Why Wenger WILL make Welbeck Super striker at Arsenal

The fact that Arsenal were allowed to solve our striker crisis with Danny Welbeck on transfer deadline day has not gone down well with fans of Man United, not at all. And it is not just because Danny was a local boy who had spent all his career with them since 2001, it is because they really rate Welbeck and think that he will significantly strengthen the Gunners, one of their big rivals.

And one man who knows the abilities and qualities of Arsenal’s new number 23 better than most is Rene Meulensteen. The Dutch coach joined United as youth coach in the same year as Welbeck and so has worked with him right up until he left United last summer.

The 50-year old gave his thoughts on the transfer to Sky Sports and it was good news all the way for Arsenal fans. The 50-year old believes that Welbeck’s qualities are perfect for us, while our system and style of play will really suit him.

Also Meulensteen, while saying that the 23-year old England forward is not an out and out goalscorer, reckons that there is a lot more to come from him and that he can still learn a lot. So Gooners, who would you say was the best manager in the world at turning wide forwards into successful central strikers? Just ask RvP and Thierry Henry.

And for those of you who are worried about Welbeck’s goal tally, don’t forget that van Persie at his age was not exactly prolific. It was not until his fifth season at Arsenal, when he was 25-years old, that the little boy managed to his double figures in all competitions.

So let’s hope that his former coach is right, trust in Wenger, and look forward to Arsenal and Welbeck going for glory together in the coming years.

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  1. If he works on his finishing..
    He is strong and pacey just what arsenal needed but doesn’t have killer instincts. He doesn’t have to score though .. His link up play is good. He will give the assists to our midfield.

    1. The more I think about it the more I realise we arsenal fans like to moan a lot, yes most of the signings were replacements , but they were quality replacements and n upgrade from what we previously had. and I think Welbeck is a good player , he might not be at world class but he is an upgrade from what we have. we slated Wenger for making panic buys in previos years because they were worse than what we had( don’t want to mention names). in my Eyes we had one of the best windows in recent years. now lets get behind the team.

      1. I think Wenger can get welbeck to improve his overall game.I have read a lot of blogs n its clear man u fans r gutted by this transfer although he wasn’t prolific.. That’s y we need to get behind our players n support them..can u imagine how it would feel if we should sell walcott,Wilshire or anyone of our homegrown players to man u or chelsea!

        1. Welbeck has almost same build & as pacy as our King Henry…

          King Henry signed for Gunners when he’s 22 years old…
          Now Welbeck is 23 years old…

          Mr Wenger will invite our King Henry to come over during MLS off-season and give pointers to Welbeck… And hopefully Welbeck will turns into the Striker we longed for…

    2. your justification of his finishing is down to his numbers 9 goals welbeck shot accyracy was 56% last season the same as rooney and more than rvp and giroud whos shot accuracy was in the mid 40`s

      his passing is also allot better than giroud and he is quik and can dribble. we should also loan sanogoo and get the following as a free agent

      30*jonas free agent
      7.9-8.2/10 striker
      prev valencia main striker, but due to the non eu quota he hadto be terminated
      worth 11m
      champ League 14app=8g,5ass
      la liga113app=36g/16ass
      excellent=ball control,
      very good=dribble,preditor,long shots
      decent=free kick,speed,passing
      last season comparison;
      # ave 0.87 shots outside area better than giroud
      #39% take ons better than giroud not far from welbeck
      #56% shot accuracy would rival the best finishers in the prem.(r0oney 53%,rvp46%)
      #scored 10 goals 1 more than welbeck,
      #ave identical amount of goals from corners as giroud
      #78% pass completion better than giroud69%
      #ave 0.71creates more chances than welbeck
      #ave 25.74 passes similar to giroud better than welbeck(plays similar passing game to arsenal)

    1. I don’t think the Arsenal Ozil signed up for, and was promised by Wenger, is the one he is getting. I agree that some of his comments could also be interpreted as someone whose a little frustrated ie one of the best No.10’s in the World — so why put me on the left.

        1. I could see it now…… Welbeck scoring the goal that gives us the title (of course assisted by ozil), seeing V Persie all old and grey, shrek 20lbs heavier…. LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN

  2. I think welbeck is a much better player then what fans are saying, for one is is very quick and skillful he will suit our system very well his goal tally will improve especially being the main striker.
    On sanogo I know YouTube only shows the best bits, but the version of sanogo on show is definitely not the sanogo at arsenal, the guy has a lot of ability, maybe it’s confidence which he is lacking, but I assure you he is a class player, Wenger hasn’t lost his marbles.

    1. All these past two or three weeks we have been focusing on what we don’t have, it’s time to focus on what we do.

      A front three of Alexis on the left, Welbeck through the middle and Walcott on the right with Özil in behind to pepper through balls to them is frightening for any defense. There’s so much pace it’s ridiculous.

      Welbeck is far from a finished product but neither were Henry or RVP and they both turned out alright.

      All of you know, watching the games, we haven’t hit our stride yet but I’m sure it’s coming. All of you lucky enough to go to the Emirates, get behind the boys, give them the support they need and MAKE SOME F*CKING NOISE! COYG!

  3. really hopeful for wellbeck. certainly gives depth and we need it when sanchez needs to be rested.

    hopefully wenger continues to play sanogo in league cup (once he gets 1 goal, it’ll come easier, but we cant afford to start w sanogo in PL)

    reading MU boards, they worry MU will regret selling Wellbeck to us
    if AFC beats MU by 1 point in May!
    That alone, makes the transfer worthwhile to me.

  4. I know I’ve said this before but I cannot believe the sh*t that people have been saying on here its f*ckin mind boggling that you lot call yourselves fans.

    You guys make it seem like we signed French and Russian league players AND sold Ramsey and Kosc. Not only did we keep ALL of our relevant and star players we ADDED QUALITY.

    Fabianksi left, wenger bought ospina. UPGRADE
    Sagna left, wenger bought debuchy. EQUAL IF NOT UPGRADE
    TV5 left, wenger bought chambers. EQUAL IF NOT UPGRADE
    Campbell return from loan. UPGRADE
    Added Danny Welbeck UPGRADE

    You lot need to cheer the f*ck up and get behind the team or find a different club. To support

    1. Last year our biggest problem was not being able to hold the midfield against the big boys and the lack of pace Per showed against fast forwards.

      Our DM pair of Flamini and Arteta are a year older and not any better DOWNGRADE

      Per is also a year older and slower DOWNGRADE.

      Basically our main problems have NOT been addressed, although the team as a hole might have been upgraded the problem areas are WORSE.

      So you need to take a chill pill, and take a real look at your team.

      1. Wait I’m trying to see how getting older automatically means that you get worse…. That was a pretty dumb statement man. And you singling out Per as the reason we lost against the big teams just shows your lack of knowledge

      2. I hope you realise that Chelsea with their obvious ” upgrade” has conceded as much goals as Arsenal this season. the only reason why they are top of the league is fire power upfront. So Danny is definitely an upgrade along with Alexis.

    2. Other teams have strengthen more compared to us. This is what makes us worry. Chelsea and Man city are run away, Man U are stronger than last season and even Everton are stronger. Obviously Man U and Liverpool will be challenging for top four. Before Man U strengthened, I was at ease because we could beat Liverpool for no. 3. Let’s hope wenger performs his magic once again and keep us in the champions league next season.

      1. We do need a few more players, but players are not always available, especially when you are not willing to overpay transfer fees and on wages.

    3. Bullocks Sagna and Jenkinson out, Debuchy and Chambers in, 2 for 2. Vermalen out, NO replacement, sanchez in was brilliant but wasnt the CF we needed. Still no proper DM and no CB. I get that you are trying to be postive but dont try to make excuses for Wenger’s mediocrity. The only positive of this transfer window is that we dont have to play Sanogo anymore. You say “Get behind the team or find a different club. To support”, I will support my team but will NEVER accept my team falling below the expected level. Fans need to show a lot more ambition.

      1. I agree, I have supported Arsenal for over 40 years and find it offensive that some jerk tells me I should find another team, just because I feel concern that we should be doing something better. Quite frankly, if fans don’t have ambition for the club they love, why support the club. See, an argument can be made either way. A persons opinion is valid be it negative or positive. Welbeck’s signing is positive in that I think he can be a good CF. The negative is that he needs to hit the ground running. That is, however, futile if we have no defenders to defend, and that is a big fear.

  5. “it is because they really rate Welbeck and think that he will significantly strengthen the Gunners, one of their big rivals”

    I have faith in him, but every United fan I know has never rated Welbeck, I’m sorry. Just putting the facts out there.

    1. I don’t think so, a couple of my friends are Man U fans and they are really sad to see Welbeck leave. They all said the same thing- extremely fast, strong, tall and very hardworking. He just needs a proper chance up front, which he never got with the little boy and the shrek up front. Last season, he scored 9 out of 9 starts as centre forward I think. This boy has huge potential, but tbh I never saw this signing coming. Danny has a point to prove with Arsenal, and he will make Van Gaal regret he let him go.

      1. i know welbeck as we grew up on the same street in lnogsigh,manchester from the age of 13 welbecks shooting was being developed by ruud van nistlerooy on the training ground and andy cole was also his personal mentor growing up within the club. thats the perfect person for him to loo up to arsenal got rid of andy cole because they thought he wasnt needed but the quality was their buthe had to fulfill it at a team were he will be given a chance. hopefully welbeck will be that player and im really proud of him becoming a gooner

  6. Wellbeck is a very good athlete quick can play upfront on his own he’s more suited to it then Walcott or Podolski because of his physique.
    He also works his nuts off something some our players don’t seem to do at times so adds desire and work rate to our side and obviously squad depth if we had Wellbeck last season we could of rested Giroud a lot more so in my mind it’s a decent signing.
    And I expect goals from him I think he will score more then Balotelli.
    Just shocked still that we didn’t buy a defender we are in the same situation as last season 1 centre half goes down a youth team player probably Hayden on the bench!

  7. I am excited about Welbeck addition, but very veru worried about the Defender situation.
    Really light in Center Back .
    In CDM role, i think Wenger wants to give Diaby one last chance, which is a gambe, but at least we have somethng to gambe.
    If we are lucky in these two position, then we can go the distance.


      1. And he is not a gamble. We all know how he plays when fit. If fit, he must replace Arteta although his passing is not as good as Artetas.

  8. Welbeck will score a lot of goals if we play the right players around him. I.e. (while Theo is still out)


    Ox / Campbell Ozil / Carzola Sanchez

    Playing players out of position like Ozil will not help the team at all even if we have Messi playing uptop. You can have one of the worlds “best” numbers 10 playing on the wing were his been evidently poor and has come out himself saying he doesn’t fancy playing there. Play either one of Ozil or Carzola just behind our striker and lets put pacey / hardworking wingers and we will see another Arsenal!!!

  9. Off-topic:
    Wenger, pls don’t do it to Ozil like what you have done to Arshavin, you bought Ozil becos he’s the assist-king, not becos he’s an outstanding winger !

    If a normal No.10 can create 3-5 chances per game, Ozil can double of that, his talent is to create chances for our 1 striker & 2 wingers, to increase our goal chances, not to run up & down the flanks chasing the ball & tackling the players as a winger. Of course he has to improve his defence work as a team player but when Wenger plays him as a winger, it stifles his chance-creating game & he becomes a mediocre winger & gets slated for it, result is losing his confidence , like what happened to Arshavin.

    He did that for Germany as a stand-in for Reus , it was only temporary for a month & it was the world cup ! I watched him closely during the Germany WC games, he was good but wasn’t better in his defence work than at Arsenal.

    It’s against his nature to play as a winger, u don’t bring a cat home & expect it to guard your door, same theory.

    So Wenger, pls stop your habit of ruining our record signings just becos of your ego to prove to world that u r a genius !

    1. Maybe Wenger is playing him there in order to help him improve defensively? And even when he plays CAM, he does roam to the wings anyway. The Arsenal midfield is fluid and players change position very often.

      1. All No.10 will definitely roam to both wings at times, but to start him as a winger means he has to carry out what a winger is supos to do which is running up & down the flanks, that’s not what Ozil is known best for, Wenger bought him becos of his vision in creating goal chance, why waste his talent putting him on the wings ?
        Ozil needs to improve his defensive work no doubt, but u don’t need to play him as a winger in order to do that, it will only kill his game playing as a winger.

  10. Welbeck is a hard working team grafter same as Giro. Their strike rate and technique is almost identical. Comparing the two’s statistics it is always going to be tie. Where he might out smart Giro is on his quick feet.
    Personally I think he is a decent deadline transfer business but, I think we where out smarted by Wenger. Seems like he doesn’t want a quality out & out striker which might reduce Giro in the pecking order. So to keep Giro’s nose in front he settled for an English-man (he deemed average) to pacify the fans. Anything else of unknown quantity (esp.foreign) would have been explosive.

  11. We are an unbalanced squad, we dont have enough defenders, we dont have enough height, or weight, or strength. For every Ozil, Cazorla, Wilshire, Rosicky, Ramsey there needs to be a Viera, Adams, Keown… We only have the Boss.

    We are too technical, too light weight for the EPL. Our lack of defenders, and lack of powerful midfielders will cost us in this marathon.

    1. We may not have height (I doubt it) or weight(which can be true) but we definitely have speed. And speed never goes well with height or weight, in fact it is impossible. I am not sure what is this lack of defenders thing, we played 2 away games and we did well. Give time for the squad to start all engines, it was a WC season, some of them had really long seasons.

  12. Lets have a look at our signings
    Alexis: We snatched a beast here.. The guy works tirelessly and I am sure he will be a huge success this season.
    Debuchy: He hasnt quite impressed yet but i dont think there is a better replcaement for Sagna. So he neeeds some time to settle down before we make any judgements
    Chambers: Again, a great buy, very composed for his age, can be played on many positions.. I am convinced from what he showed us so far
    Ospina: We have seen what he can do. He was great in the WC. Will defintely push Sczezny to perform his best as well.. Can wait for that rivalry to open.
    Welbeck: Every nuetral fan says he is a great buy. TV pundits say that he will perfectly fit into Arsenal system. So lets wait and see. Personally, I think he will shine. Just hope that he links up well with Sanchez and Ozil.

    1. To be honest, we have had one of our best summers for a long time now. My only concern is our defense. I hope Wenger has a plan there. But otherwise i dont understand why are we moaning like this. Its not helping the players or the fans.
      We have made some great signings, lets back them up. COYG

      1. Debuchy (RB), Mertesacker(CB), Chambers(CB/RB/CDM), Kos(CB),Gibbs(LB),Bellerin(RB),Monreal(LB/now CB backup as well), Hayden(CB/CDM). I think we are much better than United at the back, to pick just a name.

        1. I think folks are over-exaggerating United’s defensive woes. United strengthened at the back with decent signings – Blind and Rojo.
          They now have.
          Blind (LB,CB,CM?), Rojo (LB,CB), Phil Jones (CB,RB,DM), Smalling (CB,RB), Evans (CB).
          Their problem probably lies in confidence of the players and the structure of the team at the moment.

          1. evans-was decent a couple years ago but wouldnt start in any top 4 sides
            smalling,jones=same as above

            both rojo and blind have been over hyped based on world cup exploits

            blind sucks at left back he haas no pace or dribbling ability/stamina .he was booed by the ajax fan because he was a crap left back and moved to dm were he becaume the best in thatleauge.how competitive is the dutsch league?leroy fer was also considered a top midfielder whilst he was thheir..he is on a similar level to flamini but has the potential to be their next carrick,

            rojo is an up and coming player but i doubt he is better than jones or evans at their best. what he will add to their back line is pace

        2. @Budd: I’ll go further and say that our team is better than most challenging for the top 4. With that, there’s no doubt, but our biggest problem is the Manager who lacks tactical know how and that vital winning mentality!

      2. @mrabeeh: How can we keep backing a team that doesn’t know how to win? But we need to as we are lifetime fans. The fault true is not theirs, as we have some excellent players all over the pitch, but blame lies squarely with Wenger who cannot make these excellent players win and win good! He just doesn’t have a clue!!!

        1. What?

          Didn’t we win the FA cup last year?

          You seem to think it is just a case of making the players go out and win. There have been many occasions where the players have let Arsenal down.

          Wenger is and has been up against some outstanding coaches / managers as well as players each year. Look at the money Chelsea, Man u and Man City have spent over the last decade or so. It is insane.

          I’m sorry to say mate, but it’s you that doesn’t have a clue, not Wenger.

  13. Well, in case we have an injury crisis to our defence (say Mertasacker and Chambo injured and Koscielny suspended for a trip to Bayern) we could do:

    Sanchez Welbeck Walcott
    Ramsey Arteta Ozil
    Monreal Ospina Wenger Debuchy

    1. hahaaa, lol!!
      or we could do three goalies

      Alexis Welbeck Walcott
      Monreal Debuchy
      Martinez Sczeny Ospina

      1. meant..

        Alexis Welbeck Walcott
        Ramsey Arteta
        Monreal Debuchy
        Martinez Sczeny Ospina

    2. @Twig. lollll!!!!!!!
      Really cracked me up man. I reckon we see Bouldy start instead of Wenger. Arsene can come from the bench. hahahaha.

  14. So ridiculous how the same people who were saying Welbeck is shit and not good enough yesterday are now back on this site saying that he is great!

    I was saying yesterday that Welbeck is a good buy and people were HATING my comment…

  15. Make yourself a hero Danny boy get the winner against man city and with fans behind him can see him being a big hit dont forget he played mostly on the left for mancs and rarely got a chance through the middle i hope wenger gives him a chance to play that role and if he does u will see his goal tally improve a hell of a lot!

  16. I think Danny is an underrated player. Once settled, Wenger worked his charms, he will prove a lot of you wrong. He never got real chance in MU and it is not fair to treat him this way.

    Make him welcome guys and for once let’s support our English players. The likes of Falcao won’t win us world cups.

    Shut up and get behind the game.

    1. @nomad: far from it, no one is against the poor boy. It is not his fault at all and the lad is an excellent player in his own right. The angst is with the boss! Please, please let no one think that any fan is against Welbeck, no, no, we are not. Dear Welbeck, welcome to the Arsenal and we hope your stay is rewarded with a trophy and many goals. Thank you for agreeing to join and I hope you make the most of the club’s friendship from the fans.

  17. Signing Welbeck is not my headache. Not signing someone who can fill the DM role and cover at CB is my problem, just one signing would have made us even better.

    1. Do not worry much @John Legend.
      What we did not do the summer, we may be able to do in the winter. As for now, there is a window of opportunity for some players in the squad to step-up in those areas. Who knows, Coquielin may just pull a Ramsey this year! Everyone still has a life-line in the January transfer window.
      Anyways, I think our overall difficulty last season was in the attack where we unbelievably scored the less goals among the top 4 (or 5 I think). That was incredibly poor for an attacking-based team like Arsenal. This summer transfer window, we have worked towards rectifying that problem by signing 2 quality attacking replacements + 1 additional world class attacker.

  18. Signing Welbeck is not my headache. Not signing someone who can fill the DM role and cover at CB is my problem, just one signing would have made us even better…

  19. Why wouldn’t I be positive?
    5 quality replacements and 1 world-class signing = 6 meaningful signings in a single transfer window!


    J. Campbell—————>J. Park

    + Core of the team, top 4 is definitely secured.

    1. I still recognize that our rivals have strengthened too. But I have reasons to remain positive that we will do no worse than last season.

  20. Yeah f*ck Wenger. I’m still angry with him!! For what? I don’t really know! For some reasons I still can’t get the anger out of my mind.
    But I look our at the squad and I see a squad that has way, way way better attacking potential than last season. Barring any form of Injury plague and tactical comedies, we should be win a title this year.

  21. So welbecks united career injury free, signs for arsenal and his first day hes injured u just couldnt make it up lol

    Most fans will say Welbeck will do but we could better I,e falcao 350k wen he wins united the title then come on here and mention that.

    The problem we have and is guaranteed are injuries hence y most fans we cant understand the defensive cover not being bought.

    The only logic i see from wenger is that he feels chambers is strictly a c.bk cover & bellerin/coquelin are r.bk and c.dm cover. I would however not risk bellerin I just think hes too young,inexperienced(chambers yes same age but played 20+games for southampton)
    Id play coq as r.bk cover he has played there many a times for reserves etc

  22. Wenger cannot make a housefly die even if you gave him a thousand fly squashers! If Welbeck doesn’t have it in him to succeed and prove to ManU that selling him to one of their biggest rivals was a mistake, then can I assure you all now that Mr. Wenger cannot make Him one jot better! He (Wenger) doesn’t have a clue and he’s too old now to care too! Get rid of Wenger now or Arsenal will not finish in the top 4 this season. The only us finishing in the top 4 can happen is if one of the others have a woeful season but on form and on paper, top 4 is out of the question with Wenger at the helm!

  23. We have francis coquelin who can play and develop as a CDM. Wenger needs to trust him now… and not to kill his talent

  24. @Katies: thanks for your comments. You make far more sense than most! I personally think it is time for Wenger to go!

    1. There he is.

      Captain save a ho!!

      ” Lets get behind the team guys. Bt fuk wenger.”

      You should hang your head in shame Katie.

  25. Welbeck > Falcao > Costa > Aguero > Soldado

    Giroud > RVP > Rooney > Dzeko > Jovetic

    Sanogo > Ballotelli > Lukaku > Remy > Drogba

  26. @ Lord Moor
    As a father I generally find that once children have had a good tantrum, and then cried into their pillow, that they calm down and become more positive.

    Seems to be the case with the children on this board too 😉

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