Why Wenger v Mourinho is GOOD for Arsenal, not Man United

Arsenal fans and the football world will have been surprised and shocked this week after Jose Mourinho reacted badly to something Arsene Wenger said, NOT. The only real surprise was that the mouthy Portuguese pillock did not descend into his typically offensive name calling and restricted himself to suggesting that it was unethical for Wenger and Jurgen Klopp to be talking about Manchester United and the ridiculous amount of money they are said to be set to pay for Paul Pogba, as reported by the Evening Standard.

Mourinho moaned, “I don’t like to speak about other clubs, or about players from other clubs.”

Really, Jose? I seem to recall you doing just that quite a few times in the past.

He went on, “Other managers like to do that. They like to speak about my club and my players.

“I am very pragmatic on this. The only thing that matters for me is what happens in my house, not in the house of my neighbours.

“Pogba is a Juventus player until officially he isn’t, so we stay like this.

“I only speak about us. I heard already two of my colleagues from other clubs speaking about us. I do not like that. It is not ethical.”

You mean ethical like blaming and bullying one of your female staff? Or maybe gouging one of the opposding tem’s coaches in the eye from behind? That sort of ethical?

And there was more, as he complained further, “There are things that when I do (them), it is not ethical but when others do (that), nobody says that and everything is normal.

“But the reality is I don’t speak about the others. They can do what they want.”

Sounds to me as though poor old Jose is feeling a bit hard done to and perhaps even a bit vulnerable and sensitive. That is why I think it is a good time for Wenger to carry on this war of words. Before I thought it was a distraction and it was always Wenger that got more distracted, but after his troubles of last season coupled with the immense pressure he is under at Old Trafford, I reckon the tables have turned.

Would you like to see Wenger keep pecking at Mourinho, ethical or not?



  1. all this press conference-talk will matter little next season… what matters most is the performance of your team on the pitch every 3days.
    I see a situation where Mourinho,Wenger and by xtension Klopp press conference jibes ultimately play in favour of the reserved Guardiola.

    Wenger needs to get his team fixed before he starts talking about other club’s players.. we’ve got our own problems (CB and CF)

    1. Just read Wenger said the pace will be too much for Ibra. Funny talking about a world class player managed by a man he could never beat. Jeez

      1. JAmerican, please remove Jose’s cock from your mouth before speaking!!!!!!!

        Up the Gunners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. unto more pressing issues… could there be a domino effect?
    Lukaku to Chelsea- Costa to ATM – Griezmann to Arsenal….

  3. in July, ATM club president, Cerezo said ‘we like him(costa) a lot, I admit it. we have spoken to the player and are working on bringing him back to madrid. It’s close but I can’t say any more than that”.
    will ATM have Torres,Griezmann,Gameiro, Costa just for 2 positions -for a side that dnt rotate often.

    1. That would be nice mate, but there’s no way that wenger will pay the Griezmann fee… £85 million

  4. I don’t get the point of this article, is it about Mourinho talking rubbish? Because Wenger talks just as much rubbish, if not more!

    The closing sentence made me laugh “Would you like to see Wenger keep pecking at Mourinho, ethical or not?”. Wenger can peck away all he wants, Mourinho will just have him for Sunday lunch as always…pass the stuffing!

  5. when u believe u r entitled to answer d questions dats non of ur business, ull always look like d bigger idiot…..we get angry when moaninho attacks Wenger…….as much has Jose is an arsehole, arsene ‘le fraud’ Wenger always gives him new ‘material’ to insult him with….and he deserves every single one…its only a retarded person who will bask in the insults and continue to with his ways…I mean, won’t he b happy if he has a squad capable of winning d EPL or champions league..akpom, sanogoals, Walcott and Mr ‘tongue’ giroud as our world class strikers???? what a joke!!!!! dat fraud Wenger will talk about how old zlatan is…. is it his effing business???? if he has to talk, y can’t he tell us how to turn Giroud to lewandowski or how Walcott will score 30 league goals this season….guardiola will keep quiet and mind his business, conte d same even ranieri will face his own but NOOO, le fraud will always have am opinion and mourinho will make him look like d idiot he is

    1. But, on the other hand, Akpom, Walcott, Wilshere and Giroud could all suddenly click and Wenger will be a genius again.
      Or are you just going to spend all season knocking the manager no matter how we are performing?

      1. Except we all know they won’t suddenly click on. How many times do we have to fail for certain fans to realize this ?

  6. Forget all the babbling. It is all background noise.

    The only thing that is important is the fact that Joozhy the Awful is pure poison to the EPL. He is a terrible excuse for a human being in every way.

    Every minute Joozhy is part of this great league drags it ever further downward. The only good thing he ever did for the EPL was get FIRED. And the sooner he takes his millions and walks away the better off we all will be.

  7. I pray Man U suffer a few early defeats – then the pressure of his last year failures and more big spending will really be on

    Plus the bullying allegations that already started – and he may not have a smooth ride

    He’s such an arrogant twat will love seeing him fail – again

  8. The dilemma of Arsenal fans is that we know Wenger does actually know how to keep our team in the top four on a stingy udget. We could have another coach spending MORE money and not making top four.

    On the other hand, any average coach would win the first season using Wengers squad, Wenger’s coaching staff, Wenger’s training methods and just adding two huge buys to the squad. It’s so damn frustrating to know he is able to bring home the huge trophies and is just too stubborn to get it done.

  9. I have to say that Klopp and Wenger’s comments about the supposed price paid for Pogba reeked as jealousy to me. If I were a manager I would like to manage a squad of the best possible players in the world and I would care little how much they cost to put together (bar certain bankruptcy). So to comment on the price paid for a player by another club seems a bit petty to me.

    Same as all the fans ridiculing the valuation of Pogba, jealousy IMO. I for one would not have cared one iota if we had paid 80 million for Higauin, I would just have been ecstatic to be able to watch him play for my club. Just as I would not care if pay 50 million to land Lacazette, I just want to see a better striker at Arsenal and I really care little if this means we have 5 or 10 million less in the bank or if I owner receives a smaller dividend.

    Most of us know and respect the market principle of free markets, an asset is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Why do Klopp and Wenger have to comment on that negatively?

    If I were them I would relish the chance to add Pogba to my squad, just like I would love to see Lewandowski or Aubamyang come to Arsenal even for 100 million. I just know that would only be likely to happen if Usmanov was the majority owner. So be it.

  10. The press seem to give maureen an easy ride, basically I think because his comments are so newsworthy. They are not bothered about the inconsistencies. Remember at the start of his second period at chelsea, the nil nill draw at the emirates, after the match maureen was asked about his teams boring football, his respose was “boring is not being able to score st home”. A few weeks later chelsea failed to score at home and I was expecting this quote to be rammed down his throat, it was not even mentioned by the interviewer.

    Season before last, chelsea had won the PL with a few games to spare, which they promptly played poorly in. Maureen was asked about this and he said it was the fault of arsenal, manc, manu etc for not challenging chelsea until the end of the season. He should have looked closer, it was the start of the decline which continued in to last year.

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