions are made in 80minutes and above which won’t really have an effect on the game….. Is the Board also to blame for that??

    2. @Midkemma (sorry, name sounds like a fake drug sold in Uzbekistan), pal, read this comment made by Sir Chips Keswick and tell me what you think (I do hope you know who Sir Chips is—-another funny name, “Chips”!!!): “Don’t let’s be in a muddle about who calls the shots about football at Arsenal. It is not the chairman, it is not the fans, it is Mr Arsène Wenger. If he has a plan, we back him. If he doesn’t have a plan, we keep quiet. Our board backs him 100 per cent.”

      Sing with me: “Who runs the club?”

      1. Midkemma sounds like a drug?
        Midkemia is from a series of books and yeah, I spelt it wrong (dyslexia is a pain in the ass lol), hence Midkemma.

        Does Chips own the club?
        Silent Stan does.

        Chips going to say “Silent Stan is profit orientated and greedy”?

        Think about it… if he did then how long would Silent Stan keep him?

        He was obviously going to say “Board backs 100%” due to his stature at the club and it also diverts attention away from the board to the manager.

        As other people have said as well, Wenger takes the blame and deflects it to an EXTERNAL source where his players will not get upset and hurt team moral and he doesn’t upset his bosses who pay him a damn good wage.

        Now ask yourself, why would a businessman pay that much for a manager that isn’t worth it? It isn’t like Silent Stan doesn’t know about sports, he has several business ventures into sports in the USA, Wenger has something which he desperatly wants to keep.

        The ability to generate an income while maintaining a CL qualification which is the door for futher profits.

        Who runs this club?
        The owner does you numpty, the owner is Stan Kroenke.
        Silent Stan runs Arsenal FC.
        Silent Stan also takes out of Arsenal FC for stratigic BS reasons… Funny how that was the same as ticket price increases aint it? So the ticket price increase funds couldn’t go towards transfers as it went into Silent Stans back pocket.

        I hate how it is, I truely do, I wish that the AST could buy the club.

        I support the players, I support the manager… I support the idea behind Arsenal FC. I can not support the owner though. I can not look good upon our old owners as they agreed not to sell when Usmanov was trying to help us but wanted to buy the club, instead all agreeing not to sell and then they sell to Silent stan after a period of time where Arsenal FC shares was increasing in value.

        You can be ignorant and ignore the business side if you want and I will continue to troll you ^.^

        I will not disagree with Wenger having a say in all aspects and maybe that is part of the problem? Previously he had Dein to help him and we was winning things, now we have Gazidis and we dont have the right players, we got cheaper versions of what wenger wanted and they havent been as stable as the core teams built with Dein supporting him.

        thank you for replying tho ^.^

        1. Dear Arsene, I really can’t believe you would stoop this low. You have decided to pick a dumb name for yourself (Midkemma/Leukaemia) on this blog just so you could personally reply every comment criticising you. Get a life, sir.

          1. you wrote the story and now you’re complaining that someone paid it enough interest to engage it. are you kidding me?!?!?!?! talk about a lack of appreciation. disgusting response.

          2. Google Midkemma.
            Oooh look, GAMES.
            It is a gamer tag.

            So basically I just pawned your ass and now your trying to make a basless claim that I am Wenger because you can’t beat the logic.

            I will continue to troll you and every post you make, I will flame your ass till you cry at night to your mummy like the child you are. I was happy to talk about the different aspects of our differeing perspective and I was even polite enough to thank you for replying to me.

            Shame manors was something you was never brought up with, kept in the kennel too long with that stray b*tch of a mum?

            You are sick to have to use a illness (Leukaemia) to just try and sound big :'(

        2. which series of book is it your name,I m pretty sure it s fantasy genre,Is it Jordan or Sanderson or Tolkien.

          1. Raymond E Feist,
            You are right though, it is fantasy this one, from what I read the story originated from the writer and friends playing D&D (pencil and paper version).

            1st book is called Magician, I dont read much being Dyslexic but his books just grabbed me.

    1. But went unbeaten when he had Deins support in the transfer market, was winning trophies on a regular basis with Dein supporting his transfer dealings…

      Now we have the profit driven Silent Stan and his yes man Gazidis, well since 2007.
      Last trophy 2005…
      Dein tried to get a billinaire to help support the club, gets Usmanov…
      Dein sells shares to Usmanov so he can have a chance at buying the club but instead the then board said no sale to a individual owner!
      This was done by the owners all agreeing not to… untill the prices of shares was pushed so high due to this and BAM sold for PROFIT and not footballing reasons or to someone who supports the club.

      Wengers job during that period was to maintain CL football and a profit, well I have come to that conclusion after looking at the facts surronding what has actually happened rather than rumors, he is paid well because he managed to do something which other managers have failed at… being a selling club and still maintaining regular CL football.

      Wenger knows his sh*t, we just need a board who are Arsenal fans and not sports businessmen, business is profits… profit or profit… a football fan would want to ‘gamble’ a bit by investing in the squad to make the winnings and publicity and not take the safe route of selling players to cover the cost of buying players and banking the profit.

      1. I don’t think you understand the differences between Dein’s and Levy’s financial support.
        The former had “carte blanche”, the late had to take our newly build stadium into account.
        ps: not defending either of them.

        1. 🙂 True.
          Dein tried to sort this out by bringing in Usmanov who was willing to load us the debt ammount on a interest free loan and over a unspecified period of time.

          This was refused by the board… which has had Silent Stan as the head since Aug 07? Gazifid came in July 07? I should double check this so I am sorry if slightly off.

          I comprehend the difference, the difference is Wenger has a tight fisted Gazidis. Dein use to find the funds.. he went and found an investor and got thrown out for his troubles :'(

      2. @Midkemma
        you have hit the nail almost right on the head. though I do feel that Wenger has been sussed by other prem clubs he has sunk slowly down hill since David Deins departure and needs to stop thinking he knows it all. Regardless of if he is waiting in the wings to smash the PL again he should at least admit to the fans that he is in a difficult predicament and alleviate the pressure on himself . The Board are to blame for all this in my opinion and that includes Wengers slide they need to be outted but how?

        1. I have been thinking about wengers tactics for a while, he has defenatly frustrated me by waiting so long for subs etc.

          Only conclusion I can come up with which holds solid logic is that Wenger is being spread too thin.
          A bit like a bit of butter which is only enough to cover half a piece of toast but being told to make it cover it all.

          Wenger has a say in this, in that and in so much… but he is only 1 man. Our fitness has been dropping over the past decade as well, no longer are we building players who are solid, Vieria developed a lot with us and look how solid he was. Same for Cole, Toure, Lauren etc… I would say that injuries have cost us more than selling, which in itself has cost us a lot.

          I dont think that Wenger is perfect like some OTHER readers may assume (I am not directing that at you either), he has his faults… I think he waits too long for subs at times… but we are a team that is known for late comebacks so hmmm…

          I would like to see Wenger step up onto the board tho, I would like Arsenal to bring in a younger manager who can last a good decade with us and for Wenger and the new manager to work closely to keep the attractive style of football that Wenger desires to play and bringing youths through etc but a manager who can focus on nothing but the team and team performance.

    1. The top is Silent Stan, I agree, the buck stops there and we should be pointing the blame at Silent Stan and not wenger.

  6. The fault line in the Arsenal set up is in two parts. No:1 Wenger, No:2 Midfield depart. On Wenger it’s poor off season business, poor team selection and poor game to game tactics.

    On our midfield if you look closely you might see this is were we loose all our games. We dont have a defensive midfielder at all except Arteta! No one in the mdfield is prepared to sacrifice his game and stop the opposition from playing. All are mad ball drivers who want to attack the opposition goal area. Wenger knows it fully well and he tries to smoother the problem with some soft p***sy crap formations. It doesn’t work, & will never work even if chickens grow teeth! The 4-2-3-1 formation he is trying to run away from is his sole free ticket out of his current dilemma. It’s comfortable with his current squad and is built for speedy ball drivers. NB: by the way who is the author of this article?- hahaha! ……pliz don’t blame Meat Sucker, it’s not his fault.

    1. I’ve been wondering what has happened to Wengers tactical awareness during games, it isn’t just games though really is it? Transfer market he is just a bit behind other teams in the getting them area, Alexis came to us because Wenger was already where he was due to covering the WC… otherwise would we have got him? I honestly doubt it.

      Is Wenger spreading himself too thin on all the jobs he has had to take on at Arsenal that he is no longer giving any role enough time?

      Training, we are getting injuries..

      Ever since Dein left I have seen a decline in Wenger, that was a good working partnership and we need that again i think.
      I think Wenger owes it to us fans to start planning on moving on up to the board and help a new manager settle, a manager who is like minded in players and wanting to give attractive football, a manager that with Wengers support in getting the players wanted then we can get back to being on top again…

      I agree with you on the formation, I like the 4-2-3-1 in general and having the ACM role is something which many of our players could drift in and out of during games to keep our fluid motion.

      When fit and assuming both of them get there def act together then I would like to see Wilshere and Ramsey as those 2 ‘holding CM’. Ramsey shown he can put in his def duties last season, he was averaging at 4.4 tackles per game while this season he started with an average of just over 1, Ramsey needs to keep the basics going and that includes getting back.
      Wilshere has done well in the deep role for England and with Ramsey alongside him I think they both could provide good enough cover and both of them are capable of getting an attack going, they just need to learn to stay back when the other goes forward…

    1. they are-

      an hes going to real madrid

      we shop at aldi.

      once in a blue tho , we toddle into harrods an buy german an chileans products

  7. he should totally ignore the 25 man squad and homegrown rule….spend and sign 50 world class players

    1. i actually am growing to like your world.

      theres no limits.

      we can buy 50 world class players- theres not even 50 around…

      no matter we can make some from clay an rubber

      1. Clay and rubber wouldnt of moved its head out the way of a shot, would of been an improvment on Sunday 😛 lol.

      2. Come on muffdiver – you are one of the brighter ones on here – you know Hafiz is laughing at us and trying (unsuccessfully I have to say) to shine a lot on some of the dumber arguments on here.

  8. Cars against professional football player analogy???
    Come on man…
    At least use fine-tuned formula 1 cars as part of it. You will then have to take into account that the smallest unpredicted alien object or force (debris and dirty driver moves compared with bad tackle and dirty players…) are unfortunate and unpredictable as they are supposedly not part of the game.
    With that being said, i agree our main players should be rotated more often and we should make use of our allowed substitutions earlier in the game and not at the 84th minute. It just shows we lack in quality depth (or depth quality, sorry: English isn’t my first language) and that we must buy/replace some of our squad players.

    1. Lol, @Rools! English isn’t even my second language but I really try not to spoil it. Who gives a f***’ about grammar? Just speak in a way one can understand you easily.

      U seem to luv cars and Formular_1. Eh…, noted. I’d do better next time.

      1. lol, just trying to be heard without being taken as a pro or anti wenger or aob/ akb. just giving my opinion. i know your stance on the matter and i respect it as you are moving the debate forward (not always tho).
        This is where i stand.

        Tickets prices are an issue and any unspent money from our yearly transfer found should at least be used in reducing them. It would prove the board respect toward all fans who dish out huge amount of their hard earn salary to attend games that will at the moment only give us top 4 expectation.
        I am not an AOB or AKB as somehow short minded “fans” would like to describe themselves as.
        I respect Wenger’s work taken to a context in which he has been tied up in the building of the team but i am expecting much more from now on.
        We went through a difficult time (10 years) but the financial struggle is now over and i am myself happy to let Arsene Wenger prove what he can do with no restraints for the remaining of this season and the next.
        If no improvements are shown after that time, serious question about our club’s future leadership should be raised.
        Sagna’s departure was the only major one in the last 2 transfer windows while adding serious signings. in that regard there has been improvements at last.
        I say; lets see what happen this summer and next season.
        It is my opinion and i am not trying to start a senseless debate on whether we should or not part with our manager now as it would only bring chaos to the club and add the risk to loose big players during the summer.
        Improvements and success are due but need to be done the right way.

  9. Wow wenger must be puppet that employed by the board. The board sold all our top players and he can’t even hold any. How many time he told us the player won’t be leaving us but at the end the result all against him. If you know you can’t be in charged than tell the fans or media the truth and not bring us for a run than tell people all the crap reason. The board sold the player not me or the board said wenger has plan than we got plan. Quite a good strategy to mixed up fans mind. Wenger take the job and he know the pros and cons so don’t tell me he don’t know he got responsibility to answer to the fans or they are just entertainer and we are just pay to watch customers, as long there is profit for the share holders will do.

    1. How long do you think a profit driven American businessman would keep Wenger as the manager after Wenger came out and something like that?

      Wenger is human, he has a boss which he needs to please, I mean really please for the wages he gets…

            1. Nope. My partner and I did like being lick it lick it.

              Maybe you can enlightened me so my partner and I can have some new enjoyment.

    2. Well, Bacary Sagna was 1 of the the only 2 big names who departed Arsenal in the last 2 years. After winning a trophy and only because he had to make his last years count financially.
      Nasri was not planned, by wenger at least (Nasri said himself Arsene went against the board but their decision was already made) and fabregas stitched us, no matter what some blind fans would like to deny.
      the only recent f*ck ups are van p… (can’t spell his name anymore) and the fail in findind adequate replacement for Vermaelen while loaning Jenkinson .

  10. Is easy to change the manager than the board.

    Basically they are just hand in hand to bring the fans for a wild goose chase. He was paid good money to go with the board and won’t scared to be fired.

  11. For past 6/7 years Wenger has been taking gullible as well as forgiving fans for a ride to the promise land but he never quit reaches the destination and all because he never fully fills up the petrol tank, or carries a spare tyre or spare parts or looses he way as he still relies on outdated 1998 AA Map and stubbornly refuses listen to his passengers advice. On top of that he is short sighted and as such frequently has an accident which leaves his passengers mentally bruised and battered, resulting in weeks to recover!

      1. Same Klopp who’s team was doing amazing a couple seasons ago, still filled with talent and now battling relegation?

      2. I sometimes don’t get your trolling.
        Borussia Dortmund is today, second to last in the bundesliga, 30 points off the top with no chance of qualifying for europa.
        He sold Mario Gotze and Robert Lewandowski this summer but you still see him as the better manager???

  12. when i see the comments from some BAA,S (like kickassfan or robinvanpayslip)it does reassure me,it would have worried me if they,d been AKB,S!!@robin you should have stopped before your 10 years ago comment even you must have felt stupid??and kickassfan who is making excuses for himself “english isn,t my 1st or 2nd language “well neither it is to me so??your excuse is poor,non english speakers like me would understand you better if you were to use the correct grammar !!

  13. It seems to me that all this “Wenger In” / “Wenger out2 Malarky is not really addressing the root cause of the problem. There are as usual two sides to that specific argument, Wenger has been a ground breaking and innovative manager during his tenure at the club, BUT he is no longer keeping up with the pack and building a competitive side that can play imaginative and competitive football.
    I really belive its not just down to keeping or booting AW, its far more complicated than that.
    The board are Non football heads they don’t really care about being competitive and leave almost all of the football to wenger, all that Kroenke cares about is the balance sheet, Gazidis is exactly the same. Chips Keswick is an old etonian and doesn’t really care too much so long as the club is in profit either. Wenger has the brains back in the day and the ability to lure players into the club ewho he saw as being the future of top tier football, we had David dein who has the minerals to bring these players in and hence we had a highly successful run for around ten years and went unbeaten and competed at the highest level. However I really believe that certain people on the board were suspicious of Dein and maneuvered him out of the club whilst exploiting his introduction of Silent stan.
    Meanwhile in the outside world the rest of the EPL was gaining Monumentous amounts of money and also caught Wenger Up with regards to his talent spotting ability and we due to the move to a new stadium had massive cash restrictions and everyone else caught up and overtook us. The situation now is thus that A) whatever the club says we DONT HAVE THE MONEY TO COMPETE.
    B) Wenger does not have Pat Rice or the old backroom staff ro steady the ship
    c)The board no longer see competing as a way forward they only wish to balance the books
    d) Wengers old way of doing things doesn’t work any more and the back him as the link between the two (David Dein) has gone.
    You can argue all day long as to if its his fault and if he should be blamed or not but if he goes the board will replace him like for like and NOTHING will change
    The club made in the region of 9 million on the Fabregas deal to Chelsea and that was the real reason that we didn’t get him back that and Wengers innate reluctance to admit that he sometimes (more often than not) gets it wrong.
    What other business in the world has a 33% shareholder who has no place on the board?
    We don’t really have the money, we are not a big club in comparison any more, the football world has left Wenger behind and MOST OF ALL the board don’t give a shit so long as they make the shareprice ect.
    it wont change till Silent stan is bought out or Wenger walks or the board start thinking like football club owners rather than investment bankers, which most of them are or were in former lives so don’t expect any changes anytime soon. The damage has been done and the clubs current board wont take steps to change it regardless of if Wenger is manager or not it all comes back to then and they just don’t care as long as we are in profit.

  14. Wenger made some really bad decisions against Liverpool.

    1. He played Chambers RB and Debuchy CB. No sense whatsoever playing Chambers RB when he is not as quick as Debuchy. Debuchy not as tall as Chambers, therefore another reason why not to play him CB. If he (Wenger) was trying to compensate for Mertesackers sluggishness, why not just sell him and buy another top CB who is quicker and better in the air?

    2. Playing Chamberlain in the midfield was a bad idea as the guy is wasted to be used simply for ball distribution. Chamberlain is a winger, who thrives with space in which he can run with the ball and dribble. Pairing him with Cazorla and Flamini for defensive duties in the midfield was a horrible decision, no wonder we had hardly any possession.

    Wenger should take most of the blame, but our players also should not need to be mollycoddled all the time. Some games we look like a bunch of boys out there with no fight or confidence.

  15. As a few people have said the board now I wanted to make another post asking everyone something…

    If you was in Wengers position and a fan of the club, would you;

    A) Risk your job by speaking out against the boardroom issues, this also comes with the risk of Moyes replacing you… as well as the potential feelings afterwards that you could of and should of done more?

    B) Do your job the best you can, a level which you feel no other manager has proven to do.. so although you might not win anything for a decade BUT you keep the club in a healthy position which is something which can not be said in modern football (moveing staduim under own financial weight alone).

  16. Few observations. AKBs, if chambo replaced verm, and HB replaced Jenks, how come monreal was playing CB while guys like Montero was roasting chambo at rb? AKBs would spew any type of shit just to justify Wenger, Like it were a crime to accept blame

  17. @midkemma
    I agree with you when you say
    1. The buck stops @stan
    2. Wenger should be replaced by a younger, hungrier manager.
    I fault Stan for not making point 2 happen. I don’t get all these Wenger apologist excuses. If you’re paid 8mil a year, it shouldn’t be to produce excuses. If he’s not able to stand up to the board /owner to get what’s right for the club, then we need a manager who can. You say if he speaks out against the way the club is run by his bosses, he gets kicked out, I thought AKBs always said, Madrid, bayern, barca, psg, man utd, France etc would come scrambling for his signature the second he leaves arsenal?
    moreover, all the excuses you give eg the manager being starved of funds or not being in charge have been countered by Wenger and the club so many times, yet you say (with a lot of insults too) that we are daft, that they aren’t saying it as it is, but you are. So my question midkemma is this, ARE You THE REAL ARSENE WENGER? OR SHOULD WE WAIT FOR ANOTHER? & IF YOU’RE THE REAL ARSENE WENGER, COULD YOU PLEASE STAND UP, PLEASE STAND UP, PLEASE STAND UP. (the last part to the tune of eminem’s slimshady)

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