Why Wilshere CAN save Arsenal´s season

Wilshere comeback is perfect timing for Arsenal by Sam P

It is just typical of the injury situation at Arsenal that we appear to have lost two key players after the Leicester game and that they were both coming back from injury problems when the next one occurred. Fingers crossed but it does not seem to be too big a problem for Alexis Sanchez and that would be a real boost ofr the Gunners and the rest of our season.

Unlucky Aaron Ramsey however looks like he is facing another long spell on the sidelines after his third hamstring issue of the season. Arsene Wenger did not sound very confident at all and with Alex Oxlade’Chamberlain and Mikel Arteta already out, we are facing a problem.

Tomas Rosicky can definitely do a good job for us there but he is also injury prone and at his age cannot be expected to play every game and that is why I think the return from injury of Jack Wilshere is an absolute godsend. I know that a lot of Arsenal fans will slate me for this post but can I just remind you that Jack is actually a good player.

He may not be as good as we would have wanted at this point in his career and he may have done a few silly things in his spare time (something you would never expect from a young celebrity with loads of money). But if you look past the negatives you will find a talented and dynamic midfielder who has been very unlucky with injury problems but who is desperate to prove his critics wrong, just as he was doing before McNair smashed up his ankle in November.

And let´s be honest Gooners, Ramsey has not been the same player as he was last season so an in-form Wilshere could actually be an improvement, especially now he is going to have the beast that is Francis Coquelin to give him extra cover when he goes on his bursts into the danger zone. His goals and assist tally may not be stunning but Wilshere has the ability to make things happen and produce that moment of magic that can make the difference for us.

I could be wrong of course, and Jack might suffer his own injury recurrence before the end of the season, but with crucial games in the FA cup, Champions League and Premier League all to come, Wilshere might just end up being the man who saves the season for Arsenal.

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  1. No bad feelings but Wilshr is not and will never be the Arsenal saviour.I wish he would prove me wrong but I SEE no attribute in him that impress me.

    1. Funny that the likes of Giroud and such can impress us but Wilsher somehow not. You cant be that bad if you are named 5 times Englands best player one game after another. Wenger has a bunch of good players around, the problem is that he plays them out of poz. Play Wilsher where Ramsey plays, and see how he does a better job in controlling the miedlefield. He is better in controlling the ball, shielding the ball, better vizion, better dribbling, better at long and shor passing, what do you want more?

      We need all our players. Saviour he cant be bec the leauge race is is long over. but neverles good luck him though.

    2. “when he goes on his bursts into the danger zone”
      What Wack Wiltshire is the OP watching? “Burst into the danger zone.”

      Wack’s football brain at work: ‘I have the ball, oh a space in the defense! Wait there is a wall of defenders, let’s run at them instead. I am on my ass, how did i get here? Why does my ankle hurt?’

      Pass me my special laughing corset quickly, my ribs are killing me…

  2. Actually i was thinking now that Ramsey is out we may see Coquelin/Rosicky/Ozil or Coquelin/Cazorla/Ozil or Coquelin/Rosicky/Cazorla or Coquelin/Arteta and Cazorla/Ozil/Rosicky.

  3. “Wilshere to save Arsenal’s season” You mean Wilshere? Mchteew *leaves Just Arsenal with a hiss wishing there was a better story.

  4. wilshere isn’t good enough, and what season is there to save? So we can come in 4th again? Tired of 4th place, tired of injured players every few matches. When is this club going to wake up and stop going through the same motions year after year. New manager, new medical staff, new ideas honestly. Arsenal need to stop being so stagnant and content. Take a risk for once.

  5. “Tomas Rosicky can definitely do a good job for us there but he is also injury prone and at his age cannot be expected to play every game”

    Why not? Gerrard is same age and plays week in week out.

  6. Sad news for us,
    For the first time there won’t be no top four finish! if you dont believe me lets talk again in May. For now it looks like we are in the mix for top four finish but when you look at how we play you can tell we are being lucky. if Toure was in that man shity team im pretty sure it would be a loss. Again when you check the top 6 in epl right now we are the weakest. chelsea will most likely win the league followed by Man City and United. southampton will finish 4th or 5th depending on how well they play the next few games. with liverpool coming back and tottenham at their best again i see no space for us. i hope this serves as a wake up call to finally address the problems we have been carrying on for the past decade. I love this club very much i just hope we comeback again
    #french gunner :p 😀

    1. sorry for you having to claim that country of origin. but, nevertheless, i do appreciate that dr. who must’ve found you and whipped you off to May 2015 in his Tardis. thanks for relaying the info, and your ever so wonderful insight on the comparable teams we are vying with. today, i have been enlightened. hallelujah.

  7. Wilshere is no fool. He see’s the guys vying for the same position as him. He knows that the chance is now to jump into the B2B position and make it his, just like Le Coq did at DM.
    Jacks got all the right tools for the job. Just needs to screw his head on straight…

    1. @ny_gunner total agreement. He will out pace many in the middle which is just what we need in a b2b player. He will also try to plow through 2 players but if he does that I’m confident one of our attack force might be free in the box like Theo was last game due to Ozil’s movement and shot.
      Speaking of shots I’m glad that Ozil spent some work in the weight room as his shot has improved. Not sure last season you would have seen a shot from well outside the box that a keeper couldn’t handle.

    2. Well said my Yankee. People forget that Ramsey and Wilsher are still young, still much room for improvment.

  8. Worst Case Scenario
    Not winning a trophy and not finishing in top 4

    Good Scenario
    The only way to save the season is the same as last year. Finish in top 4 and Win the FA Cup

    Realistically, if we lose to Middlesbrough then our season is pretty much turned to crap, because it is unlikely to win Champions League

    Best Case Scenario
    It’s not impossible for us to Win the FA Cup and Champions League, but we NEED good draws. If we won both we would have an awesome season.

    So let’s keep the faith. Anything is possible. All we can hope for is for our players to perform to the best of their ability.


    1. I think you’re right there. But about the right draws, as long as the good draws take us to the semi-final. Anything can happen from there even if we do play a big team.

  9. Like knife through butter and a bit like Leicester did against Arsenal yesterday, thats how Burnley are cutting through Manure right now. Two great chances for them in 10 minutes and they’ve taken one of them.

  10. Wilshere needs to save his career not Arsenal.

    A competent footballer he is but a saviour he isn’t.

    1. thank you, Yoda. not sure his “career” needs saving, considering that he’d get picked up by damn near every team in the EPL if he were available. but he sure does need to get his mojo back. with that, i’ll agree.

  11. I agree with this article. Wilshere in the England National Team does a perfect job as DM/ Atacking MD role, wenger should play it along Le Coq

    1. England have only played against poor opposition with Wilshere as DM, he’s untested against proper opposition. He can play passes very well as a deep-lying midfielder, but he’s never convinced me defensively, which is of course the most important skill in that position. Wilshere has been Man Of The Match every time he’s played there though I think.

  12. Jack Wilshere the savior for Arsenal football? Well Ive now heard it all. Watching Chelsea play today(and thus far a somewhat pedestrian performance) Im still sadly resigned to the reality that Arsenal will never win the EPL while Jose M is manning the sidelines in West London. I concede that is nearly impossible to financially compete with billionaire playboys such as Roman A, but looking @ there current squad compared to Arsenal I see one transparent, glaring difference: ATHLETES!!!

    Chelsea: Willian, Hazard, Matic, Cuandaro, Ivanovic,
    Zouma, Ramires, Costa, Remy

    Arsenal: Koz, Le Coq, Ox, Theo

    Pretty evident why they are miles ahead of us in the table

    1. I don’t quite understand what you’re saying. Are you saying that Matic is an ‘athlete’ but Alexis and Welbeck’ aren’t?

      1. I accidentally omitted Sanchez and Welbeck. My longwinded summation would be that Arsenal need to drastically upgrade the athletic component in many position.
        OUT: IN:
        Ramsey Sissoko
        Giroud Cavani
        BFG Scharr
        Nacho Rodriguez or Jose Luis Gaya

        1. On the athletes front, dont forget about Diaby.. seriously though i think we could call Ospina an athlete.. but maybe he doesnt count. I think Mick is right Matic is no athlete. Gibbs, Campbell, Gnabry, Akpom and Bellerin.. these are athletes. Thats five more, six if you count Ospina. Twelve to che eight.. that youve named. Oh yeh and i nearly forgot… what about Gabriel, he looks a definite athlete.

    1. What do you mean, like right now like. Surely we can let the lad develop properly so he doesnt get the Arsenal treatment room.

    1. By Brits do you mean the United Kingdom Football team or do you mean England (a nation within the UK)?

      I think there are many reasons why we (England) haven’t been a great footballing nation since 66 but that isn’t one of them.

      1. Srry i meant the english. Dunno bro, when i see the ammount of abuse the likes of Gerrard and Lampard get, i have to shake my head every time.

  13. 1-0 Chelski

    Chelsea don’t always win big, but they know how to Win even in tight games or coming from behind.

    That’s why they will win the PL.

    1. True. But guess what they haven’t figured out. How not to lose every.single.game.in.a.season! For that, I remain happy.

  14. Wilshere has saved Arsenal by being
    injured and off the field.
    Southampton have no strike force.
    Can’t beat 10 man Westham.
    Why did they not buy in January?
    Chelsea City 1-2.
    Utd- Arsenal 3-4th or vice versa.
    Yep Asenal playing average but
    cruising into 4th place.
    4thenal FC to ground control.
    Mission accomplished 🙂
    Wenger extends contract 5 more years.
    Diaby given 3 more years.
    Wilshere saves the planet.
    Now for the FA cup.
    ECL semi.
    Any news on Sanchez and Ramsey injurys

  15. @van_Al, your assessment is complete rubbish! You certainly do not support Arsenal. With all players now returning from injury Arsenal will finish above Spurs, Southampton and Liverpool. The third place will be between Arsenal and Man United, after a poor start, Arsenal will finish strongly.

  16. “Why Wilshere CAN save Arsenal´s season”

    I know there are some fluctuating hopes about Wilshere, but those people who still tremble in every appearance from the local boy should wake the f*ck up very quickly.

    The title of the article is “shocking” for any Arsenal fan with a glimpse of ambition.

    But, since winning the league or the CL are not objectives, I guess Wilshere would do (for those who do not care).

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