Why Wenger signed Ozil – And why he shouldn’t have…

One of Arsene Wenger’s last acts of his 22 year reign at Arsenal, was to convince Mesut Ozil to re-sign on for five years, but now that he watching Unai Emery refusing to play the German, he has explained the reasons why he thought it was sensible to re-sign a top class player on such a long contract, as the price of a similar replacement would be astronomical, but he doesn’t think that Ozil’s five year deal or his wages should make him an automatic selection for the Gunners.

In fact Le Prof thinks that it may have had a detrimental effect on Ozil, as he is now guaranteed a fortune whether he plays or not. “I feel that the length of the contract has nothing to do normally with the selection of the team. But sometimes there are special cases,” Wenger said on Sky Sports. “Most of the time now we think when we sign a player for five years we have a good player for five years. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they practice, they play their best. Because they might be in their comfort zone.

“He has a contract but the problem is that if you want to buy a player like him you have to spend £100m.

“And to maintain the value of the player, beyond the Ozil case, it is more about the way football is structured.

“To buy players of top, top quality you need £100m. So the decision you have to make is whether you re-sign the player, who costs us nothing, or do we have the money to buy a new player?”

So, in fact, it was a massive risk to give such a sensitive, unpredictable player that has won everything, such a long contract on such high wages, rather than bring in a hungry young player who wants to fight for the glory. It’s very very complicated, and can we even think that this was Wenger’s decision? Or was the new management team that caused this situation?

Darren N


  1. Achala says:

    I think it’s clear Wenger wanted Ozil to stay.

    I am, however, doubtful if Wenger was willing to go up to such a figure – 350.000. This must have been the decision of the new negotiating team, taking into account it would cost at least 70 mill. to get a new player of Ozil’s quality. At least.

    If Wenger has been allowed to stay, it would still have been an okay decision. Far from great, but okayish. Getting Ozil on that salary, and then replacing le prof with Emery of all people smacks of Gazidis’s incompetence.

    Not saying Emery is not an excellent manager, but Ozil is the opposite of an Emery type player. Short-sided from Gazidis, then, primarily, and so glad he is gone.

    1. Tissiam says:

      I completely agree with you,very good argument!

    2. ken1945 says:

      Darren, you know pefectly well the answer to your last paragraph, or at least if you did your homework, you would.

      What AW is doing, is giving his views on the length of time Ozil’s contract and why it could have possibly have been a bad decision.

      I explained to TMJW in a previous post that Ozil signed his new contract in January 2018.

      By that time, gazidis had taken over the duties of contract negotiations and new signings, giving the former duties to Huss Fahmy.
      Huss joined the club SIX MONTHS PREVIOUSLY and he and gazidis were in full swing, handling contracts for such as Sanchez, The Ox, Wilshere and, of course, Ozil and Ramsey.

      The fans were told this and was met on here with great enthusiasm, and interpreted as yet another sign that the “power crazy manager” was losing his grip on the club. FUNNY HOW THAT IS NOW COMPLETELY IGNORED- BUT IT HAPPENED!!

      Not only do the dates prove that gazidis and fahmy had taken over this role, the fact that Ramsey’s contracy was withdrawn as soon as gazidis jumped ship surely indicates that he was the instigator of contracts.
      It didn’t happen when AW resigned / sacked did it? So who was in control????

      Until our fanbase stops automatically blaming AW for issues that had been taken out of his control, the idea that we might fathom out what has been going on will remain a side issue.

      Those that do this know it’s not true, but just cannot acknowledging the FACTS…just look it up, check the dates and the comments from gazidis and actually read what AW said in the article FROM THE GUARDIAN being used in this post.

      Asked much earlier, also in The Guardian, about Ozil and his views on a new contract AW said this and I quote word for word:

      “One of Wenger’s last acts”…utter BS just to appease those who prefer FICTION OVER FACTS.

      Just keep ignoring the FACTS TMJW and with comments like those at 11.52 the only idiot will be you.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Nice one Ken, well worded post, better than I could do ^.^

      2. ClassyGunner says:

        Also the possibility of loosing both Ozil and Sanchez for free at the same time could have also played on the minds of the contract negotiators. Sanchez wasn’t staying so they may have adopted desperate measures in case of Ozil. At that time the clamor from fans was “pay them whatever they want and make them sign da thing”.

        1. zTOM says:

          Exactly. Losing BOTH our World Class players at the same time would have put in great danger our ability to attract and sign other elite players.
          Hell, for all we know, Aubameyang could have well backed out from joining us when seeing that we looked like a sinking ship unable to hold all our best players.
          The issue that Ozil doesn’t seem to fit Emery’s system as well (or in the worst case scenario, at all) is of course very unfortunate but that’s pure hindsight and nobody could expect that to happen at the time.

    3. John Ibrahim says:

      wenger probably recommend resign…

      the new contract team does the negotiation

      same in the past Dein does the contract negotiation and almost cause cashley cole to flip his car

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    Well Wenger, and Gazidis, if you two idiots hadn’t let his contract run down, then we could have sold him, and then reinvested.

    As always, zero accountability from Wenger, unless it’s something positive, like he built the Emirates with his own two hands! Haha!

    1. zTOM says:

      That would be because this has zero thing to do with his actual job, unlike the teams employed by the Board to handle such things.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Normally it wouldn’t be the responsibility of a coach/manager, but we know that wasn’t the case with Wenger. He had a huge influence and responsibility off the pitch as well, and which is probably why we suffered so badly on the pitch. Wenger spread himself too thin, whereas his sole focus should have been on the coaching.

        1. Tissiam says:

          Everybody knows that in the last 2/3 years hus influence was not what it used to be,backed up by the changes in the background.

    2. Judith Le'Strange says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with your comments.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Everybody but a few who are becoming very obvious by their vitriolic, monotonous tirade to try and wilfully denegrate certain individuals, whilst ignoring actual facts that are presented to them.

        In other words, self denial of the truth.

    3. ClassyGunner says:

      While I also wanted Wenger gone, there is no denying the fact that he kept us competitive during the stadium construction years. Credit where its due my friend.

    4. ClassyGunner says:

      Well!!! While I also wanted Wenger gone, there is no denying the fact that he kept us competitive during the stadium construction years. Credit where its due my friend.

  3. Lupe says:

    I don’t think the management should have given Ozil more than 150k per week, its still a lot of money because how many top class players in the world earn that, not to talk of 350k, massive mistake from gazidis and wenger for signing him up on that wage. If he then refused, he should have been let go that summer before the season started and then explain to the fans he decided not to sign but i guess they were scared of the backlash if we lost sanchez and ozil at the same time. Like i’ve said before, an europa league team with a self sustaining business model like ours can not afford to pay ONE player 350k a week, there is no way we can afford that if we want a competitve squad.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yes, the pressure was too high at that time, since Ozil and Sanchez have a lot fans

      Even now many of them are pressurizing Emery to use a no 10 tactic again, despite Emery has his own strategy

      He is the boss of the players currently and we could crucify him if he doesn’t improve Arsenal at all by the end of this season, but now now

      1. gotanidea says:

        *not now

      2. kev says:

        That is the problem with Arsenal.We always acted to late with respect to signing and selling players.We have on several occasions signed players a season or two too late.I will not even begin to mention the players who overstayed that could be sold for profit had we done the right thing.Due to all this there comes a time where the player has a year on his contract and gets an injury rendering him inactive for the season and still being on our books and we are then forced to sell for very small cash if we are lucky or the players go for free if we are unlucky.

        1. zTOM says:

          I’d say that Arsenal’s biggest problem in recent years has been its inability to make a good profit from the players sales thus allowing to bring talented replacements without having to dip so much in our “savings”.
          We only had ONE great sale in the last 10 years, the 40m received for the OX, before that you need to look waaaayyy back at the Fabregas sale to find any 30+M player sale!!! (since the 34M value of the Alexis transfer was in essence just a swap with Mhiki)
          That’s just not good enough and all our competitors vastly over-perform us in that field.
          And, of course, linked to that has been our inability to sell key players with enough years left on their contracts to allow for an important transfer fee. And that had little to do with Wenger.

  4. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal were in comfort zone. Not only the players, but also Wenger

    If you don’t innovate and be complacent or rely on your past glory/ achievements, you will be left behind. For instance, Yahoo, Nokia, Blackberry, Apple, etc

    At least Arsenal learned from Ozil’s case and try to resolve it

  5. Joe Kupoluyi says:

    Emery need to change his attitude toward Ozil and Rammsey or Else he might not Survive the problem he find himself now at Emirates.

    1. enagic says:

      What attitude? Ramsey is done and dusted and Ozil needs to go in summer and also I saw very good news we are re-opening talks to sign Banega his position that’s where we miss a lot of creativity since Santi left

      1. zTOM says:

        The attitude that makes him not use our best creative midfielder (by far) at the cost of our creative attacking output for whatever strange reason.
        Has he been so burnt by Neymar utterly sapping his authority that he irrationally tries to sap any influence Ozil can have, even his key influence on the pitch?

        Banega is good but isn’t at the age of players we should spend the limited budget on since he will have no resale value, something that looks to have become vital since Kroenke is a lot more tight with the money.

  6. kev says:

    At that time the consensus was that Arsenal couldn’t lose Ozil and Sanchez but in truth that was the smaller picture.The bigger picture was that Ozil being given a £350,000 a week salary meant fans would demand top quality performances every week.Some would argue his form before signing suggested he be signed to the deal but even going by that season alone like several seasons he only showed his quality in patches but not over the entire season from the beginning.History from his time here at Arsenal also suggests that the gamble of given him a £350,000 a week salary wasn’t worth taking.So as part of a minority I was prepared to lose Ozil and Sanchez considering the predicament at that time.You always felt that the time of regret will come and here it is.I feel sorry for Ozil but he should’ve left and allowed Arsenal to cash in on him that January evif it meant both he and Sanchez were going to Utd.The bigger picture is always the important thing.

  7. d says:

    Why he shouldn’t have, yeah? Are you forgetting that our trophy drought just so happened to coincide with our signing of Ozil? No trophies for over a decade, yet the very year he joins we go on to win 3 FA cups in 4 years.

    So you’re honestly trying to tell us that a player who is in the top 1% in the entire world (at least in Europe’s top leagues) for chances created and assists made since joining us was a bad purchase?

    1. Phil says:

      d-you get what you pay for.
      Emery now has put himself in a position where he HAS to back down and PLAY Ozil.The Manager put himself in a no win situation and if Ozil comes into the side and we start winning then he would immediately have been proved wrong.
      Serves Emery right in my opinion and it could just cost him his job at Arsenal.He proved at PSG he was unable to handle the big names and it seems to have happened here as well.
      FFS-why make things difficult for yourself to begin with?He seemed determined NOT to play Ozil as a 10,instead putting Ramsey there (which we all knew would never work).He consistently refused to play Aubamayang and Lacazette together when they have proved they work better together.He persists in playing a 3/5 when our best football is always with a back four.
      For a Manager with his supposed pedigree he has made far too many wrong decisions.Too many more and he is out,

      1. ClassyGunner says:

        Agree with you, Phil. Lets be patient and see where this season takes us. Next season onwards could be very difficult for Emery if he can’t get the teams act together.

    2. zTOM says:

      And signing Ozil allowed us to sign players in the calibre of Sanchez as well.
      Keeping him last January might have had weight in signing Aubameyang too (and Lacazette the previous Summer although he was in a strange situation due to almost going to Atletico until they got hit by the transfer ban)..

  8. John0711 says:

    Jesus he’s gone stop blaming him for everything, emery has decided to leave a player on 350,000 at home or on the bench
    As bad as ozil can be at times he’s still different class than Iwobi, Xhaka, miki , Elneny
    You lot will blame anyone yet still spend money so stop moaning and suck it up buttercup
    Fans who complain and keep paying silly prices are apart of the issue

    1. ken1945 says:

      john0711, you and I have crossed swords on many occasions, some were quite bitter in their words.
      Both of us seem to have, somehow or another, met in the middle and your first two sentences I agree with 100%.

      It’s the the last sentence that worries me, as I have made a conscience decision to stay away this Thursday and Sunday in protest at the treatment of Ozil by the CLUB.

      First time ever that I have chosen to do this, but, unlike kenny, just can’t give up my ticket.
      Are we really the issue???

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Ain’t give it up yet Ken, the real test will be in June when you have to pull it up, it’s going to be a teal test of loyalty and ambition. Just to go off topic, has anyone seen Bayern’s team for tonight’s game at Anfield, No Muller, Robben Ribery, Tolisso, Coman or Boateng. Can you believe it? The other night PSG without Cavani and Neymar. Never happened to us, ever.

        1. Sue says:

          Oh bloody hell… they won’t need the floodlights on with all the grinning Klopp will be doing ?
          Gnabry starts… be nice to see him again

          1. Sue says:

            Shame we let him go…..

      2. John0711 says:

        Totally understand ken, we can have a different opinion as long as we stay civil which we usually have. I admit I wanted wenger out and I’m not saying he should have stayed but I cannot see the progress

        And the treatment of ozil goes against everything the club stood for ethically.
        I applaud your decision Ken, it takes a strong person to make such a decision and if I had a season ticket I would find it hard.
        Let’s hope the club attains some of its old culture and give the fans what they deserve. A team to compete
        I’ve always said the club should keep people like yourself in love with the way it does things
        On that the club is failing

  9. DAMMY says:


    sometimes you read comment here and after a period of time you read comment here again and you see same people changing opinion and blaming the board and Wenger for extending ozil and also stamping there authority by not letting Sanchez go when we got the 60mil offer from City without replacement..i mean we were not suppose to be a selling club….and it’s same thing with all issues…you just come here and change your stance because you not the board and you can do so….have you ever had the thought that the board have to take decision at a particular time giving the conditions around them…. I remember back then every Tom dick and Harry here always say give our best players what they want….ozil and Sanchez were our best players and at that time. both players as all players do including walcote if you could remember…take advantage of situations to get bumper pay day from clubs….it’s not an arsenal situation only…. it’s everywhere….ozil agent saw the rate at which arsenal need his client and use that opportunity to get the best deal for his client….and we are all at fault then coz we also asked the club to give him what he wants coz it seems the clubs like to sell it’s best players and we won’t allow that this time with ozil…but then we were not wrong coz it was a no brainier that we keep both our best players then…. luckily arsenal got ozil signature and everyone was excited….no one talked of his wages then even though we knew….we couldn’t renew Sanchez but it was clear to everyone that the board has changed it’s old ways of selling their best players…. good for the club…..fast forward a year later…. I read comments here people blaming the board and Wenger for re-signing the player everyone put pressure on the board to….how ironic….is the board suppose to see the future and know that arsene Wenger will call it a day due to pressure from the fans or know that the same Emery who was said to have the full portfolio of all our players and spoke extensive about them during interview and suddenly now knows that ozil is a lazy player and can’t track back bla bla bla….. let say it the way it is….fans were not wrong at that time when we wanted ozil to stay coz he was arguably our best player with Sanchez but the problem we have now is the so called manager who spoke highly of our players just to get the job and in turn starts to drop the most important ones like ozil and Ramsey….if you read a column on BBC…it was stated clearly there that Ramsey didn’t stay because he doesn’t share the same believe in what Emery wants from him and the position he is playing him…. which explains why the contract was taken away from him….so all in all it was Emery that has fooled us into giving him the job and in the end turn is back on our players and not blaming the board for giving ozil 350k coz that is what he is worth at that time…coz if you decided to buy a new player of his quality you will spend more so it’s business sense giving him that amount at that particular time….have you ever wondered why Ramsey will earn that much at juve….it’s for same reason ….they are getting him for free which they could have paid 50-60mil for his services and still give him close to 150k per week….so even with 400k they are still the biggest winners cos the agent will ask for a bumper salary for his client due to the club not paying a sign up fee to any club for his services… that’s what Wenger was explaining…so we need to get this straight and face Emery and question why he is not getting the best out of these players he talked so highly about before getting the job…or did he just say those things to his employers then just to get the job … I suspect fraud there…..so we fans should stop changing our point of views anyhow and blame the board and ex manager just because we want to make a point…let’s imagine a situation were we sold ozil that period or let him go for free just like Ramsey and we are in these situations that we are now not creating enough chances in the game….am sure these set of fans will still be blaming the board for letting our most creative player and the most creative player since he step foot in the premier league go….or do you think such players are easy to replace and just come every now and then cheap…..please let’s always be objective and balanced in our views…… sorry for the long text….always comes once in a while…..Dammy from Nigeria…..???

    1. Th14 says:

      My guy ??

  10. Ken says:

    Generally Ozil is a good player though not consistent.The only issue is about his wage, roughly it would have been 200k to motivate other players who have been furious ,big headed and hated him,the likes Ramsey, Mustafi good defender plays with no motivation. I can say Wenger made the huge mistake here but arsenal team is good,it only needs good arrangement and motivation to beat any team in the world

  11. Sean says:

    Emery is to blame for the way we play, who he selects & the handling of Ozil is appauling. He is our most creative player & it’s no coincidence that we start playing non football when Ozil was pushed out of the team, think everyome forgets Mesut is a human too along with the rest of us but who also had alot of crap from the GermanFA, media & national players to deal with after the summer. Ozil is the kind of player needs an arm around the shoulder but he doesn’t help himself with his excuses sometimes.

    Again Laca & Auba should be a 2 up top as we don’t have the wingers and these 2 obviously have a connection on & off the pitch. We couldn’t do any worse I know we are a point or so off top4 but we are showing no signs of progress.

    A back 4 is our best bet with a diamond midfield with Torreira, Geundouzi & Xhaka with Mesut confront supplying the 2 hitmen up front.

    Our defence has been hit by injuries badly as I felt Bellerin & Holding were growing into their roles brilliantly in the squad especially now we are changing they have stepped up. Kolasnic has been better attacking wise but we still need an upgrade at the 2 wingbacks positions but this is all we have unfortunately. Socratis has been pretty decent so him & Koss isn’t bad pairing atm. Niles isn’t a RB & Leicsteiner is done. Monreal be gone in the summer.

    For what we have Emery needs to wise up & stop the infighting with Ozil & do whatever it takes to get us going properly again. Common sense ffs it’s his 1season at Arsenal but he is making alot of big amateur mistakes already 7months in to his tenure!! Fingers crossed he gets it right.

    Lastly, Stan Kronke. If he does not releaee decent funds this summer to help the change at Arsenal then somehow he needs to be forced to sell the club so someone who cares about the club & it’s future as under this man we are heading into mediocrity, not out of business or even relegated but Everton status… the way they are going eventually they will overtake us in a few years if they spend they way they have with the right manager. It’s funny & Ironic it’s an ex Arsenal shareholder building over there. Maybe 2 if Usmanov is in also.

    1. enagic says:

      I don’t think we have time left to start throwing arms around players we need to behave and act like a big club again – Ozil was once upon a great player and let’s move on guys he is not getting younger anymore, let’s recoup whatever we can get and let’s rally behind Emery since he is gone have full control to build Arsenal coming this summer – and I am very very excited to see that and no more Wenger and Gazidis – we are going to open a new page – even Lyon who played Barcelona today they are better 10 times now than Arsenal and they producing very good young player than ever before.

  12. henry says:

    Come on guys. I am one of the people who welcomed Emery’s idea of benching any player for particular games or due to poor form for the good of the team.
    However, Emery’s continuous benching of Ozil is absolute nonsense.If indeed there are always better players than him for every match, then why arent they winning?
    Am beginning to think Emery has personal dislike of Ozil and that is unprofessional. Play him and make use of the salary he draws. Its true he is inefficient in defense but you can never argue against him being the most creative player at Arsenal.
    Emery has to drop his foolish act. We want him to succeed at Arsenal but if this is his way of handling players, then we have a problem

  13. Tissiam says:

    Verry good question,was it wenger,s or the board,s decision to give ozil that contract,after his comments I truly believe it was not wenger decision especially the timing of it,wenger already knew he was going and especially with the numbers involved very unlike him!

    1. ken1945 says:

      Tissiam, your belief is correct.
      Just go back to my comments, at the top, check out the dates, comments and reasons Huss Fahmy was employed.
      Ignore the fiction, do your own investigations ( it’s easy via internet etc) and it all becomes clear.
      Some on here have a clear and continuous agenda to bisect every ill presently at the club and blame both AW and Ozil.
      As a realist who looks for the truth, I just follow the FACTS as presented by the club.
      and independant reports.

      1. ThirdManJW says:


        Please stop making out as if Wenger had a nothing to do with the Ozil situation, because you’re conveniently ignoring the fact that Ozil has been with us since 2013. You’re not telling the whole story. Cherry picking facts to put a different slant on the story, which paints Wenger as the innocent.

        Right at the very end, okay it’s out of Wenger’s hands, but how did Ozil get down to the last 6/12 months of his contract in the first place? You don’t honestly believe Wenger had nothing to do with that? That is the point. You’re failing to mention the source of the Ozil problem. And it wasn’t just Ozil, it was the same situation with so many others. Wenger even admits that it was part of his philosophy! A lot of manager’s would have ditched Ozil after he flopped in his first season.

        Wenger was in charge of Ozil for 5 years, and he played a major role in letting his contract run down. Now that is a FACT!

        1. ken1945 says:

          TMJW, o.k. so we both accept that AW was not in control of Ozil’s contract once gazidis brought in Huss Fahmy six months before he signed a new contract.
          Brilliant, because we can move on to debate what influence AW actually had on the proceedings before the reported £350,000 a week deal that gazidis and Huss agreed.

          This is a murky area, because no one outside of the club actually knows just what influence AW had, only the club itself and so, these are just my opinions now, not facts.

          My suspicion is that he really wanted to keep both him and Sanchez, along with The Ox.
          I believe he fought tooth and nail to keep all three and The Ox and Ozil were offered contracts.
          He lost on Sanchez, pretty badly as it turned out because the in-fighting between him and gazidis, led to a last minute botched deal that, basically saw a swap he didn’t really want..but it saved face for all those involved at the club.

          The Ox was a foregone conclusion as liverpool had already turned his head and, not sure if this is true, but someone indicated that the deal he accepted was not as good as the one gazidis had offered him.

          Now Ozil… my view is that AW was at fault for not tying him (and others as well) down while he had the power to do it.

          As you rightly say, before Huss arrived, it was him and gazidis who decided things and they dilly dallied and, yet again, the player was in control of the situation… just as Ramsey, Sanchez, Judas and Ox were.
          It should have been sorted before gazidis started his own power game.

          This was an issue that Aw never seemed to get to grips with, sitting down and getting players to commit before they had the power of negotiation.

          So I agree wholeheartedly with you that he should have tied, not only Ozil, but the like of Ramsey, Sanchez, The Ox, Judas..it was a weakness that cost the club a lot of money.

          The new regime was supposed to rectify this, but gazidis failed totally to negotiate and ended up offering this obscene amount of money to Ozil just to ensure he signed on.
          He obviously tried the same thing with Ramsey, but thank goodness he resigned and the club took back the contract on offer…it would be interesting to know what he was offered.

          Finally the club has stated that every player will be offered a contract two years before the current one runs out…if the don’t accept it thet go on the transfer list. BRILLIANT JOINED UP THINKING AT LONG LAST!!!

          I have said that, a(gain only my opinion), AW had really had enough by the start of his last season, with the changes taking away many of his powers.
          I think he said to himself during the power struggle, ok then gazidis you get on with it and that’s what happened.

          My belief is that NEITHER of them could negotiate and that was why David Dein was such a great partner to Arsene Wenger.
          Theirs was an equal partnership in every sense of the word and I hope that will be made clear when/if AW writes his memoirs.

          So you see TMJW, I fully understand that AW has done many things wrong during his tenureship, was very fortunate to have DD by his side and made some awful blunders, along with glorious achievements, the likes of which seem far away at present.

          The signing of gazidis was the next worse thing to kronkie taking over and the board selling the soul of our club to him.

          I’m more than happy to talk about that dark side of AW, but it’s when facts are ignored and lies made up to belittle his achievements over the 22 years that make me come to his defence.

          The simple truth is that I want Ue to be more successful than AW, but I just don’t understand how he is going to achieve it by the tactics he is employing at the moment.

        2. zTOM says:

          “Right at the very end, okay it’s out of Wenger’s hands, but how did Ozil get down to the last 6/12 months of his contract in the first place? You don’t honestly believe Wenger had nothing to do with that?”
          He always wanted the player to sign a new contract since he was obviously a key cog in the Arsenal machine, the people/teams whose ACTUAL jobs it is to make such things happen failed to do so, despite knowing for years what they had to do.
          The failings, both in their inability to convince the player to sign again before getting to close to the end of the current contract as well as preparing the plan B of selling him for big bucks when it was still possible to do so falls squarely on their hands.

  14. ArseOverTit says:

    Ozil is not fit.to clean bergkamps boots IMO.

    Yes he has the toolset, but the man has never shown up in big matches and is far too inconsistent to ever warrant his wage. A luxury player who does not fit Unai’s mould, so I see one direction for ozil and that’s through the outdoor if they can offload him and his wage demand.

    1. Jah son says:

      But who would you say are the top players who fit Unai Emery game.

  15. Sue says:

    So Liverpool against Bayern was 0-0…. I remember when we beat them 2-0 at the Emirates… I was watching in Tenerife (surrounded by Germans) when Giroud scored I went mental, then to top it off Ozil scored ? loved it

    1. John Wick says:

      I’ll be in Amsterdam during the North London derby ? must of been good Sue ?

      1. Sue says:

        Something tells me you won’t see much of the game ???

        1. John Wick says:

          Haha there’s always that possibility Sue ? you looking forward to Thursday then ?

          1. Sue says:

            Don’t be posing for selfies by the penis fountain ??
            No not really John, how about you? ?

            1. John Wick says:

              Haha I won’t be posing near any penises Sue ? kinda Sue as long as they’re better than last week and last week they played like the football team out of bedknobs and broomsticks ? going for a 4-0 this week ?

              1. Sue says:

                ?? it was dire wasn’t it?? I was so pi**ed off!! Haha bedknobs & broomsticks!!
                I’m not even going to predict a score, all I can say is you’re going for a clean sheet?? Maybe if Sokratis is back….
                Just imagine if we don’t go through… I’ll definitely become a recluse!!

                1. John Wick says:

                  Oh yes, Bate are an awful team.. the only way they can score is from a set piece but I think we’ll be fine ? sok almost fit is he ? ? Haha how embarrassing will that be ? disappointed with Bayern tonight should of been more attacking given van d was out ?

                  1. Sue says:

                    I read he was back in training ?
                    If it had been against us they’d have probably scored 3 (not 5 ?) yeah I was hoping they’d win, hopefully in the next leg!!
                    I was hoping for a Chelsea win last night ? this week ain’t going so well!!

                    1. John Wick says:

                      Happy days I’ll be glad to see the back of Mustafi ? Chelsea are awful ATM hate to say it but utd look really good under solskjaer ? they could beat Liverpool on Sunday although hope they don’t. Maybe Sue but they’ll have to do it without kimmich who was brilliant tonight ? watching footballs greatest Stoichkov what a player he was ?

                    2. Sue says:

                      They really are crap… like to see them lose though (pity it was against the mancs!)
                      There’s 3 games live on Sunday then? ?
                      I’m watching The Festival ?

                    3. Sue says:

                      Scrap that we’re not being shown

                    4. John Wick says:

                      Haha what’s that ? Yes the son in law must be happy with utds form Sue ? Early kick off for us as usual then ? at least Lacazette will return for Sunday, Aubameyang better have his shooting boots on for bate ? I actually sat and watched the sound of music the other day I was meaning to turn it over but for whatever reason I just watched it until the end ????

                    5. John Wick says:

                      Not on UK channels, I’ll still see it ?

                    6. Sue says:

                      He’s loving it (& my poor little grandson ?) hopefully it won’t last!!
                      It’s a gross funny film made by guys who made the inbetweeners ?
                      That was a hell of an elbow by Laca!! Jeez we all felt like doing that watching that poor game!!
                      The sound of music?!!! Hahaha whatever possessed you? ??

                    7. John Wick says:

                      Sue we’re hoping Liverpool do us a favour on Sunday ? cheering on Liverpool is how bad our situation is ? does your grandson like man u too ? ? Haha I can imagine ? id probably have done the same though they were doing my head in ? oh god I don’t know it was on sky and I just got roped in and had that 16 going on 17 song stuck in my head ???

                    8. Sue says:

                      I can’t bring myself to cheer Liverpool on!!
                      My son in law has brainwashed him, poor little sod!!
                      I hope City win the cup!!
                      Haha what a song to have stuck in your head ? that film would have sent me to sleep ?

                    9. John Wick says:

                      I guess it would send a lot of people to sleep Sue ? it’s actually not too bad when you get into it ? Aww save him before it’s too late Sue ? we got a process going on at the Emirates but there’s a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel ? it could be another 6-0 lol I heard something about lampard and Zidane taking Chelsea job ?

                    10. Sue says:

                      I’ll settle for another 6-0!!!
                      Would Lampard leave Derby?? All I think of when I see Zidane is that head but ? I do like him though, he’s been out of work for long enough!!
                      If I forget to mention b4 you go, have a great time in Amsterdam… surely you’re going to drink? Then you won’t remember any of it, it’ll all be a blur!! ?

                    11. John Wick says:

                      Maybe for Chelsea Sue he does love that club and they’ll pay him wages only derby can dream of ? haha 6-0 it is then ? haha that head put Materazzi on his back during the world cup final ? I’m sure it’ll be a blur but not through alcohol ???

    2. Declan says:

      Gnabry looked good tonight, a proper winger, something we haven’t got at present.

      1. Sue says:

        He did indeed Declan…. if only we’d kept him!

        1. Sue, Declan
          I always wanted Gnabry to stay! He was so quick and aggressive, like a short version of Chamberlain. I loved how he relentlessly tormented the spurs when we beat them 2-0 a few years ago. I never understood why we didn’t give him a chance and later on sold him while guys like Jenkinson remain at the club and they have done nothing to indicate they are worth keeping.

          1. Sue says:

            It’s baffling QD… and didn’t we sell him for peanuts also? A real shame….

  16. ks-gunner says:

    Mesut was a panic buy like so many before him. At that time fans where at a point where they really had enough of Wenger and Mesut coming here meant that fasn where again lied into believing that things would change from this moment.

    Mesut is no athlete. He is talented but he is no sports man and has no love for the game. This reason alone is why i do know why Emery dislike him. I even have seen this coming when the Germany dilemma came out before. He doesnt not self reflect and work on his flaws bur rather uses every excuse possible to deflect responsibility.

    Wenger was soft and it cost us so much. Emery gives no damn about the players. In two years he might be gone, so why should he back down to the likes of Mesut? A no brainer. F Mesut and F you for supporting what is hurting us.

    1. zTOM says:

      Utter nonsense from start to finish since Ozil is clearly a lover of the game as regularly shown in his desire to put his teammates ahead of his personal glory, cherishing more the assist and making his team shine than the goals for himself.
      And the statement of him being “no athlete” doesn’t hold any water either since Ozil was constantly in the Top 5 runners on the pitch any time when he was playing week in week out.
      A reminder: he regularly cover TWICE the ground that Sanchez did in his heyday.
      Now, the current situation favours no one so let’s hope that Emery’s “tough love” actually works, that he finds his spark again and start delivering as we know he can. With Aubameyang & Lacazette in the team, he has the best targets to work with that he had foe years. It’s such a shame we don’t get to see them all click yet.

Comments are closed

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